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Earth Footwear 30 Day Challenge (video post).

Tue, Mar 2, 2010

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Please to enjoy the video below.

Id beg your forgiveness for the fact that it’s thisclose to being too long, but since Im answering your questions you’ve no one to blame but yourselves.

In the clip I address the pressing queries of:

  • How comfy are the Earth Footwear Exer-Walk shoes? May we get a close-up of the shoes? What is the sizing like?
  • How expensive are the shoes & are they worth the money?
  • Have I noticed any physical changes so far in general & specifically in my core/glutes area?
  • Am I running in the Exer-Walk shoes? Am I lifting weights in them?
  • What do I not like about the shoes? (oooh cue suspense…)

(Please to also enjoy my socks. The dramatic yanking off of the shoe was entirely unplanned, yet oh so timely since GUESS WHOSE BIRTHDAY IS TODAY?  We’re celebrating up in herre.)


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31 Responses to “Earth Footwear 30 Day Challenge (video post).”

  1. Karen says:

    Happy Seuss’ birthday, Miz.

    You better celebrate!! :)

    Those shoes aren’t for me although I loved your vid as always.

  2. Helen says:

    I usually skip videos on blogs because they take too long.

    I love your videos!!

    The socks cracked me up, too.

  3. MrsFatass says:

    LOVE your vlogs and can’t wait to see your glutes.

  4. BK says:

    :) your socks are so cute LOL

    and that is why I continue to read your blog and you are one of my “e-mentors” YOU ARE SO HONEST :) Cant wait for the final verdict..

    I still don’t think I would try them though.. they aren’t appealing to my eye LOL

  5. Kimmie says:

    I adore you.

    Plain and simple.

    PLEASE tell me they are paying you for this.

    Or yesterday’s post.

    Or something :)

  6. Trish @IamSucceeding says:

    I Loved the video…cracked me up!! Yes Earth should absolutely dress up their shoes for those of us that enjoy a sparkle! :)

  7. debby says:

    I always wonder about the earth shoes-are they a bad choice for someone who is prone to plantar fasciitis? Did you come across any information about this?

  8. Sagan says:

    Woo Dr. Seuss!

    Sounds like these shoes need a little bit of wear (and familiarity) before they can be used in “exercise” setting.

    And even if it IS the placebo effect- hell, if it works, right?

    OK, those shoes sound freakin’ awesome. And I bet that the Toddler would LOVE to do an arts and crafts day where you draw on the shoes and glue on sparkles and sequins… hehehe.

  9. Jen says:

    I would love to see you walk in these.

    Is it akward?

  10. Miz says:

    I always wonder about the earth shoes–are they a bad choice for someone who is prone to plantar fasciitis? Did you come across any information about this?

    highlighting this in hopes someone from the company swings by….

  11. POD says:

    Thanks for all those answers to all those questions. My cat sat here and watched the entire video and is very impressed.

    A very good month for birthdays if I do say so myself. ;-)

  12. Jody - Fit at 52 says:

    Thx for the mini review. Really eager to here the final!

    Love the bday stuff!!! CUTE! Socks too!

  13. Diana('s Journey) says:

    Thanks for the review!

    Have a great Seuss day :)

  14. JavaChick says:

    Interesting. I think having my heel lower than my toes would cause me issues. I find I’m not comfortable unless I have a little lift under the heel. Not sure what that says about my posture and skeletal alignment, but there it is.

  15. angela says:

    Thanks for the video. I also prefer my shoes sparkly and wild colored. I think I almost made the guy who fit me for running shoes cry because after he finally fit me for the right shoe I demanded to know if it came in other colors. I wanted pink running shoes, and mine only came in white with baby blue. I bought them for the comfort anyway, but my next pair shall be pink!

  16. Aubry says:

    Why am I snickering at the seeming incongruity between earth footwear and your bad ass tattoos ;)

  17. bethany says:

    Hi there, bethany from Earth Footwear here. Everyone’s body is different. While we have heard from many Earth wearers who have experienced relief from conditions such as plantar fasciitis, we are not in a position to make any medical claims. We always suggest talking to your doctor if you have any pre-existing medical conditions.

  18. tj says:

    good post- loved all the questions answered! THANKS!

  19. Shelley B says:

    Thanks for the review - I like the idea that they made you more aware of your posture and gut, as I am trying to hold in my gut/core more often. But like you, I want some fun colors in my shoes so I will wait to see if they come out with them in purple.

  20. Ann says:

    I wonder:

    Do you walk funny when you wear them?

    Have you worn them all day long and do your feet hurt?

    Love the vid!

  21. Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit says:

    How come you didn’t answer my question about who’s your favorite blogger named “Jack”? Is it because I wouldn’t like the answer! C’mon, I’m a big boy. I can take it…

  22. Diane Fit to the Finish says:

    Thanks for the great review. Do other people notice when you wear them?

  23. Alison Foster says:

    What is it about healthy footwear companies not thinking that cool chicks like you and me don’t want sparkles on our orange sneakers? I don’t go for oatmeal. :)

    Wonderfully informative as always.

    Alison :)

  24. Jill says:

    Thanks for the video Miz! :)

  25. gp says:

    you look ….. maaahvelous :) Have a happy

  26. marta says:

    Hey lady! I gotta tell you, I ONLY wear Earth shoes now. I have 5 pairs, one of them in pink!!! However, I’ve never tried their sneakers. I’m not really a fan of the look of them, but I adore the negative heel technology. I have been known to sprint or jog a bit in my regular Earth shoes, heck, I’ve even hiked in them, so I guess I should give the sneakers a try!

  27. deb roby says:

    Another great MizFit video. When my rocker soled shoes wear out (at the rate they are lasting, that might be 10 years from now!) I’ll consider trying these.

    I wore Earth shoes when they first came out - was that some time back in the 70s?- but then they seemed to disappear from the store - it was before the internet- and I forgot about them. They did encourage some awareness to tighten those core muscles.

    And I think they could be great for plantar fasciitis depending on their arch support. the recommendation is always to get a shoe with great arch support and often to stretch the calves.

    But here’s hoping someone from the company comes in to confirm my suspicions.

  28. Kat says:

    It doesn’t seem to matter WHAT you talk about, love your vlogs, lol.


    We celebrated Dr. Suess’ birthday last night as a family and the kids’ did too @ school!

  30. suganthi says:

    Thank you Carla. I have a hard time believing that you ever show your Buddha.. you don’t have any . :) .
    I sure have a mighty Buddha.


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