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Living not blogging: the HUSBAND HOME edition.

Mon, May 24, 2010

Parenthood, Personal Development

To know me in real life is to know that this guy has been gone/travelin’ for a longass while:

He is finally back.

Has no more trips on the calendar.

This girl is thrilled:

(so is this woman of course:)

(Funny huh? I know. I had a whole ‘nother life before MizFit.)

As a result, we are off to do something pink, glittery, & fun to celebrate.

It’s a day of LIVING and not blogging about life.

Join me?

And, if you’d rather not, you can always head this way…

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51 Responses to “Living not blogging: the HUSBAND HOME edition.”

  1. FLG says:

    This post makes me happy. SUPER happy :)

  2. BK says:

    :) enjoy. Love the sketches

  3. Meredith says:

    How much do I love that you all have your own cartoons?!

    Now, what’s the story behind your other one cuz you know you have to share now :)

    Have a fab day.

  4. Helen says:

    Cool interview.
    I didn’t realize that you had lost weight or ever needed to lost weight.

  5. Helen says:

    Oh and I want in your family!
    Will I get a cartoon then?

  6. Trish @IamSucceeding says:

    Have a positively awesome day!!

  7. Karen says:

    I just wanted to say thank you for always inspiring me.

    I tried some of the moves you have on your videos this weekend and am SORE today in a good way.

    You help me realize a little bit goes a long way.

  8. Jessica says:

    Those pictures are just priceless. How do you make them???

  9. Tia says:

    I need to quote you to you LOL

    I simply think too often all of us (women especially) look outside of ourselves for validation, answers or ’saving.’ When I finally realized that I could be my OWN superhero (or, if you’re living with my daughter who’s currently mired in a princess phase, Prince Charming) it was life changing.

    I didn’t require anyone to swoop in and save me – everything I needed was already waiting within. I just needed to be STILL and listen.

    I have printed that out and will tape it to my mirror.

    I love it.

  10. MrsFatass says:

    Enjoy, my dear. I love you fiercely.

    I had a very present weekend. Absolutely wonderful. Unfortunately today I have scheduled a day of focus on the work things that may one day pay a bill, but I will remember THIS POST and take a break every so often to squeeze the nearest family member!

  11. Katherine says:

    have some awesome family time! there is no such thing as too many happy memories together

  12. Nelda says:

    This is why I adore you.

    You put you first and then us.

    That’s the way it should be.

  13. JourneyBeyondSurvival says:

    Bah Bah bah bah

    bu bu bu bah bah dah dah

    So Happy TOGETHER!

  14. JourneyBeyondSurvival says:


  15. Amanda says:

    How hilarious is that cartoon of you?

    What was it for?
    Have a great day.

  16. Christie {Honoring Health} says:

    Have a great day with your family!

  17. Tiff says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed that interview.

  18. Marisa (Loser for Life) says:

    Enjoy your day with your fabulous family :)

  19. Joanna Sutter says:

    WOOOOOHOO! Family time! Enjoy every hop, skip and jump!

  20. Jody - Fit at 52 says:

    Yahoo for family day & hubby home!!! Enjoy!!!! Love those muscles on you in your pic! :-)

  21. Leah J. Utas says:

    Have a great together time day.

  22. Jody - Fit at 52 says:

    I hope I don’t dup my comment again as it does not seem to show up after I submit but I did already write that I LOVED the family time & pics and your MUSCLES!!!!

  23. messymimi says:

    I’m thrilled for your family.

    Have an amazing day!

  24. Etta says:

    I love the idea of living not blogging. Its why I don’t blog LOL!

    Very cool interview too.

  25. Diane Fit to the Finish says:

    Aw, thanks for sharing this!!

  26. Lori (Finding Radiance) says:

    Enjoy!! Full family units just can’t be beat. Unplug and chillax!

  27. 'Drea says:

    I loved this part of the interview: I didn’t require anyone to swoop in and save me… It reminds me of a line from a Mari Evans’ poem: I will bring you someone whole and you will bring me someone whole and we will have us twice as much of love and everything…

    Also love the ‘nother life photo.

  28. Julia says:



  29. suzanne says:

    Have a great day with the ones you love :)

  30. Ren Man says:

    Ren Man is very, very, very happy to be home…

  31. Helen DoingA180 says:

    Even your caricatures look happy! I hope you’re having a most beautiful sparkly day together!

  32. MizFit says:

    OOOH WHO KNEW HE WAS A READER?! (*points upward at Ren Man’s real photo*)


    do I need to watch what I say now?



  33. the Bag Lady says:

    Glad to hear the Ren man is home! Have a great time living not blogging.

  34. Dr. J says:

    Seemed apprepo :-)


  35. Kimberley says:

    How funny that the Ren Man commented…heeheehee! Hope you are all having a wonderful day. Love the cartoon pics!

  36. Tracey @ I'm Not Superhuman says:

    Love the cartoons!! Have a great family day!

  37. Shannon says:

    I love that you are so wonderful and can see the most important things in life :) Enjoy your time!

  38. big_mummy says:

    i freaking love the cartoon you!! so sweet, and the one of your daughter and hubby too haha, who do you get to do them?

  39. Mary (A Merry Life) says:

    I’m with my love up there ^^^ this makes me super duper happy. :)

  40. Mary Meps says:

    Enjoy some great family time! It is precious.

  41. Skyler Meine says:

    Wait I thought blogging was living. Sometimes I wonder if blogging isn’t like the final gathering like the lost episode last night. They will be our place that we all built together.

  42. Addy says:

    Enjoy Family Day! Much Love!

  43. Ryan @NoMorebacon says:

    I’m late to the party,
    What else is new?
    Hope you enjoyed a day plorking,
    Cause if anyone deserves it, it’s you!

    Well, that’s all I got. I spent the last six hours writing this comment. I’m glad I didn’t have to do a second stanza and figure out a rhyming word for plorking.

  44. Linda at Bar Mitzvahzilla says:

    Why are your caricatures so wonderful but everytime I’ve had one done the artist takes my absolute worst flaw (something I’d been hiding from the world, I thought) and magnifies it to gargantuan proportions?

    Have fun, Miz!

  45. chris says:

    Congrats on having your husband home after a long trip..know how that is. Bet your little one is super excited.
    Have fun.

  46. Kat says:

    Hope you had a fabulous day!

  47. Alicia says:


  48. Shelley B says:

    Your excitement over Ren Man’s comment is so cute!

    What IS the story behind the caricatures?


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