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Gaiam Balanceball Chair: it’s a family affair (giveaway post).

Tue, Nov 3, 2009

Tuesday Trends

KNOCK KNOCK on my door.
A treat plopped outside.
(that Id never hide!)

A Balanceball chair.
Goodgosh can it be?
A corebuildingTREAT!
Less back pain for me!

Into it I ripped.
would this thing take days?
Would instructions confuse?
Leave me in a haze?

Ren Man jumped in.
“Let me help! Look at me!
Im inflating the ball!
Thus far all’s E-Z!”

Seeing the fun
The Tornado joined too.
Flipped over the chair
And jammed in a screw!

In the blink of an eye
The chair was all done!


I slapped on the wheels
And readied for fun.

My hip joints I s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d.
(Just a little did I slide…)

Relaxed. Did the pose.
Felt my tight hips stretch wide.

Then time for the back.
Realigning my spine.
Reversing the ‘hunching’
From my ‘puter time.


All & all? Two thumbs up.
As a chair & as exercise play.
I can tell you for certain
it’s where Miz’ arse shall stay.


What did we I love?

  • It was entirely as promised. A simple way to improve my posture while sitting, relieve pressure on my spine and *easily* find exercise in unexpected places during even the most sedentary writing days.
  • It was quick and easy to assemble. That’s a big plus for this woman who has surrendered/waved the white paper towel of defeat to more than a few IKEA items in her day.
  • We all adored it. Ren Man really liked it for his back & the Tornado & I had fun with the chair and with the ball outside of the chair (we didnt previously have any exercise balls at home).
  • It comes with a guide book of exercises from resistance training (ball off chair) to stretching (ball on). I like to think Id have thought of the stretches on my own, but chances are I would not.

What wasn’t my fave part of my new Balanceball chair?

  • I wish all four wheels locked. I managed not to shoot the exercise ball chair out from  under me,  but I was nervous about it when I attempted some of the stretches for the first time.
  • The Ren Man I initially overinflated the ball & as a result found the chair awkward until I deflated it a smidge. Dont be the Ren Man me.

I ask you to pause for a  moment, People, and give a small shout of THANKS to the Peeps at Gaiam.

Not only did they send me a chair—-you have the chance to win one as well.

I know in this age of Freebies!Freebies!Everywhere! we (the royal) can start to take the offerings for granted.

Let’s not.

You may be entered to win for the low low price of a comment below.

Please to tell me *precisely* why you should  win the chair & please to give a shout out of Ya’ll are AWESOME to Gaiam.  They’re a philanthropic, generous, GREEN pretty-cool-stuff-creating company.

Winner announced 11.09.09 USA & Canada only.

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211 Responses to “Gaiam Balanceball Chair: it’s a family affair (giveaway post).”

  1. Andrew(AJH) says:

    I can’t believe you didn’t have an exercise ball … they are awesome. The chair looks like a great idea too !

  2. moonduster (Becky) says:

    Ooh! I’d love to try one of those! I’ve had back pain for years!

  3. Ibu says:

    this would help with getting my posture right and help with back pains..)
    Oh and also..I’m giving a shoutout to the folks at Gaiam!

  4. crgilvr says:

    I ran my first half marathon this weekend and — due to a very hilly course — found out EXACTLY how much work I need to do on my core. OUCH.

  5. Yum Yucky says:

    I sit all day in that dang Evil Office Chair and it makes me miserable.

    Evil Office Chair lowers by itself without me even asking it to.

    Evil Office Chair puts me in a bad mood and I can’t concentrate all the way.

    Evil Office Chair does not “give back” to help my back be happy.

    Evil Office Chair makes me beg for a back/neck massage after work. And I never get it.

    Evil Office Chair is evil, but Ya’ll are AWESOME, Gaiam!

  6. Lesli says:

    DUDE YOU ROCK!!!!!

    NO need to enter me I just had to say you are so freakin talented.


  7. Yum Yucky says:

    Oh, and I LOVE LOVE the pics. They made me smile. :D

  8. Trish @IamSucceeding says:

    Awesome!! Miz you rock!

    Ya’ll are AWESOME @ Gaiam as well to acknowledge sucha fitness awe & her readers too!

    This would do wonders for my back. I have been struggleing for months now to straighten my crooked spine…I spend many hours stretching on my stability ball…how awesome to be able to do the core strengthrning AND my work…killing 2 birds with 1 proverbial stone..a busy Mommas dream!

  9. Hanlie says:

    Not in the competition, but what a brilliant idea! I often sit on my balance ball at my desk and it really makes a difference.

  10. cammy says:

    Awesome! One of the downfalls of working from home is the amount of time I spend in front of the computer.

    Okay, that’s not the problem. My pitiful posture is the problem. This might help.

  11. sara p. says:

    Teaching is either running around or glued to my computer. Now I slouch around like I forgot my homework - help me set a good example for my students! ;) Gaiam = Awesome

  12. Serena says:

    Once upon a time there was a woman named Serena who worked in an office. One day an EVIL office chair monster attacked her posture and made her back feel horrible all day. Serena did not know what to do. She was not strong enough to battle the evil office chair monster alone. She went to visit a fitness wizard who gave her the magic words:

    “Y’all are AWESOME, Gaiam!”

    If Serena wins the new chair, the evil office monster chair will be defeated and she will live happily ever after.

  13. Erica says:

    SO So fun! Since I work from home half time and am currently without a good desk chair- I would love this pup! What a fun treat to get in the mail :) Thank you for the comment this am! I did do a post on how my days usually run….but I’m not sure its a how to…maybe more of how to be a nut ;) :http://itzyskitchen.blogspot.com/2009/10/charleston-cooks-gnocchi-and-risotto-my.html

  14. Karen says:

    You do ROCK, Miz.

    I am stepping up and OUT as your IRL neighbor to say people do not realize how hard you work for zero money.

    It is time to change that.

    (Yes you may delete my comment. LOL I just love you.)

  15. Runeaterepeat says:

    I should win this because I had to leave my balance ball in CA when I moved here :( I left behind anything that didn’t fit in the car so I’m down to bare minimum…

  16. Runeatrepeat says:

    Wow, way to spell my name wrong in my last comment…it’s early.

  17. Jen says:

    I love Gaiam: I have two of their yoga mats, a bunch of props, some videos and other assorted Gaiam paraphenalia. I do not, however, have an exercise ball, and I have terrible computer posture. Just looking at you doing that hip stretch makes me want that chair so I can keep my hip flexors healthy while typing away.

    Good reminder about not taking freebies for granted!

  18. Marc Feel Good Eating says:

    OH MY GOSH!!!!! Just like learning a new word and then you read it everywhere??!!!!

    This past Wednesday I went to a meeting and the assistant taking me to the meeting got off YOUR CHAIR!!!
    I had never seen it, and I’ve been contemplating getting a “ball” as my chair in the office. I spent a few minutes talking to her and inspecting and sitting in the chair….it is the most wonderfu and comfortablel piece of furniture!!!! She loved it too….
    2 kids birthdays in the month of October and one in September will keep this daddy from spending money on himself for a few months….maybe I’ll treat myself to one in January.
    Would an “office type plastic mat” prevent you from rolling?
    GREAT pics MIZ.


  19. John's Weight Loss Blog says:

    I should win because I need to improve my posture while at the computer. And because it would go with my office. And because I want to write a rhyming post about my win.

  20. Shannon says:

    Gaiam rocks!!

    My mom always tried me to get better posture… she would certainly want me to win this :) but i might need ren man to inflate!

  21. Mara @ What's for Dinner? says:

    My former principal had one of these chairs… and when she’d let me sit on it, my back would go ”aaahhh” as the gigantic weight was taken off my front and balanced… I’m top heavy, you know ;)

  22. Kim Brittingham says:

    I want a Gaiam Balanceball Chair because my core muscles are about as solid as Boston Cream.

    Because I have a big ol’ belly and I’ve been told that a stronger core would help me in hauling around the same, resulting in fewer surprise back spasms.

    Because as a writer I spend lots of ass-spreading time at my computer, and if that time could be converted into core-strengthening time, well that’s multi-tasking without breaking a sweat and I like it.

    And further, because a small rodent chewed a hole into my desk chair’s upholstery and the mere sight of it freaks me out daily.

  23. the Bag Lady says:

    What a great idea! And you make it look so easy. The last time I tried that pose, I fell off the ball and whacked my head….. not sure I’ve been the same since.

  24. Lori says:

    Gaiam - that is a very generous giveaway! I have some Gaiam pilates DVDs :D

    My husband seriously needs this chair - he has the most inflexible spine I have ever seen.

  25. Melanie says:

    You are so CREATIVE!!

    Gaiam so awesome.

    Me? I am stiff and need this chair.

  26. MizFit says:

    Karen? woman? once upon a time Id have said NO NO :) and deleted.


    Im quoting you, Sister :)
    Thanks for having my (all stretched out now thanks to this chair) BACK.

    You do ROCK, Miz.

    I am stepping up and OUT as your IRL neighbor to say people do not realize how hard you work for zero money.

    It is time to change that.

    (Yes you may delete my comment. LOL I just love you.)

  27. Jen, a priorfatgirl says:

    aaahhh - I’m entirely intrigued by this office chair of such! Although I’m sure my coworkers would think I was nutso if I did that little back stretch you and tornado did. BUT…I have the worst posture in the whole entire world!

  28. South Beach Steve says:

    First of all, Gaiam, thanks for the donation!

    I have heard of the balls like this, but I have never heard of one being incorporated into a chair. It is a pretty interesting idea.

  29. Janie says:

    This chair looks really cool. One of my co-workers had one for a little while. I think she has it at home now. I’d love to win!

  30. dragonmamma/naomi w. says:

    I’ve been wanting an alternative computer chair for ages, and I would actually USE it! I tried just sitting on the ball, but it kept rolling over and bumping into the snake’s cage and freaking the poor thing out.

  31. suganthi says:

    I have been coveting this for 3 or 4 years now.
    I totally need this. I am constantly struggling with low back pain which has seriously cut down on my running. Without running, I don’t get stress relief. I sit at a desk for hours for my job. All I have done the past 2 or 3 months is gentle Yoga to improve my back pain. I know I need to improve my core strength and this will help. My one question though : will this work for 4 feet 11 inches for a desk chair. I have asked this question in several places, but never found an answer. The specs on the GAIAM site says “for 5 feet and taller”.


    Thans MIz. YOU DO ROCK!

  32. Jess says:

    Thanks to the folks at Gaiam and you Miz! :D

    I’d love to win this because I always am sitting at home and I would love to have a chair like this to use while blogging and writing!

  33. Tricia Hoover says:

    Oooh, I should win the chair because I sit so horribly on the edge of my seat and tilt my chair forward onto two legs. The husband was just commenting on it the other night.
    The chair looks awesome!

  34. Leah J. Utas says:

    While I desperately need all the posture help I can get I am sure I would never use this.

  35. Nita says:

    I used to sit on just a ball at my computer - no chair, just the ball. People thought I was crazy!

    I did find that I tended to use my knees on the desk to stop any movement so I wasn’t always “balancing” as much as I should. Bad habit.

    But I loved sitting on my ball and think the ball chair would be even more fun!

  36. vickie says:

    One of the first grade teachers at my girls school has one of these at her desk (at school) and loves it.

    Please do put my name in the drawing - I would use it at the computer - I work hard on my posture all the time - and that would be a good place to remember to pull up (tight) while reading blogs!

    I was visualizing all the odd places one could install a ‘ball seat’ - riding lawn mower, jet ski, tractor on a farm, auditorium chairs to keep people awake for speakers, classroom, etc.

  37. Daria @ Daria Can Cook says:

    I’m a grad student, which means I spend all of my time at my desk hunched over a book and/or computer. I’ve been oggling these chairs for a while - I would love love love anything that could improve my posture and cut down on back pain at the end of the day!

    Also, Gaiam: ya’ll are awesome! :)

  38. Amy says:

    I would love the stability ball. I am in law school and sit at my desk for hours upon hours at a time.

  39. GeorgiaMist says:

    GAIMA, Ya’ll are AWESOME!

    The chair looks so marvelous! I know I would LOVE to have one as my family spends a lot of time at the computer. I blog and track my progress, my DH does his business updates, and my DD (a Senior in HS) does all her homework / projects at the computer.
    We’re all sagging and complaining of back aches!

  40. sassy stephanie says:

    I hear those really do help with back pain. I’ll be anxious to hear over time if you still love it.

  41. charlotte says:

    Gaiam does make awesome and affordable fitness products! That said, I’ve tried the ball-as-chair thing and it didn’t really work for me;) The pic of the Tornado stretching made my day! Love family fitness time at the Miz household!

  42. Fab Kate says:

    OH WOW! I’ve wanted one of these for about a year now, but with all the other expenses, haven’t gotten around to getting it. Was using my other ball at my desk, but the height was wrong and every time I got up it rolled away…

    This is like a dream item for me! The best of furniture PLUS exercise. And you KNOW I need it.

    One of the problems of losing as much weight as I have is that belly apron thing, and believe me, if I’m not working my core and concentrating on my posture, MY BACK HURTS. So I like to spend as much time on a ball as I can… at my desk, in front of the TV, whatever.

    Please please PLEASE consider this an entry for this item!

    and a big shout out to Gaiam, for keeping my wishlist full of fantastic products… like this one and the Tree of Life Yoga Mat.

  43. yogikate says:

    i have wanted one of these chairs for years! my boss has one at the yoga studio and i LOVE sitting on it! i am actually in desperate need of an new desk chair for my office. i have been using my massage stool for a chair and then have to lug it up and down the stairs when my massage clients come over. i do spend a fair amount of time at my desk blogging and twittering! maybe too much time!

    i would love to have one!

    a big shout out to gaiam for making AWESOME yoga props!

  44. Bethlin says:

    I love me some Gaiam stuff - those yoga mats and the yoga videos are awesome.

    And I sit. All day. Except in the evenings when I row. Which makes my hips T-I-G-H-T. So if I could somehow make my sitting time more productive in the hips department…well, I think that would be another firm Win for Gaiam.

    MizFit - Thanks for all you do for free for ALL of us!

  45. Lainie (Fit Fig) says:

    I need this! I used balance balls during labor with my last two babies-love them. I also sat on mine while sewing in my last month of pregnancy (I did a crazy amount of sewing for being so pregnant and huge) but I really could have used the back support the chair offers. Now I’ve got to get my body back and still need some core help, so I’d love one of these chairs!

  46. Kimberly Lee says:

    An ever expanding belly thanks to pregnancy plus 8-12 hours a day at a desk adds up to one tired/sore back. This chair sounds like a little slice of heaven for this Mama-to-be!

  47. suganthi says:

    Thanks Carla and GAIAM.

    I might have e-mailed GAIAM a couple of years ago, don’t remember, will e-mail back.

  48. suganthi says:

    oops..sorry.. just realized that you already e-mailed them. Thnak you so very much CArla.

  49. Certifiably Fit says:

    I would totally benefit from having this chair at work. Sadly I am trapped at my desk for hours at a time at work and this chair would be great to have. To be able to get stretching in throughout the day would be an awesome stress relief for me. Plus my students would get a kick out of seeing me on a non-traditional chair….college students are always amused by stuff like that and I’m sure it would open up some interesting conversations.

  50. Denise says:

    I should win this chair because I need all the help I can get!

    Gaiam! Ya’ll are AWESOME!

  51. Teresa says:

    I have a ball, but had no idea there was a chair for it. I spend eight hours a day at a desk. That would sure tighten up your core.

  52. Aine says:

    OMG! I want this chair so bad. I’ve got it on my wishlist for the holidays!

    I agree that Gaiam is an awesome company. Gotta give props to them (’cause they help prop us up too!).

  53. mousearoo says:

    Thanks to being unemployed for the last six months, my poor couch now sports a huge dent in the shape of my behind smack dab in the middle.

    I need a chair like this so the poor couch can have a reprieve, regain it’s shape and I too can get back in shape!

  54. Kelly Happy Texan says:

    I need this ball mostly for my husband who sits at a computer all day and has terrible back issues. The chairs and desks are not exactly built for tall guys. I would love to be able to help him out. I hate to see him in pain when he gets home.

    And a BIG Y’all are totally awesome to Gaiam. I really do love your products. :)

  55. Joanne G says:

    About 8 years ago I suffered from back pain. After learning about the ball at physio, I began to see immediate results. To this day I still use my ball (time for a new ball though and the chair feature sounds interesting)

  56. debby says:


    And you do too, Miz! I know you work hard behind the scenes to get so many ‘giveaways.’

    I’d love to try this ball/chair. Right now my balance ball sits perched on an unused chair in my house. But I’d have to get a ladder to get on top of it….

  57. JavaChick says:

    Thank you Gaiam! You are awesome! And so is MizFit of course. :)

    Pick me! Pick me! Because…Um…I could really use a new chair for my computer desk at home and I sit on my butt in front of a computer all day and my posture is terrible.


  58. Linds says:

    Gaiam is my hero. And you are too, miz.

    Right now, I sit in a couple of evil office chairs all day long while I work with kids. I’m in the public schools, so my chairs are hand-mep-downs from teachers who had them haded down from other teachers years ago. The backs are broken, the seats are hard. The posture? She suffers.

    As the health and wellness coordinator for my school, I think it would be a fantastic example for me to set doing a little core work at work. Lesson plans might even be fun!

  59. Rose says:

    Hip hip hooray to miz and GAIAM!

    I normally don’t enter a lot of contests, but this is one I have to try for because I’ve been having so many problems with my back. I know my chair at work is the culprit, and I’ve been wanting to buy one of these for a while (though I can’t quite swing it right now…) therefore, I need this chair to save my back!

  60. Joanna says:

    How absolutely fabulous! I could use a ball like that because my posture gets a needs improvement, oh, and I want 8 pack abs…is that too much to ask? ;-)

  61. Becky says:

    OOOH OOOH OOOH! My chiropractor has been begging me to get one of these for ages! I am just too cheap (er, well, yeah, cheap) to buy one.

    This is something I actually NEED!! I would love you forever if I win it!!

    P.S. The Tornado is seriously the cutest ever! I want one of those, too! (maybe in a few years or so)

    P.P.S. Did you ever get around to running in those five toes shoes?? :-)

  62. Sagan says:


    Gaiam, I heart you muchly. “Please to” let me win this fantabulous chair. I am all about the exercise-anywhere-anytime-always-as-lifestyle, so I would adore this chair and use it to the max. And get SUCH a kick out of it :)

    These chairs should really be mandatory in all offices and classrooms. People would be in such better shape. And they’d remember that fitness and health can be lots of fun!

  63. suzanne says:

    I spend way to much time in front of the computer and having one of those would definitely make me move/stretch more than i do now :)

  64. Foodie McBody says:

    Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh I want this chair thingie soooooooo bad. Because I work at the computer for so long and normally I work in BED because I HATE SITTING on a regular chair. I’ve had back problems forEVER and I think this ball chair would be so incredibly awesome for BUILDING MY CORE in those miniscule little ways. I consider just sitting on the ball itself (no chair) but that is just a bit TOO wobbly. Soooo. please please please! YAY! What a fabuloso product!

  65. Portia181 says:

    Our daughter is doing yoga she would love this, first time on this site,,,,,,,,,,,,

  66. bjbella5 says:

    That chair is fabulous! I would be fighting the kids to use it, but that’s just more exercise for me ;-)

  67. Katy says:

    AHHHHHHHH I have had this on my “wish list” for so long! I sit in my office, hunched over a laptop all day and have to take breaks every 2 hours or so to do desk yoga just so I can walk straight at the end of the day.

    No joke, I had a picture of this guy pinned up on my cubicle for a while, and have even stalked the chair on ebay.

    Gaia, you get a HALLELUJAH and an AMEN and much more for an awesome product, and an awesomer (must be that impacted spine affecting my brain and making up words) giveaway.


  68. Shelley B says:

    This is an awesome giveaway and Gaiam? You rock!

    I would love this - I think it would be a great reminder to stretch and strengthen WHILE I’m sitting at the computer for hours on end!

  69. Barb says:

    Love it! I want one! :) I work from home a few days a week and this would be great to work/workout on!

  70. Just_Kelly says:

    A Haiku for you!

    Miz you are so great
    you inspire me to move
    my rather large tush

  71. Lori says:

    Thank you Gaiam for sending MizFit such an awesome chair and for the giveaway. I might have to be putting one of these on my Christmas list!
    I know I slouch way too much when I am at my computer. I think this would help a lot. I am really bad about stretching but have been trying to improve on it. Maybe sitting on the chair would be a constant reminder to throw in some extra stretches!

  72. Leigh Anne says:

    Oh boy would this be helpful as I head into the 2nd half of my 2nd pregnancy. To help with the back and hip pain and also to help open things up as I get further along. I’ve tried to sit on my cheapy exercise ball and it’s just too small to allow me to reach my desk. This looks like it would be ideal.

    Thank you Gaiam for being so generous to MizFit and to her Canadian readers :)

  73. Bethany says:

    I would love to have this chair, I’ve actually been thinking about getting one, but anyway back to the point. I would love this because I spend so much time on my computer at my desk and am constantly in an awful position. This would definitely help!!

    Thank you Gaiam!!

  74. Victoria S says:

    Ah, how very cool. Okay, why I should win the chair - my terrible posture and resulting back pain is something I cannot correct in my usual chair because it slips my mind all the time, and this would help me correct it more naturally. Help a sloucher out!

    Also, thank you Gaiam! You are indeed awesome.

    And thank you Miz, for hosting the contest.

  75. christieo says:

    Yay for Gaiam! I thought initially this was that swivel chair thing from the Ellen Degeneres show, but alas, this looks so much funner! I need some serious work on my core and stretching of my lower back. Would love this.

  76. caitlin says:

    i need this chair!!! my back always hurts because i sit at a desk and write write write all day long!

    YAY Gaiam

  77. Tammy says:

    I have never seen that before, what a neat idea! Looks like you guys had a blast putting it together. I can totally see myself boinging with excitement when there’s a new MizFit post in my google reader. :-D

  78. Hannah says:


    Id love to win this and appreciate the give and the laugh.

  79. Laura Barnfield says:

    I would LOVE a chance to win this chair…I’ve been trying to work the core muscles and to get back into shape and it looks like so much fun…good for the WHOLE family too

    GAIAM ROCKS!!!!!

  80. Barb S. says:

    Miz, hi! That chair looks like it was very comfortable! I would love to be able to sit at my craft desk or at our computer with a comfortable chair! I am having neck surgery next month and could enjoy something comfortable!!! I love those Gaiam balance balls!

  81. MaryFran says:

    Hmmmm……I was going to write a poem to tell you precisely why I needed the chair. However, I couldn’t come up with anything. Why you may ask (or maybe not, but I’m going to tell you anyway)? I couldn’t come up with anything because the chair at my desk is so uncomfortable and so un-ergonomic that it interrupts the flow of the creative juices. I have recently restarted my weight loss journey after a years break (and a regain of some of my initial weight loss). I’m having a difficult time with getting back into healthy habits. I feel that this chair would be a good kick start for me. It would give me the opportunity to work my core strength and to stretch and move in a non-threatening way.

    Plus, I’ve heard awesome things about Gaiam! :-)

  82. Ann says:

    Good for Gaiam! I’m picky about the companies that I choose to support through my purchases, and it sounds like they are up to snuff with products that are good for me, and good for the earth.

    I’ve actually been thinking about these - I used to have a exercise ball that I sat on, but it was difficult to control when I wasn’t sitting on it (it did not stay neatly under my desk like I asked it to). And since it’s about 10 years old and has moved with me several times, it has developed a couple of small holes at this point. With all of the time I spend on my computer, working for a company that won’t even provide me with a decent chair, I could really use this!

  83. Jaimie says:

    I should win the chair because I need it! I sit in a chair all day long at work (10 hours minimum per weekday) and have terrible posture. I also wouldn’t mind looking silly awesome in my white shoe law firm. Because trust me, I’d take it to work.

  84. Sherry Anderson says:

    Hi, I would love this chair.

    Actually last night my son was sitting at the computer and the chair we have broke! It now leans backwards, creating the feeling you are going to fall.
    It is not good to continue using this chair, it is putting undue stress on the spine.

    I love Gaiam products. I have been eyeing this chair for a long time.


  85. Ann says:

    oh, and the best part about gaiam is that they have a whole fair trade section on their online website! I know where I will be doing my christmas shopping now!

  86. Ms.V says:


    My back is KILLING me, I ran Nike Women’s Marathon on the 18th, and have a Half Mary this weekend.

    Pick me!!!Pick me!!!Pick me!!!Pick me!!!Pick me!!!Pick me!!!Pick me!!!Pick me!!!Pick me!!!Pick me!!!

  87. TB--Milwaukee says:

    What a fun “toy!” I’d love to “play” with this one at 4:30 in the a.m. with the boys. We exercise often and they love my push-up bars and exercise bands. A balance ball/chair would just add to the fun.

  88. Gail Krawczykowski says:

    These balance ball chairs look awesome! I have heard SO MANY fabulous things about them on your site, on Gaiam’s site, and a few blogs I read also. I have a home office and right now I am using an extra kitchen chair for a desk chair. Not comfortable, but it’s all I have to work with (no pun intended). I would put the balance ball chair to good use. What a great way to build your core strength while doing the work you need to get done anyway! Thanks for giving one away - whoever wins will have a great time with it!

  89. Nikki says:

    I’ve been suffering since July…I hurt my back badly for the first time ever and it took the whole summer and then some to heal! Now, I seem to get back aches and pains no matter what I do…so frustrating since I like to be active. I’ve gone to the trainer, I’ve done the sitting around thing - applying hot/cold, I’ve done some rehab stretches, I’ve tried the back building workouts, etc and yada, yada, yada! If you say the ball chair helps the back - I’m willing to try anything!! Sitting at the table for a meal causes aches, sitting at the computer to write causes aches…ugh!!
    I’m not usually a whiner - Sorry!! I usually suffer in silence but I am truly frustrated.

    Nikki from Canada

  90. BeckStein says:

    I’ve been telling my day job for years that I wanted to bring a balanceball in to sit on at my desk and they refused because they thought that sitting on a ball that could roll away was a lawsuit waiting to happen. But now it’s a balanceball chair!!! Same idea, but a chair…I so need one so I don’t end up crippled and hunched over like my poor coworker…who is on leave btw for BACK SURGERY! I saw her posture and back problems get worse over the past 5 years, and I know it’s partly to do with these horrible office chairs…can you say pinched nerves? I need a balanceball chair!

  91. Amy says:

    I really need this chair! I do! In addition to sitting at my computer all day at work, now that I’m in grad school, I come home & sit in front of my laptop for hours every night. In addition, the architect & I have one office chair. Which means that if we both want to be working at the same time, either we a) take turns, b) I sit on his lap (which really hinders my studying for some reason), or c) I really can’t think of a c).

    Gaiam is pretty awesome for giving us all a chance to win a new chair!

  92. Eve Agush says:

    I love your pictures of yourself on the chair. It looks like so much fun. I already love my exercise ball so much. I am creating a workout for some mom’s in my area that combines an exercise ball workout and yoga poses. I guess I would like to win that beautiful chair so I can try to use it in this new workout routine I am trying out and have somone take gloreous pictures of me and my chair-like you did…you know for us Yoga Mom’s who sit in our bums, stretching and flexing, while doing our texting, I need this chair to use the computer with flair, send it to me, oh, how happy I will be…

  93. Cleo says:

    I am a cubicle monkey. My chair isn’t so bad but my posture is atrocious. I already spent half the year in PT to deal with a neck that is supposed to be curved but is ramrod straight due to insanely tense neck muscles.

    I’ve always loved everything I’ve gotten from Gaiam. I’m constantly circling this chair because it sounds like something that would make my life better. I just haven’t justified the cost to myself yet.

  94. Annie says:

    I have tried these before (well regular exercise balls - not one with a base) and they are wonderful, however I have settled on the original kneeling chair by Varier Furniture The Variable balans provides an open hip angle which aligns the spine correctly so far the best experience I have ever had with a chair! No back pain whatsoever and I can sit all day long… I recommend trying a Varier!

  95. cc says:

    I would love to win this because it would be great for my aching back!

  96. Jennifer says:

    I would love to win, because I’ve been sitting in the same, old, worn-out office chair, 8 hours a day, 5 days a week for 9 years, 10 months, and 1 day (approximately!) and the university I work for is in the midst of a financial meltdown and can’t afford to buy me a new one. Having a chair that that provides actual benefits rather than aches and pains sounds fabulous! MizFit and Gaiam, ya’ll are AWESOME! :)

  97. Izyanna says:

    Oh my gosh - that looks like it’s the coolest chair in the world. I’d love to win one because I’m currently sitting on a dining room chair when I use the computer (and it’s Nanowrimo month so there’s a lot of writing to do!) because, well… because my fat ass broke my old computer chair. There - I’ve said it. Whew.

  98. Maryjo says:

    Wow — this looks terrific! Wouldn’t I love to win it … and improve a lot of issues I have!

  99. Shari D says:

    This would be perfect for me as I would out with my wii every day but can’t seem to tighten my middle-age tummy.

  100. NatesMom says:

    OMG Gaiam, where have you been all my adult life? During my first pregnancy I attempted using a balance ball to alleviate backpain and discomfort during labour. And rolled myself right off the ball and into my closet!
    What I wouldn’t give to have that extra stability and support going through pregnancy #2. Please MizFit, choose this desperate Mommy!

  101. Farmwife says:

    I’ll tell you exactly why I need one …..

    My oldest daughter is a senior in High school. She also is a varsity starter in 3 sports. Her team WON the state volleyball championship this past weekend!
    It was an 8 hour drive each way to get there. It was two solid days of sitting on wooden bleachers. My back hurts, my butt hurts, and about everything else as well!

    This would make sitting here on the computer time a lot more comfortable!

  102. Leah says:

    I would love to have one of these chairs just to irritate my coworkers! Our staff interior designer would just go nuts because the chair isn’t the high end stylish (uncomfortable) brand she recommends. The chair would be good for my back and I would get the perk of continuing my tradition of being the annoying office health nut!

    Gaiam, thank you for all the wonderful products that enhance my health & my happiness.

  103. Jessica says:

    I have wanted one of these chairs for-ev-er! I spend far too much time doing homework with poor posture!!! Gaiam is an awesome company . . . I love the ABC yoga for my kids!

  104. Karyn says:

    I love those chairs. I have never tried one but, the gym has a couple for the people who work behind the desk.

    I would LOVE to have one.

  105. Kathi says:

    I am just dying to try one of these chairs. I have heard they are fantastic!!

  106. Cynthia says:

    I totally need this chair! I am sitting on an old, plastic cheap garden yard type chair. You know, the kind that cost around $10? And it has a crack in one arm. I can’t sit as upright as I should.

    Plus, anything that helps work my core muscles or gets me to stretch a bit is good in this 52 year old bod. That hip stretch, I NEED that! I do something similar in the pool and it helps, but I can’t be in the pool all day.

    Plus I’d heart a chair that rolls! And is a bit bouncy, because I can be a bouncy sort. Even if I don’t look it. And I like Gaiam products.

  107. Quix says:

    Love the family fitness time! Miz and Gaiam rock! Honestly, you can not enter me for this as I have a ball both at home and work and don’t use them as much as I should for non-exercise purposes, but I do keep an eye on my posture. That is my compromise. :)

    I hope this goes to someone with a really uncomfortable office chair - I am a princess about what I put my bottom upon and don’t wish that fate on anyone!!

  108. Mary :: A Merry Life says:

    How funny! I just saw one of those yesterday and thought “that would be cool! wonder if it locks or always rolls?” Now I know.

  109. MizFit says:

    you guys make me LAUGH.
    I need to host a blogger conference in my office so you can each try out the chair and see what you think….

  110. Jenny Gilpin says:

    What an awesome idea! I remember when I had a fitness ball while I was pregnant and used to sit on it and the pressure that was on my lower back and spine was immediately relieved. This would be perfect for the use at the computer not only to allign the spine and keep posture but for someone that is stuck writing research papers for hours and hours at a time, a good time out to stretch on the ball and to do some exercises to help get the blood flowing again, especially back to the brain(lol). How wonderful!Thanks Gaiam for the give away and the information on this new product. ;)

  111. Tracey @ TropicalHappiness says:

    I guess I didn’t see the word giveaway in your title, and as I was reading, I was thinking, “I have always wanted one of these for my office… I need to find out where to get one.” And then I read to the bottom of your post and BAM, there’s my chance! :)
    Second, I would love love love one of these for my office. I would completely replace my office chair with these. I spend loooong hours in my desk chair, and my back is always a little sore. I’d love to be able to stretch at work too!

  112. Diana says:

    No need to win (need to win, but no where to put as we’re planning a move in 6 months and will be down sizing tremendously), but just wanted to say how awesome it looked! I have back pain from years of waitressing (and not made better with computer chair sitting…go figure!). Looks like an awesome thing!

  113. Alyssa says:

    I LOVE Giaim!!!!
    I’ve been eyeing one of those chairs for quite some time now. I was actually thinking of getting ones for the kids; when they do in-home therapy, they could use it instead of a regular chair, and maybe it would help them to focus better.

  114. colleen says:

    I absolutely love GAIAM products and service. I have put a balance ball chair on my holiday wish list!! I have had a balance ball in the past but the kiddos popped it. I just got a new “home office” and this balance ball chair would be a LOVELY addition! ;)

  115. KefirGirl says:

    what an awesome chair! great for slouching and bad backs - enjoy it.

  116. Shaunnesy Rodriguez says:

    Wow, this would be so Awesome for me!!!!!!! I teach Yoga, Chair Yoga, & Corporate Yoga. The Balance Ball would be a great tool to take to my Corporate Yoga Seminars. I also have joined the Only International Total Wellness Co. in the world to enhance the Yoga. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to Win one of these Balance Ball chairs……..

  117. Sharyn says:

    I’ve been wanting one for years…can’t get my company to buy me one…not sure if it would be tall enough for my desk but know the ball alone is not…really need to strengthen my core!

  118. emily says:

    I have always wondered if this was a good chair or not. Glad to hear that it is. Awesome job Gaiam!
    I would like the chair. That is all. I would just like it.

  119. Felice says:

    Yes, Gaiam, y’all really are awesome!

    I would the chair because right now I stand to work. For reals. Regular chairs make my butt hurt and I slouch in them. So, I started to stand but sometimes a gal gets tired of standing. I WOULD LOVE THIS CHAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  120. Lauren P says:

    Oh, that looks so interesting! I could use the help with my core (post baby) and my posture (slumped at a computer all day).

  121. Cynthia says:

    Don’t enter me twice, but I thought of another reason I need this chair… I don’t think I’ll have to fight my cat Luna for it! I’m in and out of my computer chair all the time, and she takes it whenever I’m out of it.

    Actually, I went and looked at the specs on the Gaiam site and I seem to be in that sweet spot for size at 5’7″. The specs said the sitting height is like at 23″… sounds good, I always seem to find chairs are a bit too low for my taste.

    I was actually inspired to try sitting on my fitness ball… unfortunately, it is way too low for my keyboard. I had fun bouncing though. And then I tried some pushups using it. I was actually able to do some!

  122. Susan says:

    So happy to hear about the chair after seeing it on twitter, I think it looks awesome!! I need this so I can stop using my current exercise ball as a chair ;)

  123. Angie (Losing It and Loving It) says:

    Oh boy this is cool. I just recently did a Friday tip on exercise ball chairs. How funny!

    I should win the chair because all I have is an exercise ball and have never been able to experience the actual balance ball chair. But really it would be great to have so I’m not wobbling all over the place as I sit at my computer like I currently do with the exercise ball.

    Gaiam sounds like a great company! How generous.

  124. Mary Ann Westfield says:

    I definitely could use that, after 4 kids, my core is pretty weak; not to mention the back breaking work.

  125. Marste says:

    Hee! I don’t need a chair, but I wanted to thank Gaiam for the giveaway, and to tell you Miz, that I LOVE your rhyming posts! :)

  126. Carol says:

    Oh, I see that there are many many comments and only one balance ball chair, but I thought I would comment anyway. I think this is a great idea by Gaiam. I have been coveting this chair as I am an artist who spends too much time on the computer and at my drawing table! My back and posture muscles would benefit greatly from this and I am spending all my $ getting my mural business going and can’t afford this right now! Thanks…..have a fabulous day all!

  127. Jody says:

    I’d love to have one of the fabulous chairs from Gaiam. I work from home and my current chair can be really squeezy which is not always fun for everyone to hear on my conference calls. Thanks to the folks at Gaiam for letting you give one away!

  128. Lee-Ann says:

    I have two crushed disks in my back, the L4 and the L5. I think this chair would be phenomenal! Well, I am hoping that it would be phenomenal! The only option I have been giving is surgery, and I do not want to go that road. If this works, I would be eternally grateful!
    Thanks Gaiam for giving one away to some lucky person!

  129. Kristi says:

    Y’all rock, Gaiam!

    I know there are plenty of people out there who “need” this more than me…but all I can tell you is that as a poor graduate student facing long hours sitting at a desk while writing a dissertation, this chair looks like a Godsend! Thanks for the giveaway!

  130. junghwa says:

    i do a lot of desk work so it would be a great way for me to fit in another great workout through the bounce ball chair!

  131. WhyMommy (Susan) says:

    What a great idea! I’ve liked the idea of sitting on a ball at the desk … but the stability is AWESOME.

    Cool find!

  132. Jody - Fit at 51 says:

    Gaiam, YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME & ROCK BIG TIME!Thanks so much for letting Miz do this giveaway!

    I read this post EARLY this morn before I headed out to UCLA for a dental appt. at the School of Dentistry. Students work on you supervised by faculty. Since I don’t have the $$ for a dentist close to home, I did the travel in Los Angeles as the fees there are much less.

    Anyway, I though about this the whole time!!!! While waiting & while in the x-ray chair! Man, that Balanceball chair looks amazing & cool! I love using the balance ball alone for so many tings already. Yes, I am a gym rat BUT I also do things at home & those would be greatly benefited from this “device”!!!

    I WOULD DEFINITELY USE IT BIG TIME! I love that you talked flexibility because as I have aged, I have to put more & more time into that as are joints & connective tissue just ain’t what it used to be SO that would be great for me. I spend at least 20-30 minutes at home on a flexibility routine separate from my gym wokrout!

    I also would love it to do more of the exercises I do at the gym at home AND I would use it just to sit, R&R AND also work on my posture as I sit.

    Did I mention my bday is November 15th & turning 52??? I know, it does not matter but I tries it with Cranky Fitness too! :-)

    Miz, I am so into this product & what is can do!!!! Thx to you * GAIAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I WILL USE IT A LOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  133. Mallory says:

    Considering I spend 10-12 hours a day hunched over a case book or a computer or both, I should def. be in the running. I think my karma meter is up as well, but I am not usually a lucky raffle winner. In any event thanks to Gaiam, Ya’ll are AWESOME (win or not) :)

  134. Andrea@WellnessNotes says:

    You guys are Gaiam are awesome! :)

    Okay, precisely why should I win the chair? Oh, there are so many reasons. First, it looks like fun, and I could really use a little bit more fun in my day. Also, my back has been bothering me from sitting at my desk (in a not so good chair) all day long. Plus I’m old… I think this chair could really help with my back pain. Third, and I think most importantly, the toddler would have a blast with the chair. (Which is good and bad as I would never get him out of my office…).

  135. Kyra (@KyraTX) says:

    Y’all are awesome, Gaiam! (I’ve ordered many a product from your fine company).

    I would dearly love to win this chair because it would be fantastic for my posture and for my very tight hips (which have only gotten tighter since I started to wog with the dogs). Also, my balance ball, while it functions as a chair on occasion when my hips are really sore, scares my sweet puppygirl, Mitzi, who is my faithful companion while I work all day. A chair version would be something she could deal with because it wouldn’t roll into her head when I stand up.

  136. Julia says:

    Because I just read on The Great Fitness Experiment that the more you sit down during your day the more of your life is sucked away. I’m a desk jockey and I want to LIVE! Help me live, MizFit!!

  137. Joanne says:

    Shiver me timbers! That is what I would like to do with this awesome chair with excercise ball. Send away this lumbar ache that I acquired one year ago carrying heavy garden pots loaded with soil and plants - ahh, to stretch all that out would be great! So please, please, consider helping this 67 year old back get in shape again. Joanne

  138. Tracy says:

    still getting use to it…

  139. Tracy says:

    need more practice though!

  140. Kat says:

    Ok. I am going to get my ball and stretch my hips…. Thank you for reminding me that I can do this!

  141. Denise says:

    That is an awesome chair and I really do need to improve my posture! I think that it would be great to use as I sit in front of the computer job hunting! I can also use it to stretch!

  142. Ashley says:

    I should win because I’m a graduate student (MA in 20th C. Southern American lit) who spends 9+ hours a day at a desk reading, writing, and banging my head on library books. When I do get up, I’m sore and cramped and miserable. My current chair is a hand-me-down from my grandparents’ house, and on my stipend, there’s no way I could buy a new, back and core-friendly chair any time soon. This chair won’t lighten my workload, but it will at least be better for me when I sit down all day.

    And Gaiam, y’all are awesome. I love your yoga mats and DVDs. For reals.

  143. Playful Professional says:

    I should win the chair because I need something to do while I’m glued to the TV at night…I might actually do this while I’m watching Biggest Loser :)

  144. Dawn says:

    Ohh, neat! I’ve always been intrigued by these chairs. I spend way more time at my desk than I care to admit, so I think one of these would do me a world of good.

  145. deb roby says:

    What a fabulous chair! While I already use a Gaiam stability ball to sit at desk -sans the chair part - I know exactly what I would were I to win this:

    I have a friend with MS who desires to try using a stability ball while she works her 10 hours/day at her computer. However -as MS robs its victims of balance/stability she fears using the ball because of her slipping balance issues.

    Imagine if I showed up at her door with this shiny Gaiam chair that would let her use the ball without the fear of losing her balance??

    (crosses fingers…)

  146. Rebeca says:

    1. You’re soooo right… we forget that these companies are making a sacrifice as well! Thanks Gaiim!

    2. Oh man, I work at my desk soooo much between lesson planning for my students and doing all my own school work for my degree (not to mention the hours I spend editing photos for clients or building sites)- I’d use this like crrrazy to make it a little bit more fun and beneficial!

  147. Kim Stebe says:

    At the office I previously worked for they purchased the ball chair for us. I loved mine but I now work somewhere else and would love to have one for either home or that office. I haven’t worked there very long so I hate to ask the to buy me one. I loved how I felt sitting on my ball. My back felt so much better. We would bounce when a good song came on the radio. I would greatly appreciate winning a chair. I can’t decide if I would keep it at home or bring it to work, probably work as I spend so much of my time there. Thanks for thinking of me…Namaste

  148. Kimberley says:

    I need to win this chair so my back can get some happiness. My office chair sucks!

    Gaiam rules!

  149. Bethanie says:

    I have loved working with a balance ball at the gym with my trainer. I am doing an online Master’s Degree, and therefore am stuck eight hours or more in my traditional office chair five days a week and would love the opportunity to have my own balance ball chair! Just the chance to do supported backbends looks pretty awesome.

    And I have to say, I do love Gaiam! I just bought myself a new tree of life yoga mat as well as the black floral yoga tote (both Gaiam), and I’ve got a few of the yoga DVD’s. Thank you Gaiam for creating products to support our wellness and peace of mind!

  150. seekatyrun says:

    My posture is atrocious and I have been wanting to try one of these!! Glad to hear it works as promised. Maybe I will put it on my Christmas list — if I don’t win, that is…

  151. Mira says:

    I have used just an exercise ball. Who knew they had a setup with wheels. That’s just awesome and I would love to have one.

  152. erin says:

    What a fun giveaway! I wonder if I could make my own chair using the stability ball I already have. Probably wouldn’t be too safe. :)

  153. Christine says:

    This is fabulous! I would love to win this, not for me, but for my best friend who is currently using a ball as her office chair. This will help her in her fitness goals and help reduce the stress her job gives her every single day. I will forward her this blog post, but she uses computers for work and doesn’t like them once she leaves work (silly girl, doesn’t know what she is missing)

  154. Cynthia (It All Changes) says:

    I so need this. My doc suggested this after my surgery to keep my core and back strong. I would love to have this for my office.

  155. Diana Carolina says:

    This would be for my hubby who had back surgery after a really horrible car accident. I think it would really help him in getting his back near where it used to be.

  156. Dre says:

    Welp, I’ve never read your blog before and happened to pop over here from A Prior Fat Girl because of the motivational pairings and figured I’d enter the contest and work a lil mizfit into my blog reading. :)

    And so I’ll hop right up onto the bandwagon and say “I need this chair because I’m a chronic sloucher and I’m a brokeass college student who’s constantly sitting at her desk at home writing papers.” lol

  157. Liz says:

    i’d love to win this chair! i get bad lower back pain and i think this chair would help-also would be great for streching. thanks gaiam for the giveaway! their products are pretty awesome

  158. Michelle Smiles says:

    I shouldn’t because my very uncoordinated self would likely end up breaking a hip…but I have to say that is incredibly cool! What a neat way to get a little extra core strength while surfing the web! Neat find MizFit!

  159. Heather says:

    I think Gaiam is awesome and would love to have one for all the hours I must sit at the computer. Soooo tight everywhere all the time because I don’t have the time to get in the exercise I really need. This at least would help tremendously with some of the tightness and bad postures I am so trying hard to avoid!! ;D

  160. Katie R says:

    This giveaway and y’all at Gaiam are awesome! I have been eying these types chairs for a while as my DH gets pretty terrible back pain and I am always looking for new ways to ‘exercise’. This chair would help the husband’s posture, and it would make me feel more active while sitting. Win-Win!

  161. Katie says:

    I’ve wanted to try that “chair” since seeing it a few weeks ago. I work from home at my desk and am always hunching over and then reminding myself that I need to sit up straight (mom? why is your voice in my head?). I got a bigger external screen, I have a pillow behind the small of my back, I did 5 min of office yoga (courtesy of Gaiam - holla!), and still I hunch. I had no idea Gaiam was so eco friendly. Love them more!

  162. s says:

    i am kinda lacking in the core work dept. well, i’m going to try planks at some point. but a cool balanceball/chair thing might be nifty.

  163. Scoti says:

    If that chair enters my door,
    I’ll put it on the floor
    So it won’t be a boer
    As I work on my core.
    So if the chair I do score
    My thanks to you will soar.

  164. Gretchen says:

    Oh man, this would be so perfect today. My job is sit-stand-walk in a uniform that makes it difficult for me to have the best posture because of all the stuff I carry on my belt. I come home and everything below about mid-torso is just so stiff and sore. I’ve always wanted to have something like this to sit on and stretch me out a bit.

    I love Gaiam’s stuff and wish I had the money to afford more of it!

  165. Jeannie says:

    Gaiam ya’ll are AWESOME and will be so much more awesome’ner if I win the chair, which I would take to work and use much to the envy of all my coworkers.

  166. Ventego says:

    Hmm… I read blogs on a similar topic, but i never visited your blog. I added it to favorites and i’ll be your constant reader.

  167. scubagrrl says:

    What a great idea. I have tried sitting on a balance ball several times when I’m working, but have trouble keeping it still. This looks more like a regular chair. I would love to try it.

  168. Julie L says:

    This looks to be an awesome product. Thank you and Gaiam for presenting it. I was laid off in 7/08 and since then found a job which required me to sit at my computer for long periods of time uninterrupted. The first time I did this, there was excruciating pain in my back & leg, so much that I had to quit the job because I couldn’t sit uninterrupted anymore.

    Please enter my name in the giveaway, it would be a godsend!
    With Gratitude, J

  169. Jo says:

    Precisely: We are homeschoolers. We sit a lot. We take breaks, we stretch, we exercise, but we still sit. A lot. We also do not have an exercise ball. I think this would be fantastic. I’ve read in many places that kids learn better when doing their work on an exercise ball.

  170. Traci says:

    Wow! I didn’t even know they made a chair. Sounds like I could benefit from sitting on it while I am at the computer (which I am at often). I love stretching on my balance ball after a workout, maybe this would encourage me to do it more often.;-)

  171. Molly says:

    Hi. Today was my first day on your blog. I’m hoping to get whipped into shape with some of your suggestions. I would LOVE the Gaiam chair. I need it, in fact. I’ve had three back surgeries in four years due to severe degenerative disc disease. I’m doing ok now and am trying to exercise as much as my body will let me. There are definitely things I can’t or shouldn’t do and I’m trying to walk the line. At work, a prescription got me a wonderful chair but I now work from home and am leaving the corporate world to have more time for my kiddos (ages 5 and 7). Sooooo, a great chair that will help my back and my core would be such a treat. Regardless, I’m excited to dive into your blog and listen to the first three episodes of your podcast. Thanks!

  172. Valerie says:

    LOL…love the poem! Love the chair, too, and have been considering buying one for work for some time now, but haven’t quite taken the plunge for fear of getting strange looks. Oh, wait, I get those anyway. Hmph.

    Anyway. Love the pictures too!


  173. Molly says:

    Oops, I forgot my shoutout. Thanks Gaiam for coming up with a great option for those of us who need to strengthen our core, protect our backs and not fall on our arses in the process!

  174. Tami says:

    My first piece of “workout” equipment I first purchased years ago was a Gaiam stability ball. it has had many many uses in our home, for many months, it was used to bounce my very colicky baby to sleep, now it floats around our house from one room to the next with everyone enjoying it. I would LOVE the exercise ball chair to be a permanent fixture at our computer table! Thanks Gaiam, for those that don’t get their catalog or check their website, you are missing out!

  175. workout mommy says:

    i love the pics of the tornado using the ball, so cute!

    i would love to win so i can get work on my post baby abs in a few weeks. That and the fact that it just looks so cool!

  176. Dana Smith says:

    Oh, how my family would LOVE you for it!!! I would be a kinder, straighter, looser..and blissful “Mater”!!!
    I am just sitting here like a slouch as I type away knowing what a glorious day it would be to open my Ball Chair and declare, “Why, it has happened to me… crap chair, I can set you free, this relationship is over, now roll on over Balance Ball Chair, with your Savoir~Faire and give me some of that Spectacular, Innovative, Green, Compassionate Goodness that your makers have been spreading wide for years!” Yep, that’s right Gaim… I’m talking you! Your catalogs are like getting mail from a friend (and that doesn’t happen everyday!) Well, this busy massage therapist, mom, flying in every direction woman is signing off (with a slump… hoping to straighten out soon!) Blessings!!!

  177. Claire says:

    Gaiam? Fab.
    Me? no so.
    I neeeeed this chair for my core.

  178. Rosa says:

    Wow! That is fantastic. I know people sit on the ball, but this would be more user friendly.

  179. Jules says:

    First of all i love love love Gaiam. i own many of their products and love them all. :-) I didn’t know they now make a chair for the exercise ball and let me just say, I’m in envy and in love.

    I would so use this chair. i do have an exercise ball from Gaiam that I got a few months ago. I got it for the main purpose of being pregnant. I use it more and more since getting it as part of my 30 minute mandatory workout routine and when i get done I’m tired AND relaxed all at the same time. I’ve tried using it as a chair at my computer and because i’m so short, i can not comfotably sit on the ball AND at my desk at the same time. It’s actually impossible for me to do. Having the chair to put under the ball would guarantee me the ability to use my exercise ball in more ways than one… And all the while i can still work on bettering my posture and strengthening my preggo core to help my aching preggo back… oh what a peice of heaven that would be. So i shamelessly beg!! PICK ME!! PICK ME!!! if I don’t win… I know what’s going on my xmas wish list. :)

  180. Angela @ A Healthy Fit says:

    My derriere would love to balance on the Gaiam chair.
    My hips and joints are tight; so much they make physical therapist back away in fright!
    I would love to lay out and stretch my back, kinda like I was an alley cat.


  181. Juice says:

    Oh, oh, oh - I would REALLY love to have this chair. I have such tight hips. And the last time i went for a massage the therapist told me to work on my core!!!!

  182. Celia says:

    Ohhhh! That chair looks lovely for writing. Looks like it’s a de-stressor when the ol’ college paper starts to drag me down. Fun!

  183. Geosomin says:

    I love exercise balls and with all the time I will soon be spending writing up (meep) graduate studies proposals and papers. Having a ball chair would be fantastic! I have thought this would be a cool thing for ages now and was googely eyed to see it’s real :) Woo!
    I’d love to be able to do those back stretches…and sit comfily and not slouch as I type type type …

    Gaiam - for making this you officially rock my world :)

  184. alissa says:

    Hi! I would love to win because I work with kids (with autism) all day and when i get home and in front of my computer- i am so stiff. i think this chair would keep me going strong and not tempted to lay on a couch and veg!

  185. SeaBreeze says:

    I’m sorry I have been away for so long. It feels like Marketing never sleeps these days. Love the post. Love the idea of the exercise ball as a chair. Used to rock this at home without the fancy stand until my roommates stole it. ;)

  186. Sharon says:

    I’d love to win - I spend 10 hrs a day in a crappy computer chair because my company is too cheap to buy their employees decent furniture. I’m chronically achy and creaky.

    Thanks for offering the contest!

  187. Anne says:

    I’ve seen these chairs but was never sure how it looked…and to be honest, wasn’t sure whether it was worth it, but the last photo sold me! I need to get this chair for my daughter Mila.

    I’ve noticed my posture - mostly upper back/shoulders got so rounded the first year of her life. I’m still fighting my way back to better posture!

    Love your tweets btw!

    Thanks for offering this contest.

  188. Laura T says:

    It is totally karma that I win this!! I’m nt fibbing, I have been meaing to order it for a week now and have been too busy. I saw this Gaiam balance ball chair in a magazine last mnth and have wanting to get one ever since. PS - I googled it last week and it is ($20) less on amazon.com!! Yeah to Gaiam and Amazon!!

  189. Adrienne says:

    I’ve found out during my workouts that my weak core effects my overall workout. I’d love this innovative invention to help strengthen my core. Thanks for being AWESOME Gaiam!!!!!

    And thanks for sharing mizfit!! :)

  190. Aynsley - WrenLife.com says:

    My reason is one word - SNOW! I live in NE Ohio and it’s about to start snowing and probably won’t let up until March! This will be my second winter since my fitness commitment and I’ve been slowly collecting items for my ‘home gym’ which I think will really come in handy when I can’t get my car down the road to go to the gym.

    The Gaiam chair will go great with my Gaiam Yoga Mat and will be my first core-strengthening/stretching tool! I hope I win!

  191. Kelly says:

    Ahh! I love this chair! I’d love to win it since I have terrible trouble with my posture and hips — especially at work sitting in my desk chair! LOL
    I have piriformis syndrome, and alternatingly tight hips/open hips (I’ve become a pro at popping my hips back in place!)

  192. Mee says:

    I’ve seen these, and I would love to have one!

    My lower back has been aching lately. It would great to have at work where I sit in front of a computer most of the day.

  193. Eve says:

    I need this ball because I have no machines to work out in my home and I really need this so I can stay fit and exercise in my home.

  194. Amanda says:

    I love the exercise ball. Every time I see the chair, I think of the Office episode where Dwight is sitting on the ball and Jim pops it with scissors - anyone else?

  195. adrian says:

    This would really help undo the bad posturing I end up doing during my computer time. I’ll have to try the position you demonstrated above!!
    Thanks to you and gaiam for the chance!!

  196. Paige says:

    Ooh! I have a bunch of Gaiam things (yoga-related) and they all work fantastically for me. My step-mom just got one of these and I want one too! I’ve had this terrible stationary chair at my desk for the last 5+ years. It’s good in that it doesn’t have a back, so I probably sit better at it, but it’s bad in that it doesn’t roll and so I have to do special contortions to get out of it without tweaking my back. I’ve used an exercise ball as a chair before and liked it, but didn’t like that I couldn’t easily push away from the desk to get up, and that it rolled away when I wasn’t using it.

  197. Betsy says:


    I am having back problems, so this would be great!

  198. Miss Lori says:

    Though my hips have spread with the birth of each child,
    they tighten and lock and leave me quite riled.
    My back, oh my back has footprints embedded,
    from my 6 year old’s nightmares after she has bed wetted.
    Please, oh please won’t you send me this chair,
    so I can get some relief and get back my flare.
    I promise to stretch and breathe evenly,
    as I replicate your poses, (a bit more heavily).
    But with each pose I do I know I will gain,
    millimeters more of range and a lot less pain.
    Thank you dear Mizfit for giving me this chance,
    to win a Gaiam product that will help me still dance.

    SMILE On!


  199. Cynthia says:

    Don’t enter me extra, but you know what, if I don’t win the chair, it’s going on my Christmas list. If I get a new computer, I am going to need an exercise related chair as a reminder to step away from the box.

  200. Leslie says:

    I’ve admired this chair for quite a while, and would truly love to have one. I’ve lost 95 pounds so far, and while my back is way better than it used to be, it still bothers me because I sit all day long at work. I am a receptionist, and can’t leave my desk unless somebody comes up front first. Which means I get a 10 minute AM and a 10 minute PM break. I always walk at lunch, but I think having an ‘active’ seat would help a great deal.

    Thank you for having this contest! And THANK YOU Gaiam for allowing her to!! I have lots of your videos! They’re awesome!

  201. Laurita says:

    This chair is awesome… and by association (or creation), Gaiam is awesome.

    I do what I can to get active. Well, I know I could do more, but I’m a full-time grad student at a major university. And I’m a resident assistant (that’s what I’m doing at this exact moment). When I’m not reading or at class or doing homework or working in the office of my residence or more or less chained to my room because of my RA duties, I’m sleeping. I spend most of my time at home behind my computer screen, sitting on my futon. I would keep my computer on a counter like I do at home, but I don’t have that luxury at school. And I have a desk, but the chair that came with it is torture and makes my back crack like grandmother’s.

    This chair would be an amazing, productive upgrade from the 20-year old, short, unadjustable wooden chair that came with my room’s desk. I’d love to have a little spring! in my seat!


  202. Kim says:

    I have debilitating chronic pain. My doctor believes some or all of this nerve, spine, and muscle pain is a result of muscle imbalances. I do quite a bit of sitting each day and this chair would be a great benefit to me, helping me to improve my posture as well as work and stretch my muscles.

  203. sara says:

    Definitely desperate to see some sexay abs…sitting on this ALLLL DAYYY at work would definitely make a dent!! (along with all of my hard work!)

  204. Amy says:

    I am smack dab in the middle of “Renewal 2010″ which is a complete physical and spiritual overhaul. This chair would be a great help in my progress, particularly since I start a new weight loss regime in a few weeks (I’m pretty pumped).

    Ya’ll are AWESOME, Gaiam! I admire your obvious attention to detail.

  205. Harvey Morris says:

    i still prefer to use plain old clay garden pots instead of those that are made of plastic.”‘;

  206. Soap Dispenser ` says:

    garden pots should be made from ceramics or hig quality clay for its long lasting nature:~*


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