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Viewer mail. The Office (fridge), breakfast & freefood edition.

Wed, Oct 8, 2008

Viewer mail

I know youve probably talked about mini fridge tips but if you have I cant find it. Any suggestions for things I should keep in my work fridge for snacks? I have my own in my office.

Surprisingly, this email was actually the first time Id gotten the mini-fridge question!

We’ve pondered food on the go & junk for the trunk & good choices when eating out but not yet the work-fridge fillage dilemma!

Instead of rambling on & on about food pairings (here’s where you cheer that I am, for once, only answering the damn question) I decided to make a list of what Id put in my fridge and hope that you all will chime in below with what you’d choose:

*Breakstone individual cottage cheese containers

*hormone/antibiotic free sliced deli meat

*laughing cow cheese (soft & hard. all flavors)


*string cheese

*ready to drink shakes (any of you drink these? We’re Myoplex fans in Casa MizFit. you?)

*hard boiled eggs

*grilled/sliced chicken

*Oikos organic greek yogurt

*flax seeds

*pre-sliced bagged veggies

*bagged salad (and, yes, a few snack sized snickers bars).

Now, one small digression (for this email anyway), tip: dampen a cotton ball with vanilla extract, shove in a ziplock baggie, get to work, plop in your fridge.

No matter what you stock in there it shall never stank the way mine did once when I had an office job and brought in some tuna.

MizFit, what do you eat for breakfast?!! I know that people argue whether it is the most important meal of the day but it is for me. If I skip breakfast I am so much more likely to binge but Im really in a hurry in the mornings and would love to know what you do! When I grab a donut it doesnt help me to stay full and I think the sugar makes me binge later too. HELP.

OK, this email made me think a number of things (working.to.stay.focused.).

First an answer to her question regarding what I eat for breakfast since many of you email asking the same thing (& you longtime members of the Bumbling Band may be tired of hearing it already…)

Since the emailer emphasized she’s in a hurry I chose to assume she wondered what I did during the week (as weekends are a freeforall up in herre. always.).

Please to remember the MizFit has said she makes time to eat. not that she creates masterpieces in the kitchen or that she should be anyone’s role model.

As previously established my mornings are hectic. Ive found that the best chance Im going to eat (& not be distracted by my specialneedsbullmastiff’s, well, NEEDS or a Toddler Tornado) is to make this meal a no brainer.

What am I getting at?

Im boring in the morning. Repetitive. Easy. And it pretty much looks like this:

2 or 3 wedges of Laughing Cow cheese (hastily crammed in mouth whilst doing 11 other things. Good fast protein and fat.)

My spoonfuls of flax (inhaled as fast as I can while Tornado yells “I want that! I want that! PUH-LEEEEASE!”)

2 cups of scrambled egg beaters/substitute.

some oatmeal (half cup? Im guesstimating) hastily made and left to sit on counter until lumpy & cold (perfect!) and I can quickly jam it in my piehole.

2 morning star farms veggie patties (love.)

(water, vitamin, tums for calcium, extra vitamin C)

That’s pretty much how it plays out during the week.

Irish oatmeal with soy protein stirred in if—perchance-the Tornado feels like allowing me to eat leisurely (read: not have to inhale piping hot mush and inevitably scald my esophagus).

Protein pancakes if she is truly in s-l-o-w m-o-t-i-o-n (although at that point I mightcould be dialing 911) and I can get out pans & ingredients.

Now, since my resolution is to answer the question asked, I shant offer any suggestions (biting.tongue.) but continue on the path of what I do.

warning: here is where uberfood purists should commence skimming or click on over to Perez.

Sometimes, during crazy times, MizFit resorts entirely to the freezer.

Yep, youre getting that correctly. I heat up frozen food in the microwave while dressing myself & cheering on the Toddler as she peepeepottys & attempting to hold a conversation with my loving husband about his upcoming work day.

Something like this.

Now, by means of full disclosure, it’s typically this—-but that’s only because Im quirky with dinner for breakfast that way havent had a chance to try any of the Weight Watchers Morning Express Breakfasts yet (cant find em where I live).

Im like you, emailer, with the donut. No breakfast or an inadequate breakfast (for me it’s all about low sugar) makes me RAVENOUS.

My point? That’s what I do on a typical day and that’s what I do when atypically rushed.

In my opinion it’s all about finding those 2 options for yourself. Your idealplanA and your backupincaseplanB.

Thoughts, Bumbling Band?

Help for our emailer with regards to workfridgestockage? I know my list only began to scratch the proverbial surface.

Have you gotten the morning mayhem managed and *still* always find time for a bountiful balanced breakfast (alliteration? I heart ye)? PLEASE to hit us up in the comments.

For your trouble you shall be entered to win (as a result of my following yesterday’s post AND we shall have two winners this time!) coupons for FOUR FREE Weight Watchers Morning Express breakfasts (four per winner).

That way you can try em all and report back to me us with regards to what you think.

Did the breakfasts make it to PlanA for you? Relegated to PlanB? Shoved to the back of the freezer? Inquiring BumblingBandminds will wanna know.

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115 Responses to “Viewer mail. The Office (fridge), breakfast & freefood edition.”

  1. Usman says:

    I try to do the same. Not having unhealthy food around is great coz the only options you have are to eat healthy :)

  2. Mrs. Jelly Belly says:

    Along with some of the things you mentioned for the office fridge (yay laughing cow!) I like to keep frozen cherries or strawberries (no sugar added, natch), let them defrost slightly and mix them with yogurt. Delicious.

    I, too, have found that I MUST eat breakfast or I will be in bad shape all day. My go to breakfast these days is oatmeal. It’s filling and sticks with you. Plan B: yogurt mixed with 1/2 cup of Fiber One. You can never get enough fiber, right?

  3. dg says:

    Mmmm… sounds good! my office pantry is bare except for a jar of almonds. borrrrrring!

    (PS i just discovered last night you succumed to twitter! are you going to follow anyone?

  4. tokaiangel says:

    Never any room in our office fridge when we have two shows in production - everyone working overtime and nobody can afford to buy in lunch so it’s PACKED with tupperware.

    HOWEVER I have made a little space in one of the shelves for my Tom Yum soup paste. Mic a BIG steam bag of veggies and chuck em in some Tom Yum broth. The sensible among us can also add in tofu and meat (if you have room in your fridge for em) and/or instant noodles.

    Thai style.

    As for breakfast I mustmustmust. If I skip that first meal I have real trouble psychologically eating anything else that day. I have to get-up-don’t-think-just-EAT and then we’re OK for the next 24 hours. :)

    It’s nearly always soy protein and oatmeal for me (strawberry this morning, yum)

    TA x

  5. MizFit says:

    nope Ms. Jelly Belly never too much Fiber (or at least FIber1 :) as my good friend HUNGRY GIRL would say Im sure).

    My new ‘plan’ as per yesterdays post? to get my caricature on some HIGH PROTEIN OATMEAL BOXES.

    so that I/we dont have to carry our own powder and mix it in when we’re in a hurry or on the go.

    Id so endorse that product. but I digress…

    yep DG I made it to twitter and for now Im not following anyway.
    I struggle to work, babymamaSANSdaycare, and do MizFit.
    I fear twitter FOLLOWAGE would push me over the edge timewise :)

    but Im sure I shall succumb.

    TA? thanks for the tip….now you SO want that to be Oatmeal Premixed with Soy Protein with MizFit on the cardboard box, yes?

    I knew you did :)

    and INTERESTING about the ‘trouble eating’ the rest of the day. Im the opposite if I let myself get crazyhungry it’s ALL OVER (and all crammed in my cakehole)


  6. Andrew(AJH) says:

    Breakfast is my favourite meal - but it is usually the same (or one of two choices, usually the first).

    1. A large bowl of cereal with fruit and skim milk. The cereal is a concoction I make up myself, a mixture of wheat flakes, rolled oats, bran and muesli. The fruit is usually peaches. With a glass of juice, or

    2. Some sort of healthy toast or muffins with lashings of peanut butter. With a glass of juice.

  7. Heather says:

    To answer your two questions:

    Breakfast - I usually try to make multiple portions of steel-cut oatmeal so on the next two days, I can just heat it up on the stove. I eat my oatmeal with raisins, walnuts and almond milk (I’m lactose intolerant). My backup plan is hardboiled eggs, a piece of toast and fruit. If I can’t eat before I get to the office, I have 1/2 sugar instant oatmeal at my desk. I can use the hot water from the water fountain and can use my mug to eat it from.

    Snacks. I pack new snacks every day to take to the office. I sometimes keep some extras at my desk all the time like dried apricots, dates or almonds. What I usually pack for the day is an apple for mid AM snack and hummus and carrots/pita chips for an afternoon snack.

  8. HangryPants says:

    Oatmeal! Bring oatmeal to work. Someone at my last job brought frozen individual containers of steel cut oats that don’t take 3 hours to make. I think they were Trader Joe’s Brand. I always had a tub of oats in my office.

    Laughing Cow makes hard cheeses?

  9. Sagan says:

    I MUST eat breakfast; I go crazy if I don’t. Yum. Just recently found out that I need to have some kind of protein for it, too- took me a long time to realize that just carbs doesn’t cut it first thing in the morning.

    I eat 2 tbsp of PB2 before boot camp. Then I have a glass of skim milk afterwards. When I get to work, I have a big bowl of oatmeal with a sliced banana and cinnamon on top. Other days? I’ll eat eggs, usually, or make banana pancakes or similar. If I’m in a rush, its a quick PB2 and glass of milk again, and grabbing fruit before rushing out the door.

    I love my office fridge. We’ve usually got it stocked with lots of veggies, hummus, and sometimes milk, usually fruit and some kind of leftover Greek food (there’s an amazing Greek Market right next door… mmmm crunchy lentil salad).

    I also keep rolled oats at work, excessive amounts of green tea, and some coins in case I need to run across the street for an apple from 7-11.

    Keeping food at work is a MUST too!

  10. MizFit says:



    do I need a retraction?


    Laughing Cow makes hard cheeses?

    I shall go into kitchen when Im back home and double check brandage.


  11. MizFit says:

    *whew* it IS laughing cow brand.

    Mini Babybel Light is what I love…


    Wrapped in cellophane (sp).


  12. Crabby McSlacker says:

    I have TWO breakfasts. Oink.

    Breakfast #1: 6 am ish, liquid. A humongous nonfat cafe au lait and an 8 oz glass of OJ before I work out. I can’t EAT first thing in the morning but beverages go down easy and I need my coffee.

    Breakfast #2, late morning: something proteiny (hard boiled eggs, leftover chicken, yogurt etc); something whole grainy (toast or cereal); and a serving or two of fruit.

    Great suggestions I’m reading though, perhaps I’ll have to be more adventurous!

  13. Linda/Hughsmom says:

    I am hypothyroid and take my Rx about 6:00. I can eat an hour later. Well, an hour later I need to be on the road to school. Once at school I have prep for 30 mins and then a class. So about 8:45 - 9:00 I am getting around to eating breakfast. I’m not a breaky fan. I do it cuz “they” (and you know how “they” are) say to eat. Lately my breakfast has been a Morning Star Farms Asian or Southwestern veggie patty on a whole grain bagel,toasted. Later will eat an apple. At some point I will start taking oatmeal to work and having that. I’m like you - if I do eat donuts withing an hour my bloodsugar drops and I am in a daze. BLAH!

    Sometimes at home I’ll eat eggs. Other times I eat Eggo Whole Grain waffles w/syrup. Other times it’s peanut butter toast (which sounds really good at this moment.)

    I’m not much help, probably.

  14. Fattygetsfit says:

    I eat breakfast while I stalk my bloggerfriends.
    Cereal, peanut butter wraps with nutella (that’s quick and easy and i can stuff it in my mouth on the way out)

    Minifridge = beer for me. (COLLEGE!)
    I bring a packed lunch everyday.

  15. carly says:

    I nuke a scrambled egg and pop an english muffin in the toaster while I run around like a crazy person. When it is done I slap a slice of cheddar on it and eat on the run.

  16. MizFit says:

    Linda? You’re always a help.

    Forgot I love those veggie patties too. Haven’t tried the Asian yet.

    And FGF? Hmmmm. BEER. (please to read like Homer Simpson)
    I’m officially old for thinking ‘I used to do that when I was young’


  17. Kyra says:

    I didn’t read through the comments, but don’t forget the felt tip marker for your stuff in the fridge, either. (Those thieving coworkers! ;) )

    My breakfast is really repetitive and I keep finding ways to make it take less time. I’m down to microwaving my egg whites while I do my hair, and pairing it with oatmeal. But I pretty much could care less what I eat for breakfast. I get progressively more awake and concerned as the day goes on. My breakfast takes about 60 seconds of actual me time in the kitchen darting to the microwave and back. But you reminded me, I really need to bulk bake some protein pancakes so I can microwave some of those for variety!

  18. MizFit says:

    we’re supposed to do our hair?

  19. dragonmamma/naomi w. says:

    My brain is mush when I wake up in the morning, so I actually cook my eggs before I go to bed. Then in the morning, all I have to do is heat them in the microwave and add my already pre-measured, pre-cut baggy of frozen cherries. Sounds weird, but it’s great with a cup of coffee.

    Then I go to the Y, then I have second-breakfast, which is much more varied and Hobbit-like in quantity.

  20. Leah J. Utas says:

    When I kicked up the exercise a few weeks ago I switched over to eating oatmeal with flax seed, raisins and almond milk plus a soft-boiled egg. Toast either with peanut butter along with the oatmeal or with soy cheddar and the egg. I sometimes add chicken or turkey sausages or beef bacon. Before the extra exercise it was beef bacon with fried egg and soy cheese on toast. And juice. Orange or grapefruit. Must have protein. I like sweet so Il often topped it off with a granola bar, a chocolate and caramel granola bar. The oatmeal takes care of the sweet need usually.

  21. Liz Rosenbaum says:

    I LOVE Irish Oatmeal! I work out at home, so when I only have about 30 minutes of my workout, I start the oatmeal cooking. When I’m done, it’s done. My favorite thing to do with it is put walnuts, sliced up peaches, ground flaxseed, and a bit of organic honey drizzled on top. My mouth is watering just writing about it.

    And I have a question - Do you seriously just eat two big old bitefuls of FLAX SEEDS plain? Clear me up on that.

  22. MizFit says:

    And I have a question - Do you seriously just eat two big old bitefuls of FLAX SEEDS plain? Clear me up on that.

    it’s more like 3 or 4.

    I LOVE the flax. love the taste of it right out of the container.

    I know, Im an odd one and, by way of full disclosure, am entirely into the food as tastyfuel concept especially the older I get and the more I see that the 3 minisnickers quickly migrate to my ass glutes region.

    and because I wont count calories.

    Id rather eat a lot and food I like and food which will help me carve out the path to my fitness (and energy!) goals.


    MizCRAZY. I know….

  23. monica says:

    Those mini-fridge tips are just as great for the college dorm room as it is for the office (that is if there’s room next to the six-pack of Bud).

    Your breakfasts are phenomenal! I’m also boring in the morning… I eat Bircher Muesli first thing (oats, almonds, flax seeds, raisins, apricot), then have a protein smoothie later (tofu or protein powder, fruit, flax seeds).

    On the weekends, same thing… though instead of a smoothie, I’ll do a proper second breakfast… poached eggs, toast, grilled mushroom and tomato… bliss.

  24. monica says:

    Just read Crabby’s comment - great minds think alike!

  25. Gena says:

    Well, I’m incredibly redundant in the mornings. A giant bowl of cereal (even bigger than the one my husband eats) with 2% milk, a big glass of water, and several cups of strong coffee.

    If I have more time, I’ll cook up some eggs or oatmeal. The mornings are usually hectic, as I’m trying to find my computer, keys, sanity, and decide whether to bother drying my hair.

  26. Nita says:

    My quick breakfast:
    1/2 cup fat free or 2% cottage cheese
    1 cup berries OR 1/2 cup crushed pineapple & 1/2 cup mandarin oranges
    1/2 oz slivered almonds

    Pile on top of each other and eat! It’s much more filling than I ever expected, and lasts a good while too.

  27. MizFit says:

    OOOH great tips (and monica I cant wait to get to a computer and check out the link you left. you have the best foodfinds).

    which all makes me wonder (ala Genas comment and my entire post) IS REDUNDANT BAD?

    IMO it 100% is not when it’s the “I love that I dont need to think about this…grab & go…easy or Id eat junk or skip all together”

    (as opposed to redundant because youve eliminated entire food groups. DIFFERENT POST)

    AND when you take a multivitamin to be sure you arent ‘missing anything’ AND take the time for variety when you can (good G-d. I know. Im a mom at heart).

    and nita? Im trying that.
    once I get me some pineapple…I havent ever tried the canned pineapple (Ive been a fresh or nothing MizFit)

  28. Lance says:

    My mornings - eggs several times/week - and - the kids like them - scrambled or an omelet usually. Cereal is the backup plan (a semi-nutritious one). To drink - a large glass of water and maybe coffee. Coffee definitely sometime in the morning hours, though!

    Lunches - I like to do a mix of chicken and fresh veggies (broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, and green peppers today). Yogurt mixed with some natural peanut butter on the side - mmm…delicious!

  29. The Dieting Ninja says:

    1) Having a tiny fridge at work would be my undoing. I’d be tempted to put food in it, and then I’d be tempted to eat it! Scandalous!

    That being said, grapes or oranges are always good to put in the fridge (keep some handiwipes around if you do oranges, but your office will smell divine!)

    2) Breakfast. My favorite meal. I second the steel cut oats thing - I’m a huge fan of cooking ahead of time and enjoying on the fly. I also have an “oatmeal mix” of whole grains (barley…and…umm…other stuff) that is quick and easy. I get the teakettle started, and go do other things. When it whistles, I know the water’s boiling. I portion off a cup for my oatmeal, and make a cup of tea with the rest. A wee bit of butter, milk, and maple syrup and my breakfast is fab.

    My super-quick breakfast is Fiber One cereal.

    My slightly-less-quick breakfast matches at least one commenter above. Half an english muffin, toasted. One slice of canadian bacon, and one scrambled egg. If you eat the whole english muffin and can resist the urge to overscramble your egg, you can even eat the sandwich on the go (so that bits of egg don’t fall out the bottom as you lift it to bite, that is).

    Sometimes I’ll do a tomato/basil/mozzarella omelet, or an onion and green pepper omelet (with salsa). But those take just enough longer that they’re treats instead of common. Good way to eat up extra fresh veggies though!

  30. gina (fitnessista) says:

    my favorite b-fasts are:
    -1/2 cup oats with protein powder and banana
    -burrito with ww tortilla, egg whites, laughing cow and salsa
    -cereal with milk and fruit

    as far as the fridge goes, even though i’ve only worked in an office setting once, back in the day for about a month:
    -fat free milk (individual servings)
    - laughing cow
    -pre-sliced fruit and veggies
    and in baggies at my desk: trail mix, 1 scoop servings of protein powder, and protein bars

  31. felicepd says:

    I’m a breakfast eater. Usually a smoothie (frozen fruit, yogurt, banana, wheat germ) or cereal (Total, etc., whatever is on sale). And coffee!

    As for office fridge ideas — I always kept peanut butter or almond butter at work. Also, dried cranberries (not in the fridge, but in the office). They’d give me a quick kick.

  32. Valerie says:

    Ahh, breakfast. For me, definitely the most important meal of the day and the one that’s guaranteed healthy…

    I actually succumbed to necessity and started getting up earlier to actually cook breakfast. (Bear in mind, my kids are older so it’s easier!) I vary between oatmeal, wheat toast, whole grain (low-fat) waffles, whole-grain mini-bagels or Special K with low-sodium bacon or turkey sausage, and either fruit or a serving of juice. Every. Single. Day. I love the steel-cut oats, and they’re quicker and easier too because I can do them in the crock pot and refrigerate them in single-serve containers to be microwaved with a little milk. I add fruit and nuts to them generally so there’s a complete meal right there…

    I’ve found that eating breakfast not only gets me set physically to eat right and be healthy all day, as well as boosting my energy - it also puts me in the right mindframe for the day if I’ve started off with a healthy breakfast. I’m less inclined to “waste” that by eating junk later. :-)

    As for the mini-fridge - I pack my lunch and snacks every day and put them in there. I also keep some fruit in there, the cottage cheese, yogurt, some low-fat cheese sticks and WATER. (Not all of those on any given day, but that’s a representative selection.) It’s two steps from my desk so I have literally no excuse not to drink my water.

    I also keep almonds or a low-sugar trail mix in my desk drawers for when the munchies hit, though they really never do if I’m eating my mini-meals. But I think it’s great to be prepared because you never know.

    And that’s all. But probably, that’s more than enough.


  33. MizFit says:

    I’m wondering if it’s odd I’d *so* eat Lance’s lunches for breakfast.
    And appreciate all your GREAT suggestions/tips.

    And fear that, soon, I’m gonna need ya’ll to start a campaign with me.

    It does seem that so many of us mix our protein powder in with our oats and that Quaker should MAKE THIS in a packet.

    (MetRx brand used to. Back in the day.)

    I long to be the Hungry Girl ala Fiber 1 for Quaker.

    And, speaking of them, some breaking news coming next week….on a few fronts.

    Off to take on the day.


  34. Heather McD says:

    I go through phases. My favorite breakfast these days is:
    1 cup of lowfat cottage cheese mixed with one scoop of vanilla protein powder. I then top it off with 1/2 cup Hi-Lo cereal or one of the Ezekial sprouted grain cereals.

    As far as Irish oats go. I bought myself a wide mouth thermos from Target. At night I’ll boil one serving of oats on the stove top with one cup of water stirring for 3 minutes. Dump it in the thermos, and in the morning you have yummy warm oatmeal waiting for you. Add your mix-ins and you’re good to go!

  35. charlotte says:

    I was going to add nuts to the mini-fridge list (raw almonds and cashews!) but I see previous commenters beat me to it:) As for breakfast, I think something else to note besides getting a good mix of carbs, protein and fat is to eat a substantial amount of calories in the a.m.! It seems counterintuitive, I think, since my willpower is strongest in the morning - but I’ve found I’ve less of the midnight munchies if I ate a huge (and I do mean HUGE - my breakfasts can be almost half my daily calories) breakfast.

    Loved your list though. I’m dying that you linked to Perez!!

  36. Betsy says:

    Well, my mornings are nothing like yours sounds!

    How about getting breakfast ready right before you go to bed. You could make some great oatmeal in the crockpot to cook all night and be ready for you in the morning. Another great idea would be to make some healthy muffins in the evening and eating those for breakfast with some fruit.

    There are many thing you could make the night before and heat up in the morning.

  37. LosingIrene says:

    Breakfast: I have a terrific cereal from Trader Joes. It’s a flax cereal. If I don’t have school, like this morning, I will eat cereal. If I have school, I have a glass of 1% milk and a Nutrigrain cereal bar.

    On the weekends its usually fake eggs in a tortilla or some other concoction. Sometimes we go to IHOP on Satudays.

    In my mini-fridge: I couldn’t live without my mascarpone cheese.

    Mizfit - we are on for Saturday at 9. I am gonna send you an email today.

  38. Debra says:

    I don’t remember what I ate before Morningstar veggie sausage and their other items (really, I don’t). I eat veggie sausage with tomoto, spinach and cheese (cream cheese, laughing cow, or whatever I have). It is just too easy and yummy and healthy to deviate during the week.
    On the weekends it is migas and quiche and stuff my husband enjoys too. He likes veggie sausage but will not eat it every day like I will.

    Great list of office fridge essentials!

    Thanks Miz.

  39. Jill says:

    Dont’ have time to read aaaallll the comments, but I used to eat 2 scrambled eggs and canadian bacon for breakfast every day until the “pipes” started getting sluggish, so now it’s All Bran All the Time! (For bfast anyway) and some string cheese. It works for me. On the weekends though, anything goes.

  40. s says:

    i tend to eat more sugar in the morning than i do at other meals. so i usually have yogurt and a 1/2 c of granola for breakfast. i’ve been known to have a few mini rice cakes and a laughing cow wedge. yumm.

  41. Kate says:

    OK… I admit… I have to FORCE myself to eat in the morning. A) I’m not hungry and B) I am usually doing other things (like cramming in some blog time)

    Today’s breakfast plan: Hormone free steak piece with peppers and onions with two scrambled organic eggs. Perhaps a whole grain waffle topped with strawberries or blueberries.

    Today’s actual breakfast: Cold lumpy Quaker Oatmeal I almost forgot to take out of the microwave.

    Yesterday I was in the store and I LOOKED at the Lean Pockets breakfasts. I KNOW I should be eating better breakfasts (or eating them at all) because I do better eating three meals than one.

    But somewhere in the back of my mind I still have this “eating is a waste of time” mentality…

  42. dietcoke says:

    I dont know if this has been discussed already but… how about for the people who workout at 6am??? For example, I wake up at 5:30am and pack my stuff for the gym… I workout from 6am to 7am, get ready from 7 to 7.30 and I have to be at work by 8:am, oh and changing my workout schedule is IMpossible since I work til 6.30 and go to school from 7pm to 10pm AND have to do homework and stuff…
    and of course I can’t run with my stomach full (i would barf) so i just never have breakfast… :shame on me, i know: help?

  43. Tom Rooney says:

    As an homage to Euell Gibbons (you got to be old to understand that one) I start my day with Grape Nuts and some skim milk.
    Eeeeyooo, you really eat that! [That was the impression of my wife while I’m preparing this morning treat].

    For snacks, fruit and veggies take up the rest of the space that they offer me at work. I do munch on a turkey sandwich or a salad for lunches. Water is the only extra thing that I allow.

  44. MizFit says:

    peeking in quickly.

    I workout (cardio) at 5a.

    I don’t eat. Time and habit (mainly former).
    It works for me.

    I could never lift without eating a full breakfast.

    Short version? So personal. Need to do trial & error and see what works for you both comfortwise (feeling full/bloated) and ENERGYWISE (why I *must* eat pre-lift)


  45. Leigh Anne says:

    My breakfast is the same every single morning of the week and weekend.

    Oatmeal with a container of yogurt and 1/2-3/4 cups of bluberries.

    I read somewhere that Breakfast is the one meal where it’s ok to eat the same thing every day because it means you don’t have to think when you’re all foggy and it’s so true for me. I don’t even start to think until I’m halfway through my bowl :)

  46. suzanne says:

    Well i don’t have an office fridge, but i do supervise a donut/sandwich/coffee shop!! I just don’t eat any of it, i only eat what i take :)
    For breakfast i like something different everyday, anyone who checks my blog knows that :) However my favorites are a whole wheat bagel with peanut butter and banana, oatmeal with cocoa, banana and a dollop of peanut butter!!

  47. Leigh Anne says:

    oh and about working out, when I run in the morning I eat a homemade granola bar on my way out the door. I thought it would make me feel sick and unable to run but it doesn’t. And I can’t do any sort of quality exercise without food within an hour or two before hand.

  48. Kim Brittingham says:

    Carla, I want you to move in with me and be my drill sargeant, cook, waitress and personal trainer. I can pay you in babysitting. Dealio?

  49. FitMom says:

    mornings are equally insane around here. Kashi cereal w/ a scoop of protein is a quickie also. protein smoothies+ oatmeal or protein pancakes. got to get some fruit in.

    Yes, there is a bit of a let down post marathon!

  50. SlackerMama says:

    I have to come back and read these ideas when I get a chance! My go-to meal: mini whole wheat bagel with PB (and coffee…lots and lots of coffee).

    My back up meals (when I’m out of bagels or on the run):
    A bar (luna or Fiber One, etc)
    Kashi Waffle with PB

    It’s boring, I know.

  51. sassy stephanie says:

    Told ya I was getting all (semi-) serious again!

    1. sore from yesterday’s workout, but in a good way of course!
    2. kept my self under control ish with the noshing
    3. journaling started today

    I’m stocked in oatmeal, Laughing cow wedges (mmm), string cheese, almonds.

  52. The Bag Lady says:

    Crap - now I have to go have some breakfast, ’cause reading all this made me hungry!!!!!

    Granola-type cereal mixed with All-bran, 1% milk, pomegranate/mixed berry juice. Every day.

  53. Marc says:

    Office fridge contents;

    Home made green tea with honey. (for that 3 o’clock sugar/boredom craving)

    Celery and carrot sticks. Salami slices (apple gate farms)

    Some form of chicken salad. (home made).

    This is all for that “witching hour” between 3 and 4. Cup of tea with either the salami and veggies or the chcken salad.
    I found that when I keep my favorite roasted almonds in my office, they seem to ALL want to get in my mouth at the same time.


  54. tokaiangel says:

    Just have to jump back in to negotiate…

    …if the Mizfit/Quaker holy alliance comes to pass, we NEED to write it into the contract that the Bumbling Band get to help pick the flavours.

    I think PowerBanana ‘n Pecan has a ring.

    TA x

  55. supermommy says:

    I never skip breakfast and usually have a multi grain bagel with a thin skim of pb. Sometimes I’ll have some oatmeal or even a couple of eggs and a piece of whole wheat toast.

    When I worked in an office I usually kept packets of instant oatmeal for that 4 o’clock snack attack.

  56. MizFit says:


    (and need to be more careful what you say. Kim? Id take you up on that and be yer CHEERTASKER (so much nicer sounding than taskmaster). Im awesome with the motivating but not so with the organization o’my financial papers/paperwork. you any good at that?)

    GOOOO SASSY. Please to click on her name and say, well, GO SASSY!

    Tom? why do I wanna nag you to add in more than just water as an extra. must.ponder.


    life calls.

    and sad that I wasnt kidding about the quaker (im all about asking ya’ll to lend a hand BUT REMEMBER you can always say NO (wink) as it’s not a 4 letter word) and this?

    …if the Mizfit/Quaker holy alliance comes to pass, we NEED to write it into the contract that the Bumbling Band get to help pick the flavours.

    can I get an AMEN?


  57. Stacey / Create a Balance says:

    I need to check out laughing cow cheese.

    For bfast I have coffe w/ hazelnut coffeemate with either oatmeal or a protein smoothie.

  58. haley says:

    Loving the vanilla cotton ball idea! If I ever rise to the ranks of the mini-fridge office, I’ll be trying that one out…

    As for breakfast, routine is the only way to go for me… oatmeal with ground flax and fruit, again and again and again…

  59. kikimonster says:

    I’ve become a complete string cheese addict for a grab and go kind of snack. I work I keep the following in my fridge: soup, hard boiled eggs, cheese (LC and string), hummus, and diet dr. peppers (need one at 2PM!!!)

    Breakfasts are usually cereal, yogurt, banana or oatmeal and banana (with the yogurt left for later in the day)

  60. nancy says:

    I wish I had my own office fridge. We have a shared one, and that think is stank all on it’s own. Maybe the vanilla will work? can I get a case?

  61. Tricia 2 says:

    I don’t think I can add anything to the work fridge besides green tea and/or bottled water (even if you make it at home and put it in a nalgene).

    For the breakfast person:

    1. add cinnamon to your coffee. Cinnamon helps stabilize blood sugar. You can put it in with the grounds. You can also add chocolate or vanilla protein powder for, well, protein.

    2. Take a muffin recipe, swap half the white flour for whole wheat, and the other half (ish) for oatmeal. Swap the oil for a banana. Make the muffins during the weekend, put them in an airtight container, and you’re set.


    keep oatmeal packets and a bowl and spoon at the office.

  62. Regi says:

    You eat ALL that at breakfast!?! Or, did I just read it wrong?

  63. POD says:

    I eat plain oatmeal with a Trader Joe’s fiber muffin smashed into the center. I like coffee and can drink that first thing if it’s around but usually have to wait awhile before I can eat food.

    My preference over oatmeal and a fiber muffin would be a scone and coffee. That would be my ideal if eating didn’t matter but it does.

  64. MizFit says:

    OOOOH that I had a case of vanilla as a give away, Nancy.

    that would be a good one. (HEART the vanilla. works *wonders*)

    Tricia2? forgot about the cinnamon! we do that here (I do for husband but shhhh! on the bloodsugar. he just likes the taste).

    and this?

    You eat ALL that at breakfast!?! Or, did I just read it wrong?

    made me laugh and yes and no.

    I DONT eat the protein pancakes on the days I have oatmeal…but this:

    2 or 3 wedges of Laughing Cow cheese (hastily crammed in mouth whilst doing 11 other things. Good fast protein and fat.)

    My spoonfuls of flax (inhaled as fast as I can while Tornado yells “I want that! I want that! PUH-LEEEEASE!”)

    2 cups of scrambled egg beaters/substitute.

    some oatmeal (half cup? Im guesstimating) hastily made and left to sit on counter until lumpy & cold (perfect!) and I can quickly jam it in my piehole.

    2 morning star farms veggie patties (love.)

    (water, vitamin, tums for calcium, extra vitamin C)

    yes. it’s all so cleanhealthy that I can and not gain weight as opposed to, say, a calorie dense Krispy Kreme.

    (POD? welcome back!!)

  65. tfh says:

    Mmm- LOVE coldgummylumpy oatmeal. (Nojoke.) In fact I prefer it that way. But did you really have to bring up Krispy Kreme? I admit it: they make me feel like crap and make me crave more crap, but donuts are my weakness.

    I have been keeping all natural pb and almond butter in communal work fridge to smear on my afternoon apple BUT somebody else seems to be taking the communal aspect too seriously and my initials too lightly. So that may not last. :(

  66. ttfn300 says:

    i have a tendency to make things on the weekend that i can bring along or just heat up, and include a protein and whole grain… for the protein, thing eggs (quiche reheats well) or yogurt (no, i don’t make that). i’ve been meaning to try egg muffins as well. for the grain, well I’ll do up a half-batch of healthier muffins, or prepare a load of steel cut oats which I can portion out and reheat all week. Make once, eat lots. That’s the way it rolls up in here!

    (ps- you can have too much fiber… nuff said) but have you tried the flavor and fiber bars? good source of fiber, tasty, too.

  67. Heather says:

    I too love Breakstone cottage cheese singles. Sooo yummy (I actually go to a different grocery store than usual when I’m running low because my usual store doesn’t carry them).

    I also keep a jar of all natural peanut butter in my work fridge and a few containers of soy yogurt for when I want something sweet.

    I’ve been having trouble with breakfast. Thanks for the tips. :)

  68. MizFit says:

    ps- you can have too much fiber… nuff said

    youre right.
    I should not jest about anything including bodily functions.

    duly noted.


  69. Marc says:

    Break fast…..
    Mostly some form of protein left over from dinner and some fruit. Check out my blog for some break fast ideas.


  70. runjess says:

    I love breakfast, but luckily I’m satisfied with a bowl of cereal and fruit since I never make enough time for anything fancier.

    For the fridge: Wholly Guacamole single serving packs for those pre-cut veggies.

  71. Judy says:

    Well, I don’t work outside the home, and when I need I was a junk-food eating freak (Wendy’s junior bacon cheeseburger, bottle of Pepsi, and a Snickers bar every day for lunch), so I’m not the one to ask there. If I worked now, it would be lots of fruit, little cheeses, cut veggies, nuts, rice cakes and natural nut butters.

    Breakfast? I eat the same thing just about every day. I get up when my boys wake me up (7-ish usually), go start the coffee, put the water in the pan to boil for the oatmeal. I cut up half an apple and throw in the water, then throw in the oats. When it’s almost done cooking, a tablespoon of almond butter goes in. To finish it, I add a teaspoon of cinnamon, teaspoon of maple syrup, and some whole milk (YES, we only buy whole milk. We don’t use that much of it, so we stick to whole. I have tried using skim, and it made me want to barf to look at it. 4 ounces of whole milk a day is not going to kill me).

    My oatmeal is usually done by the time the coffee is ready, and my boys get up and play while I do this, or eat something. They used to eat oatmeal with me, but are both boycotting it. Sometimes I make it with raisins and agave nectar, and then the younger one will eat it. Their breakfast is variable - fruit, yogurt, cheese, leftover pasta. I’m not too picky about what is eaten when, as long as it is all healthy real food!

  72. Giyen says:

    “Eat like a king for breakfast, a prince at lunch and a pauper at dinner.”

    Luckily breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. As an Asian, we don’t really have typical breakfast foods. Brown rice and chicken and veggies keeps me going. I am usually starving if I eat too many refined carbs.

    Oh yes, I’m back to blogging! Missed it and missed reading your blog MizFit!

  73. James Hubbard, M.D., M.P.H. says:

    For breakfast I usually eat whole-grain toast or pancakes with a little almond butter for protein, some juice and COFFEE.

    When I’m lucky, my wife will fix home-made pancakes or biscuits filled with healthy nuts, fiber, etc.

  74. MizFit says:

    runjess? great addition (Id never have thought of that one as Im not a guac fan at all. blasphemy to say as a Texan, I know)

    and JUDY? YESYESYES! Youre so friggin sane (I have tried using skim, and it made me want to barf to look at it. 4 ounces of whole milk a day is not going to kill me) it makes me wanna kiss you full on the mouth.

    (but I wont.)

    Giyen? welcome back!!

    and Mister James Hubbard, MD, MPH?

    youve made me realize I need a wife.

    (or to teach the Tornado to cook)

  75. Lori says:

    I always make time for breakfast. In fact, breakfast is usually the most calories I take in during the day in one sitting (unless I fall off the wagon LOL ).

    I rotate a few different breakfasts in, and always have ingredients for at least one of these on hand.

    1 minute muffins

    Fage yogurt mixed with honey, chopped strawberries and flax granola (140cal per 1/2 cup)

    Protein pancakes topped with blueberries.

    The protein pancakes can be made ahead of time and frozen. You can also use these as buns for an egg sandwich to take on the run the next day. If you assemble the egg sandwich the night before (eggs cooked, of course), wrap it in parchment paper - then nuke it the next morning for a minute or so and it is a quick, portable breakfast!

    The 1 minute muffin is my IcantbelieveIoverslepthelpIhavenotimewherearemykeys backup plan. If I can’t find the 5 minutes to make that, then there are other real problems going on.

  76. keyalus says:

    Love that you admit to occasionally eating frozen dinners for bfast. I’m not alone LOL! ‘Cuz really - some of those things only have like 200 calories…that doesn’t qualify as enough lunch for me without adding extra food. I don’t see how you can just eat laughing cows plain though - blech!

    I pretty much always have quick breakfasts portable because I go to the gym in the mornings. I rotate between grits with canned chicken breast, kashi go lean cereal, these yummy frozen whole grain pancakes I found and those WW english muffin sandwiches (love except for the sodium :( !).

  77. Vered - MomGrind says:

    The vanilla tip sounds intriguing. I use baking soda and it’s pretty much powerless when it comes to boiled eggs.

  78. SeaBreeze says:

    Breakfast: I make smoothies the night before and quickly reblend them and toss in a travel mug. Also, Kashi makes a mean waffle that’s fantastic with fruit or cottage cheese or many other spreads.

    Fridge at work: pre-cut veggies, grapes, diet coke, Gardennary veggie based soups, cheese strings, pudding cups, jello, fruit, peanut butter.

    YES, I did just go check my drawer/fridge stash to make that list!

  79. Ann says:

    Not much new to add - breakfast is cereal. For some reason, anything else makes me want to puke.

    Definitely peanut butter in the work fridge, and triscuits! I love triscuits and I think they’re decently nutritious. Some may want to do low sodium. I’m trying to figure out how to make them ’cause they’re expensive.

  80. MizFit says:

    again, damn.

    lori? Id never thought of this:

    You can also use these (protein pancakes) as buns for an egg sandwich to take on the run the next day.

    and Im one who really avoids eating much bread unless it’s sproutygrainy.

    Keyalus?? I thought we were so alike. this shocked me:

    I don’t see how you can just eat laughing cows plain though - blech!


    Vered? the vanilla is awesome with the eggsmell. sad that I know that—but true.

    SeaBreeze? another things Id not pondered. I wonder if Id like my smoothies after they hung out over night?

    and ann if you make the triscuits & they good YOU MY HERO.
    they have some kinds secret SOMETHING in them huh?


  81. ChocolateCoveredVegan says:

    Nope, I’ve actually never used the shirataki noodles… are they good?

    P.S. Wow, you get a lot of comments! :o )

  82. angie says:

    I keep some Yoplait Light Fat Free yogurts in the fridge, with my baggie of ground-up flax seed. When I have a yogurt, I add some flax and it’s all good! I also keep bananas, apples, celery, natural peanut butter, and cottage cheese on hand.

    Oh, just got a sample of some Quaker Simple Harvest all natural multigrain granola bars in the mail. The flavor I got was honey roasted nuts. I’m going to look for them at the store next time I go. Delish and appears to be full of good stuff!

  83. MizFit says:

    CCV? The tofu shiritaki (sp? thumbtyping) noodles are awesome.

    You shall enjoy.

    Just rinserinserinse first.

    Anyone else love them?

    And I’ve been wanting to try those angie.

    Got a specialfancyemail.
    While it isn’t a High Protein Oatmeal Now!Endorsed!By!MizFit! *yet* there is some Quaker news coming next week.

    (And yeah. As per yesterdays post I totally mean the YET above)

  84. Amy/gazellesoncrack says:

    I make a bunch of whole wheat waffles on the weekend & freeze them for 2 weeks of toaster waffles (which I add pb & sometimes jam or honey).

    Last weekend I made muffins (whole wheat, with bananas, applesauce & blueberries), so we’ve been noshing on those all week.

    On early workout mornings, I make a protein shake the night before & sip on that on my way to workout & finish it after.

    What I want to eat for breakfast every morning? Veggie sausage patty, 1 egg, cheese on an english muffin. Do I ever eat that? No. I function so much better with a lot o’ protein in the morning, but rarely get that….need to do better.

    I was just this morning bemoaning my lack of snacks at work, and am so glad this was waiting for me! I am making a list right now.


  85. Laura N says:

    My new favorite breakfast is 2 slices of Ezekial bread (sesame) made into French toast— wisk together 1 egg + 1/4 cup egg whites, touch of half & half (sometimes, not always), lots of cinnamon. Soak thawed EZ bread in egg mix ala French toast method; I can usu. get all the egg mix soaked up, and if not I just pour on bread after it’s on the griddle. I sprinkle more cinnamon on bread while it’s cooking. I’ll serve with T of low sugar jam & more cinnamon & packet of Splenda. This is by far the tastiest, guilt free breakfast ever.

    Also love instant grits with a scoop of van. protein powder & (again) more cinnamon. Love the cinnamon.

  86. Meg says:

    Breakfast is never my forte, unless it ends up falling sometime after noon. I am one of those “have to force yourself to eat in the morning” people. Even if I’m *starving* when I wake up, my tummy feels funny and off in the am.

    Wow, that’s a big breakfast btw. A bowl of instant oatmeal is usually my go to breakfast item. Or a bowl of cereal. Depends on whats in the house and if it’s hot or cold out.

    But again, weekdays? I don’t really eat much for breakfast. I’m too up and out of the house.

  87. Fit Bottomed Girls says:

    That tip with the vanilla? Never heard it. Going to try it. AWESOME.

    And me? I’m addicted to Larabars these days as an easy snack. I blame the foodie blogs.

  88. Marelisa says:

    I have a Myoplex shake every day at the gym after my work out (vanilla). I’m stocking up my fridge with your mini-fridge suggestions (but right now I’m going to have a few mini-doughnuts).

  89. Cammy says:

    Currently I’m having oatmeal w/a couple spoonfuls of PB2 for breakfast #1, and fruit/yogurt for breakfast #2.

    I don’t keep much in the office fridge. Yogurt, string cheese, SF pudding (now and then). I keep oatmeal, a jar of PB2, almonds (or some other seed/nut), and tuna packets at my desk. Plus, I usually have some fresh fruit with me.

    I think I’ll have a tuna packet now, instead of the bowlful of halloween candy some jerk put out on the printer stand. (I can see it from here, calling gently….)

  90. T says:

    i HAVE to eat breakfast and i HAVE to have protein. lately, it’s been a fried egg and a piece of toast with orange juice and (coffee) milk. other faves are:
    - scrambled egg beaters with low fat cheese in a mini whole-wheat tortilla
    - egg beaters with turkey sausage patties and toast
    - oatmeal (with some brown sugar) and turkey sausage patties

    the above are ALWAYS with orange juice and coffee-milk. when we have fruit around the house that’s breakfast-y (strawberries, melon), i’ll add that in, too.

  91. MizFit says:

    rereading and it does seem as though we’re an 80/20 split? with regards to those who eat breakfast NEEEEDING protein.

    I do think it’s so unique to the individual in that when I was growing up I thought EVERYONE was freakin ravenous an hour after eating cereal (all carbs few protein. even the cheerios of my NoSugaredCerealYouth).

    nope. just those of us carb sensitive types.

    Miz, who is cheering on CAMMY for hitting the tuna and not the candy—-because that’s totally what you did, right?

  92. Ash says:

    I just had a delicious breakfast on-the-go from the deli near my office. It was a wholewheat wrap filled with egg mix (some mayo but not too much), ham and cheese (toasted!)…

    It’s high calories but I can be sure I wont be needing big meals for the rest of the day!!

  93. MizFit says:

    Ash? I SO forget sometimes about *time zones* and for a moment after reading your comment thought I was losing my mind.

    and that’s it huh? the breakfast like a queen idea…


  94. viv says:

    I do love the egg beaters in the morning and load em up with veggies and fool myself into eating veggies. Anwhoo to help the bee believe it or not I heart the WeWa breakfast especially the new breakfast quesdillas so yummy and only 4-5 pts which is primo plus super filling.

  95. viv says:

    PS miz just got my clean Eating magazine and I love it great recepies and could not have come at a better time :-) thanks

  96. Jamie says:

    Wow. That is a lot of food for breakfast.

    My quickie routine is Kashi Go Lean Crunch (LOVE) and low fat milk (soy milk if the organic stuff is too expensive).

    My ultra quickie routine is some sort of (whole grain, no HFCS) granola bar. Clif, Balance Bare, and Luna are my favorites. If there’s nothing else around, I will stoop to the level of Nature Valley (not the chewy ones! they have HFCS!) or a body-builder-type protein bar (and there is simply no excuse for that-they don’t even taste good!).

    If I am blessed with the luxury of time (read: not a 5:00 appointment), I do 15-20 minutes of light cardio to kick my metabolism into fat-burning mode, then make 2 eggs with . . . something. Yesterday it was cheese and salsa on a corn tortilla. Some days it’s chickie in a baskie with whole grain bread.

    Also, if there’s leftover salad in the fridge from the night before, I will eat that.

  97. Lisa says:

    my mornings are actually pretty calm..but i am not hungry in the mornings. I know I have to eat breakfast though, or my day is shot and by 11 i’ll start noshing and no matter what i eat i won’t feel full.

    I’ll have coffee and an apple. About 30 minutes later i’ll either go all out on an egg white omelette with veggies, or a bowl of kashi/fibre1 with berries and skim milk. I keep the veggies and berries already cut up in the fridge and quick to grab.

    So i suppose..i’m not helping those with busy morning lives:) but, that’s what i do for breaky:)

  98. josha says:

    MUST eat breakfast at least within an hour of waking. I love a banana and grapenuts. Hate the taste of flax, so take capsules instead. Often eat a sandwich for breakfast with hormel naturals lunch meats. Also love juiceplus protein shake mix inablenderwithpeanutbutter/banana/water.

  99. Lainie (Fitness Fig) says:

    I’m going to take all this under advisement. During the school year when I am foggily running around getting 2 little boys ready and trying to dress myself as well, it’s usually just cereal. Once in a while I have enough time and I do an Egg Beater cooked with some 2% cheese mixed in and add a bit of fruit after. I ALWAYS eat breakfast, but it’s not always a great breakfast.

    Oh, and MizFit, I got me some MBTs! And linked to you about it on my blog.

  100. Cyndi says:

    I love breakfast! I don’t eat until I get to my desk around 8:30. Usually it’s a serving of dry cereal (love Kashi Heart to Heart), a yogurt and banana or orange. Sometimes I have a different Kashi (with flax, almonds I forget what it’s called) and dump my yogurt in and a cup of frozen blueberries, that are usually semi-thawed by the time I arrive to work.

    Weekends, I love my eggs. 1 whole egg, plus 1 egg white, poached and made into a sandwhich with a Thomas’ mini bagel square (toasted) with spray butter. Fruit or yogurt on the side.

    Love Breakfast!

  101. Ash says:

    I TOTALLY NEED A BIG BREKKY! whoops… caps!

    Otherwise I am peckish all day!

    Hey did my blog thing work for ya MizFit??

    I haven’t checked whether you have accepted the invitation yet.

  102. adria says:

    I love this post. love, love, love. My roommate and I have been discussing what to stock in our minifridge. When I read off that list to her she was like, “where are we going to put all that stuff plus our good stuff” good stuff meaning brownies, cookies, ice pops, etc. i guess it’s all about prioritizing, huh??

    and the whole breakfast thing. I’m totally failing in that part of my life. Probably should cut back on the lucky charms a bit… especially when I have a cinnamon roll and fruit too. But when you’re burning close to 1000 calories a day…

  103. Mike Foster says:

    My morning and breakfast is equally boring: apple, oatmeal, banana, occasionally some whole wheat toast with almond butter. Yummy…


  104. christieo says:

    I always try to pair up the carbs and proteins in the morning and it usually ends up being some eggbeaters and some oatmeal or some turkey sausage or turkey bacon and eggbeaters and whole wheat toast, or plan b: frozen lowfat nutrigrain waffles and turkey bacon microwed. i’m totally lame, i may throw in the occasional oatmeal but really it’s a combination of all of those. but i need my breakfast. bigtime. i’d add to the fridge some o that dannon all-natural low-fat vanilla yogurt. definitely on the myoplex shakes — we’re that family too!
    great advice — and thanks for the heads up on the ww breakfast sandwiches too, i was wondering about them and now i’ll have a plan b!

  105. MizFit says:

    christieo? sometimes I wanna call up the eggbeaters peeps and tell them they need to sponsor me….but then I remember I dont (fingerquote) do (unFQ) anything.

    we need some free egg substitute up in herre.


  106. deb says:

    I always have some Myoplex drinks in the fridge. It’s my “go to” after workout drink, and I might have more (I usually have 1/2 of one at gym) in the evening..

    My great wayof making Irish oatmeal, that’s easy, midnless and lets me eat it almost every day. I am habitual about breakfast, what can I say? but maybe I should make that a guest food posts??

  107. madison (followmyweigh) says:

    for some reason whenever i clicked on your blog before, the surroundings would upload but none of the content would!! (maybe its all the comments trying to upload?? =P) but now it finally does =D. this post reminded me of some flaxseed i have in the freezer. better rummage it out! i definitely need to work on my breakfast/take to work foods~

  108. Christy says:

    Great information. I am definitely linking this post on my site. I want my mom to read this. She is doing WW’s with me and I have been trying to explain why it is good to keep your work fridge stocked with healthy stuffs.

    All of these comments are great too. So many options for breakfast. My breakfast fav for the past two weeks is a fruit smoothie. I take fat free plain yogurt and frozen fruit…blend and serve. Great for on the go. I think I will look into this flax seed thing. I have heard about adding it to smoothies to help get in some bulk. Any smoothie tips out there?

  109. Natalia Burleson says:

    Great tips! For breakfast I like Oatmeal with some cinnamon and vanilla then I slice an apple, after the oatmeal’s cooked for some reason I don’t like hot apple, unless in the pie form of course, add the apple and sometimes a little bit of peanut butter! YUM! I’m not a big egg person and can get burned out real fast. But I like protein powder. I’m going to try adding some vanilla pp to my oatmeal this morning and see how that tastes!

    Have a great day!! :)

  110. Louie Holmes says:

    I love to taste some greek foods because they are very spicy.*“

  111. Jason Rivera says:

    Greek Foods are tasty and delicious maybe because of the spices they put in it;*:

  112. Computers says:

    The Holy bible will be the street chart to my presence

  113. Knife Sets says:

    Italian and Greek Foods are indeed very spicy. sometimes they are so spicy hot -`*


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