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Personal Catchphrases (video post)

Mon, Apr 13, 2009

Monday Facetime, Videos

We’ve talked a bit about this before and, in a way, Ive been pondering the concept ever since.


For those of you trapped at the office who can’t see the video there sadly is no transcript (wanna volunteer? Ive had countless inquiries for transcripts, but a transcription service just isn’t in the MizFit corporate budget.).

The condensed version?

If  personal catchphrases in books/tv/film are snippets which are utilized to clue us (the reader/viewer) in to  a character’s motivation/backstory-what would your catchphrase be?

To me a personal catchphrase serves to remind me to be proactive and that there does, indeed, exist a solution if I search for it.

(Make no sense? Watch the video when the boss’ back is turned later.)

Have a catchphrase to share?

Please to hit us all up in the comments & be entered to win a fabulous (if I do say so myself) prize which involves your personal phrase.

Winner announced Friday. Entire universe eligible.

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115 Responses to “Personal Catchphrases (video post)”

  1. s. says:

    ahaha, my catchphrase is “onward and awkward.” i use it when i feel like i am in a situation where i just need to get past it and keep going, on to the next thing. it’s very vague but can be applied in many situations, haha. i think it also acknowledges how i sometimes feel uncomfortable but in a positive, “i’m going to get past it!” way.

  2. Moran (The Running Addict) says:

    HAHA there are probably once I use very often without even noticing!
    “Yada, Yada, Yada” tops my list though.
    I probably have multilingual version for it. And I never really liked Seinfeld anyhow.

  3. Oystein Lund says:

    Hmm - looking at my last few posts it seems to be an even mix of “lift more and heavier”, “eat more protein”, and “here, have a LOLcat, it’ll make you feel better” ;)

  4. Kate says:

    Funny! I was just thinking this weekend how I have a weird phrase I always say:

    Thems the breaks.

    Like s says it isnt in a bad way but in an I CAN GET PAST THIS.
    NO BIGGIE! way.

    Interesting post.

  5. Evan says:

    I tend to say “that’s all folks!” at then end of presentations or meetings.

    Now you have me wondering WHY I picked that phrase :)

    Id never thought much about it!

  6. bethenextstep says:

    “Blinking and Breathing, I can’t complain”

    The answer to everyone’s “How are you doing today?”

    Sometimes things just aren’t that bad.

  7. Crabby McSlacker says:

    I think the actual phrase I most often tell myself is “One thing at a time…” usually in response to thinking how long or overwhelming my to-do list feels. I think the underlying idea is that all I can do is tackle one thing, and if I keep doing that, there’s no need to worry because eventually all the things I want done will get done.

    Not very inspiring… I’m in the market for a new one. I gotta say I like “onward & awkward,” and will keep an eye out for others’ suggestions too!

  8. Aimee says:

    I love this post as I aspire to be a writer.
    I need to think about what I say frequently but if I could create a new phrase it would be:

    I plan and so I am.

  9. Bea says:

    What’s do I say? Sure beats losing (did you do this post so we could all see how weird our catchphrases are?!).

    I’m now thinking that I sound really negative when I say that and I don’t mean to.

    I like yours!!


  10. Berni says:

    I use the fairly unoriginal “Keep on keeping on”. I like it because it does keep me moving. Even when I’m feeling my most lazy and excuse laden, I try to keep on keeping on, do what I need to do and just push through until it feels good again. It’s got me through some tough times.

    I love this idea, can’t wait to hear more from the Bumbling Band :)

  11. Gemfit says:

    I’ve got a couple of phrases that get me through it all. But one that stands out right now is “Done and done”. Kinda signifies to me that whatever the task, I’ll get it done, one way or another.

    I will say that without realising it, I also tend to us “sounds like a plan” a bit (do I have to pay a licencing fee?)

  12. Kara says:


    I say to my sales force GET IT AND HIT IT! all the time.

    I hadn’t thought about using it in my own life though.

    It is pretty motivating :)

  13. Tom Rooney says:

    To get me through anything I say “If a million people before me did this, than I can too”. Substitute any positive number in place of the word million and it works in almost every instance. Don’t however use it for motherisms like “If your friend jumped off the Brooklyn Bridge, then you should too”? “No mom, that would be foolish”.

  14. Kim Ayres says:

    A phrase I find myself often saying these days is, “Better to be happy in your own world, than miserable in anyone else’s.”

    It reminds me that no one has the monopoly on truth, and most of our miseries come out of other people’s ideas of what’s important and how we should live our lives, because we’re too fearful or insecure to believe in our own.

  15. MizFit says:

    thanks for playing along!

    A friend & I were talking yesterday about this and she proclaimed it an ‘interesting idea’ & follow up by saying she didn’t have one.

    Got an email this morning (*waves at friend*) where she shared w/me her realization she does.

    And its a negative catchphrase.

    One which (her words) ‘sets me up for failure in all I attempt by making it ok for me to fail’

    I found that really interesting along the lines of WORRYING IS PRAYING FOR WHAT WE DON’T WANT….

  16. suganthi says:

    Fly by stop…
    haven’t thought about the question much..

    but the ones that come to mind:

    1. Just do it! (Nike).

    2. Life is beautiful.
    When all is said and done, I realize that I have an unbelievably good life, bu the realization came only a few years ago.

    3. Count your blessings.

    OK.. gotta run.. HAPPY WEEK ALL!

    LOL.. I guess I am big on these motivations. IF I think for a bit longer, I will write a whole post.

  17. Meredith says:

    Mine is SEE IT BE IT.

    I don’t say it to people but I do think it the entire drive to the gym.

  18. dragonmamma/naomi w. says:

    There is a local store I love called “Jake’s Life” with a whole line of “Life is Good” products. All of their t-shirts have a little tag at the bottom that says “Do What You Like; Like What You Do.”

    But, obviously, that idea has been taken already.

    When folks at the gym ask my advice and I’m in a hurry, I always tell them: Lift heavy and eat your veggies!

  19. debby says:

    My phrase isn’t so catchy, but its one I used when I first started losing weight, and it really applies all along the way. “What I’m doing now isn’t working. I’ll have to do something different..” Seems like I used to have a shorter catchier version of that….I’ll have to think on it.

  20. South Beach Steve says:

    The place I used to work was very hot most of the time outside of our air-conditioned work areas. Any time we had someone who was taking their time getting out of the air-conditioned “hut” into the real work, someone would holler, “Off your tail, on your feet, out of the shade, and into the heat!” It has been several years since I worked there, but I still use that phrase often.

    Another one that has gotten a lot of use in my life is, “It’s all gonna come out in the wash.” Meaning, it may look bad now, but everything will be okay.

  21. Tamara says:

    We do need transcripts, Miz.
    I wonder how difficult it would be?
    My work won’t let us watch videos.

  22. VeggieGirl says:

    I love your “SLAP” catchphrase :-D

    **My personal catchphrase = HOLY YUM.

  23. Lisa says:

    After reading all of the responses, at first I did not think that I had a “catchphrase”. In fact, it is more along the lines of a phrase that got caught in my mind and I use it with out thinking.

    “It is what it is”. borrowed from my son.

    That’s it.


  24. crazylady says:

    Great topic… I don’t really have a phrase that stands out to be honest… I love this quote “I’m not afraid if storms for I’m learning how to sail my ship”. I think it’s very positive but realistic too if that makes sense.

    Interestingly your post brought to mind a phrase I saw on TV only yesterday from a sporting event. It’s a teams catch phrase I guess but I think it’s really powerful. “To the Brave and the Faithful, Nothing is Impossible”. Another of theirs is “Stand up and fight”. Moving stuff.

  25. Fat Bridesmaid says:

    My personal catch phrase? “It’s ON bitches!” The “it” in that phrase changes all the time (a workout, an argument with a co-worker, a big sale at the mall involving some fabulous new shoes). Need to recycle to save the planet? It’s ON bitches! Scale hasn’t moved in a month? Well it’s ON bitches!

    I don’t know why it gets me fired up but it does.

  26. Alli says:

    Watch out world!

    I say it all the time.

  27. Trish says:

    Mine is…

    Persistence…Not perfection

    I made a coffee mug and use this as much as I can to remind me to take things as they come and to make good choices for ME.

  28. Amelia says:

    Very cool post! I like reading through the comments and finding what others use to motivate themselves.
    My catchphrase is “cause I’ve still got miles to go.” It sounds like it could be a downer, but I use it as motivation when I go running. I use the energy I get from exercise to fuel all the miles and things I want to do further down the road. I know that by pushing myself now I can go further later! :)

  29. Miz. says:

    Fat Bridesmaid? you are so glad I have a child or else Id totally steal your catchphrase.

    too funny….

  30. Dani says:

    I wonder if personal catchphrases when used mindlessly can be a form of self sabotage?
    I think that mine is.

    I will be back when I can think of a new one.

    Dani DOES IT!


  31. tricia2 says:


    Get Off Your Azz.

    Why? Because I’m a planner and a list-maker, but the actual doing is the problem.

  32. Mara @ What's For Dinner? says:

    Mine’s a little self-depricating… people tend to ask me “What’s shakin’?” and I’ll answer “4 cheeks and a couple of chins”.
    Makes me laugh :)

  33. Lynn says:

    Find a way not an excuse is my catchphrase.

  34. Marla says:

    The phrase I say to myself most often is “Eh. What are you gonna do.”

    It’s something Homer Simpson said when he was sitting on the sofa becoming more and more thirsty (Bart had turned up the heat.) As he sat there sweating, Homer said, “Thirsty. Sooooo thirsty. Eh, what are you gonna do?”

    GET A DRINK, of course! It was hilarious because it was the absolute nadir of passivity and deliberate helplessness. I frequently say it to myself in a sort of reverse-psychology as a reminder that not only is there usually SOME sort of solution or action to be taken in any situation, it is often a very simple solution. I tend to over analyze and get bogged down with minutiae when confronted with a problem to be solved - Homer’s total idiocy helps me see that the direct path is usually the best one.

  35. Ellie says:

    Back up try again!

    How cool is it that I’d not realized I say this all the time until this post.

    At first I thought I didn’t have one (and now I want to steal some of the better ones above).

  36. charlotte says:

    I can’t lay claim to this one but something I’ve been saying a lot to myself is “it is what it is” meaning that I need to just accept people and situations for what they are and work with them on that level rather than trying to change them.

  37. Miz says:

    in all fear you think we are entirely crazy, Ren Man is getting ‘It is what it is’ as a tattoo.

  38. TB--Milwaukee says:

    Make the Better Choice.

    Boring but works.

  39. Jill says:

    I don’t know if I could really call this my catch phrase, but it’s a phrase that has been rolling around in my head for the last few days: Open Your Soul. It means finding the things in your life that make your soul feel wide open and ready to embrace the thing that makes you feel passionate and alive. I’m currently searching for that thing - haven’t found it yet, but I’m searching.


  40. Lexi says:

    I use fake it till you make it.

    For every thing.

  41. Marisa (trim the fat) says:

    I use this old one as a constant reminder…

    “If you do what you’ve always done, you’re gonna get what you’ve always got!”

  42. Irene says:

    I’m not sure if it’s a catch phrase, but I always end everything in “PEACE.”

  43. Gwen says:

    “Making progress” or “It’s not perfect, but it’s better than it was.” when I feel overwhelmed by too much to do.

  44. Robin says:

    Mine is ‘If it’s going to be, it’s up to me!’ Keeps the ball in MY court. hehe

  45. Ashley says:

    My catchphrase has become:
    “there is no save button at goal”

    It came out of one of my (WW) meetings one day and it has really stuck with me and resonated with a lot of people. It makes reference to the fact that to maintain your goal weight you need to continue all of the good things you did that helped you to lose weight - you can’t just go back to your old habits and expect to stay where you are.

  46. Leah J. Utas says:

    I’m partial to a version of “Get that first failure out of the way” when I try something new.

  47. MizFit says:

    WOW you all have some great ones. Leah? Im stealing that for my writing days.

    Sometimes the first failure at a fiction scene really can derail me!

  48. Diana says:

    I have little phrases I say all the time, but not one thing that gets me going. I’m with you though, I think I may have to steal fat bridesmade’s saying :)

    I was watching wife-swap one afternoon and a Louisiana kid said “Gators don’t sweat”. Thought it was brilliant…me and my hubby say that every once in a while now for fun.

  49. tfh says:

    I don’t have a catchphrase. I’m actually surprised that so many others do! However when I started learning Telugu, I loved the sound of this one proverb that basically means- uhh, what does it mean literally? something about disease spreading- but anyway, the meaning I take from it is that being around people who say nasty things (or speaking meanly myself) is infectious. Anyway I guess I’ve bene able to incorporate it in my plan to try to spend time doing things and being around people that make me happier, not more negative.

  50. NY wolve says:

    I started running to these Marine “Run to” Cadences. It is very motivating, and in my first marathon, I repeated one phrase from one -”Never Quit Never Stop” (which is followed in the chant by “Give it all/ All I’ve Got/ I can do it /I can make it/ We can do it/ We can make it/ Dig Deep/ In your heart”). And thats what I hear when it gets tough — that drill instructor, yelling, encouraging, willing his marines to give their best.

  51. Tisha says:

    I’ve been told I say, “Excellent!” too many times. I don’t think it’s a bad thing!
    When I’m frustrated I say, “bugger-that” and when I’m motivated I say, “You’re gettin’ there girl!” Silly stuff….

  52. Robyn says:

    “Life’s tough. Get a helmet.”

    …has come in handy many times!

  53. Fab Kate says:

    um… wow. I actually have a few catch phrases:

    No Excuses.

    Life may suck, but it’s better than the alternative.

    It ain’t over ’til I sing.

    Grow, learn or die.

    just THINK

    It can always get better with a little effort

    and my favorite (which makes absolutely no sense to most people):

    When life hands you sea lemons, head back to the ocean.

  54. Liz Rosenbaum says:

    Hey Miz! This was an AWESOME… and might I add, DEEP… thought! I love it! Have I ever told you that I think you are amazingly WISE??? I think it will take me a long time to come up with a catch phrase, because I’m such a perfectionist, that whatever I think of, I’m sure I’ll be frustrated with. I won’t think it’s good enough! LOL! Maybe that means I should have my catch phrase be something like, BE REAL! LOL! Not PERFECT… but REAL! Well, this gives me something to think about when I’m out walking today! Thanks!

  55. Koolgyrl1978 says:

    Long time lurker here….

    Anyway my catch phrase is “I’m Strong, I will make it through this”

    I repeat it over and over again when I’m doing hard climbs on my bike. Also works really well when I’m dealing with something emotionally challenging as well.

  56. Shelley B says:

    I am LOVING “onward and awkward” - I may have to adopt that one!

    I use “onward and downward” as my weight-loss mantra. For everyday, nothing beats “one day at a time” - but “that ain’t right” (said in a slow drawl) fits a lot of situations!

    Great post and I will keep checking back to see all of the other gems that people are using!

  57. Lynn C says:


    My life motto (I even have a leather and metal bracelet with this printed on it) is “Get INTO it!” Along with the “I can do *anything* for 15 minutes.”

    I swear, I quit smoking that way; I lived through 15 minutes without a smoke. And then another 15 minutes.

    Get Into It reminds me that this is my life, and I won’t ever have these 15 minutes back again, so I may as well make them the best 15 minutes ever. That means not spending my time on the elliptical absolutely hating it, or feeling obligated to let my dad talk during dinner, or whatever. Enjoy - as much as possible - every moment, because once it’s gone, it’s gone.

    (Obviously, still working on it… but sometimes I have some absolutely perfect 15 minutes!)

  58. Ms. V says:

    Shut the hell up and run.

    That’s it for today.

  59. Angie (Losing It and Loving It) says:

    Hubs and I use “It is what it is” all the time. We are very easy going and hardly if ever let anything really bother us. I think it’s a great way to live.

    I also use “Losing It and Loving It” my website name because as I go on my journey of losing weight I’m loving everything about it, the new me, the energy, etc.

  60. BeckStein says:

    Well lately, when asked what a serving of Kale Chips was, I was quoted as saying “you can’t get enough kale in your diet” but do I really want to be remembered with that as my catch phrase?…lol

    However, I have been using this particular catch phrase when it comes to getting your eating and fitness life in order “if you fail to plan, then you plan to fail” Simple yet to the point. Wish I could take credit for coming up with it, but I heard it somewhere and it just stuck.

  61. Gigi says:

    Miz -
    Love this post. I’m still searching for my be-all, end-all phrase but have 2 that get me through for now (both quotes).
    1) “It’s never too late to be what you might have been.” George Eliot
    and, as discussed in a previous post,
    2) “Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue.” Lloyd Bridges

    And as with you, Fat Bridesmaid’s “it’s ON, bitches” fits me like a glove in many, many circumstances.

  62. MizFit says:

    although you provide a compelling alternative with the Lloyd Bridges quote, Gigi!

    The Ren Man & I say that all the time as well.

  63. Sarah M. says:

    I say, “That’s what she said” entirely too much, but it never fails to amuse me.

    I think having something inappropriate to say reminds me that I am still my own person and not “just a MOM.”

    It may not be so funny when Gracie goes to preschool and someone says, “Math is hard.” and Gracie chimes in “that’s what she said!” but I’m going to keep saying it until that day comes.

    Wait for it…wait for it….


  64. Dr. J says:

    Fear is the mind killer!

  65. Sagan says:

    I know I probably say the same things all the time, but I can’t think of any off the top of my head- funny how we get so accustomed to the same phrases that we don’t even notice them!

    Some of my favorite philosophies, though: learn by living; we gotta make our own mistakes; do what you love.

  66. erin says:

    Mine is “No excuses, only results!” I believe I stole that from Tom Venuto. :)

  67. Jess says:

    I don’t have a catchphrase (yet!), but I do love Mean Girls.

  68. scale junkie says:

    my phrase requires too much explanation, I might have to write a whole blog post about it and link you. LOL

  69. Camevil says:

    “Shut up and reboot already.” This is a phrase inspired by my IT sister that I found on a tshirt for her. However, I think it’s equally applicable to any fitness program. In other words, stop making excuses and get started.

  70. Bettie says:

    Aint nothin but a thang!

    That sounds even sillier when I type it out, but it works to keep me motivated!

    Fun post!

  71. Rose says:

    Me and the boyfriend often say, “So it bees.” As in, that’s how it is but grammatically incorrect :)

  72. Felice says:

    I say — Run your own race.

    And — Sometimes you just gotta suck it up.

    Although, recently, I’ve been wanting to co-opt Tim Riggins’ catchphrase from Friday Night Lights: No regrets.

    Yes, I like that one. No regrets!

  73. Mary Meps says:

    I have several:

    ‘That’s a tort waiting to happen.’

    For health: whether I lose weight or not, I still have to do this.

    Lately, it’s: I AM!

  74. Shannon F. says:

    “This too shall pass.” This has gotten me through many tough times in the past years.

  75. Jen, a priorfatgirl says:

    my catch phrase?

    “a priorfatgirl”

    WAHOO!!!!!!!! Celebrating that every moment I can…tooting my own horn cuz no one else will.

    P.S. Not that it relates, but I love Catchphrase the game. It’s a must for any get together in my house!

  76. Faith says:

    Mine’s not so much a catch phrase as it is a verse…”I can do all things….”

  77. Pubsgal says:

    Well, for awhile it was “opposite day, every day,” inspired by the SpongeBob SquarePants “Opposite Day” episode. It really helped me when I was replacing a lot of unhealthy habits with better ones…I’d just imagine SpongeBob pondering how to make his next move as “opposite” as possible: “Wait! I’m gonna…opposite…opposite…?”

    It’s probably getting to be time for a new one. I rather like Fat Bridesmaid’s saying, but like Miz, I have young ones and would have to censor the last part. :-)

  78. Kristi Summer says:

    my phrases are stay strong, keep on keepin on, and Challenge yourself - everything you want in this world is just outside your comfort zone

    Hope you had a great weekend!

  79. Cathy - wheresmydamnanswer says:

    Mine is not so much a catch phrase as it is a mantra that I say to myself all the time to keep me in check! “Food never tastes as good as thin feels”!! As a person who was formerly over weight this really helps me.

  80. POD says:

    I find more often than not, that I use a phrase “you gotta be it to see it.”
    This applies to positive aspects as well as negative projections.
    If I’m calling someone a bitch..I figure I must know something about it in order to label it.

    Secondly it would be “the best revenge is to live your life.”

  81. amy says:

    Enjoy a little bit of summer everyday.

    Not a catchphrase but a way of life :)

  82. Jody - Fit at 51 says:

    This is a great subject! Thx! I really don’t have a catch phrase for myself beyond my typical preaching of “doing some form of weight resistance for health, long life, strength & feeling good”! But beyond that, I collect quotes & have more than you can imagine & post em to my blog every few days or so. Below are recent ones I really like.

    “Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass…
    it is about learning to dance in the rain.”

    “A person is not old until regrets take the place of dreams.”

    “Every day is an opportunity to change things for the better” (Michael

    Also, something I say to myself, not out loud, is ” if they can do it, I can do it”! Ths is in refernce to shows like Extreme Home Makeover & some of the people with amazing challenges on that shw & over come them or even seeing a Biggest Loser contestant run a speed 10 on the treadmill fro an interval. Tha got me to increase my interval speed. If they can do it, I can do it!

    MizFit, thx as always for thoght provoking posts!

  83. Vered - MomGrind says:

    It’s not originally mine of course, but I often whisper to myself, “don’t sweat the small stuff.”

  84. josha says:

    “Make Believe”
    People enter into my son’s special needs program and ask me about why I don’t act like it’s difficult to have a child with special neeeeeeds. I answer, “Life is make believe…you make of it what you choose to believe about it.” I choose to believe that it’s good, so it is good. I really really like that.

  85. Dawn says:

    Since it’s 3 sentences it’s not really a catch phrase but for some time now I’ve been saying “I can do it! I will do it! Consider it done!” and this really empowers me and teaches me that everything is in my hands when it comes to what I want for myself in the future.

  86. Sagan says:

    Returning to blogland quickly- I just remembered that something I say all the time is “do what’s right for you”, because we’re all different.

    Ducking back into the physical world now :)

  87. Beverly says:

    May my new catch phrase be I WANT YOUR ARMS?

  88. Miz says:

    Not that it relates, but I love Catchphrase the game. It’s a must for any get together in my house!
    there is a game??


  89. seekatyrun says:

    Similar to what someone else already said, mine is “Progress, not perfection.” I don’t have to get it 100% right every time, but making the effort is at least a step in the right direction!

  90. this is carrie says:


  91. Bikermomma says:

    For some reason I am always telling myself “Tommorow, Tommorow, There’s always Tommorow”. It’s more of a ‘hopeful’ or ‘dreamers’ thought.

  92. Flo says:

    There are two phrases that I use a lot. And I mean A. Lot.
    The first is do or do not, there is no try. I have that tattooed on my wrist. It reminds me that can I either do something or not, my choice, but there is none of this trying cr*p. The other one is one crisis at a time. This is when I’m feeling overwhelmed and have a million things to do, it reminds me to take a deep breath and handle one thing at a time. Those are the two phrases I pretty much live by. Well, those and STFU!!!

  93. Quix says:

    I tend to like “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger” from Daft Punk (or Kanye West I guess). But I went thrift shopping this weekend and purchased an awesome tee that just says “On A Mission”. I always have some grand design or plan in the back of my head even if I’m just relaxing, so it seemed fitting!

  94. Paige says:

    My personal catchphrase is “I eat hills for breakfast!” Whenever I’m running up a tough hill, I repeat this to myself as a mantra…I have been known to shout it out during a tough race as well. Any time I am facing something difficult (not even running related), I’ll think about how many “hills” I’ve overcome in my life. It makes me smile, and helps me keep going.

  95. Gayle says:

    Lately, it’s pretty much been “whatevs”. Gotta roll with it baby.

  96. FLG says:

    My personal catchphrase that I don’t really use that often but still like, and that I stole from Christopher ‘Big Black’ Boykin, is: “DO WORK, SON!”

    Because sometimes, you just got to do work :)

  97. Natalia Burleson says:

    Hmm I have two and they both mean the same thing
    1. Ain’t no thing
    2. No worries
    Ok, and here’s another one
    3. It’s O.K., It’s okataybee! Didn’t Marty say that in Madagascar?

    I say It’s OK so often that my son will ask me “It’s OK mommy?” Anytime he feels uncomfortable, like when the lights first go out at the movie theatre!

    For me they mean, no big deal, it’ll be alright! Keep on Keepin’ on!

    Hmmm I guess I need to find “a” catch phrase.

  98. Cammy@TippyToeDiet says:

    Mine is still “Because it’s the right thing to do.” It helps me when I’m wondering why I should eat turkey AGAIN or why I should work out instead of going to bed and reading a book.

  99. ttfn300 says:

    hmm, i don’t think i have a catch phrase… :-/

  100. myra says:

    Dear Miz,
    Well……I think I have a couple….
    1. Bring it! Because you know something is coming your way, you might as well grab it before it gets you.
    2. Have a nice day…not in the happy face way, but in the BonJovi way(its the Jersey girl in me)

  101. Kelly Olexa says:

    Hmm. I have sooo many phrases-

    “what you think about, you bring about”

    “I can do ANYTHING I set my mind to. Anything.”

    “This too shall pass.”

    “If God brings you to it, He’ll bring you through it.”


  102. Marc Lavender - Personal Trainer says:

    I live by:

    Turn Around To Fitness!

  103. Tina says:

    There are some great ones here. I told my 8 year old once (or a hundred times or so) that two wrongs don’t make a right and he quickly responded “that 3 rights do make a left.”

    So now I say to them, quite frequently I might add, when they are going in the wrong direction on something in their heads or on a bike ride or anything that 3 rights make a left and they know they need to change directions.

  104. Alyssa says:

    I love this post, MizFit and it’s why you are mt Fitness Guidance Counselor.
    (I can’t remember who came up with that but it wasn’t me :) )

    I don’t have a phrase yet and after watching your video I am going to create one.

    I’ll be back to share.


  105. Holly says:

    It’s times like this I wish I was creative!

    I don’t really have a personal catchphrase (soooo lame). I guess I do have a way of thinking that I live by, which is a. everything happens for a reason, whether you see the reason at the time or not and b. you could ALWAYS be worse off.

    Catchprase, the game, is SO much fun! Now THAT I am better at.

  106. Elaine says:

    Be Gentle

    I recently heard someone describing the best quality in his father and it was gentleness. It struck me how much I would love to live that characteristic. So, at the grocery store when the line is long, when my kids ask the same question multiple times in a row, when I don’t accomplish everything on my to-do list, or whenever I might otherwise get easily irritated I strive to — Be Gentle!

  107. Anne K. says:

    “Do It Anyway.”
    I say it to myself when I don’t WANT to go to the gym, when I don’t WANT to do homework, when I don’t WANT to practice harp. I just do it anyway. And (most of the time) I’m glad I did it!

  108. Kimberly Lee says:

    My personal catch phrase is something my parents and my grandmother used on me all the time growing up “Can’t never could….”

    When I think I can’t finish that last half mile….I hear those words.

    When I think I can’t reesist those doughnuts in the breakroom, I tell myself Can’t never could….

    If I say I can’t then I set myself up to fail….and I am not going to go that.

  109. lee (getting fit) says:

    Mine is: No regrets, Coyote.

  110. Teri says:

    Mine are:

    “It’s all good.”

    “You snooze, you lose.”

    “Life’s short.”

  111. Irene says:

    I know I am late with this but my personal phrase is:

    “It is never to late to be what you might have been.”

    and goes side by side with:

    “What have you done today to make you feel proud.”

  112. Moonduster (Becky of Skinny Dreaming) says:

    Hmm…My most often said to myself is Nike’s “Just do it!” but they’d be upset if that was put on a shirt other than one of theirs.

    I like, “Never give up!” and “Move it to lose it!” and “Carpe Nocturnum” (Sieze the night - if I spelled it correctly - because my kids are all in bed and I finally have time to get things done) and “Everything is doable.”

    My favorite would be “Dream big. Live even bigger!”


  113. JanetM97 says:

    Is there still time to enter this?! I fallen behind in my posting and can’t get up. I figured I should make an effort with this one, since I’m married to a Maritimer, who has more expressions- er, catch phrases- than anyone on the planet!!

    anyway, what is mine? what is mine? hmmmm…

    ok. One idea: I tend to worry sometimes and can’t shut it off, so I like Julius Caesar’s “a coward dies a hundred times before his death.” (or something like that!) It sums up the futility of being frozen in a state of worry (Hate that!) It’s like you are making your fears happen over and over in your mind, giving your fear power over your whole life- nothing productive can come of that. It’s also about living in the present and making the most you can of the day you were given. (Love that!) Who knows what the future holds? no one. Live fully today.

    If you need more, my Maritimer has a gazillion…some need a translator of some kind. ;)

  114. Alecia says:

    I know this is late as I just came across this post BUT for future lurkers: “Do no harm”, I think it’s a Buddhist thing but it works so well for everything.


  1. MizFit - April 17, 2009

    [...] loved reading all of your Personal Catchphrases. My plan had been to choose a winning phrase, but I quickly became overwhelmed & surrendered [...]

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