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MizFit Memorial Day confession (video post)

Mon, May 31, 2010

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subtitle: Oh, People, Ive been a bad bad running misfit.

What I loved about the W series Walkman mp3 player:

  • Drag and drop. Im a Luddite, People.  The ability to just drag songs from my itunes and plop em right into the headset iconthang (technical term)was amazing.
  • Quick charge battery. Im always the one who forgets to charge her mp3 player because I only use it for running (refer above for the little usage as of late). I adored the fact that the W series mp3 player charged in about 4 minutes from a dead battery.
  • Water resistant. Im a sweater. I swear I hear someone talk about potentially exercising  and my t-shirt is soaked (lovely image I realize). Im not sure that my glowing necessitates water resistance—but it cant hurt.  Im also not sure if that’s the reason why the ear pieces didnt slip around while I ran—but they did not.

What I didnt love about the W series Walkman mp3 player:

  • Nothing. Quite frankly my one wish is that I made time to run more often and use them.  To my chagrin I can not blame the Walkman people for that.

What you might not love about the W series mp3 player?

  • It may not be for you if you are a die-hard ear bud fan. I didnt mind & in fact prefer the fact there is a wire running between the two ear buds (photo below).  I, however, am old skool.  I grew up using the Walkman & wore out many of my favorite cassette tapes on that thing.  I am used to headphones.

So there you have it.
Ive refound my running-mojo in the form of a new!fun!gadget.

And you?

How have you “tricked” yourself back into exercising when your best intentions havent been enough?

Have you ever harnessed the power of a purchase to get you back on track?

Please to hit us all up in the comments.

(& please to CLICK HERE if you wanna see what ended up on the cutting room floor)

**as mentioned in video the Sony mp3 player was sent to me for free to review.

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64 Responses to “MizFit Memorial Day confession (video post)”

  1. Jess says:

    I DO reward myself after big events. I think it helps. And what helps even more is signing up for a race either immediately after or pretty soon after so I take advantage of my speed or continue to train. My half is this coming Sunday, and I know that after I cross the finish line (which I will) I will be signing up for a full.

    Who knows what will happen after the full? Probably some 5Ks so I can sub-30. I think my little goals help. Plus, buying my VFFs were my celebratory gift to myself for running my first 5K and I haven’t looked back since. Love them FiveFingers. Seriously. Wish I could’ve reviewed them but HEY, maybe in the future :)

    Glad you’re liking the new toy! I’ve been meaning to get headphones, but so many other new toys to look at (like a road bike). I want a sponsor!

  2. Fiona says:

    I always love running gear - bras and socks are especially joyful! lol I’ve started planning several races ahead and was actually thinking I might just start planning through a year - I don’t usually run 5k races… I figure I’m not getting outta bed that early for less than a 10k but I will be running #racerelax next weekend and am so glad for it… I’ve really increased my pace over the past month or so and it’ll be great to see how that effects my longer race times!

  3. Pat says:

    I adore you for your honesty, Miz (and your old schoolness. I LOVED my sony yellow walkman back in the day).

    Are you back to running a lot now?

  4. Helen says:

    I am all about the running treats to get myself out on the trail!!
    Whatever works, right?

    I checked these out and covet the PINK PAIR!!!!

  5. Tia says:

    On thing needs to be clarified:

    can I get your biceps if I run?

    I will run.


  6. dietgirl says:

    my lord that thing is TINY! i remember the feeling of an old school walkman clunking against my thigh as i walked along… and chunky and plasticky… but it was cutting edge, baby!

    and yes, i pretty much have to bribe/trick myself every time i exercise :)

  7. Joanna Sutter says:

    Great review, Miz! I do not love to train without music and lately my iPod shuts down 5 minutes into my workout. It’s time to regroup and buy a new MP3 player.

  8. Bea says:

    I actually did giggle out loud when you said you hear people talking about the weather and you sweat.

    That is me as well.

    Perhaps I do need a water resisting mp3 :)

    Have a great memorial day.

  9. Karen@WaistingTime says:

    Okay… what a weird coincidence: You stopped by and left a comment on my blog (thank you) and that led me here today. Where I see you, looking so amazingly buff, in a shirt that says you are your own superhero… because… just minutes ago I published my post today about the superpower of my blog! That coincidence really struck me and I am going to take a look around now and read some of your old posts. Superheros, superpowers. Hmmm.

  10. Amy says:

    oOOOOooooo i just recently lost my mp3 player… I will look into this.. as I’m in the market for a replacement. Love the 4 min charge!

  11. Nancy says:

    I am not a runner but I do need treats and rewards to get myself out the door to walk in the mornings.

    I find I really look forward to my exercise (I can not believe I am writing that LOL) when I have new shoes or short.

    I also love your shirt in the video!!!

  12. Kimmie says:

    The outtake is hilarious and SOLD me on the fact that ‘if a Tornado can get it—I can get it!’
    I usually have to ask my kids to figure out any new piece of technology.

    Happy Memorial Day!

  13. Lori (Finding Radiance) says:

    Carrot and stick will work for me many times. Although (head hanging), sometimes it is food. No role model here.

    I have a cool cycling jersey on order and I cannot wait for it to come so I can get out and ride with it! I will never get off the bike :D

  14. Aubry says:

    I, too, loved my Sony back in the day!!

    I think I might still have it hidden here in the clutter. I wonder if my Chicago cassette is still in there.


  15. Sagan says:

    Oh I am totally the same way! A new toy is a great motivation :D

    This looks awesome. My problem is always that ear buds do NOT stay in my ears, so I can’t run with music (unless I’m on the treadmill; then they stay in a little bit better). T’is unfortunate.

  16. JourneyBeyondSurvival says:

    I have to have the computer tuned up to my Hulu queue mystery/thriller sequence AND my tunes cranked up. I turn on the captions.

    Yes I realize that this makes me ‘phone in work outs’ perhaps. But I get them done. That is a big deal

  17. Lynda says:

    Did they slip while you ran?

    Did the headpiece (versus earbuds) help them not to?

    I can’t run with music!

  18. Miz says:

    better answers when I’m not furiously thumbtyping ;) BUT I am headed to the gym in 2 minutes and plan to run on the tread with my tunes.

    Sans slipping.

    My earbuds always feel out as well.

    Mored after I git my sweat on…..

  19. Jody - Fit at 52 says:

    I love that the wires are short! I have a shuffle & use the ear buds with those long cords that I have to stick inside my running shirt or whatever I am wearing & drives me crazy! I am also a SWEATER! I burned out 2 shuffles with my sweat before I figured out to just turn the dang thing upside down so my sweat did not run into the hole wear the ear buds plug in & that has helped yet & still look like I took a shower after I work out.

    As for motivation, I do change up my routine a lot & I guess I am lucky that I am one of those that have never fallen off my routine….. I just keep pplugging along.

  20. the Bag Lady says:

    Hmmmmm….. maybe I need to get something like that to encourage me to *gasp* exercise!

  21. Ana says:

    Pink please!

    I can’t believe that the Tornado did not demand princess pink!!

  22. JavaChick says:

    I actually don’t like ear buds - those look pretty nifty. I have a nice pair of headphones right now (thanks to a Cranky Fitness giveaway last fall), but it would be nice not to have to deal with the cord connecting headphones to iPod. On that topic, I’m big on numbers when I’m working out and one thing i love about the treadmill is that it gives me the distance I’ve travelled; when I walk/jog outside I miss knowing that piece of info (I’m not hard core enough to spend the money on a Garmin). I’ve been trying out the MapMyRun iPhone app and it works pretty well. It means I have to take my iPhone, which is bulkier to carry than my iPod, but being able to track my distances gets me out enjoying the weather, rather than staying in on the treadmill.

  23. Sandra says:

    I’m just learning to run and can almost run for 30 minutes now without dying :) I like gadgets and if they can motivate me to get out there and run, well then I invest in them.

    I still have my old yellow walkman. :)

  24. Erica says:

    Oh my - your daughter was calling you out for not running? WOW! Kids are observant I guess. I can’t just see my potential future child calling me out for drinking too much coffee ;) . This looks like a very cool toy. I don’t run outside with music- partially because I enjoy the peace of my surroundings, partially because I can’t stand the cord business with my ipod. Good stuff. Enjoy your memorial day <3 Glad to hear you are very content with your life- that is just awesome :)

  25. Evan says:

    While I am certain I’d enjoy this mp3 player I always grow a little depressed during your videos.
    I am a man and I long for your arms.

    You rock, Miz.

  26. Kyle says:

    Yup…you caught me…I’m a gadget guy! In the “early” days, I used nutrition software. As technology started getting really personal, though, I did get a Bodybugg.

    I’ve learned to run (ever since graduating C25K) without headphones since I didn’t want to become dependent on music or coaching to run. I’ve done this even up until a 7 miler yesterday, though I’m getting bored of my own thoughts!

    I don’t know if I want music still, though. My wife and I have enjoyed books on tape on her iPod…may have to look closer at that.

  27. liz says:

    yes, new gadgets totally get me back on track! or new items of workout wear. i bought 2 new sports bras last week and was just released to work out again (following surgery) last thursday but now i’m waiting for a foot to heal (love falling down a couple steps 3 days after surgery) before i hit me some cardio. the new gadget looks awesome! thanks for the review and i’m glad you ran again so the tornado will stop nagging you ;)

  28. Lisa says:

    You inspire me as a mother.
    You inspire me as a nonrunner turned runner.

  29. 'Drea says:

    Love the outtake; it looks like your music has the Tornado seal of approval.

    I toy with the idea of getting a water resistant MP3 for the pool but part of the joy of being in the pool is the unpluggedness of it all…

  30. Eve says:

    I am your sister from another mister.
    I will spend mad cash to get myself out on the pavement.

    Love your vids!

  31. Leah @Bookieboo says:

    Doooo, I want one of those..

  32. deb roby says:

    Love that this MP3 player is so compact! I have to replace mine almost yearly because I end up clipping them on my shirt (pants pockets almost non-existant, and cords get very catchy when lifting). And I DO literally kill the things with sweat.

    And that quick of a charge is amazing.

    My next replacement, I’ll definitely look into these.

    Though I’m still not going to run. Not now. Not ever. Realized that my flexion issues completely eliminate running as an option, though, is rather freeing.

  33. Sybil says:

    I want one of these as well if it will magically motivate this woman to run.

    I saw your tweets and am in to train!!!

    What race?

  34. Shannon says:

    i can’t remember the last time i ran with music… but i like that the cords are contained to your head and woudln’t flop around or get lost under your shirt sorta thing :)

    love the tornado :)

  35. Ali says:

    I saw your tweets about running.

    I am in too!!!

  36. Cynthia (It All Changes) says:

    My body has tricked me into getting back to working out. It starts to hurt if I don’t so I have to keep up or I might end up back on a operating table with more back surgery.

  37. Shelley B says:

    That is a sa-weet music-maker! And I’m like you - I need it to be easy (downloads, charging) or it ain’t for me. Loved the Tornado’s expression when she got it to work…smart girl!

    I continually need treats and rewards - be it socks, a water bottle - something, anything to keep me going (and that includes my bagel sammie treat on Sundays!). I have my eye on a gigantic running treat that hopefully will be mine soon. :)

  38. Ron says:

    Just did!!!

  39. Debra says:

    Holy smack. Forget the walkman thingy. Your arms are freaktastical!!! I want them now! Although they would look horribly ridiculous with the rest of my soft pudgy body.

  40. Kathy says:

    I will get one of these if it will give me your biceps ;)
    What is your workout routine?

    I just found you and am glad I did!

  41. Gemfit says:

    I need music and gadgets to get myself out there. I found myself making excuses that my iPhone was too big to take running so The Boy dug out his iPod shuffle and gave it to me, thus sucking the life out of that excuse. Isn’t he wonderful? :P

  42. Kimberley says:

    Looks very cool!

    I have encouraged myself by promising rewards for exercising. Something as simple as “no more blog reading until you have done X” will get me going.

  43. Pure2raw twins says:

    I have not run much since Fitbloggin. For some reason running does not sound fun to me like it used to but that better change because I have half marathon in Sept..yikes.

    Although, when I got new headphones a few months ago, it did help me getting back into gear.

  44. Purplemoon says:

    Okay, my recent heart rate monitor I got for Mother’s Day has really helped me to push myself when I work out. I also love my ipod. I cannot workout without good music. That W series Walkman mp3 player is pretty cool.

  45. s says:

    great post … i definitely do that (motivating myself with external rewards). especially with running gear. i sometimes try to run without music, but having an mp3 player really helps my motivation (and pace!).

  46. Kat says:

    I bought a Garmin 405 and am loving having accurate records. Looking forward to really using it now that my hip is healing. I tend to do cardio easily and really have to push myself on the strength training. Hope you had a nice weekend!

  47. Tami says:

    I loved your honesty (and giggle that the Tornado is calling you out on the running!!!).

    I follow you on twitter and saw your tweets about racing with Bookieboo.

    Which half marathon are you running?

    I soooo want to join you two.

  48. Nellie says:

    LOL at the old school walkman.
    I LOVED mine too.

    I am not a help on the running (I am a walker) but had to say GIRL YOUR ARMS ARE SICK!!

  49. DestinationAthlete says:

    Sounds like an awesome mp3 player….easier is ALWAYS better!

    (And I always run with music on as well!)

  50. Ed says:

    Will this stay on when I’m trail running?

    I think my girlfriend would love this, too.

    Especially the quick charge part.

  51. messymimi says:

    I have to trick myself into exercise quite often.

    “I’m just going to go in there for 5 minutes. Then I can quit.”

    “Oh, well, while I’m here, I might as well do the whole workout…”

  52. Katie says:

    “harnessed the power of a purchase”


    If that’s what it takes….

  53. Miz says:

    Will this stay on when I’m trail running?

    for me the headsetthing stayed on BETTER than do earbuds.

    for some reason Im always messing with/struggling with the plain ole buds.

  54. Kara from MamaSweat says:

    This just might help my earholes-too-small-for-earbuds problem!

  55. Helen DoingA180 says:

    I need to apply the treat principle to strength training. Because we all know I love my running pretty much no matter what. It’s the other stuff that I allow myself to get bogged down and don’t do!

  56. Katdoesdiets says:

    So true! I always find a new pair of shoes, or new music on my ipod even, anything like that, motivates me to get out and run. Hey, whatever silly little trick works, I’m all for them.

  57. Natalia says:

    Ok, so how do you wear that thing? Where does the wire hang over the top of your head or behind your neck. How do they stay on?

  58. Max Leinweber says:

    beautiful advice and sharing,I will buy one this good pants for me .thanks

  59. Toya Ocenasek says:

    They are several alluring pieces you’ve got submitted on your own site.

  60. paul says:

    Hi. I have actually seen another version of that mp3 which seems even better!! Here`s the link: http://www.mi-sportmp3.com
    These are fully waterproof, so you can swim with them and have much better functionality. I really think this type of design is the future for exercise/training.
    I believe this company are bringing out a version where you can race against a virtual athlete as well as other goodies. Maybe they will send you some to review and you can tell us if they are good or not?? :)

  61. Jasmine Turner says:

    portable mp3 players are really great specially if you are always on the go.;;,

  62. Jacky says:

    I recently got this player too, as a motivator to run more. And I too LOVE it. I just wish I could figure out how to get my audio books onto it. My true motivator to keep running is to sign up for races. I need the commitment to keep me honest.

  63. Calcium Ascorbate says:

    most mp3 players that we have these days are made in china but they are quite good anyway .,”


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