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A MizFit mini-course & Jackie Warner’s tips for the New Year.

Happy New Year from a misfit MizFit who, as we chatted about this time last year, believes NOT in resolutions.

For me today is simply FRIDAY.

It may be one where we START working out hard heavy and focused again (seriously. clicketh the link. Ill wait. all my beliefs are jampacked up in therre.)—but in my never ever humble opinion we can make this START (oooh she links again!) any day.

It need not be the first day of a new year.

(leaps down off soapbox)

OK, if you ‘clicked’ you know what *I* think.

Please to enjoy what The Warner thinks are the proverbial keys to workout success.

1.    Keep a Food Journal.  You will learn why you eat the way you do and how to spot eating patterns.  Place a smiley face next to each good clean eating day.  (MizFit note: Doing this makes me crazy. Doing this works for so, so many. Into which camp do you fall?)

2.    Make an appointment.  Be accountable to a trainer or a class. Knowing others are counting on you will give you extra motivation and help keep you on track.

3.    Pay in advance.  No one wants to throw money away…especially in this economy.  Knowing that you’ve paid for it will ensure you follow through.

4.    Be patient. Don’t expect miracles overnight.  Focus on being healthy and feeling good rather than how much weight you’ve lost. Most people don’t see results for 6-8 weeks. (MizFit note: yesyesyes! I once had a client call me lamenting the fact she’d seen no changes yet…after TWO SESSIONS.  Patience, grasshopper, patience.)

5.    Make workouts fun. Incorporate something you’ve always wanted to do like learn how to box or dance. If you love it, you’ll do it. (MizFit note: PLAYouts, People. Lose the work notion.)

6.    Create a training log.  Write down your workout before you go to the gym. On days you feel sore, write a smiley face next to that workout so you know what you should be doing again. (MizFit note: I dont do this enough. Right now, for me, too much logging puts the WORK back in my OUTS. Are you a logger? Please to enlighten me in the comments.)

OK hungover SKIMMERS heres where you SNAP! back to attention.

The announcement you’ve all been waiting for (if by YOU you mean Ive—-which I do):

Im teaming up with Dinneen, of Eat Without Guilt,  and we are offering an intensive mini-course.

This (fingerquote) course (unFQ) is the pilot program for a longer teleseminar and, as a result, we’ve decided to limit the group to ten people.

Here are the deets:

  • The course is four weeks long (I told ya it was the quick & dirrty!), starts on January the 19th for four consecutive Tuesday nights from 8pm EST to 915pm EST
  • The cost is 40.00 total (yes we realize it is worth far more. yes we realize we shall never get rich on 40.00 per person. yes we are about a lot more than the money.)
  • The course will cover all facets of jump starting your healthy living in 2010 (if by ALL you mean all we can cover in four weeks) & will afford each participant ample opportunity to ask questions of each of us (hence the small size).
  • If you want to participate please email us at [email protected] and the first ten emailers will be sent more information on how to proceed.

So there you go.

Questions on the mini-course? Love or loathe the idea? Hit me up in the comments.

Thoughts on The Warner’s tips for workout success? Hit us all up in the comments.

Ready to get on the phone with Dinneen & me? Please to send us an email.

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48 Responses to “A MizFit mini-course & Jackie Warner’s tips for the New Year.”

  1. Fattie Fatterton says:

    Although most folks wouldn’t guess it by my personality, I’m very much a “logger.” I’m visual, so I like seeing the big picture. I created my own spreadsheet so that I can see what nutrients I’m getting everyday, to make sure that I’m getting enough protein, fiber, etc.

    I also found out, as I do the WW points, that even though I can be eating within my points, I might still be overboard on fat grams. So, it’s really helped me.

    Funny thing is, I swore I would NEVER count calories or keep a journal like that. But as I was so frustrated when I thought I was doing all of the right things and NOTHING was happening on the scale, I needed to go through the evidence and find out why.

    Happy New Year!! I hope it’s a great one for you :-)

  2. Karen says:

    (shhhh I haven’t gone to bed yet, Miz :) )

    Question on your mini-course thing:

    It is 40.00 total or 40.00 per class?

  3. moonduster (Becky) says:

    I log my food and calories. It keeps me accountable, but yes, it’s tedious and I dream of the day when I can trust my judgment enough to not have to log everything.

    I still focus too much on how much weight I’m losing or not losing, but, for now, it helps keep me motivated. I’m close to my goal though, so I’m slowly shifting my focus.

    I’d love fun workouts, but I haven’t yet found a belly dancing class or kickboxing class that’s run during a time I can go.

    I write down my workouts in the same place I log my food and calories for the day. It helps me get a better idea of what’s been working for me and what hasn’t.

  4. moonduster (Becky) says:

    Oh, and I do make New Year’s Resolutions, but they’re just goals I already have and they get written down (yet again) on the New Year. Writing down my goals serves as a great way to focus on them.

    I’ll often look at the list as a reminder and focus on achieving one goal at a time.

  5. Irene aka FitHungryGurl says:

    I like logging, but my problem has, as always, been consistency. It’s something I will be working on this year.

    *Watching as you become more and more a J. Warner fan* lol!

  6. Gemfit says:

    I’m keen on this but can I do it from NZ?

    I hate logging - I tried it for a few weeks and turned obsessive so I stopped quick smart.

    Happy new year!

  7. Trish @IamSucceeding says:

    Oh I LOVE it…I will know IF I will be able to attned soon!! :) doing a challenge this month and the mamvation thing goign on…no coffee I can only do so much…so PLEASE PLEASE telll me you and Dinneen will do this yet again if by the slim chance I have another thing taking my attention….please. :)

  8. Joanna Sutter says:

    I’m a logger. If I don’t I get off track. Plus I love having documentation of my success!

    Speaking of success I wish you a lot of it during your course. It sounds awesome…AND UNDER PRICED! Just sayin’. ;-)

  9. Miz says:

    It is 40.00 total or 40.00 per class?

    yes FORTY TOTAL :) and YES only this first time. Next time shall be longer, ebooked, recorded etc. This time it’s the DOWN, DIRTY, INTIMATE AND LETS GET READY TO KICK BOOTY IN 2010 STAT!! version

    I’m keen on this but can I do it from NZ?

    I shall let Dinneen refute me if Im wrong but I think YES as long as we (read: you and Dinneen. I sucketh at the timezones as my podcast partner in crime can attest…) figure out the call-in time for you.

  10. Meredith says:

    VERY EXCITED for the mini-course.
    Do you think you will offer it again? I’d love to have something spread out and maybe monthly but all year long?

  11. Dinneen @Eat Without Guilt says:

    For questions if one lives in different country (or other side of the world!) and wants to take part: SURE!!

    As long as the time works for YOU.

    It’s Tuesdays at 8pm Eastern Time (so NYC time), so converting to your time if that works for you — we’d love to have you join us!!


  12. Lori (Finding Radiance) says:

    Happy New Year Miz!

    I log what I eat, but I am a numbers gal. I have been going some days without recording to break my attachment to the computer, but I still tally in my head, so not sure if that counts.

    I love how Jacki says to be patient. I really have experienced how long it takes to see results, but the journey is pretty much as good as the destination, no?

  13. dragonmamma says:

    Food logging: Haven’t done it in ages, but I think it’s crucial for folks who are just starting out.

    Workout logging: This has gotten much sloppier since I moved away from bodybuilding workouts. My current daily notes say things like: “Bootcamp, pull ups, sprints”, with sporadic mention of reps or weights. But this still works for me, because I have at least a dozen people at the gym who hold me accountable with spontaneous challenges, along the lines of “Hey, Naomi, I betcha can’t do this…”.

  14. Natalia Burleson says:

    Happy New Year Miz! Email sent, thought prob didn’t make the first ten!

  15. Ron says:

    Good luck with your course, I don’t do resolutions and I don”t log much, but I can tell you everything I have eaten this past week. I am very aware or that. I’m hoping my 2010 is a year of always making those healthy choices when I go out to eat with freinds.

  16. Fab Kate says:

    This sounds great… but definitely not in my budget this month. I do hope everyone involved will keep us all updated! Can’t wait to see the program results!

  17. South Beach Steve says:

    I think the idea is great Mizfit! I also love your six points. More than that, I love that you don’t mandate them. We each have to find what works best for us.

  18. Jessica says:

    Today is Friday for me, too! Yay for no resolutions!

  19. Terry says:

    I’m so excited about the seminar.

    Off to figure out the time thing ;)

  20. POD says:

    Oh, I write down a lot of food! haha
    But I did not eat very much last night at the party and only drank 2 small glasses of champagne before switching to water so I could drive back home.
    Some sort of post to come about this event as it fortified me…
    I can easily afford 40 bucks for better health.
    Love this idea.

  21. Jenny says:

    Happy New Year! And I couldn’t agree more, healthy living can begin WHENEVER we choose, it’s up to us.

  22. Marisa (Loser for Life) says:

    I believe in the power of the food journal. For me, it keeps me on track. I never thought about logging my workouts - that is a great idea!

  23. Cynthia (It All Changes) says:

    I definitely don’t wait until the new year to start my ideas I want to do for the year. I already started on half of those on my list. There is no perfect day to start new ideas.

  24. Tracey @ I'm Not Superhuman says:

    I like the idea of being accountable to someone by joining a class or getting a trainer. I only wish it weren’t so expensive. That goes against my resolution to spend less money! :)

  25. Foodie McBody says:

    The teleseminar: I’m SO IN. And… expensive? $10 a week? I can’t think of a more amazing deal.

    Re logging food and exercise, I’m a geeky girl that way but I like my gadgets to help me out. Just got BodyBugg for xmas and verrrrrrry excited.

    Of course we of the WW ilk believe strongly in the power of Tracking, but I think if you eventually internalize it you don’t need it so much. In the beginning, I think (like regular weighing) it’s a necessity. But I don’t think MizFit needs to track; what would she write anyway?
    Breakfast: beef jerky omelet
    Lunch: Beef Jerky sandwich
    Dinner: Beef Jerky tenderloins with a side salad

  26. Gigi says:

    Late to the party (or teleseminar) again. It sounds like a great idea, Miz. You’re so creative in how you go about helping people.

    Loved the Jackie Warnerisms. I need to do a little logging (oh, that sounds a little dirty, doesn’t it?) but hesitate as to the smiley faces. When I’m “journaling”, I make sure to note the food and the exercise all at once. Okay - maybe I could throw in a smiley face or two. Couldn’t hurt.

  27. Sagan says:

    I like both your thoughts and Jackie Warner’s on the keys to success. Paying in advance is one of the BIGBIG ones for me… if I’ve already shelled out the dough, there’s NO WAY that I’m going to let it go to waste.

    Which is why classes work better for me than dvd’s. Sure, I can buy a dvd, but then I can always tell myself I’ll “do it later” and thus get my moneys worth. Not so with the classes.

    PS It’s just Friday to me, too. Except that it’s also the kick-off to my newest challenge. So that’s exciting as well :D

  28. Tamera says:

    Will there be a recording of the classes thing?

    With the time difference I can’t make it.

  29. Anonymous Fat Girl says:

    Great ideas. I have to laugh at the one about being patient with results. I was the same way, after a week I was really irritated I didn’t see the scale moving in the right direction. It really took a month to see and feel the results. Gotta give it that long (at least). Glad I did! :)

  30. Shelley B says:

    I did an online food journal for months and found it really helped as I tried to log what I was going to eat for the day in the morning…that way I could see any deficits or overages and made adjustments. It also helped me to see that I wasn’t getting enough protein and it was great to be able to hand it over to my trainer when my weight loss plateaued so he could make some suggestions. THAT SAID, I don’t do it regularly now, although I might start back up again when I get down and dirty on losing a little more weight.

    The teleseminar sounds great! I can’t commit to Tuesday evenings as I work most of them (6 - 8:30), but am interested in a future one.

    Good luck with it - I am excited for you! And Happy New Year, Carla!

  31. Jody - Fit at 52 says:

    How exciting!!!!! Can’t wait to hear more!

    LOVE the Jackie points!!!! So true and the patience one is hard for oh so many!!!! Lie you, I am not a logger but I have used that during bodybuilding & it does work! PPLUS, all the studies show it DOES work! Many people just plain have no idea how much they are eating!

    Happy 2010 Carla & looks to be a great one for you!

  32. Normal to Natalie says:

    yes, i log what i eat and yes it makes me a little crazy but i find it very necessary still at this stage of my journey to a much healthier me! i also track my workouts and am seeing great results.

    oh and i tell all my friends that want my results without putting in the work that if there were a skinny pill then oprah would be taking it and it would be on her favorite things list…. until then move more and eat less!!!

    Happy New Year!

  33. Biz says:

    Just wanted to stop by and wish you a Happy New Year - cheers!

    Thanks for all your inspiration last year! :D

  34. Dinneen @Eat Without Guilt says:

    Jumping in while Carla is off enjoying the New Year…

    @ Tamera — I’ll have to talk with Carla as not sure if we’ll record the class. What I CAN say is that we will definitely be offering the course again, though it will be a larger investment (as this one is a pilot program so we made it extremely affordable).

    So if you want to be able to do it LIVE, you would have to wait until next round. But I’ll talk with Carla to see about recording…

    Our goal with this class was to allow each participant to ask their questions, hence live would be better. But we’ll be in touch!

  35. suganthi says:

    Just a quick pop in to WISH YOU and YOURS AN AWESOME 2010!

    Good luck with the course. I am sure it will be major fun and rewarding to all concerned. I am off to work… I want to remain fiercely motivated. xo!

  36. Bea says:

    I can’t do tuesdays. Record record ;)

  37. Cammy@TippyToeDiet says:

    I’m a sort-of logger, in that I record exceptions to my normal way of eating (except during the holidays, when the list would have been too long-I just wrote “cookies!” on the days I had them.) For exercise, I write the number of minutes exercised and the general type of workout (ST for strength, C for cardio, R for rest day). I don’t do smiley faces—way too adult for that. I use a yellow highlighter to mark those days. :)

  38. Tony says:

    Nothing beats having patience. I wouild have to say no to the food journal though.

  39. Shannon Fab Fattie says:

    I officialy suck at a food journal. I try I do but just am not good at it. Working on it though.
    6-8 weeks? That is forever when you are getting your butt kicked, lol.
    Totally agree on having accountability to someone. That is absolutely mandatory for me. It cannot be a close friend either. It has to be a trainer etc.
    The class sounds great hope I am not to late!

  40. @FootDr69 says:

    Love Love Love this post!!!!!! Why oh why did I not see it earlier?!? Perfect union between you and the Warner (I love her too! I was even thinking of doing a couple of weeks at the Sky Lab)to get this “Party” Started in 2010!!!!! I love the idea of the Course!!!!! I have a “Never Give Up” Attitude so I’m gonna see if the spots are filled!!!! If Not…..I WANNA PLAY!!!!! LOL!!! Happy New Year, My Friend!!!
    Love Ya Lots

  41. Julie P says:

    Just had to say I saw your quote and picture in Fitness magazine. First time I ever purchased the publication and read it and I felt so “in” that I knew who you were! Congrats - I hope its good publicity for you.

  42. Crabby McSlacker says:

    Love the idea of the seminar-and what a lucky group of folks to get in on the pilot for such a nominal charge. Love the way the Mizfit empire keeps expanding in such creative ways! Podcasts, radio, conferences, etc. Hooray for spreading the word about fitness.

  43. Hanlie says:

    Good luck with the seminar! I think it’s a great idea!

    I’m not much of a logger - I know full well when I’m not eating right and when I’m not exercising…

  44. Diana's Body Journey says:

    Food logging for me brings up all sorts of disordered eating. Although, it’s something I’m still struggling with.

    Good luck with the seminar! I think it’s a great idea and I hope you find it a success :)

  45. Lex says:

    Hi there!

    I love your tips! I especially find the pay in advance thing appicable, nothing like money guild to get you in gear!

    I am very curious as to your serious on Eat Without Guilt! I have recently been doing a ton of research into nutrition and found something on the FDA’s website stating that ALL Americans need to be on dietary suppliments, because even eating just organics, we can’t get the 40-something daily nutrients that you need from American foods.

    I was then researching different nutrition plans and found that the one-a-day multi-vitamin is actually not a good option, because the body cannot absorb a full day’s worth of vitamins in one dosage, some of it simply passes through and gets wasted.

    Because of that I got onto a nutrition plan based on cellular nutrition rather than a standard nutrition plan, and have had remarkable results! I’m a marathon runner and work out religiously so I’m pretty keyed into what goes into my body, but I’ve spoken with a lot of people who took on similar systems for weight loss and had great results too. I guess the doctor who designed it actually won the Nobel Prize for nutrition and biochemistry for his work on it, crazy right?

    I was wondering, given the popularity of your blog, if you might be willin to share with us your opinion on normal nutrition vs. organic nutrition vs. cellular nutrition plans?

    I’d love to exchange further info on stuff! If you wouldn’t want to post on it perhaps just sharing info via email? You can reach me at [email protected].

    Look forward to speaking with you and hearing your thoughts!

    Wishing you a happy and healthy new years!!


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