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MizFit’s Monday workout: exercise bands & BOSU balls.

Mon, Jan 4, 2010

Exercise, Weight training

Subtitle: this post is brought to you by the letter B.


Im doing the BOSU & working on balance (click here to bellylaugh or click here to learn more).

Im using my exercise bands for a full body workout (click here to see precisely what Im doing).

Im HEARTING my blue Air Rifts (click here to see where Im spending the Tornado’s college fund).

Now you.

Are you a fan of the BOSU?

Are you still lacking in balance as am I & vowing to change that fact in 2010?

Are you as smitten as I suddenly am (again) with exercise bands?

Are you, too, looking to break a plateau?

(Ive refound my strength-training-at-home love, People. Ive realized that lots of time spend with dumbbells/machines necessitates some plateau breaking in the form of the bands.  It works!)

Have you caved (please tell me yes!) and at least tried on my beloved Air Rifts?

Please to hit us all up in the comments.

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68 Responses to “MizFit’s Monday workout: exercise bands & BOSU balls.”

  1. Amy S says:

    I heart the Bosu. I have terrible Balance, But the Bosu is certainly a Big hit for improvement. I also love the way my aBs feel when I’m done doing crunches on the Bosu Ball. FaBulous!

  2. suganthi says:

    Haven’t used Bosu yet.
    My balance got really bad after I sprained my left ankle, but currently I am in love with my stability ball and stability disk.
    I just started using the ball and disk.
    I am also sitting on the balance disk on my chair.. hoping to keep back problem at bay.

    Don’t know about the Nike shoes… this is the first time I am seeing it.

  3. Beth says:

    I do love my yoga so balance isn’t normally a problem-but I’ve been really curious about working out on the BOSU. You’ll have to keep us in-the-know about how it works for you. I’m (almost) always up for a challenge…

    And I’m envying me those shoes…

  4. Cammy@TippyToeDiet says:

    I don’t have access to a BOSU anymore, and that makes me sad. It’s fourth on my list of splurge-y things to buy.

    Love my exercise bands! I’m looking forward to exploring more ways to working out with them!

    Have a great week!

  5. Yum Yucky says:

    Something Baffling is going on:

    Years ago I used to Boast aBout my Balance, But now Bummed that Balancing is a Bust to be Bettered.

    this comment was brought to you by as many B’s as I could Bolster in an attempt to impress the Miz….

  6. Meredith says:

    (yes, ma’am I did use all capitals LOL)

    I bought a band this weekend as a resolution and now I know what I can do with it.

  7. Hanlie says:

    I love your band workouts!

    For balance this year I am going to learn to trampoline!

  8. Bea says:

    Thought provoking point about you returning to the bands to shake things up and break through your plateau.

    Not to be condescending, but I thought I had outgrown resistance bands now that I lift dumbbells.

    I would welcome your thoughts on this.

    Thanks Miz!

  9. Bea says:

    Oh and I listened last night.
    It was very “interesting” LOL

  10. Helen says:

    I am curious now too as to what Bea asked:

    Do we outgrow the ability to use exercise bands to make any noticeable physique changes?

    I also went to your youtube channel and watched a video you put up yesterday.

    What’s that for? You are looking great!!

  11. Jessica says:

    I like bosu and resistance bands, but usually use them for myself and my clients when supersetting workouts or doing some core work at the end. I really like sticking to the basics and find alot of people end up wasting sometime trying to use the bosu ball.

  12. Susan says:

    Confession: Bosu balls frighten me. I can barely balance on a regular exercise ball, and the thought of standing on one sounds like a death sentence to me. Perhaps I should add getting over my fear of the Bosu to my list of goals for 2010?? ;)

  13. Helen says:

    OK :)
    I went to your youtube too.

    What is this video for?


    is that the surprise you mentioned on twitter??

  14. Miz says:

    Im late to the soiree this morning because of the soiree last night (please dont ask about it…it was a smidgetad awkward.)

    Im off to cardio FIRST and then will be back to answer your questions.

    you know, because its pivotal I put on my OWN oxygen mask and then help others—-right?

    or at least thats the 2010 goal….


  15. Tammy says:

    My Christmas sucked.

    I think I may treat myself to a BOSU!
    Can you get them in stores?

  16. Marianne says:

    Still working on mental health and fitness, here…

    I know your day would not be complete if I did not tell you that those are fugly, fugly, fugly camel toe shoes… I LOVE THAT YOU CALL THEM THAT. Makes me laugh every time…

    You make me smile!

    : )

  17. Joanna Sutter says:

    I do not bosu as we have one at our gym and there is always someone falling off of it ;-) .

    BUT I LOVE BANDS! I have a set and I tell you what I can get an entire workout with those Bad Boys.

    How great are bands? Inexpensive, portable, effective!

  18. Connie says:

    Uh oh.

    It looks like we all want you to do a second post today ;)
    I gave away my bands to my mom when I ‘graduated’ to machines.

    Was that a mistake?

  19. Connie says:

    Just watched the vdeo linked in comment 14.


  20. Eria says:

    Good Morning :) I <3 the bosu- you can do SO much with it. Hope you had a VERY happy new years celebration and thank you for the sweet comment on my blog. Enjoy your day

  21. MizFit says:

    many thoughts:

    YES I do still do the bands even though Ive graduated to weights (love that notion of the cap and gown all fashioned from resist.bands).

    More on that later —- but I typically do the bands when traveling or plateau breaking as I mentioned above and am STUNNED how sore I get from the SAME exercises (lets say bicep curls) done via a different medium.

    (yes. Connie. you made a tactical error :) )

    I went to your youtube too.

    What is this video for? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7DiBQsVZR1E

    The video is a (waitforit) audition for something.
    The writer of this blog was wholly unable to make the LOCK PEOPLE OUT EXCEPT FOR CERTAIN EMAIL ADDRESSES feature work.

    so, as a result, please to mock enjoy.

  22. Jody - Fit at 52 says:

    Miz, you know I love mixing it up. I use the BOSU a lot at the gym & I carry my own band & use the gym bands too along with machines, dumbbells, weight plates, cables & anything I can do to keep the bod guessing!!!! Need that to move forward & keep us interested! :-) Although for me, straight weights are always fun!

  23. Trish @IamSucceeding says:

    I actually never have heard of Bosu…must check into it…love at home work out items! :)

  24. Seth Simonds says:

    Exercise bands, seem to me, like a lower quality version of the experience you get by…I don’t know what the proper term is. For a bicep curl, it consists of adding 10lbs more than you can do, using both hands to lift it, and one hand to try and let the weight down as slowly as possible. The only difference is that with a band you’ll get fluctuation in tension vs the weights give the same stress the entire way down. Bands are probably much safer.

    No branded bands for this baby boy beating his burgeoning belly on the beautiful beach.

  25. Lori says:

    I have to say I love the *idea* of Bosu. :) Haven’t had the chance to try it yet. I keep waiting for the price to come down, but no such luck. I am very impressed when I see people using one though. For balance I’ll stick with my yoga for the time being. Happy New Year!

  26. Sagan says:

    I think I tried the bosu once. I fell off. Then my friend got me to do push ups on it. It was rather amusing.

    I do, however, heart the Beloved stability Ball especially when I’m rocking my Blue workout clothes and Belting out the tunes for that extra Burst of energy!

  27. Natalia Burleson says:

    Good Morning Miz! I LOVE the Bosu, but I will NOT work on one at the gym. I did when I was doing group training. But on my own NO WAY! I have seen them at Costco’s and would love to add one to my home gym!

    I have a set of bands at home and have NO idea what to do with them. Thanks for reminding me, I think I’ll check the library and see if they have a DVD for a band workout.

    I love your shoes. They look so comfy.

  28. Kate says:

    I like this concept!

    Should we (ok you :) ) do a letter a day until we need to start the alphabet again?
    That might actually get this lazy girl back working out :)

  29. JavaChick says:

    I don’t have a Bosu (yet - you never know) but I have tried exercise bands a couple of times and I didn’t like them. Perhaps I was doing something wrong but it just didn’t do much for me.

    Glad you are having fun though! I am looking forward to starting a new workout plan after work today. Always fun to try something new.

  30. Natalia Burleson says:

    Oooh I just visited Nike’s website for the rifts. Lots of praise. I gonna have to go try a pair on. I noticed that most of the reviews say they run wide. So I may be able to get my foot inside one! Yay! :)

  31. Miz says:

    Ohhhh and just a heads up the rifts run small!

  32. Fab Kate says:

    I love my band… but am ashamed to say that since my first kidney procedure, it’s been sitting in a basket under the TV with my bollywood dance DVD, my bellydance DVD, and my Nia DVD. Today (hopefully) marks the end of my LAST kindey procedure, and I’ll be back to being allowed to do some serious workouts.

    I think I hear that band calling my name…

    Your rifts are HOT, but definitely not in my budget right now. And Bosu for balance? Mostly I’ve been doing dance and Tai Chi Chih.

  33. Weekly Bite says:

    Bosu ball kicks my botty! I did a cardio strengthening class based around the bosu ball and I could walk straight for days!

  34. girlxoxo says:

    I don’t Bosu nor bands. Strictly running and weights. Working on organization is big for me this year. So far I’ve turned off the computer at a decent time every night - no matter what I have to do; I consistently worked out … 3 days lol - thatnks to Primal Stride Challenge, and I started on my reading list.

  35. Nettie says:

    (Runs to closet to dig out exercise bands)

  36. Tracey @ I'm Not Superhuman says:

    I love the bosu. I started using one when I went to physical therapy for my knee. Now, I use the one at my gym as part of my regular routine.

    After using the Bosu my Balance is Better. Building leg muscle on that can leave you out of Breath!

  37. rebecca @ durch dick und duenn says:

    i do love the bosu, not always quite sure what to do with it but my current thing is to flip it on its round part on do squats… yeah… talk about stabilizing your core to not be wobbling all over the place!

    just wish they werent so expensive I could buy one for home and not rely on the gym..oh well…

  38. Crabby McSlacker says:

    Don’t have a bosu, but have just started working on my balance again, which sucks.

    Mine is so bad I don’t even need equipment to challenge myself. I just stand on one foot, raise the other one up, and keep my eyes closed until… flail flail flail splat.

  39. debby says:

    Mornin’ Miz!

    I mostly use the balance pods in the workout studio at the gym. I have tried the bosu a couple of times, and need to keep trying!

    This sentence cracked me up: click here to see where Im spending the Tornado’s college fund). I have been lusting after them since your last post. But I clicked again, and just now realized they are SPLIT TOE! Yikes, I don’t think that will work for me. Can’t stand thongs or sandals with a strap between my toes. But I will try them. I guess that means you can’t wear them with socks.

  40. MizFit says:

    actually, debby, the air rifts come with split toe socks :)
    I dont even notice the split…but im odd that way.

    I received a flurry of emails and tweets this morning about a bosu giveaway.

    alas, MizTer BOSU Mans isnt interested.

    he doesnt know what he’s missing…

  41. Tina says:

    I love the BOSU. I actually have good balance (probably due to shortness) and that makes it fun for me :) BOSU man listen to MIZ. Times are tough and we could all use more BOSU.

  42. BK says:

    I heart the Bosu although it doesn’t heart me!!! I even have my son using it to help him with his balance in taekwondo.. boy did that help him!!! I absolutely heart my exercise bands.. I find them harder to use during strength training than weights *for some things* you’ve inspired me.. I’m going to use the bands in my class tomorrow for all of the strength training my class will hate you but I thank you LOL

  43. Rachel says:

    I prefer exercises that do not require equipment apart from my own body weight (and possibly a wiifit board, haha). If I need more than that, I might as well just go to a gym where I can feel like I’m getting even MORE of a workout.

  44. Hannah says:

    I wanted to say how much I enjoyed you last night at the soiree! This is my first visit to your blog.

  45. Mary :: A Merry Life says:

    I like the Bosu. Not sure if it likes me back. Kinda. Love hate? I need more practice… but who knows when I’ll see one again.

  46. deb roby says:

    No. Yes. No. No.

    OK. I need much better balance before I can take on the BOSU adequately. And yes, I will be working on that. But they don’t have one at the gym and I haven’t wanted to fork out the $$ to buy one. So likely BOSU is not in my future.

    I have always combined stretchy bands with my regular workout.. but not at home. But I can tell you that one band (sans handles) ties in a circle is making a great sling at the moment. Less cumbersome and obvious that the traditional ones. But more comfy…

    I’m rocking the plyometrics and agility drills now.. and running my first 5K in March. (darn it all, I’m getting excited.)

  47. Diane Fit to the Finish says:

    Balance is one of my never ending goals. I love exercise bands a LOT and need to use them more. Thanks for the reminder.

  48. anonymous fat girl says:

    Another of my blog readers mentioned the bosu ball and I really want one. Bad! :)

  49. Shelley B says:

    Cool audition video - yes, I clicked! Love your pretty smile throughout!

    I am glad to hear someone call those shoes “camel toe” - I could not for the life of me figure out what it was that didn’t appeal to me until I read that. Lose the toe and I’d try on a pair!

    I do push ups with the bosu flipped over - dang, that will make you work! Bands? I like ‘em. Still haven’t bought them (I use them at my gym) but I do have a tube that I pull out on the weekends (when I remember to exercise).

  50. Nancy says:

    Holy short shorts, Miz!

    What’s the audition for?

    I love your kitchen as always.

  51. TB--Milwaukee says:

    I’m a guy and I use the bands. Call me a wimp if you’d like, but I hate that weights take up so much space.

    The bands are a great workout and there are so many different levels of resistance. I have one that I still have not graduated to.

  52. Quix says:

    As an ex-gymnast, I HAD great balance. It’s not BAD, but it could be better. Bosu sounds fun but I dunno if I’d be inclined to fork over a bunch o moolah for it. Bands - haven’t tried either. My mom loves ‘em but I feel like weights are just better (or bodyweight exercises), but I definitely like feeling the uber-sore of working muscles in new ways. Maybe aaaaafterrrr the half I’ll punish myself with some new and exciting strength training adventures.

  53. diana says:

    I have not tried the Bosu or the bands you’re talking about. I have used pilates bands and done a series of pilates dvds (love them!), but its been a while. Soon I will be pulling them out again, but only once I’ve mastered my other goals for the week!

  54. Cynthia (It All Changes) says:

    I love the bosu from my old gym. I don’t have the money to get one and my new gym doesn’t have one. :-(

    I also love bands. I started using them when I was doing PT for my knee in HS but now I use them for at home workouts.

  55. Joania says:

    BOSU balls scare me!! :) But I’ve just finished reading up on it and I think I might just have to give it a try!!

  56. Freddy@byebyebigguy says:

    You know I have never tried the bosu ball but I have BAD BAD balance and need to improve my balance. I just may give it a try I’ll let you know how it goes.

  57. fitness strength training says:

    I think the Bosu is ok. Balance training programs don’t have to be that long and when i do them (which is not as often as I should… shhhh), I do like to have one around.

    Bands on the other hand I think are great! They are very versatile and you can even make them very difficult to do… I love them and think they can be a great substitute for weights. Not to mention women are more likely to use them then weights which is great because more women need resistance training!

  58. Chris Pugh says:

    I just started using Resistance Bands and am loving them. They’re a perfect fit for my exercise level right now. I haven’t tried a bosu ball yet, maybe after I drop a few.

  59. Gina Fit by 41 Maybe 42 says:

    I used to be great at balance. My center of balance has grown a bit, though, and gravity has become more powerful.

  60. Ann says:

    I LOVE the BOSU for lunges. Keeps it interesting. I’m busting through a yogic-strength plateau by adding a fun weight lifting class on the weekends. It is so empowering to notice myself getting stronger.

  61. Mary Meps says:

    I use pilates and yoga to build better balance. Pilates is like magic for the butt. :) That’s a b word. lol

  62. Kat says:

    I have a balance ball and need to use it more often. I do have some of the bands and should do more research on moves to do.

  63. Shannon Fab Fattie says:

    I am really excited to see all that can be done with the bands. Pretty much the same as with weights.
    The Bosu ball is interesting. I am going to have to try that out. I could use some help with my balance!

  64. Foodie McBody says:

    I love em both, and sometimes AT THE SAME TIME. Hah! My favorite new torture/fun thing I do with my trainer is to wrap this giant belt around waist, connected to exercise bands (super thick) which is tied to a wall post, then RUN as hard and fast as possible across the gym until I can’t go anymore, then slooooooooooooooowly back up in a crouch position. Then RUN again! Wow that is one wacky exercise but it is my absolute fave. It kills me.

  65. karen@fitnessjourney says:

    My trainer has me use the Bosu ball in our workouts and I’m a huge fan. I bought one for home use and it’s tough, but effective. My knee issues have really improved since I started using one.

  66. Shelly says:

    Just got my Air Rifts. Not sure about them. Have bunions, and need arch support. How do you feel they do in that regards? Do you wear them for all activities, or restrict? I see they are labeled a running shoe, but I could not do that with them but weight training for sure!


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