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Ch-Ch-Ch-CHIA. (Some fr-fr-fr-free(ah).)

Fri, Feb 20, 2009


subtitle: It’s flashback Friday up in herre.

First, if you’re not familiar with CHIA, click on over to Cranky Fitness & peruse a guest post I did on that topic a little while ago.

Take your time. Read slowly. We’ll wait.

OK. Done?  (EDITED TO SAY: here is the video if it the above post link isnt working)

Now, repeat after me: Im icked out by the very *idea* of the gel which chia becomes after hanging out in water for a bit.

Next? Embrace the ick & let’s attempt to move beyond.

Let’s work to see past the goo and try to find a goolution, if you will, to our feelings of “I know I *should*” and “Good G-d I simply can NOT.”

By way of example I wanted to share with you one of my favorite chia emails.

This creative emailer offered up her chia experiments and, in response, I wanted to proffer some suggestions for making the seeds more palatable.

Chia Experiment #1: Eating them straight as you suggested. Seemed like it should be easy enough, because they look a lot like poppy seeds. And then they turned to goo. And stuck to my teeth.

As my husband would be the first to eagerly point out: Im a food oddity. This is, indeed, what happens when they’re eaten out of the bag (and why my morning routine includes lots of flossing time).  This isnt the way to go for most people as, besides the prohibitive cost of good dental floss, the goo-turnage can be quite unpleasant.

I’d definitely not recommend switching from this to DRINKING the chia in water as, in my opinion, it’s like chugging goo (anything referred to in the literature as thick mucilage MizFit is NOT drinking no matter how faTIZtastic it may be for her.)

Chia Experiment #2: Sprinkling them on husband’s bagel. His comment was that it was fortunate that he had nowhere to be and easy access to the restroom.

Ok. Let’s get a giggle in here & move on to MY question: This never happened to me. Anyone else?  Perhaps it was a shock to his system, but chia is supposed to only contain 9 grams of fiber in *four* teaspoons so it shouldnt have that type of an impact (do not be shy. comment under a pseudonym if need be but please to share yer experiences)!

Chia Experiment #3: Dissolving them in water. They have swollen and turned fuzzy. It looks like the reject vat at a fertility clinic. I don’t think I can drink this.

Please to see the above—MizFit is RIGHT WITH YOU.

Now I have for you a little bit of information (drumroll please).

A tip which has made my chiaperience far more pleasant.  (increase sound of drums rolling).

Something which, according to my research, should not impact the integrity of the chia–but since Im a MizFit & not a scientist I can not wholly verify (sound of drums ceasing to roll & then figuring what the heck and commencing once again):


Heat a small pan, use low heat, and lightly toast the chia seeds. The result? seeds which wont gel yet still have all the fiber and other benefits.

Chia Experiment #4: Possibly a very expensive Chia Pet????

Oh emailer–I promise you we can do better than that.

Perhaps the below mightcould be experiment #4:

Make berry chia jelly. Make some chia gel & mix it into your favorite jelly using a 50/50 mixture.

For example: 1/4 cup of chia gel to 1/4 cup of strawberry jelly.  The result contains fewer calories and more fiber/ omega 3’s than are normally found in your toasttoppingtreat. (what’s not to love?)

Or, perhaps, try this *treat* adjustment/addition (please to serve this to company & report back):

Add 2 Tablespoons of chia seed to the liquid in cake mixes, brownie mixes (I know. Box mixes are the devil. Yell at me in the comments), or other homemade batters of your choosing .

Bake and eat yer chia. (again, all the research Ive found indicates it’s OK to heat chia and that you wont destroy its properties.)

That’s what Ive got, People.

Have you tried the chia? Wanna share your experiences?

**crickets chirping**

What’s that you say? You’ve never tried the stuff?

Hidalgo Foods, a company which sells chia & myriad other funcational food ingredients, has heard your cry & donated four pounds of white chia for your sampling pleasure.

(I love their site. They sell everything from chia to organic yogurt covered goji berries.)

Initial thoughts on the chia?

Musings to share already (Marianne?)? Please to hit us all up in the comments.

Four USA winners will receive one pound of chia each & 10% off another purchase at Hidalgo Foods.

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98 Responses to “Ch-Ch-Ch-CHIA. (Some fr-fr-fr-free(ah).)”

  1. moonduster (Becky) says:

    The only time I’ve ever heard the word chia before was in reference to chia pets.

  2. Bea says:

    I hadn’t head of chia either and I would like to try it. Although it does sound as if it has the potential to be icky (gel?) I guess if it’s good for me Ill give it a shot.

  3. Natalia Burleson says:

    Hmmm I may have been scared off by the goo element. But then you mentioned toasting them…hmm again. I’m quite disappointed as I just found the flax and LOVE it on everything!

  4. Valerie says:

    I’m always late. Except when I’m early. :-)

    Still haven’t tried the chia, out of fear that I’ll react to it as I do to flax seed. But this is the year of changing EVERYTHING in the search for health…so maybe it’s time. I’m definitely going with the toasting though, I’m not sure I can handle the gel!

    Off to the grocery store…which, I’ve noticed, now DOES carry chia. They’re getting there.


  5. Valerie says:

    PS: Miz, the blog link works now. This is my new one, the other is pretty much shut down due to privacy issues. :-)


  6. Sarah says:

    Can we toast the chia?

    Because I have tried it the other way and it made me gag but the idea of it not being gel or gooey I like!

    have a great weekend and thanks for a fun week!

  7. Cammy says:

    Until you figure out a way to make it taste like an M&M, I think I’m going to take a pass on the chia. Boring, I know, but given the reaction I had to eating boiled okra, I’m thinking it’s the wisest course of actions.

    Have a great weekend!

  8. Evan says:

    I would like to try this only because I keep hearing about it and need to check it out for myself.

    HILARIOUS video, Miz.

  9. Linda says:

    I have not tried chia yet
    Not in a tube or on a pet.

    I am with Cammy, sorry…ahem
    I want mine flavored M&M.

    He hee.

    I no thinky I try said pet fiber…There are other ways to make my day fiberiffic.


  10. Leah says:

    Can you link the video here? I can not get it to work at the old post.

  11. MizFit says:

    video linked. there is a post along with it which works at my computer.

    I did check about toasting the chia (with Hidalgo foods) and you should be FINE doing so and not degrade :) the chia at all.

    m&ms flavor? now Im on a mission….

  12. Laura says:

    I’ve only recently heard of chia. Dr. Oz was discussing it one day on his radio show. I haven’t tried it yet.

  13. Lori says:

    I tried chia quite awhile ago when you were talking about it and LOVE it. It did not affect me or my husband like it did yours… I either put it in my oatmeal, yogurt or a smoothie. Is there a difference in the white vs. black chia? I’ve only ever bought the black seeds.

  14. Mara @ What's For Dinner? says:

    Ok, first, you said chocolate covered goji berries… YUM! I’ve never tried chia, but I have to say, I’m intrigued by something that would expand in my stomach to make me feel full as eating a lot is my general problem…

  15. Tom Rooney says:

    Has it been tried that you grow your chia stuff first, and then harvest to be used in salad or a green on a sandwich? I was wondering if it lost its fiber content that way.

    Shameless plug too: American Heart Month post on my blog with a giveaway at the end.

  16. ttfn300 says:

    I’ve never tried chia, heard of it but never looked too much into it. sounds like it’s some good shiz though. i’m intrigued by the acai POWDER on the hidalgo website…

  17. Ali says:

    I saw your tweet yesterday about flax seeds.

    Do you do both?

    Every day?

  18. BeckStein says:

    Oh so that’s what I was taking…I thought it was some alien plot to take over the world.

    My first Chia experience was last week, when I relapsed with the plague. My little Afgani coffee guy on the corner of my work block saw that I was still sick (or sick again) last, last Monday and he said he’d bring in something that will help the next morning. Soooo, fast forward to the next morning, he had brought in some interesting “herbs” for me to ingest. First were the little black seeds that looked like black sesames…he poured about a tablespoon into his hand, and then shot it into his mouth practically swallowing it whole, then drank some hot water afterwards, then he poured a tablespoon’s worth into my hand and instructed me to do the same…eh, what the heck, if it doesn’t help, maybe it’ll put me out of my plauge-y misery. Then he did the same thing with something that looked like dirt and pretty much tasted like it with a hint of cumin, followed by more hot water to drink….then he took the hot water cup and put a few more seeds in it and instructed me to drink it…it was kind of like drinking bubble tea…kind’uv fun to drink.

    Now, reading today’s blog, I now know atleast half of what I consumed…CHIA…still don’t know what the dirt like stuff was. But the moral to the story is that I DID finally start getting better. Maybe it was the boost I needed to finally get me over the hump.

    OH, and to address the one comment about Chia making you go to the bathroom…my Afgani friend did warn me not to be concerned if I had some bathroom experience with the seeds…I didn’t, but maybe it effects certain bodies differently.

    Here’s to Chia.

  19. BeckStein says:

    Val…I need your bloggie info…I can’t access :(

  20. Diana's Body Journey says:

    Totally, um, not weird…interesting! lol. I don’t remember hearing about it (but that doesn’t mean I haven’t). As gooy foods are not my thing, I’d probably toast them. Good to know that it’s out there though!

  21. MizFit says:

    fast thoughts & more when I can:

    I do my flax daily. by the spoon and in everything.
    The chia? a few times a week.

    I caint lie to you. I always toast it so it depends on whether I have some ready or not!
    and I bake with it.

  22. Tricia2 says:

    I can’t find them around here to try them.

    And I have trouble rationalizing having things like that shipped.

  23. marianne says:

    I don’t think it’s possible to degrade Chia any further, really.

    I would maybe possibly try the white. If only to do a comparison. Then it could sit in the back of my refrigerator with the flax. Or maybe get mixed in with potting soil?

    Eat -ch-ch-chia…
    get diarrhea!

  24. Melissa Henning says:

    I’ve never heard of chia seeds before. I’d sure love to give them a try :) . Thanks for the fascinating info! I’d probably bake them and mix it with jelly, like you suggest. Would I, could I, eat them with green eggs and ham? I’d probably have to try it raw after reading about what you said that was like lol.

  25. suzanne says:

    Okay even after reading all the “not so great things” about chia. After looking up the nutritionals on them and since i’m presently eating flax seed muffins :) Yep i’d love to have a go at trying them!!

  26. Felice says:

    Now I can’t get the chia pets song out of my head!

    I’ve never tried chia. Sounds interesting.

  27. Heather McD (Heather Eats Almond Butter) says:

    I’d love to try chia seeds. The idea of mixing it with jelly sounds really good, but I’d love thicken up a big bowl of oat bran with some chia. Man, talk about some high fiber lovin! Thanks for the giveaway.

  28. Dr. J says:

    Hope you and the family have a great weekend! Spring is almost here :-)

  29. chelsea says:

    I’ve never heard of eating chia seeds, but I don’t have any problem eating any other (non-poisonous) seeds so I’d give it a whirl. I think I’m with Heather McD, and I’d try adding them to a bowl of oatmeal.

    And thanks for visiting my blog. How cool to have a “celebrity” leave a comment! The Towel Overlord did assure me that he’d give a towel to anyone who claimed theirs was taken (we have to swap a dirty towel to get a clean one), so I didn’t feel too too bad about my towel heist.

  30. Lori says:

    I just don’t know if I can get over the goo thing. I have real textural issues with certain foods, but it would be interesting to try!

    I’d probably try them in my beloved pumpkin oats.

  31. Michelle says:

    If I win some, I’ll definitely give Chia a try! Sounds very, um, interesting . . . .

  32. Lainie (Fitness Fig) says:

    Hmm, have not yet tried the chia despite being a long-time reader here. I would have to find a way to consume it that would be braces-friendly. Would the toasting method be braces friendly or does that make it super-crunchy?

  33. Sagan says:

    I’ve been wanting to try chia ever since you first mentioned it. “MizFit” and “chia” seem to go hand in hand! Do you know if its available at any grocery store or is it only at specialty foods places?

  34. Miz says:

    not sure on the braces friendly—perhaps BAKE with it?
    And I’ve found it locally (I think at whole foods & definitely @ a whole foods’esque store).

    More when I’m not rolling with the thumbs…

  35. Crabby McSlacker says:

    Good for you for persevering and finding the toasting method! I think, given all the healthy foods I like that I can never remember to get enough of, it might be a while before I’d get around to toasted chia seeds. But for those who are more determined, this sounds like an excellent method!

    And thanks again for the awesome guest post!

  36. Leah J. Utas says:

    I haven’t tried Chia yet. I’m intrigued enough to go out and get some now.

  37. JavaChick says:

    Have not tried it, so have nothing to add, but wanted to thank you for the amusing read. Also; now contemplating as an excuse to bake brownies…


  38. Tena says:

    I missed out on this chia chatter somehow! But now it’s got my attention and I’ll be looking forward to trying it. I’m always willing to try anything at least once. I’m hooked on flax now!

  39. Sassy says:

    Okay - first my disclaimer - I didn’t look at the link. But really? What is the point of Chia? I get PLENTY of fiber already, I eat fish weekly and flax seeds mosts days for my Omega 3′s…. So why would I want to add something so gootastic to my food regamin(i know that is spelled incorrectly, sorry)?

  40. TB--Milwaukee says:

    I’m with Linda… Chocolate covered chia.

    Will eating them make me grow green plant-like hair? Actually, any hair would be better than what I got going on now.

  41. Sally says:

    I love chia! I especially like to make puddings - I make a gel with chia seeds, almond milk, cinnamon, nutmeg + a touch of honey or maple syrup and then let it set up for about half an hour. So good!

  42. Miz says:

    Sassy: ok.

  43. Mary says:

    Been eating chia seeds for about a year now…a tablespoon a day. I add them dry to oatmeal or mixed grain hot cereal. Add enough boiling water to submerge all the grains, stir well and microwave for about 30 secs. I let them cool a little for further absorption. I like my oatmeal or hot cereal on the chewy side. Add more water if you like yours more soupy. The chia seeds are not that noticable anymore.

    You can add flavor to your hot cereal too…a little maple syrup, some fresh fruit or nuts. I just eat mine plain and I find it good that way.

    Good luck everyone. I bought such a quantity to start I decided I needed to find a way to enjoy them.

    Now….what am I going to do with all the hemp in my freezer??? Same song second verse.

  44. Geosomin says:

    I know their good for you but I can’t get away fromt he mental image of them sprouting in my belly like a chia pet…

  45. Jen, a priorfatgirl says:

    uh……I just read this post 3 times to make sure I was understanding what you were talking about. You truly are a food oddity - but I luv it! I am a fiber fanatic, although notsomuch in luving the bathroom effect.

    On a entering the contest note, heck, I’ll give it a try, sign me up!

  46. tfh says:

    Omega-3s make me happy. I would love to try the chia and, like a child, I am only more excited to sample anything described as icky and gooey and fuzzy. I’m not sure anything could top my beloved flaxseed, though.

  47. Carrie says:

    Interesting and I am among those who have never heard of it before.

    I’ll try anything once.
    Even goo!!

  48. Heather says:

    I have a confession. After the last Chia post on Mizfit, I did, half-heartedly, look for it. I didn’t find it in my usual health food store. So I decided it wasn’t worth it. Despite the fact that I could have ordered it online.

    Hangs head in shame.

    And to be honest, I have a MAJOR thing with food texture and taste. Not sure if I’ll track it down even now.

    (but I eat salmon and flax seeds she says in a small voice)

  49. Sassy says:

    Oh Miz… I expected a song and dance about how I needed Chia too!

    But seriously…. it’s just a different way to get it fiber & O3′s? Or is there something else special?

  50. MizFit says:

    heather? lemmie check?

    Yeah yer forgiven.

    & Im all about the presenting of the options—which may or may NOT be something one wishes to investigate.


  51. erin says:

    I have to say I have never heard of Chia seeds, but I am kind of intrigued. Although I will admit that I have issues with certain textures as well, so hopefully I’d be able to get past the image of that gooey water you showed in the vid.

    I don’t use flax seeds and must confess I have no idea where to even find them. Would they be in a grocery store? My town doesn’t have a whole foods or even a health food store that I’m aware of.

  52. Meredith says:

    I’m a newish reader and wanted to say that I really enjoy your writing style.

    Where can I find out more about the flax seeds?

  53. Laura T says:

    Sounds very interesting and worth a try! I love flaxseeds and grind them up and add to all kinds of things. I don’t know if these chia seeds have the omega 3 benefits like flaxseeds but sound similar.

  54. MizFit says:

    they are like flax on steriods (yep thats a shoutout to YOU A.Rod)

    more on flax seeds here, Meredith.




  55. Jess says:

    …I did not know that chia is edible.

    I want to win this giveaway, and yet I’m afraid at the same time.

  56. carolinebee says:

    I’m totally intrigued! And definitely a little scared….I just jumped on the flax bandwagon, I’m not quite up to spoonful status yet, working on it. Chia sounds like a challenge I’d take on! As i’ve thought about doing with flax, I want to try to sneak it into baked goods..i’ll have to beware of heavy-handedness seeing as I do only have one bathroom..thanks for that little tip!

  57. Ashley says:

    i only know of chia pets! haha, this is verryyy interesting, i want to try!!

  58. Nina says:


    Hate goo.

    Don’t eat toast.

    Don’t eat jelly.

    Don’t bake much.

    But I’m all about fiber and blood sugar control.

    This is a challenge!

    I am kind of wondering if they could be toasted and used like sesame seeds? But you’d have to have enough to get the desired effect. I have to think about this. Which probably means that I need to get some and test.

  59. Patty Gale says:

    haha!! Oh my goodness. Yes! I remember those Chia pets from the 70′s. They’re still on t.v. from time to time.

    Who would have thought. Kind of like the “pet rock.”


  60. Kara from MamaSweat says:

    Thought I could read your post without reading your guest post first and then I get about a third into it and ask myself, “is she talking about chia pet seeds????” so then I have to link over to Crabby and learn yes, indeed, you are! So then I go on reading in amazement. I thought I was so in the know when it comes to health food. I am so yesterday. But I’d do this….

  61. deb says:

    Have yet to chia because I haven’t found it my local stores. hope to win.. or locate it if just to give it try.

    if it’s another pea protein powder fail it’s on your head, though.

  62. Marste says:

    Miz! Darn you! I will have that infomercial stuck in my head ALL DAY now! ;)

    That said . . . I don’t know if I can get past a description that includes the word “mucilage.” (I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit. ;D)

    But yay! for salmon! (Don’t eat much flax; gotta work on that one . . . )

  63. Robyn says:

    I’m always up for new fiber supplements! The reason? Hemorrhoids! I. LOVE. FIBER. And I’m pretty sure the “fiber blend” my parents introduced me to is MUCH worse tasting than CHIA goo! I’d love to try it!

  64. Mary Meps says:

    I’m giggling at the visualization of people noshing on their chia pets.

  65. Annette says:

    Sounds very interesting :) I would love to win!

  66. MizFit says:

    you could, IMO, use the toasted ones in place of sesame seeds. though they dont have the same flavor they have the same texture (if that makes any sense)

    And Marste? Im kind of with you. I got all into this in the name of blogxperimentation and embraced the GOO —- then thankfully I discovered the toasting.

  67. farmwife says:

    “They have swollen and turned fuzzy. It looks like the reject vat at a fertility clinic. I don’t think I can drink this.”

    OMG- you really needed a spew warning on this one!!! My poor monitor just got doused in Crystal Light!

    Good grief, MizFit. I eat Fage yogurt now. I eat quinoa. I only eat brown rice. I put flax seed on my cereal. Sigh, okay - one more thing to go hunting down :) I can’t wait to ask them where to find the Chia, lol.

    I drew the line at goji berries though - they were $20 a pound at my store! ACK!

    If I win, I’ll even do an experimental tasting/testing/baking.

  68. Pubsgal says:

    Oh….it was not such a long time ago
    That I was not in the CHIA know.
    Thought “chia” was just sprouted hair on a pet
    That for $9.99 + S&H I could get.

    Then along came MizFit, and she put me straight:
    Said try some ch-ch-chia; you’ll be doin’ great!
    It’s got Omega 3′s and lotsa fib-ah:
    Helps keep your heart healthy and your pants from gettin’ tight-ah.

    (wiki! wiki! wiki! wiki!)

    First, I tried it on yogurt
    And I tried it in soup
    Then I put it in green tea…
    Hey! I like this goop!

    It’s not coated in chocolate
    (Which for some is horrifyin’!)
    But like Timon & Pumbay say…
    “Slimy, but satisfyin’!”

    (It’s Friday, and I could not resist rhyme! FWIW, they do not carry the whole seeds at the Whole Foods near my work anymore, but I did find a canister of ground chia seeds. Kinda hard to toast and too powdery to eat straight out of the can, but I didn’t mind the consistency.)

  69. Ariel says:

    I don’t know anything about Chia- aside from once having had a chia pet, haha- but I’m intrigued and would like to try it.

  70. Robin says:

    I have heard of people eating the Chia seeds… I wonder if you can eat the ones from the actual Chia Pets. My dad has a plant that looks like a chia plant, but it is called Baby Tears.

    Yum. Chia pets!

  71. Maureen "Hold The Gluten" says:

    Hmmm, chia seeds… I’m intrigued!! I’ve tried goji berries, edamame, & dried figs in the name of good health, so I’ll give the chia a try :) Although it will be tough not to think of dear old “Scooby Doo Chia” or “Scary Clown Chia” as I’m munching on the seedy goodness LOL!

  72. josha says:

    we once had a chia monkey. i forgot his name.
    never thought of eating him. always up for a healthy challenge…i think.

  73. Hannah says:

    Tried it, I have never heard of it. But I am just now getting into the whole flax thing, maybe I should jump ship before I get to infatuated with it!

  74. Zandria says:

    I would be very happy to try them and share my experience. Definitely sound like they would be better toasted!

  75. s says:

    chia seed sounds weird.
    but i will try it in jam the next time i see it in stores. that could be cool.

  76. Cynthia says:

    My supply is diminishing rapidly… I’d LOVE to win some more chia seeds. Especially since my small town health food store doesn’t always have them.

    Chia seeds are the most excellent smoothie thickener! One teaspoon will work, two teaspoons for a larger smoothie with more liquid. And they help keep you full!

    That jelly idea makes me wonder if I could use those to make a quickie blueberry syrup in the microwave. I hadn’t thought about using chia, usually I use a little xanthan gum. But chia would be more nutritious. Well, I’ll try that soon, the trick I suppose will be getting the amount right.

  77. Giz says:

    I didn’t realize that the chia seeds you grew on terracotta were edible… now to find they’re good for you too? The idea of that goo freaks me out a bit though…. I have not see them here (aside from the glossies in the Sunday paper - and that was definitely Chia-Pet, not Chia-eat).

  78. Gena says:

    So, the idea of the gel does ick me out, but making a chia/jelly mixture - that’s something I could do!

  79. Redbush says:

    I’ve heard of the chia pet, but never seeds! I think after all that, I’ll stick to my yogurt!

  80. Margaret says:

    C’mon over to my website where you’ll find lots of chia recipes (to goo or not to goo) as well as sources for seeds.


  81. theskinnyplate says:

    Found some at Whole Foods. Thanks Mizfit

  82. Kathryn says:

    Chia rocks!
    Be careful, though, of eating it as-is. Since it can absorb up to 9 times its own weight in fluids, it can cause dehydration if not taken with or in fluids.

    Chia gel (1/4 cups chia seeds soaked in 2 cups water) can be added to smoothies or soups or pretty much any liquid or soft stuff (yogurt, pudding), which will disguise the mucilagenous effect, and not change the flavor of what you use it in.

    I’d personally not recommend toasting chia, as omega fatty acids are heat sensitive.

  83. Laurie says:

    That gel is part of what makes chia seeds so great for helping those of us with blood sugar issues and those of us who want a cleaner digestive system. ;)

    Just throw them in a smoothie or on oatmeal. In either one, you’ll never notice the gel, but they’ll be super yummy. If you do the oatmeal thing, throw them in after you cook the oatmeal, as you want to avoid extra heat.

  84. Joanna Sutter says:

    I have not tried chia. Tea yes, but not the seeds. I will put this on my list of things to do.

    By the way, I love how you sneak healthy foods into your husbands diet. First the green smoothies and now this! Bravo!

  85. Misty says:

    I seem to recall that some other bloggers (can’t remember who at the moment) use chia gel as an egg substitute when baking, so I’m certain it must be safe to heat it.

  86. Fit Lizzio says:

    i loveeee chia seeds and would loveeeeee to win a 4 lb bag!!!

  87. SARA from KY says:

    I am hooked. Have not tried toasting because I love them straight from the bag OR mixed in other items. You can blend them and turn them into a powder and they still have all the health benefits-some articles say pulverizing chia releases the oils/fatty acids and is more easily absorbed; the powdered form still behaves as a thickening agent, but nowhere near their capability in “seed” form. Try, ALMOND CHIA PUDDING: 1/4 cup chia seeds + 2 cups vanilla almond milk-stir well, refrigerate in covered container- shake/stir after 10 minutes-take a taste, seeds should be soft but still have some crunch + mixture getting more dense. Enjoy now, or allow to chill for 1/2 hour and then dig in!! Add spices of your choice: cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, etc. Add a tablespoon of almond butter at the beginning if you like. #2: NUTTY CHIA PUDDING: 1/4 cup chia, 1/4 cup shredded plain coconut, 1-2 tbsp cashew OR almond butter, 2 cups liquid (almond milk, soy milk, water, combination of milk + water), cloves/cinnamon/nutmeg or flavoring(s) to your liking….combine well + allow to chill for approx 30 minutes. Sample and sweeten to taste with honey, stevia, agave, etc. You need to experiment and find the right balance of liquid/chia for you. I have NEVER tried the chia slurry everyone is talking about because I love my chia in almond or soymilk. And chia is a magic little seed in my book…I no longer suffer from medication induced constipation and I have NEVER experienced “chia diarrhea”- even when I have eaten an entire cup of chia in a day.

    Check out NutsOnLine.com, they sell a generous sample of chia seeds for $2.50 and their price per pound (they usually carry white or black chia) is the lowest I have found online. Not to mention their overall inventory and the quality of their items is unbelievable!

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