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Let Go Let…BLOG? (Oprah? You listening?)

I mean what I say below, People.

Oprah is missing a big form of weight-loss encouragement/weight-loss maintenance support by not acknowledging the power of the blog.

There you go, oh Bumbling Band.

Please to shout-out to yourselves .

Link your blog.

Announce your weight loss.

Give some linklove to fellow bloggers who have helped you along the proverbial way

Anything & everything.

You never know who might be readingwatchinglistening…

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205 Responses to “Let Go Let…BLOG? (Oprah? You listening?)”

  1. Rupal says:

    Wow, what a fantastic topic! I am new-er to the blogging community, as I just began at the end of last year. I must say, what an amazing community of people!! It really has enriched my life to 1. become a blogger and help share my knowledge (or ramble on about whatever I please, whenever I please :) and 2. meet such amazing, powerful, inspiring people along the way! LOVE LOVE Mizfit (of course!),
    Lance of The Jungle of Life: http://www.jungleoflife.com/
    Cranky over at http://www.crankyfitness.com
    Tom at Home Fitness Body http://homefitnessbody.com/blog/
    Dr J @ Calorie Lab http://calorielab.com/news/
    Sagan @ Living healthy in the Real World http://livinghealthyintherealworld.wordpress.com/

    Just to name a few!!

    Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!!

  2. Rupal says:

    Wow, what a fantastic topic!! I am new-er to the blogging community and I have to say, what a fantastic network of people!! Bloggies’ are always there to lend a helping hand to fellow bloggers. It is a rich community full of inspiring, knowledgeable and extremely talented individuals and I am so happy to now be a part of it!! LOVE LOVE:
    Mizfit (of course)
    Lance at The Jungle of Life http://www.jungleoflife.com/
    Dr J @ Calorie Lab http://calorielab.com/news/
    Tom @ Home Fitness Body http://homefitnessbody.com/blog/
    Sagan @ Living Healthy in the real world http://livinghealthyintherealworld.wordpress.com/
    Cranky @ http://www.crankyfitness.com

    Just to name a few!!

    HAPPY BELATED OPRAHH!!! I totally love ya girl!

    Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

    ohoh & thanks for all the love yesterday!! The Bumbling Band ROCKS!


  3. Rupal says:

    Great topic Miz- What a great community of inspiring, knowledgeable, encouraging, talented people the blogging community is. Everyone is there with open arms if you need help. So fantastic. Has enriched my life in so many ways!

    Mizfit (of course!)
    Lance @ THe Jungle of Life http://www.jungleoflife.com/
    Dr J @ Calorie Lab http://calorielab.com/news/
    Tom @ Home Fitness Body http://homefitnessbody.com/blog/
    Sagan @ Living healthy in the real world http://livinghealthyintherealworld.wordpress.com/
    Cranky @ Cranky fitness http://www.crankyfitness.com

    HAPPY BELATED OPRAH! I love ya girl!!

    Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!!

    ohoh & thanks for all the love yesterday! Bumbling band ROCKS!!

  4. Rupal says:

    Great topic Miz- What a great community of inspiring, knowledgeable, encouraging, talented people in the blog-o-sphere! Everyone is there with open arms if you need help. So fantastic. Has enriched my life in so many ways!

    Mizfit (of course!)
    Lance @ THe Jungle of Life http://www.jungleoflife.com/
    Dr J @ Calorie Lab http://calorielab.com/news/
    Tom @ Home Fitness Body http://homefitnessbody.com/blog/
    Sagan @ Living healthy in the real world http://livinghealthyintherealworld.wordpress.com/
    Cranky @ Cranky fitness http://www.crankyfitness.com

    HAPPY BELATED OPRAH! I love ya girl!!

    Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!!

    ohoh & thanks for all the love yesterday! Bumbling band ROCKS!!

  5. Rupal says:

    why won’t it post my comment?

  6. Rupal says:

    of course, that time it works!

    Great topic Miz- What a great community of inspiring, knowledgeable, encouraging, talented people in the blog-o-sphere! Everyone is there with open arms if you need help. So fantastic. Has enriched my life in so many ways!

    Mizfit (of course!)
    Lance THe Jungle of Life http://www.jungleoflife.com/
    Dr J Calorie Lab http://calorielab.com/news/
    Tom Home Fitness Body http://homefitnessbody.com/blog/
    Sagan Living healthy in the real world http://livinghealthyintherealworld.wordpress.com/
    Cranky Cranky fitness http://www.crankyfitness.com

    HAPPY BELATED OPRAH! I love ya girl!!

    Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!!

    ohoh & thanks for all the love yesterday! Bumbling band ROCKS!!

  7. Rupal says:

    Great topic Miz- What a great community of inspiring, knowledgeable, encouraging, talented people in the blog-o-sphere! Everyone is there with open arms if you need help. So fantastic. Has enriched my life in so many ways!

    Mizfit (of course!)
    Lance THe Jungle of Life http://www.jungleoflife.com
    Dr J Calorie Lab http://www.calorielab.com
    Tom Home Fitness Body http://www.homefitnessbody.com
    SaganLiving healthy in the real world http://www.livinghealthyintherealworld.wordpress.com
    Cranky at Cranky fitness http://www.crankyfitness.com

    HAPPY BELATED OPRAH! I love ya girl!!

    Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!!

    ohoh & thanks for all the love yesterday! Bumbling band ROCKS!!

  8. The Daily Mel says:

    My name is Melissa and I’m a blogoholic. Oh wait, wrong group. ;-P

    Like Oprah, I had lost a lot of weight (nearly 140 pounds), but then ended up regaining a lot of it. For me, it was the result of back issues which ultimately lead to a multi-level spinal fusion. That having been said, I have managed to keep roughly 75 pounds of it off and working on getting the rest back off again, too.

    Here’s the link to my blog which covers not only my weight loss journey, but all areas of my life (fitness, hobbies, travel, politics, etc.):

    The Daily Mel (ok, so it’s usually daily)

    I think the blogosphere is an amazing place for weight loss support. There have been many times when I’ve felt like giving up. As soon as I start reading the blog of someone else on the journey, or comments others have left on my own blog, it inspires me to keep moving forward. Bloggers rock!

    Happy Birthday, Oprah!

  9. The Daily Mel says:

    Mine doesn’t seem to be posting either. When I tried to cut & paste it again, it gave me an error that it was a duplicate entry. Some sort of weird comment glitch maybe?

  10. The Daily Mel says:

    Hmmm….so why did that one post and my first one with all the good stuff didn’t? :(

  11. The Daily Mel says:

    My name is Melissa and I’m a blogoholic. Oh wait, wrong group. ;-P Ok, I’ll stop being silly.

    Like Oprah, I had lost a lot of weight (nearly 140 pounds), but then ended up regaining a lot of it. For me, it was the result of back issues which ultimately lead to a multi-level spinal fusion. That having been said, I have managed to keep roughly 75 pounds of it off and working on getting the rest back off again, too.

    Here’s the link to my blog which covers not only my weight loss journey, but all areas of my life (fitness, hobbies, travel, politics, etc.):

    The Daily Mel (ok, so it’s usually daily)

    I think the blogosphere is an amazing place for weight loss support. There have been many times when I’ve felt like giving up. As soon as I start reading the blog of someone else on the journey, or comments others have left on my own blog, it inspires me to keep moving forward. Bloggers rock!

    Happy Birthday, Oprah!

  12. The Daily Mel says:

    It seems like any comment I try to leave with a URL in it isn’t posting. It could be that WordPress is holding them for review to make sure they aren’t spam since they contain hyperlinks.

    Ok, I’ll stop talking to myself via your comments now. I really should go to bed anyway. LOL

  13. Rupal says:

    It must have something to do with the links. I would stay away from cut-n-paste. When I wrote the links in, it submitted it for moderation??

  14. aishchai says:

    Blogging provides support unlike anything I’ve ever had before. Its knowing there are people out there who have been through similar situations before and learning from their wisdom and developing a little itty bit of your own.

    And since you’re asking, my weight loss so far is 50lbs.

  15. Katiep says:

    Blogging has opened the door to some of the most amazing friendships I have ever had in my life. I could never have conceived let alone achieved my recent goals without the support and encouragement of the blogging community.

    And since you’re asking - weight loss 25 kgs kept off for 4 years and presently on my way down to figure competition condition for the second time.

  16. MizFit says:

    YAY! This is exactly what Id hoped for. You announcing your losses and pointing Oprah, errr, us to blogs and saying how the blogesphere has helped you.

    Rupal? Everyone? For some reason when you add links I need to approve the comment.

    add em if you want and Illl approve when they come in!

  17. Sarah says:

    What a fun post!!

    Hi OPRAH and happy belated birthday.
    I have lost and kept off 12 pounds thanks to the blogging accountability.

    It is a lot for me and I know I will be on my way to losing more too.

    I love MizFit and http://www.AnnettesAwakening.com

    (I think that is it? I need to double check but Annette really motivates me)

  18. Evan says:

    I am a blog reader.
    I don’t blog and my girlfriend started me coming here and reading you.
    I pretty much stick to MizFit and Lance of the Jungle.
    The thing I love is that I can ask anything here in the comments and not on ly do you help or others jump in but no one LAUGHS.

    The blog world really typifies there notion of there is no such thing as a stupid question.

    does this mean I need to watch Oprah now?

  19. Kari says:


    I come here for motivation and tips as you are indeed my Fitness Guidance Counselor.

    I go to Lyn from Escape From Obesity because she gets where I am starting from.

    This is such a great idea!

  20. Natalia Burleson says:

    Oh, I love the unconditional support I get from blogging!! My blog is at http://www.nataliaburleson.com . I would love to post links of other bloggers but I have so many on my blogroll, they all lift my spirits, make me laugh, give me support, offer unique points of view and inspire me! I couldn’t list one without listing them all!

  21. Cammy says:

    One thing I need to clear up. If Oprah jumps on the couch because of my story and she hurts herself, will I be personally liable? Should I have an attorney on retainer?

    holding steady at minus 100 pounds thanks, in large part, to the Healthy You Challenge Bloggers at

  22. Erica says:

    Hello MizFit!

    How are you this morning? LOVE the additional facetime! Hi OPRAH! Yes!! The blog world has had a HUGE impact on my life and my health. I feel motivated to put more into my workouts and to try new/better for me products. Also, just reading about everyones lives really brightens my days. Its something I am constantly looking forward to. Have a good one ;)

  23. Linda says:

    I have lost 15 pounds - it has been hard because I am a food addict and hypothyroid and holiday stress killed me. I finally seem to have it together. I have too many links that I read daily to list them all, but here are a few

    Back to the Fridge: http://www.backtothefridge.com/blog/
    The Anti-Jared: http://theantijared.blogspot.com/
    360 Degrees DC: http://dcwatts.blogspot.com/
    Annette’s Awakening: http://annettesawakening.blogspot.com/
    Fitcetera: http://katschisfitcetera.blogspot.com/
    One Man’s Trip: http://zeusmeatball.blogspot.com/
    Ron’s Getting Fit: http://debbyweighsin.wordpress.com/2009/01/29/a-great-day-in-blogland/

    There are definitely others I look at: SpunkiSuzy, Angie’s Losing it and Loving it, Box of Choclolates, Bag Lady, Finding Radiance…and more I can’t list because I have to get walking right now or not at all.

    Blogging has helped me build a huge support network. My local right here, right now network is pretty small, and my family doesn’t support me much at all. I NEED my blog peeps. NEED.THEM. (And I didn’t mention Mizfit, but this blog goes w/out saying…even tho I just said it.)

  24. Valerie says:

    Aw, Miz…how great are you to give us all a chance to self-pat, and pat each other while we’re at it?

    I’ve lost 40 pounds so far and kept it off…I’m working on another 40. I’ll get there, I know it - in large part because I’ve got the support and encouragement of some amazing people in the blogosphere. I’d love to see Oprah, and anyone else who’s working on getting healthy, tap into this resource, because it is simply phenomenal.

    I’ve got a lot of favorites…the Miz, of course, who has been a source of endless encouragement, many “light-bulb” moments, and so much critical knowledge about fitness and eating clean; Lynn (my Evil Twin) at http://hlcaterpillar.blogspot.com who has an amazing writing voice, incredible weight loss results and never fails with profound and awe-inspiring insights; Cammy at http://www.tippytoediet.com who has lost OVER 100 POUNDS doing it one tippy toe step at a time, and likewise has some amazing insights; my much-adored buddy Bex at http://notafatoperasinger.blogspot.com, who lives life nonstop at about 300 miles an hour and yet still finds time, and the personal motivation, to be healthy and fit (and who is funny as heck, to boot); and a host of other people who, unfortunately, I can’t list because I don’t have all my links transferred over from my old blog yet.

    The thing about blogging is, you have a place to share your own frustrations, setbacks, victories, and epiphanies - but you also have the opportunity to be there for other people as they are experiencing the same things. I’ve learned more from supporting others than I ever have from my own experiences, or even from the help others have given me. It’s truly a chance to pay it forward, and it really has enriched my life. If I could, I’d meet every single one of my blog-buddies in person…as it is, I’ve met a few and fully intend to meet as many as I can.

    Thanks for the opportunity to say thanks, Miz. :-)


  25. Valerie says:

    Wow…Miz, I just saw how long that was. If you decide not to approve I’d totally not blame you. :-)


  26. ALexa says:

    ok I will be back with links but wanted to say now that I entirely agree.
    I thought the same thing!!
    I like the webseminar things that Oprah is doing but I have lost 25 pounds so far and I do credit a lot of it to my blog friends.

    I love my blog buddies!!

  27. dietgirl says:

    C’monnnnnnnn Oprah… hear our shouts! Hehe :)

  28. dietgirl says:

    (PS I have a hugeass post in draft where i’m attempting to name every blogger who gave me tips and tricks over the years, it’s a work in progress with my swiss cheese memory :)

  29. Aimee says:

    You get a blog!
    and You get a blog!!

    hee hee.

    I think you know from all my comment here that you have totally inspired me that I can be fit and balanced and not have exercise rule my life.

    I also love DIETGIRL (not because i see her above me) and cranky fitness and lance of the jungle for his life tips.

  30. Scale Junkie says:

    Blogging gives me a voice. It lets me be heard, even if my audience is 10 people I know that I’m not alone in the world and I’m not alone in this journey.

    Weight loss blogs are so overlooked. Oprah doesn’t know what shes missing. We have support, inspiration, therapy, self help, education and accountability all rolled into the magic of a blog.

  31. Melanie Thomassian says:

    You’re right.

    I didn’t start blogging to lose weight/get fit. I started so that I could share info which would help people.

    However, I am continually amazed at how well the online accountability factor helps people to achieve their goals.

    It’s awesome!

  32. Sandra says:

    I rely on my blogfriends to carry me through my plateaus and look forward to sharing my successes with them.

    I dont yet have a blog of my own even but I read and comment and it is the best way to start my days.

    love ya Miz!!

  33. moonduster says:

    Great topic! Blogging has helped me stay on track! I’ve lost 69.5 pounds and am just over half-way to my goal now. My diet blog is http://skinnydreaming.blogspot.com . I would link you to a bunch of diet bloggers who have helped and inspired me, but they are way too numerous to do in one post.

    • moonduster (Becky) says:

      Wow, just revisiting this post and seeing that, at the time I posted, I had lost almost 70 pounds. It seems like such a log time ago! I’ve lost almost 140 pounds now and have reached my target weight and maintained it for 6 to 7 months.

      See! Blogging, and interacting with other health and fitness bloggers, has helped me reach my goal and also inspired me in so many other ways!

  34. Lissa says:

    Happy belated 5-5 OPRAH.

    I want to chime in for those who have lost weight (70 pounds as of today! Thanks to bloggers like you Miz) and only read blogs.

    I am not a good writer so I read and comment and always find inspiration and as you said in the video normalizing.

    I like that word because it sums up how I feel some days.

  35. Mara @ What's For Dinner? says:

    My blogger buddies have been SO SUPER SUPPORTIVE!!! I’ve lost 50 lbs and have been at a plateau for a looooong time. Blogging has helped me get some major perspective!

    oh, and my link: http://imadedinner.wordpress.com
    and a helpful friend: http://whatiateyesterday.wordpress.com

  36. Mara says:

    I agree I would love to see something from her and I think a lot of people would be very inspired by it.

    55 she looks great!


  37. Just_Kelly says:

    Come follow/encourage me! Please!


  38. VeggieGirl says:

    Love ya MizFit!! :-)

  39. Geosomin says:

    I totally agree - having people I’ve never met face to face pop in and encourage me with a word or a comment and even when I have frustrations and questions there is support and kindness. I am constantly amazed :)
    I found a blog helps me be more accountable in my fitness endeavors and gives me a “vent” space. I’ve also gotten amazing ideas and just had my spirit lifted by the littlest of things. Knowing I’m not the only one to struggle with things like this helps immeasurably.

  40. Lesli says:

    I have a list too:

    Great fitness experiment
    Annettes awakening
    Pasta queen
    Create a Balance

    Ok it is too early.
    I will be back with more

  41. Marianne says:

    I must be the weight lost and found…LOL. I have given up on weight loss, and am trying to work on fitness gain. Now that we put exercise into our meal planner (you can just click my name), I can track everything. Not so much obsessive as accountable.

    Speaking of accountable, motivational match and I were IMing last night and she busted on my for eating mashed potatoes after dinner… LOL

    Can you imagine the comments on an Oprah blog? Staggering. She’d make another billion in advertising CPM alone…

  42. Kathy says:

    I read mainly healthy living blogs.

    my favorite is SAGAN from Livinghealthyintherealworld.com

  43. Mark Salinas says:

    This is what motivates/inspires me, YOUR JOURNEY—-> http://blog.marksalinas.com/your-journey/ Thank you Miz, you are an inspiration! :)

  44. Viv says:

    Like Oprah i have fallen off the wagon and running behind it to get back on! I can’t stand I am so ashamed to have put back 30lbs of the 80lbs I lost. I am just glad I giddy’d up now before I got back to that not caring point.

  45. Annette says:

    Happy Birthday!!!! You have been such an inspiration to me for many, many years! I can’t imagine my day without you ;)

    Blogging has helped me stay accountable on my journey of over 9 months now. The support of my blogging friends is something I NEVER take for granted. They mean so much to me.
    There are too many bloggers to list! Just know that all of you play a part in my success :)
    mizfitonline.com is my first stop of the day ;)
    and a blog that helped me decide to start my own is
    Lyn’s…….escapefromobesity.blogspot.com Her raw honesty is incredible and even when she slips, she dusts herself off and gets right back on track.

    I have lost 83 lbs in the last 9 months and have 64 lbs to go. If I NEVER lost another pound that would be okay too because I know I am on the path to health now and my life has been truly enriched and blessed by making these changes in my life.

    My blog is annettesawakening.blogspot.com

  46. Fat Bridesmaid says:

    As of this morning I’ve lost more than 30 pounds from my highest weight and there’s NO WAY I could have done it without the support I’ve found while writing my blog. My two favorites? Krissie at http://www.questionsfordessert.com and Lorrie at http://www.myallnaturalweightloss.com.

  47. Berni says:

    Yo Oprah…. you heard us yet? Happy B’day. I’m relatively new to the blogging world but I’m totally hooked. I feel like this is the missing piece of the puzzle that I’ve been looking for for so long.

    MizFit you’re a hero, and thanks to you I’ve been plankin it and I’m happy to say that the core is well sore.

    These four ladies are a great example of bloggers uniting to lift each other up and spread the love. They all answer a weight loss related question each week. They’re helping me by helping themselves and helping each other, you gots ta love that.

    Giyen http://www.baconismyenemy.com
    Sunny http://www.thatextra20pounds.blogspot.com
    Nurit http://www.familyfriendlyfood.com
    Joie http://www.joiedevivreanamateurgourmetsguide.blogspot.com

  48. MizFit says:

    dont fret my (emailing) peeps!

    It must be a new WORDPRESS thing since I updated….feel free to post links and Ill approve your comment and POOF it shall show.

  49. butterfly says:

    Blogging has played an essential role in my weight loss. I’m down 65 lbs and without blogging and having the support from others who are in lifestyle-change-mode, I don’t know if I would have come so far.

    Just when I start to get a jaundiced view on things, I’m refreshed and pumped by a simple comment left on one of my ramblings. I am touched by the fact that complete strangers will offer some words of encouragement without anything to benefit from in return. Nice people are still out there!

    There are so many blogs that I visit each and every day for ideas, motivation, and a sense of ” I’m not alone in this”.

    Just take a look at my blogroll - these people have made it happen. Oh, and they’re fantastic writers to boot!

    And Miz, my dear dear blogofriend, you always seem to pop in at the right time and know just the write words to use. Your words help more than you could know!

  50. Tricia2 says:

    Hmmm…all my favorite blogs have been called out. Except http://bagladysblather.blogspot.com/

  51. the Bag Lady says:

    Well, the Bag Lady isn’t exactly a weight loss blogger because she blogs about everything, but blogging has helped keep her on track with fitness, among other things. Mizfit, your motivational partner idea was brilliant, and the facetime videos are great….

    And then there is…..A(u)ntiFit…..


  52. Donnalouise says:

    Well Miz I must say, there are so many amzing and helpful blogs out there - I have plenty as you know listed on my blog. Just thinking of some that stand out to me (besides yours of course!)…

    Searching for my Inner Thinner Self
    Annette’s Awakening
    Mark Salinas
    I Don’t Want to Die of a Heart Attack When I’m 25
    Trapped Inside My Own Mind
    Felicia’s Life Happens
    A Blob Blog
    A New Start: Losing Weight
    SuperDaves Running Away

    And I know I am forgetting others that I truly enjoy. I love reading about real people with real weight issues and how they overcome them…

  53. joy (mappchik) says:

    I lost 40 pounds a few years ago, and have kept all but five pounds off. Those 5 lbs are the muscles developed by two years of real exercise, so I don’t worry about those at all.

    I read several blogs of people who have struggled much harder than I have, and I admire the heck out of them. I can’t imagine what it would have been like to start with 100, 150, or more, pounds to lose, as so many of the weight loss bloggers have, or to be in recovery from eating disorders.

    Even though I’ve lost my millstone, it’s not far away. Without focus, I could go back to being a worn out, unhappy, weighted down woman. Reading about other folks’ great/good/bad/ugly day or week helps me get through mine.

  54. Fitarella says:

    Happy Birthday Oprah!

    The blog community has connected me with so many wonderful people that I probably otherwise would never have known. It is just the coolest thing how we can all connect, share, relate and support one another. Thanks for this Miz!

    Here are only a few:

    Miz Fit

    The Great Fitness Experiment

    Mark Salinas,MN

    The Weighting Game

    Fatty Gets Fit

    Fitness for Mommies

    Workout Mommy

    Back in Skinny Jeans

    Run Faster

    Cranky Fitness

    and me ;)


  55. POD says:

    I did not start my blog to lose weight. If anything blogging can add pounds (from sitting on yer ass too long), however, I have people I visit daily for inspiration and people I visit to annoy and comment on and people I visit because they are good writers and people I visit because they appear to be alive. Those are all inspirational reasons.

    Escape from Obesity is fantastic. She is a great writer.
    I love any weight watcher because I am that. So I occasionally visit weightwatcher4life though she is so busy with work and her fitness schedule, she doesn’t write often (ha). I love Cranky. She was my first true love..the first blog I found that had me laughing. Then I found you and you are so fit, who could not love those arms and your posts and your great videos at the crack of dawn out here in California? It’s not even 6am. I love Dr. J over at Calorielab because no matter my comments, he *gets* me. I like backinskinnyjeans and her nosh blog. I love food blogs — all of them. Gina’s weight watchers recipes are out of this world. I love Michelle’s idea of setting goals and reaching them and using the blog for accountability. I like Mark because he has all these insane morning routines that he suggests and if I don’t attempt his routine, at least he’s made me laugh that day. Natalia’s blog is good. I like to make comments to her about her lack of vege eating.

    I started blogging about the cancer and found so many interesting folks doing other things that inspired me to be less concerned about cancer and more concerned about continuing on with my life as long as I have one. I am always interested in weight loss because I have lost my own big chunk of weight and that struggle and journey will be with me for life.

  56. Fit Bottomed Girls says:

    Yes, yes!!! Come on Oprah…we got mad love for you, so check out the weight-loss/fitness/diet/health/wellness blogging world today!!!

  57. Fitarella says:

    Oh, and of course Dr.J from Calorielab.com!

  58. Fitarella says:

    Hmmm..my list is MIA…

  59. Dr. J says:

    The blog world has been a great experience for me! So many creative and interesting people with good hearts. It’s been very rewarding. Sometimes, I am trying to throw the starfish back in the water, and sometimes, I’m the starfish someone else is kind enough to pick up and send me swimming :-)

  60. sarahbb says:

    I definitely think blogging is an excellent outlet. I’m usually embarrassed by what I’ve written if I go back and read my entries after posting them (chronic grammar perfectionist - can make myself crazy editing for days), but whatever. I do it for fun and accountability, but I read them for inspiration.

    My husband started blogging with me, which seems to help us keep our goals focused and connected. We’ve lost about 120 pounds combined - about 60 pounds each. Still working on it.

    He received an email from an old friend who recently found the blog and was inspired by our loss. That was a pretty awesome feeling, especially since I’m just about ready to pounce on anyone who wants to talk about health and fitness stuff these days.

  61. Hannah says:

    Blogging has totally helped me reach out in many ways. Smootherhood can be daunting, healthy living can be daunting, friendship can be hard. It is nice to have so many resources in so many areas at my fingertips!

    I am well on my way to my goal to work out 5 times a week! After my injury, this is HUGE for me.

    Between Dec and Jan I have lost 6 pounds. That also feels great because it means I didn’t totally lose myself in food over the holidays AND I broke the 200 mark, may I never go back…

    I got my sister to come to kickboxing last night! Another goal I have been working on and it was so fun to be there and laugh our butts off together. If you can’t laugh at yourself while working out, I’m not interested!

  62. Rosie says:

    I read so many wonderful blogs but it’s a little after 6am here and my brain doesn’t work at this time… but one that truly sticks out to me… and whom I’ve actually thought about writing to Oprah about is Tony… http://theantijared.blogspot.com he’s lost over 200 pounds alllll natural.

  63. JavaChick says:

    I so agree - I have found reading other people’s weight loss & fitness blogs to be so motivating, and that is what convinced me to start writing a blog. It helps to have an outlet and there is such a supportive community out there - encouragement, ideas, inspiration, a kick in the butt when you need it - it’s all out there and I’m so grateful to have found it.

  64. Nellie says:

    I am mainly a lurker on blogs (waves at POD and Tricia) but they keep me moving forward more then I even realized until this very moment.

    I’ve not lost a pound yet but I also have not gained.

    If you knew me you would know what a victory that is.

    Hear us Oprah!!


  65. mousearoo says:

    I could have SWORN that O did something on weight-loss blogging in early 2007. I can’t find any reference to it, though…

    Because that’s when my blog started getting crazy media attention.

    The list of fitness & weight loss blogs I subscribe too is far too long to detail here. I wish I had the time to read EVERY SINGLE ONE out there, though.

    I love being inspired.

  66. Marianne says:

    Y’all are checking your pantries for peanut butter, right? Salmonella is a crappy way to lose weight!


  67. Rosie says:

    I forgot to link my blog: http://dietsodadiva.com

  68. MizFit says:

    (Ill approve yer comments when I’m at computer & then they’ll show)

    Mousearoo? Crazy media attention? Damn woman. Go YOU!

    And you are right I think.

    I need to revisit that show as well.

    Wasn’t fitness blogging then…a year next week.

    (*cue confetti made of freebies*)

  69. bobbi says:

    My journey to a healthy mind, body, and soul.

  70. Rachel says:

    Very cool. Thanks Miz Fit. Love blogging because of what I learn from others- such as this blog.

  71. Kel says:

    I did all the healthy things four years ago and lost over 30 pounds, decreases my BP and felt so much better. Since then I’ve gained five of it back. Last year I had hoped to get back into a good rythym of staying active but I had some health issues through the fall. Now I am looking forward to getting more active, and even though I had planned to wait for warmer weather to arrive, I am finding I don’t want to wait.

    Even though I found you last year, MizFIt, I wasn’t ready. Now I find I am read both mentally and physically. So this is where I come for kind and gentle inspiration, a wealth of knowledge, and for this community that you’ve built.

    Since I am not keeping track of pounds in an obsessive way, I am not going to site weight loss. I will instead note an increase: I am getting moving and motivated.

  72. Kel says:

    Yikes, the typos in my comment. Hope you know what I meant.

    And I wanted to clarify that I’ve made a concious decision NOT to focus heavily or obsess on MY weight as a number. I wasn’t trying to imply that simply posting a weight loss would mean being obsessive.

  73. Fitarella says:

    Happy Birthday Oprah!

    The blog community has connected me with so many wonderful people that I probably otherwise would never have known. It is just the coolest thing how we can all connect, share, relate and support one another. Thanks for this Miz!

    Here are only a few:












    and me ;)


  74. FLG says:

    Oh man, where would I be without my fellow bloggers? I think it’s safe to say I wouldn’t have lost 123 lbs. Oh sure, I might’ve done it eventually, but it wouldn’t have been as rewarding an experience without the support of the blogosphere.

    Straight off the bat, Kim Ayres (http://losingcwt.blogspot.com/). Dude was the first blogger I contacted, and he has supported my efforts ever since. Half Man (http://journeyoffitness.blogspot.com/) has been a huge inspiration. Seeing him go from inactive to busting out 5ks, 10ks, and now he’s entering a marathon. Marshy (http://largemarshmallow.blogspot.com/) has been an incredible source of support for me for things even beyond weight loss.

    There’s more, but this comment would continue for far too long :D

  75. Lori says:

    There are so many blogs that have inspired me!

    Pasta Queen
    Lynn’s Weigh
    Prior Fat Girl
    MizFit :)
    Refuse to Regain

    and so many more! My morning ritual is to have coffee and read my inspirational blogs every day.

  76. suzanne says:

    Blogging has definitely helped my journey and reading others blogs is the icing on the cake. I read too many inspirational blogs to be able to list here but if you visit they are all on my sidebar :) Oh and i’ve lost 41 pounds and have 8.4 left to lose!!

  77. Eileen says:

    My friends in blogland have definitely helped me keep on track. I’ve lost 30 pounds and have kept it off for almost a year.
    Blogs that keep me going:
    Jill http://thesassypear.wordpress.com

  78. kikimonster says:

    Miz… I seriously am on the verge of tears after this post. Blogging has been such an important part of my weight loss journey, and I’ve realized in the past few weeks that I haven’t been bloggin that much (and when I was, I wasn’t doing so whole heartedly)… and now, I’ve put my head back in the game, both fitness/nutrition wise and blog wise. THANK YOU for this post.


  79. nolafwug says:

    I lost 100 pounds in 2008. I now regularly read health and fitness blogs because it’s a community of people thinking about the things I’m thinking about - it helps keep me focused on the lifestyle I want to lead and the habits I want to maintain.

    PastaQueen and DietGirl’s blog archives and books really helped me frame my thinking positively when I was getting started. I’m not sure I could have done it without them. At least not as joyfully.

    I’m also a fan of Cranky Fitness, Fitness Fixation, and the Great Fitness Experiment.

  80. Tony says:

    I never thought I would be able to find such a great support community through blogging. Reading about people and their everyday struggles really NORMALIZES the weight loss process, unlike everything and anything you hear in other forms of media. Some of my favorite blogs include:

    Lyn- http://escapefromobesity.blogspot.com
    Stages of Change- http://stagesofchange.blogspot.com
    Losing Waist!- http://losingwaist.blogspot.com/

  81. Crabby McSlacker says:

    What an awesome idea!

    As a Lazy Slacker by nature, I need to get inspiration from somewhere to eat right and exercise enough, and the blogging community has provided so much information, support, and motivation!

    Like mousearoo, my list is too long to post all the links, and I’m sure I’d forget a few and feel bad about the ones I missed.

    But I just have to say that your blog and Charlotte’s at The Great Fitness Experimentdeserve Extra Special Mention.

    Happy Birthday Oprah! I predict it will be a great year for you, and as someone named Crabby McSlacker I am not prone to optimism.

  82. Brandi says:

    Just wanted to make a quick shout out TO YOU mizfit for all your awesome posts and wonderful comments :)

    AND what a great message. I totally agree!

  83. Sagan says:

    Aw look at all the love! This is such a sweet idea.

    I read so many blogs and they all impact me one way or another- a couple of my favorites for inspiration/motivation which I don’t think have been mentioned yet are http://www.backinskinnyjeans.com/ and http://everygymsnightmare.com/

    Blogging is wonderful.

  84. Heather says:

    so many of my faves have already been mentioned.

    I find weightladder really educational and inspiring

    and the antijared like you already mentioned.

    For me it is the fact that I am not alone in all this. Even in the middle of the night when I am tempted to binge there are hundreds of blogs to read as a distraction.


    xo xo,


  85. Sassy says:

    Gosh… I’ve lost between 40-45 pounds so far (depending on the day, ha!), and I think that bloggin and reading other peoples blogs has helped me most by having people encourage, support, and normalize my thinking. Cause, you kow, most people irl think I’m crazy because I work out 5 days a week for an hour plus (even my doc thought it was a lot, umm hello?). But y’all don’t!
    I have another 35-50 pounds I would like to lose. It is getting harder.

  86. Dinah Soar says:

    I love your blog Mizfit…and all the others I read daily… the list is way too long to post here.

    My routine reads include decorating, politics, cooking-especially Indian as in India -and weight loss/diet blogs whose authors inspire me to ‘keep on keeping on’ in the battle of the bulge. I believe we can all learn from each other and, in sharing our experiences, we share ourselves and lend support to each other.

    Though I’ve never met you nor most of my blog buddies, it feels like I know so many of you. There are many wonderful people out there, and though we have to consider personal safety and security issues, staying away from the blog world because of fear is like missing out on ‘free’ knowledge, understanding and wisdom. Life is a journey and it’s lessons are learned along the way, as we go-often stumbling and even falling down; were there no one to pick us up we might just lay and waste.

    Here’s a sampling of my daily reads in random order:


  87. Melissa Henning says:

    Hi, My name is Melissa H. and I love your blog! I learn so much and know that in 6 weeks, 6 months or 360 days, when I am in a slump with my 2009 New Years Resolution-to consciously exercise some way shape or form everyday in 2009 and blog it (to make myself accountable for it)-your blog will help me there. You are a support system for me, and you don’t even know it!


    My resolution is not unheard of all-in fact I’m sure a lot of people have done this, but how many have succeeded? The thing that makes my resolution a little different is that I am telling EVERYONE about my exercise blog/log, that I have to exercise, and don’t punk out! It’s easy to let these resolutions sizzle out and die. I always keep my word so I feel obligated to exercise for my blog, and it’s great! (ya gotta do what you gotta do to get to that place mentally, ya know?).

    I am currently on day 2 / week 5 of exercising every single day in 2009 (today will be 30 days straight)! Not bad for a “rollie pollie,” eh? :)

    In a way I hope to inspire people that think they don’t have time to exercise, and those that have A LOT of weight to lose, like me (80-100 lbs) or anyone that needs the inspiration to do it. We make time for the things we want to make time for, so if exercise is important, we will find a way to do it!

    We can do this! We are stars!

    Have a great workout!

  88. Kevin says:

    Long time reader but it took this post to get me to comment.

    I want to list the guy bloggers who are my motivation and commiseration:




  89. Lyn says:

    I LOVE the blogosphere and I think Oprah should join us. Oprah, if you write a blog, we will support you and treat you like any other person on the journey :)

    My blog:

    Some I love:

  90. Merry says:

    I’ve been busily taking notes here… some great new blogs…
    I think all my favs have been mention except for
    Limes & Lycopene

    which has great nutritional info :)

  91. Lainie (Fitness Fig) says:

    Check out Fitarella’s list ^^^ Apparently we’re reading the same bloggers, so I should probably check out Fitarella herself. And she can read me at http://www.fitnessfig.com or at my little network http://www.befitathome.com Fit at Home is all about community and encouraging others along the fitness journey!

  92. FatFighterTV says:

    Happy Birthday Oprah! There is such an amazing group of bloggers in the diet/fitness world - and together, we are so much stronger. Whether the bloggers are on a weight loss journey or trying to help those who are, there is so much community and information you won’t find anywhere else. Hope to see you soon!


  93. Heather McD (Heather Eats Almond Butter) says:

    Hey Mizfit. I finally decided to start my blog after reading so many encouraging stories out there. People have always told me I need to share my story with others, but I was always a little shy. I discovered that through my blog,I can help people I don’t even know who are struggling with diet/exercise issues. The comments and emails I get from people all over the world amazes me every day. Perhaps, I am making a difference.
    My blog is http://www.heathereatsalmondbutter.com. Oh and I lost a little over 100 pounds through diet and exercise, and I’ve kept it off for 8 years.

    There are so many blogs I truly love - too many to list, but there were three in the beginning that I looked to for daily encouragement and still do:
    and of course, http://www.mizfitonline.com

  94. Angie says:

    Miz: I couldn’t even begin to articulate what blogging has done for my life as a consequence to helping me LOSE THE WEIGHT (I had to cap that because it feels good to hollar it ;-) )

    You have got to be one of the most most “present” bloggers around in the fact that YOU take the time to leave comments on sooo many blogs! It means soo much to receive comments and especially from someone like yourself who has so many readers. Thanks to you for all of your support to all of us! I could of course link the amazing people who I read and who support me, but it would take tooo long and I’d feel bad if I left anyone out! There’s an amazing blogroll of weightloss bloggers on our http://biggestloserblogedition.blogspot.com site which links a good group of them!

    I’ve seen little bitty segments on TV shows where they’ve had some great weightloss success bloggers interviewed, but I don’t think people actually realize what is right there in front of them, accessible and FREE!

    HEY OPRAH! Happy Belated! ;-)

  95. Mary Meps says:

    Great topic, again, MizFit.

    Happy Birthday Oprah! I’ve lost 80-100 pounds [unsure exactly because I don't use a scale] and have been on the losing and keeping it off side for 3 years this February. Yippee!

    I did not find the support of the Blogosphere until last year, but love it. I met Bitchcakes elsewhere & she gave me a boost when my diet needed tweaking. I sent her a thank you via e-mail a few weeks back when I realized how well the weight loss went after that tweak.

    Now I find so many great folks on here that help keep me going and keep me pointed forward. I love cheering them on and feel genuinely happy whenever anyone makes progress.

  96. Tom Rooney says:

    The community of those that blog and the group that read them is like a family including that weird uncle that you forget about, but makes you laugh when you see him around the holidays. There are favorites that you turn to first thing in the morning and then there are those that you look back at over the week. This particular group that focuses on fitness and wellness has helped me live a more healthy lifestyle and kept me grounded on issues that happen in a person’s life. I’m always grateful for seeing someone’s point of view, either agreeing with me, or showing that there is a new way to look at things.

    Happy Belated Birthday Oprah.

  97. tfh says:

    Ooh, yes.

    I don’t think I would have started training for a marathon if it hadn’t been for all the running blogs out there and the fantastic, inspirational people who write them.

    (Yep, Oprah, they inspired me to marathon even more than you did. There must be SOMETHING to this blogging. Now, get miz on your show to talk about it!)

  98. Laurie says:

    How hilarious are you with that magazine??

    Miz you crack me up.

    Which is what I look for in all the bloggers I read (most of them have been mentioned already. I don’t have time to check).

    I get enough negative selftalk about my weight from ME.
    I need people who will support me and laugh with me and cry with me and that’s what the blog world is!

  99. Teresa says:

    Happy Birthday Oprah!

    I’m fairly new to the blogosphere but appreciate so much the support that I have found from others who write about their weight loss and fitness efforts. I’ve lost 65 pounds (well actually I had lost 88 pound, but had a minor set back) and I have about 120 to go.

    My current regular reads are Pasta Queen, Lynn’s Weigh, run4change, the Anti-Jared, and of course, mizfitz.

    There are so many other good suggestions here that I can’t wait to have the chance to review them. Thanks!

  100. MizFit says:

    Love all of your comments. from the SHOUTS of weightloss to SHOUTOUTS to fellow blogger peeps.

    thanks so much for making the time to share…

  101. POD says:

    I am back with more of the same with urls:
    Gina’s weight watchers recipes. (some are to die for)
    Mark at
    Smaller fun pants… what a great name - she doesn’t post that often, I wish she would.
    Rebuilding Amy

    And those I mentioned in my first post.

    I think you need to do a post about FOOD blogs. They can be inspirational. One of my goals for the new year was to make a new recipe each week and I’m doing it by looking at blogs. And I’m not talking fattening either.

  102. POD says:

    Hi Nellie..I had no idea you were lurking. ;-)

  103. Jenn says:

    I still have a lot of weight to lose, but it is coming off ever so slowly. I have a long list of friends in the blogosphere and I don’t know what I would do without their daily inspiration.

    MizFit is on top of the list of course. Some of the others are:

    All of these women have amused, inspired, and encouraged me throughout my Journey. I could not get through my day without them.

  104. Lynn says:

    It is funny. I started out wanting to blog about my 2009 New Year’s Resolutions (I WILL RUN A 5K on December 31, 2009). I had NO idea that there were so many inspiring people out there blogging.

    Since I started blogging in December, I have come across so many people that inspire me day to day.

    I have lost some weight this year. My goal is to lose 25% of my Jan. 1 weight and I am at about 4.5% right now. Not too shabby. I know that my personal blog (http://notallactuariesaregeeks.blogspot.com/) will keep me feeling accountable, whether people are reading it or not.

    All the other blogs…every day I find a new one that is awesome…will keep me motivated!

    To all you bloggers — THANK YOU!

  105. asithi says:

    I started blogging as a way to record the information that I am learning about health and fitness. It is a great outlet for me to communicate my ideas and what I am learning without bombarding my husband and friends with this stuff. I know that not everyone is interested in being healthy (although most people give lip service to it), so blogging is another way for me to start conversations and make some like-minded friends. So far my experience with blogging has been really positive.

    There are many weight-loss blogs that I read that have been very touching to me. And it has inspire me to be more vigilant with my own health and not ignore my body until I NEED to lose weight (of course, most women WANT to lose some weight, I am no exception in the vanity weight loss category).

  106. Marathon Me says:

    I like to read the crazy adventures of Nitmos

    I also like blogging so that personally I have a record of past marathons so I can go back sometime in the future and see what hell I was thinking.

  107. Alison says:

    love this post and Oprah so needs to invite us all on and do a big blog love show!

    I enjoy http://www.Hangrypants.com a great deal.

    I learn a lot of cooking stuff from her and mark which has helped me stay healthy!

  108. Shelley says:

    When I started my weight-loss blog, I had NO IDEA how many other diet and fitness blogs were out there. I was just trying to keep myself motivated by writing every day. But then I started reading other blogs, and found inspiration, laughs and some really great people, and I’ve come to rely on those blogs to help keep me going on my journey.

    P.S. Hi Oprah (or Borpo, as Tina Fey would say).

  109. Shelley says:

    Oh! I forgot to say that I’ve lost 60 pounds so far!

  110. darya says:

    Blogging definitely keeps me on track! I can’t help but be stay slim and trim. Got my body fat tested Tuesday (Fat Tuesday!), blogging all about it :)

  111. Cyndi says:

    I LOVE this….I truly feel that blogging is KEY to my journey and progress so far. I’ve lost 20 pounds in 6 months since I started (again), with about 10 more to go…but over the years I’ve gained and lost the same 30, 40, 50 pounds, so this journey for me is WAY more than ‘I need to drop 30 pounds’. Something about this time feels like it’s going to stick though.

    I think that’s because blogging encompasses all aspects of the weight loss/ fitness journey. The sharing of information, resources, tips & tricks. Visual confirmation - (like….before and after pictures). Open sharing of the emotional side of transformation, self-discovery and self love. (yes, I AM worth it). Sharing in the highs and lows, and having a certain accountability to people who may never have physically hugged us, but have touch us in perhaps even more sustainable ways.

    I have met one of my best friends for life through blogging (www.theconstanttrainer.blogspot.com), and I read blogs from people all around the world. As big as this world is, it’s nice to know we are not alone in this fight!

    Bloggging is like a glorified journal - Oprah has always been a big proponent of journal keeping, gratitude journals etc. Some days I sit down and just spew ‘nonsense’, but by the end of the post, I feel better….or something ‘clicks’ while I’m writing and I’m thinking about the topic a whole other way.

    Just shut me up now before I need a pulpit ha ha…. :-)

    Sorry to be a comment space hogger….

  112. mrs darling says:

    Yep, Ive lost 45 pounds this past year and blogged my way through the entire journey. I still have to lose 50 more and Im going to blog that too.

    One of my biggest supporters is mizfit herself. So since you are all reading her blog right now I dont need to leave the link. But I can tell you this woman sticks by you through thick and thin, literally. :)

    Thanks Mizfit!

  113. Melissa says:

    Blogging has changed my life. It’s been the best motivator and antidepressant.

    I am not in a pretty place right now with my weight program, but I’m gearing up for a big remotivation.

    *shouting out to myself*
    Melissa’s Mindsweeper

    (Hope all this html code works.)

  114. Lance says:

    I’m completely uplifted being here today Miz(You’reRockin’TheWorld)!

    Blogging and the many great blogs out there have really helped to transform me into who I am today. And that’s pretty cool! So, who does that for me?

    For fitness and health:
    You do, Miz!
    Mark Salinas http://blog.marksalinas.com/
    Stacey at Let It Flow http://staceyshipman.com/
    Stephanie at http://backinskinnyjeans.com/

    For general life stuff and fun:
    Jennifer at http://principlesforpeace.com/blog/
    Jannie at http://www.janniefunster.com/

    This is just a sampling. There are so many out there that are great!

    Oh, and a happy belated birthday Oprah!!

    Did I say - it’s great to be here today. My day: started with problems. So, to come here - completely great!! Miz and the whole bumbling band - you ALL rock!!

  115. Leslie says:

    Oprah! Miz! You both have helped me so much.
    I agree with MizFit in her video when she says how much she enjoyed your Live Your Best Life Week.

    I still have the shows taped and rewatch.

    And bloggers? Reading blogs? The friendships I’ve forged with people I may never meet in person?

    Have saved my life.

  116. TB--Milwaukee says:

    Great Post! Seems we’re all intertwined somehow through everyone’s blogs. Do you really think Oprah will be browsing through here?

    Somehow, I don’t see Mizfit stumbling much along the way. Loved the Harmony rather than Balance. No balance here either.

  117. Dawn says:

    Love your blog Mizfit and your kindness to all your fellow bloggers. You really put in a huge effort for each and every one of us to pat us on the back and boost us up when we’re down. I feel blessed to be a part of your community. *hugs*

  118. BEE says:

    Great post- I hope hope hope Oprah sees the power she has to influence others.

    And speaking of balance TB-Milwaukee… my blog is all about finding it! :)


  119. Angie (Losing It and Loving It) says:

    Great post! I agree that blogging has really helped me in my weight loss/fitness journey. Since starting my new lifestyle in 2005, I have had ups and downs. I have lost a lot of weight 80+ pounds, gained some back and I’m still on the journey. It’s a challenge but it’s worth it.

    My blog is linked to my name and there are so many blogs that have inspired me but I’ll list two and although these are not weight loss/fitness blogs, they are food blogs that have really shown me that eating healthy can be fun and quite the adventure (I have tried things I never thought I would LOL).

    My two favorite blogs are:

    Jenna http://www.eatliverun.com


    Kath http://www.katheats.com

    Oh and Oprah, if you read this I would love to hop on the train sometime and meet you for lunch and a nice walk in the city. *wink*

  120. Kelly Olexa says:

    GREAT vlog and post girl. And you are so right. After starting my blog a little over a year ago, my life has been blessed by amazing people and new friendships, great knowledge and advice learned from others, and that accountability and support factor that really REALLY helps with fitness goals long term.

    Can’t imagine proceeding without it!!

  121. SeaBreeze says:

    I love comment 69 because I didn’t have very many feeds that were written by guys. Thanks!

  122. Jill says:

    I’ve lost 30-ish pounds and I promise you that I could not have done it without my bloggy friends!!

    These ladies rock:
    Life of L
    Debby Weighs In
    Recalled to Life
    The Running Knitter
    Pasta Queen
    Cranky Fitness
    The Great Fitness Experiment
    Diet Girl
    Diet Coke and Zingers
    Positively Losing

    and because MizFit said to shout ourselves out, me:
    The Sassy Pear

    So many times I wanted to give up but these bloggers kept me going and showed me I wasn’t alone. I have not found such support IRL, and would be terribly overweight and unhappy without them.

    I love me some bloggers!!

  123. Teresa says:

    I just watched your clip again and just have to say that someday, I want to have arms like MizFitz!

  124. Teresa says:

    Sorry MizFit — I have a heavy pinky today apparently and keep sticking a z at the end of your name. UGH. Sorry!

  125. Ed says:

    We need more guys here. I know we are reading but I think we just dont comment as often?
    I wonder if that is true across the board.

    See, Oprah? You could explore all that.

    I will come on as a blog reading expert.

    My wife would lose her mind.

  126. Natalia Burleson says:

    Hmm I don’t think I saw my comment in there…I know you have to approve them because of the link.

    Two of fav, fav’s are Mizfit and Lance over at the jungle!

    They always offer inspiration and support. I love their view.

    Overall blogging for me is a safe place to be honest and to receive unconditional support. It’s the only place that I truly do not feel judged. Emphasis on feel, as I’m probably not being judged in the “real” world, but….

    Everyone on my blogroll deserves a mention, they all offer insight, humor and lots of LOVE!!! :)

  127. Normal to Natalie says:

    thanks for your awesome blog!!! i have been blogstalking for a while now…so it is time i start commenting…

    I have lost 72 so far and started a new mission today to lose 20 more in the next 20 weeks! blogging IS THE main reason that I have been successful. I love the support!

  128. Tony/Zeusmeatball says:

    Miz first, I love your videos! 2nd, thank you for the comments that you leave on my blog :) third as far as announcing my weight loss? 180 gone! yep 20 more and I have lost a double century ;)

    zeusmeatball.blogspot.com/ is where I write :)

    Thank you for all of the info that you put out there!

    As Ever

  129. Fast Food Detox says:

    I’ve been blogging for 60 days now and lost 15 pounds! I attribute the weight loss mainly to the blog.

  130. charlotte says:

    You really ought to send Oprah a letter. You’d think that she’d be all over this kind of grassroots thing but maybe she’s too busy? A luddite? Anyhow, there are SO many blogs that I love and that have played a huge part in helping me maintain both my physical and mental health! You, of course, are a major one:)

  131. Sheila | Live Well 360° says:

    WOW. Such inspiration. I love reading through everyone’s stories. We really do not give ourselves the credit we deserve sometimes, eh? It’s important to take time to celebrate these accomplishments and triumphs. YAY, what a great post idea, Carla!

    You can find my weight loss story here: http://livewell360.com/2008/08/my-story-part-1/

    And my husband’s story, which is waaaay more impressive than mine, is here: http://livewell360.com/2009/01/my-story-fatboy-slim-part-1/

    Many of the women who I was thinking to include have already been mentioned so I will just say this instead, in celebration to all of our stories.

    “You can learn new things at any time in your life if you’re willing to be a beginner. If you actually learn to like being a beginner, the whole world opens up to you.” - Barbara Sher

    It’s never too late to begin again, just like each of us had at the start of our own journey. I think that the world of blogging has opened up a whole new area, where people can come to learn, discuss, and teach eachother things at such a personal level. I am sure that Oprah has her own network, but even still, nothing beats connecting through blogs. :-)


  132. Pubsgal says:

    First of all: Wow! Oprah would need to get a humongo couch for all the Bumbling Band….

    Second, sorry, but my enthusiasm for the fitness/weight loss blogospher has made a comment-hog of me! Through it, I’ve found inspiration and mentorship, support and accountability. There’s a culture of respect and generosity in this little corner of the internet like few others I’ve encountered, either online or offline.

    I started reading blogs for the inspiration. But I didn’t start writing myself until I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Pretty much “what everyone else said” regarding what my blog does for me. But why a public blog? It’s like what Dr. J said (#45) about the starfish (loved that analogy!). I gain so much from following others’ blogs, and I hope that putting my story out there might be helpful to others in my shoes. (And yes, I love getting support and encouragement via comments!) Like weight loss/getting healthy, diabetes can be a very scary, very lonely thing to deal with at times (especially when newly diagnosed), and it helps to know one isn’t “alone in being alone.”

    The blog world has helped me change what’s “normal” for me, with regard to health, to nearly the polar opposite of what it was before. Result for the past 7 months? Healthier weight (-75 pounds, with 47 to go to be in the middle of the healthy range for my height), effective diabetes management (according to latest doctor’s test results, 5.7% a1c, for those who know what that means, and a good cholesterol panel, too), and better fitness (went from hate/avoid/couch potato->like/habit/runner of 5Ks!).

    Let’s see…here’s my blog roll/gratitude list of those who help me along the way, every day:

    MizFit, one of the hardest-working bloggers/mentors out there. I have no idea how she keeps up with us all in the Bumbling Band, but she does!

    Lynn Haraldson-Bering, another blogger/mentor to many, whose story on cnn.com and blog “Lynn’s Weigh” introduced me to this amazing world of fitness/weight loss blogging.
    She co-hosts an excellent site/blog with Dr. Barbara Berkeley, M.D. (obesity specialist), “Refuse to Regain”:

    Roni of Roni’s Weigh (health/weight loss) and Green Lite Bites (healthy eating). She’s sweet, real, wise, and full of great ideas and recipes!

    Blogger and book author Charlie Hills’ “Back to the Fridge”, because he makes me laugh…one of these days, he’s going to owe me a new monitor, I just know it:

    SeaBreeze, my MizFit motivational buddy. I’ve dubbed her my “Personal Jillian” because she generously shares her fitness knowledge with me and has inspired (through example and gentle noodging) this former gym-a-phobe to give it a go!

    Charlie’s sister Biz’s blog, “Biggest Diabetic Loser.” Warning: Do not read her blog on an empty stomach! She’s got it goin’ on in that kitchen of hers, and she’s a great blog buddy, too.

    Juice’s “Positively Losing”; her blog and her comments to others’ blogs definitely live up to the name! Her encouragement has brightened my day many times.

    Debby’s “Debby Weighs In.” She’s got a lot of great tips, recipes, as well as much link love…and gorgeous quilts! Another day-brightening blog buddy.

    Joy of “Joy’s Journey in Weightloss,” one of the first people to regularly cheer me on…

    Fitness Surfer, who’s going to be shootin’ the tube in grand style in a few months and who offers support and great info on her blog:

    Jason of “My Angle,” whom I recently found. He’s an inspiring (for both fitness and weight loss) and highly responsive & supportive blogger:

    Christie O’s “Baby Tea Leaves” - Inspiring gal who sponsors “reader challenges.” I love how her most recent focuses on fitness:

    Lori’s “Finding Radiance.” Another blogger with a great story, whose focus started in weight loss and blossomed into physical fitness:

    For general inspiration, I enjoy Leo Babauta and his Zen Habits blog. He inspired me to get out and run, and described an effective methodology for work up to it in a gradual manner. This helped, because I tend to think in an all-or-nothing way. (His article was similar to the Couch to 5K program, which I found later.)

    Amy Tenderich’s “Diabetes Mine,” and her tagline is *so* true!

    Alan’s “Type 2 Diabetes - A Personal Journey” - another excellent read for the newly diagnosed

    Not a blog, but the site that has helped *tremendously* in my diabetes experience: Jenny Ruhl’s Blood Sugar 101 site
    Another is the “Newly Diagnosed” page of Diabetic Talk.org:
    I’ve also found much support via the online community Tu Diabetes (tudiabetes.com), although I’d probably find more if I showed up there more often. For some reason, I have a harder time following social networks/forums.

    Others have linked Cranky Fitness, The Great Fitness Experiment, Escape from Obesity, Pasta Queen, and The Amazing Adventures of Dietgirl so I’ll just add to the great love and gratitude without linking.

  133. Pamela says:

    Miz, you’re the best! I don’t know where you find the time to do all that you do!

    I completely agree with what everyone has said about blogging. I absolutely believe that it would be much harder to keep the weight I’ve lost (158 pounds) off without my new friends.

    I blog at http://www.uncoveringpamela.com/blog. There are so many people I’d like to link to, so their links can be found on my blogroll!

  134. Savannah says:

    What a fun mental picture it is of Oprah reading our blogs and growing inspired.

    All of my fave reads have been mentioned so I will spare you the links and approving my comment. LOL

  135. Fab Kate says:

    LOL well, Miz, you know where I blog… so I don’t need to add it here. BUT, there are some 139 fabulous blogs I read daily on my blogroll, which now has a page of it’s own over at my site.

    Glancing through 109 comments, I realize I’ll probably be adding a few more to that number!

  136. Tena says:

    Happy Belated, Oprah! You will not be sorry when you start visiting some of the great blogs listed here!

    I began reading a few blogs last year about weightloss and realized this was just what I needed. The support and tips that I glean daily are priceless! Since I got serious about blogging I’ve lost 15 lbs and am going to keep working at it till I’ve lost 85 more.

    When I feel like I’m the only person trying to lose weight, I get online, click away and feel motivated!

    My blog, Shrink to Fit is at http://www.methinner.blogspot.com/

    Thanks, Carla, for all you do! You are a very special gem!

  137. Stuperb says:

    What a great post! I think the blogosphere’s importance is definitely under recognized in general - and MizFit, your suggestion definitely completes Oprah’s effort. Wonderful idea!

    I love Nitmos’ blog, too - feetmeetstreet. and crankyfitness. And honestly, most of all I love to come here.

    Keep up the great work!

  138. Lainie (Fitness Fig) says:

    Hmm, I commented earlier but it never showed up-maybe I was disapproved? :O

    I think I just said that I seem to follow a lot of the same blogs as Fitarella, so that prompted me to go follow her blog as well. And maybe she’d like to check out mine at http://www.fitnessfig.com

    I also have a network for people who like to get fit at home at http://www.befitathome.com

  139. Robyn says:

    I have found SO MUCH inspiration through blogging…reading AND writing. When I put something (a goal, a habit, whatever) out there for the world to read, it holds me accountable! And I get so many ideas from other blogs (like YOURS!) as well.

    FitMePink.blogspot.com is my fitness blog for women, and especially mommies!

  140. Token Fat Girl says:

    Go to blogher! yes yes yes!! go go go!

  141. Marisa (trim the fat) says:

    Happy B-day, Oprah!!!

    Miz, you are terrific and always wow me with your cool posts and videos! Would Love to see ya on Oprah!

    I have lost close to 70 lbs. My weight loss program of choice is Weight Watchers coupled with a new found love of exercise. I am fairly new to blogging (started in Nov), but am loving every minute of it. It keeps me accountable and motivated. Plus, I spend so much time on the computer that I don’t have time to eat! LOL - if only that were true! Seriously though, reading all the wonderful healthy eating and weight loss blogs out there help me stay on course, provide loads of encouragement and gives me a sense that I am not alone in my struggles. It has been a beneficial tool for me in this last phase of my weight loss journey. Many of my favorites have already been called out, so I won’t repeat and I also have a list of my faves on my blog. I will say that KathEats. com was one of the first blogs that I came across before I ever really knew what a blog was and I fell in love with it! Thanks so much to all the bloggers who take the time to share their good days and bad days; You are an inspiration!

    I blog at http://trimthefat-marisa.blogspot.com.

  142. Marste says:

    You know, there are a million places I read sporadically, but 3 I read EVERY FREAKIN’ DAY:

    (The first two are always inspiring; the last one is ESPECIALLY inspiring when my inner brat doesn’t waaaaaaannnnnnnnnaaaaa workout today. ;D)

  143. Pubsgal says:

    Apologies if the really long comment I tried to post earlier today comes through and repeats-and then some-what I write here. I’ll try to keep this short in case it does.

    I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in June 2008. I consider the health/fitness/weight loss blog world as integral to my treatment. It has helped me to find and develop better habits to help manage my type 2 diabetes (and to get healthy in general), as well as provide support and inspiration.

    Results are good so far:
    - 5.7% a1c (a1c is the primary measurement for folks with diabetes; mine is now in the non-diabetic range, and hopefully will stay that way through careful maintenance.)
    - Changed from couch-potato-and-exercise-hater to athlete-in-training-for-5K-races! Ran one in October and have registered for 2 so far in 2009.
    - Lost 75 pounds.

    I’m going to wait and see whether my link-love-fest comes through, but have to give special mention to MizFit, one of the hardest working blogger/mentors I know. I also must mention mentor/blogger Lynn of “Lynn’s Weigh” and “Refuse to Regain”; I found this world through her story on cnn.com.

  144. Manner Ladies says:

    Dear Miz Fit,
    Thank you for the shout out to Muscle Manners! We hope you and your readers enjoy it!

    Stay fit and fab,
    Manner Ladies

  145. Andrew(AJH) says:

    Oh, it is so true. My blog has been so helpful to me in keeping me honest,and keeping me in contact with so many other inspirational people.

    My weight loss was just under 40kg, which has been maintained now for about 3.5 years.

    My blog is at http://ajhblog.wordpress.com and a huge list of other inspirational people can be found in the blogroll.

    Thanks Miz

  146. IzzyBeth says:

    MizFit is an inspiration to us all.

    I’m back to blogging and losing:


    And another one of my favorites:


  147. mm says:

    Blogging is really the only reason I am maintaining a loss from 320 to 150 lbs. Well, it’s a really BIG part of it.


  148. Laura says:

    Great idea! :)

    I love all of the new food and fitness finds I’ve discovered through reading blogs. It also helps to see that everyone struggles along the way.

    I have links to many of the blogs I find inspirational on my blog http://thresholdofgreatness.blogspot.com I’ve lost 70 pounds so far and would like to lose another 30. I love the support blogging provides while I try to reach my goals.

    Happy belated birthday to Oprah! I adore her. Oprah & Friends radio has saved my evening commute.

  149. Anonymous says:

    Hi Miz,

    I work in television (not with Oprah. Dont get too excited) and wanted to say I always start my day here because of how in harmony you are (I REALLY REALLY liked your point with that in the video. Tremendously).

    It helps me to stay not obsessive.

    Good luck in all you do.

  150. Lance says:

    Hmmm…looks like my other comment didn’t post…

    This is completely awesome Miz!

    It’s great to be here, and I have so many great sites I love (I’ll try again…):
    Stacey at Let It Flow
    Jennifer at Principles for Peace
    Natalia at Embracing the Journey
    Barbara at Blogging Without a Blog
    Mark at Mark Salinas

    And this is only a couple of the very many I love!

    And it’s always great to come here (you’re top of the list Miz!) and experience all sorts of wonderful (like today!!)

  151. Kara from MamaSweat says:

    Hello Oprah via MizFit! I don’t blog about weight loss (my mission statement even says so) but I DO blog about something Miz mentioned-that part about trying to find time to exercise when you have children-”Finding Fitness in the Chaos of Motherhood.” And Oprah, you may not be a biological mom, but you have many, many, many children. And when I watched your show about obese teenagers I thought, as parents, it’s unexcusable for us to let that happen. First step: be role models for our children. Come check out http://www.mamasweat.blogspot.com.

  152. Elina says:

    Cute video! Go bloggers!! :D
    I’m still trying to lose weight so every single blog keeps me motivated and gives me food + fitness ideas. You’re on the list ;)

  153. Sally says:

    The blog world IS a force to be reckoned with, Oprah!

    Love the video and your idea of harmony, Miz.

  154. Kelly says:

    First of all Happy Belated Birthday Oprah!!!

    Oprah has inspired millions of us, so it is only fair that maybe we help inspire her!

    I think that all of the blogs that I read have been listed, but I thought that I would put them here for you to see..

    I have become a junkie, and reading others peoples successes and frustrations are my drug. I like to feel as if I am not alone, and there are soooo many blogs out there where men and women are trying to lose weight, they love to run, and just want to be healthier. I never feel alone!

    Here ya go!

    and of course you mizfit…

    and me, http://changeinstride.blogspot.com/

    I don’t think that I could get through the day without my daily dose of inspiration!


  155. Gemfit says:

    Well, I LOVE LOVE your site (goes without saying)

    I also love Charlotte at the great fitness experiment

    And who can forget Cranky and Merry at Cranky fitness

    And Pasta Queen an Diet Girl

    And all the others that I surf to on the daily basis without realising but who I support and who support me.

    This community does rock and I know I couldn’t have done what I’ve done without it. None of my friends know about my blog because it’s my space where I don’t have to censor myself or think too much. I can just be and get the support I need, regardless of what I’m going through. And then I read everyone else’s blogs and realise that we’re all going through the same stuff and we’re all supporting each other. Powerful stuff.

  156. RegularCinderella says:

    I have been blogging on and off about my weight loss for years. (I’m currently holding at 15 pounds lost since November!)

    I love to read blogs…and find new blogs by clicking through links on other blogs…and then clicking on links in THOSE blogs. I often come across a blog I really like, forget to save it and can never find it again.

    Blogs I’m reading (and loving) right now!
    http://www.mizfitonline.com (No way, right?)





    And few others that I don’t have saved on my laptop.

    Happy (belated) birthday Oprah!

  157. JanetM97 says:

    I really shouldn’t have read this post with MORE great blogs to check out! lol. I have so many that I’m already addicted to. I need a longer day, I tell ya!

    Blogging has definitely gotten me to stay on track much better and enjoy life while losing weight- trying out new recipes, workouts, feeling “the love” from other members of HYC (Healthy You Challenge) Thanks for your inspiring blog, too, MizFit! I love your little videos. :)

  158. Erin says:

    HI OPRAH! Happy birthday!
    I’ve gained 45 pounds and that’s a good thing!

  159. Elizabeth (thelongweigh) says:

    I am fairly new to the blogging community but it has been such an extraordinary help to me. I have lost about 25 pounds and am now blogging my way through the next 50 more. All the bloggers out there are so inspirational and teach me new things everyday that make my journey easier and help me put everything into perspective. I love the bloggging world!

  160. Alice says:

    All my fave blogs have been listed already but I wanted to say that, for me, your post title says it all.

    I don’t know what I would do without my blogger friends.

  161. Sherre says:

    Happy 55th Oprah! MizFit is 100% right. Blogging has been absolutely key to my 50 pound weight loss (with about 45 to go). It’s at least as important (if not more so) as my Weight Watcher meetings. The person who inspired me to start blogging was Roni (http://ronisweigh.com) and the one who inspired me to “come out of the blogging closet” - and I’m SO glad I did was DC (http://dcwatts.blogspot.com). In addition to those two, I can’t go a day without learning from: MizFit (of course); Mark Salinas (http://blog.marksalinas.com); Tisha (http://tallensweightloss.blogspot.com); Dawn (http://bbubblyb.blogspot.com); Pamela (http://uncoveringpamela.com); Skye (http://skye-lynn.blogspot.com) and MANY MANY more.

    Truly — my blog and my blogging friends keep me accountable and help me figure out the “stuff” that I’ve been stuffing down with food for YEARS!

  162. Andrew Rubalcava - Go Healthy Go Fit says:

    To: Oprah
    From: Health & Fitness Blogosphere

    Happy birthday! My name is Andrew Rubalcava of http://gohealthygofit.com and I would like to welcome you to the wonderful world of health and fitness blogs!

    MizFit is right on point, the blog world can provide a fantastic source of support, encouragement as well as a different way of looking at weight loss.

    Throughout your career, you have inspired millions of people in all areas of life. Your viewers have put their faith in you and I think that it would be a remarkable thing for you to put your faith back into your viewers.

    Speaking for all of my friends who blog about health and fitness, we would love to offer our help, even if it’s just to listen. While some of us are accredited in our respected fields and others are not, we all share the same thing: we have a powerful bond and our numbers keep growing because we are all part of the same club.

    You have our love and support!

    All the Best,

    Andrew Rubalcava
    Go Healthy Go Fit

  163. Katy says:

    My blog has helped me stay on track … and I actually find it more valuable on the tough days! I know that the Inter-world is keeping me accountable, and that stops me from letting one bad day turn into a week of madness. And it is also a great resource! I can look back at previous entries and remember advice that I’ve given to others, and take myself. :)

  164. Michelle says:

    Hello! This whole weight loss blog age is SUCH an inspiration to me. I wonder if I would have spent my twenties yo-yoing if weight loss blogging was so prolific back then? It’s just so wonderful, isn’t it?

    I love reading weight loss/foodie blogs. So inspiring.

    I blog about my weight loss to keep motivated and show that you *can* get fit with young children/babies underfoot :-)
    No Time to Weight: http://notimetoweight.wordpress.com

  165. Greg says:

    Wow! Oprah is 55. Amazing how time flies.

    You’re right. Blogging should get more recognition as the support mechanism that it is.

  166. Theantijared says:

    I would like to put my blog on he…..oh, the most awesome blogger already beat me to it!!!!

    Thank you very much!!!!!

  167. Allie says:

    What’s the plan Miz?
    How can we bring this to Oprah’s attention?
    Shall we send it to her as a show suggestion?

  168. caitlin says:

    i’ve lost 10 lbs, but the bigger part of maintenance is that i stuck with a healthy exercise program!

    i love love love:



  169. caitlin says:

    i’ve lost 10 lbs, but the bigger part of maintenance is that i stuck with a healthy exercise program!

    i love love love:



  170. Cal says:

    First time commenter.
    Long time reader.

    Need to mention my boys:

    TB’s Journey
    Another Guy at WW

  171. Merry Mary :) says:

    Well, lately my weight loss blog hasn’t been very weight lossy, if you know what I mean. And the awesome thing is even in a period of gaining weight and figuring messy stuff out I still find my readers/visitors super supportive. Thats why I love blogging.


  172. Melissa McCreery, PhD says:

    The power of connecting via blogs and social networking is something that seems to be pretty impossible to grasp until you actually experience it. Powerful it is though!

    Oprah, my heart goes out to you in your struggle-and in the public-ness of your struggle. I wrote my thoughts about you here: http://peacewithcake.com/?p=174 on my blog, http://www.PeaceWithCake.com.

    Take good care-and MizFit, good on you for speaking up!

  173. ttfn300 says:

    oh miz how i missed you! i was only gone two days and already going through withdrawl… too many posts to catch up on though! you’re right on about the supportive community out there!

  174. Mhairi says:

    Happy Belated Oprah.

    I have lost 18lbs so far, definately wouldn’t have been able to maintain it without the blog.
    I am really new to blogging - only got into it in December 2008 so very few posts.
    My blog is about me, trying to lose weight and plan a wedding without dress shopping as still to big for that.


  175. Meg says:

    Heh ^_^ I’m happy I just found a gazillion new blogs to read!

    I have lost 25 lbs so far, about half of my goal. My blog is over at http://morfit.blogspot.com/

    I really wouldn’t have been able to keep it up without the blogging. It keeps me focused on my goals and the support from fellow bloggers keeps me from giving up when it gets tough.


  176. kiera says:

    awesome video Miz.

    Especially the piece about harmony and not necessarily balance.

    I find balance a tough one to EVER achieve.


  177. Jenn (Ex Hot Girl) says:

    I couldn’t possibly link everyone here. Just look at my blog roll - there are so many fabulous weight/life/body bloggers out there. You guys rule.

    ~Jenn (Ex Hot Girl)

  178. Wakati says:

    Just got started. I started the blog before the diet because I knew I would find support in the wonderful blogosphere.

    Here, here, MizFit

  179. Metroknow says:

    All I can say Miz is WOW. Look at this pile of 177 comments, and counting - what a great crowd of motivated, supportive individuals. It is amazing to me how many folks here, and links here, I have not ever come across. That, as my waistline, will change.

    Thank you Thank you for such a great resource, connecting passionate health pursuers!

  180. Sara says:

    Wow Miz.
    I guess there are a lot of people who agree with you.

    WITH US.

    Come on Oprah. Join our ranks!

    xo xo,


  181. Natalie C says:

    I distinctly remember my excitement a few years ago when I found out that there was a whole entire underworld of people with my same struggle to lose weight and who would actually cheer me on in the online venues. Great point to bring the bloggers to light! :)

    I’ve lost 15 pounds, need to lose a lot more, but also the best thing about blogging, to me is venting the psychological issues- the “3rd” side of the coin (not just nutrition & exercise!) Call it self love, call it balance, harmony- I think it’s definitely all of those = holistic wellness!! My (few) blog readers never knew they were my ad hoc psychologists! :)

  182. Sarah says:

    What a great post Miz! Happy Birthday Oprah :)

    I love reading other people’s blogs, there are so many out there that really it is a full time job to read them all. I have lots of favourites and lots of inspiring ones. All have helped me on my weightloss journey, I’m halfway there with losing just over 40lbs. Its such a long, hard journey and I find that the blogworld makes me feel more accountable. I think the thing that helps most is reading that other people struggle just like I do, every single day. I feel normal. And encouragement from Mizfit is like getting a present because I think, really how did you find me?

    Here is my blog :

  183. Kim says:

    I so agree with all this Miz.

    All my faves have been mentioned and I have a list more Ill spare ya.

    Here’s hoping Miz Winfrey hears us!


  184. JM says:

    Woohoo! Amen to acheiving harmony and acknowledging the power and support from fellow fitness bloggers!

  185. josha says:

    oh! I missed a great day of commenting!
    I tried and failed to lose the weight I’d gained following my son’s autism diagnosis as I poured myself into working with him, cooking special food for him, researching…etc. Eventually, I found “harmony” in the son-rise program (incredible story opportunities there…www.son-rise.org) and began to find myself again as I continued to love and help my son who is doing phenom! It was my pal at http://www.mybodmod.blogspot.com who got me started blogging and keeps me accountable. I started my own blog http://www.mymodbod.blogspot.com. Today’s post is literally “cool.”
    I’ve lost around 60 pounds and went from size 14 to 4 because my bloggy buddy is looking to me for inspiration just as I am looking to her. I ran a half-marathon and a few 10K’s and still train and plan for more races.
    Happy Birthday to you, Oprah! You’re gorgeous and courageous!

  186. Keri says:

    Miz, as you can tell, you have struck a bog chord in the blogworld.

    I have thought this same thing many times when my blogger friends have lifted me up on days Im not certain I can make it.

    Here’s to HARMONY in 2009!!

  187. Marla says:

    Besides my own humble blog ;-) I have to rate Dietgirl as the greatest inspiration for me. We’ve both been around a long time, and unlike me she’s unfailingly kind, funny, and warm-hearted. I’ve read every one of her posts at least twice.

    There are so many good blogs it’s hard to narrow it down to just a few in a comment. But I would give props to:
    Erin at http://zeneriffic.blogspot.com/
    Mich at http://maspikteruzim.wordpress.com/

  188. christieo says:

    How fitting! I just went through and read my “rock bottom” post last night, the post where I had reached a place where I thought I was stuck for life in a size huge. It was awful. It sounds so helpless! And to think, it was less than a year ago, in April. Had it not been for blogging and blog weight loss contests I’ve held on my blog after hitting rock bottom and saying “that’s it!” and had it not been for the blogging buddies I’ve made since then, like you, I’d still be in that place right.now. *shudder*

    Like others before me have said, blogging has, too, changed my life. It’s changed me. It’s transformed me. And I’ll be forever thankful to every blogger who has been through it with me and (of course) the power of the internet connection.

    My blog? http://www.babytealeaves.blogspot.com

    Thanks Miz for doing what you’re doing and what you’ve been doing all year — motivating, inspiring, and high-fiving. Love it, dear!

  189. Felice says:

    Yay for blog power! I get so many good fitness and nutrition ideas from the blogs I read, and so much support from the people who visit my site. It’s great. MizFIt, your site is definitely one of my favorites. I’m also fond of the Runners Lounge site because it is such a good resource for runners (obviously!.

    My blog is http://thehappyrunner.blogspot.com.

  190. Hanlie says:

    I would never have come as far as I have without blogging! I’ve learned so much, got to know so many wonderful people and been given so much support and encouragement.

    I blog at http://www.fertilehealthy.com/blog.

  191. giz says:

    The blogs I would have mentioned have already been posted! As a brand new personal trainer, I love reading fitness & heath blogs… I feel like they can really help me understand others’ points of view when training, as well as keeping me on my own game. My blog is linked through my name.

  192. Sarah says:

    I find a new blog that inspires me just about every day, even though I’ve only been blogging since October.

    My weight loss journey started 12 months and 3 weeks ago… I’m down 108 pounds so far, 22 pounds until I’m in my “healthy” range!

  193. Ryan Mayberry says:

    I wonder why Oprah hasn’t jumped on the new health blog fad yet.. Probably because no one’s thrown her money to do it. She could definitely cash in on advertising though.

  194. Lisa says:

    So my site is http://lesslisa.com
    I have been trying to lose weight for about 10 years, and I really think this is my time. I have lost a total of about 30 lbs. and need to lose a ton more. Ok, maybe a 1/2 ton.

  195. ered says:

    I eat blogs instead of cookies!
    For great motivation and encouragement, I turn to the best source I know: I nice, tasty blog.

    Here’s a link to mine, if it’s not too late :)
    I’m new, but I’m feisty!


  196. Kalexias says:

    I am very new to blogging and have already found some good blogs for inspiration including yours! Thanks!

  197. Kalexias says:


    forgot my link!

  198. Kalexias says:


  199. The Crazy Woman Inside Me says:

    Loved this post and video, Carla. I still say that you’d make one hell of a personal trainer for Oprah! :-D


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    [...] Im a firm believer in blogging as a pivotal tool for healing & healthy living. [...]

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    [...] Im a firm believer in blogging as a pivotal tool for healing & healthy living. [...]

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    [...] Im a firm believer in blogging as a pivotal tool for healing & healthy living. [...]

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    [...] Im a firm believer in blogging as a pivotal tool for healing & healthy living. [...]


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