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Oiselle Running wants to know… (giveaway)

Tue, Aug 17, 2010

Exercise, Giveaways

(Me in my Oiselle Running race day tank.)

As always, before the dispensing of your opinions/the treats, come the dizclaimers:

  1. Race day tank bestowage is first come, first serve (approx. 300 tank tops available)
  2. Must email [email protected] after commenting
  3. “Mizfit” must be in subject line
  4. Must provide name/address
  5. Provide size request. If sizes run out others will be sent. Please to simply embrace the YAY I GOT A PRESENT! & gift to another in your life.
  6. The tank comes in three lovely colors.  Yours? Shall be a surprise!
  7. US mailing addresses only (we love you non-USA peeps the shipping is just so pricey!)

Topic: cotton in athletic apparel

Does “cotton kill”? How do you really feel?

It’s a debate as old as the Boston Marathon:

does cotton, with all its comfy softness, work for athletic apparel? Or is it the cold, clammy, sweat soaker we’ve all been warned about…lurking in your closet, ready to render you exposed and hypothermic with the first beads of sweat?

Of course, the truth lies somewhere in between.

And while cotton is still generally shunned for high performance athletics, it’s making a come back (along with other tasty natural fibers like modal and rayon) even among athletes who have drawers full of polyester.

As for us, we’ve seen our 50/50 tees (50% polyester, 50% cotton) become one of our most popular styles. So much so that we’ll continue to explore natural fibers — particularly for the more “lifestyle” pieces in our line.

But that’s just me.

That’s my gut reaction based on personal preference, what I see my friends wearing, and our own sales numbers.

I’m curious to know what YOU think when considering athletic apparel.

Do you look at fabric content?

If so, and you see natural fibers (cotton, rayon, modal, bamboo), does it make you more or less inclined to buy it?

Do you make your purchase primarily on the feel and look, or on its performance aspects (fit, technical properties)?

Do you have an aversion to cotton?

Enquiring minds, always, ALWAYS want to know.

Thank you Miz for helping us connect with your readers, get valuable info that will help us improve our apparel, and for playing Oprah for a day!!!


Founder, Oiselle Running, Inc.

There you have it, Oh readers of mine. Comment below. Rant rave rage—have at it. When you’re through email Sally (as per the instructions above) and your race day tank shall soon be on its way. Still have questions? A smidgetad confused? Feel free to hit me (& Sally) up below.

362 Responses to “Oiselle Running wants to know… (giveaway)”

  1. Alexia says:

    you know what?
    i have no idea.
    i buy cheap, good quality workout clothes. clammy + cold yes. but i like to be reminded of how hard i work. you know, hence the sweat. i don’t check materials, but i’m guessing that some of my workout clothes is cotton. hmmm.

    • Tricia says:

      No cotton

    • Michelle says:

      I look for terms like dry fit, or something that lets me know it is for performance. I then look for fit and color. I am big into texture and fit.

    • Holly Ayers says:

      I always run in cotton, sometimes a 50/50 cotton poly mix….call me crazy but i love cotton?…after all it is the fabric of our lives! I buy for comfort above all!

  2. Sandra says:

    I generally don’t look at fabric content when buying a piece in person. I generally go by the feel of the material.

    Cotton for pieces I want to primarily run in does turn me off a little. In my experience, even though the blended pieces feel like they wick sweat away, they tend to look very sweaty and wet. So I’ll feel dry as I run, but I’ll get home and see huge sweat marks which are pretty unsightly.

  3. JourneyBeyondSurvival says:

    Cotton feels heavier sometimes. Thicker. I love love love bamboo’s silkiness and wicking properties.

    But, I don’t really care. I like to wear something that tickles my fancy. Be it the color, the phrase on it, or the texture. I like to wear something that makes me smile.

  4. Tess says:

    I always look at fabric content for athletic clothes. It’s not the chill but the weight of wet cotton that puts me off — I don’t like the draggy slappy feel of it hanging around me. If I’m not going to get super-sweaty (e.g. casual bike ride) then I like cotton or cotton-blends for the feel and look, not to mention that many of them seem to be practically uncrumplable (is that a word?) and great for traveling or for tossing into a gym bag to change into later.

    But for running, wicking non-absorbing fabric wins every time, even though I don’t really like the look (or the feel — when dry) very much.

  5. Shelley B says:

    I avoid working out in cotton once our lovely Texas temps reach into the high 80s and above (104 yesterday!), but I like to wear it if I’m just hanging out.

    So yes, I do look at fabric content. I have some performance tanks that look like cotton but are 100% poly - don’t know how they do that, but I like it. Then I have some performance shirts that are shiny poly. Shoot, I’m just thrilled to have a lifestyle where I NEED performance shirts, so I love all of mine!

    Thanks for the great giveaway, Sally and Carla!!!

  6. Callie White says:

    For me, it’s definitely an in-between. Cotton can be a great, light fabric or it can be heavy and itchy. A lot has to do with the craftsmanship of the clothing- how well it’s made can make all the difference in the world!

    I usually end up buying cotton blends- cotton and polyester or a spandex blend. I’d ideally love to be Eco-friendly and buy all- natural blends like cotton and bamboo.

  7. RuntotheFinish says:

    Cotton used to be all I wore, but in Miami that was a disaster. Now I look for dry fit in running shirts and tshirts. I do take feel on to account because I don’t want anything rough or any weird seems on my body while I run for hours!

    Still love cotton, just want to not be weighed down on a run

  8. suganthi says:

    For several years, I used to exercise in cotton t-shirts. After I fell in love with running, I bought a couple of cheap Kohls workout wear. OMG, what a difference… I will never ever run or exercise in cotton. I always thought that polyester was not good for warm weather, but I couldn’t live without them for running.

  9. suganthi says:

    For several years, I used to exercise in cotton t-shirts. After I fell in love with running, I bought a couple of cheap Kohls workout wear. OMG, what a difference… I will never ever run or exercise in cotton. I always thought that polyester was not good for warm weather, but I couldn’t live without them for running.

    I had no idea that bamboo was an option. I but primarily based on price and it ends up being polyester, but it works for me.

  10. suganthi says:

    test. comments won’t go through.

  11. Fallon says:

    In all honesty, I never look at what the clothes are made of.

    When I’m choosing my workout clothes, I look for clothes that FEEl like they are really wicking/quick drying fabrics. I am one sweaty mofo and I need my clothes to act accordingly. I guess I just sort of have it down when it comes to looking at/feeling a piece of clothing and knowing it will work for me.

    I do prefer lighter/thinner items, often the ones that are almost mesh. I can always layer. And while I don’t check the tag to see what something’s made of, I am probably more likely to buy it if I notice a big eye-catching tag saying “made of bamboo” or “recycled bags” or whatever.

    Finally, I really like things with cool features-THUMB HOLES in long sleeved shirts/sweatshirts are a HUGE selling feature for me! I also like zippered pockets and such.

    • MizFit says:

      JUST WANTED TO CLARIFY THERES A LITTLE LAG BETWEEN WHEN YOU COMMENT AND WHEN IT SHOWS…no worries as the comments are going through and Im checking spam.

      Ive gotten a flurry of emails and tweets about it but all is ok :)

  12. Crabby McSlacker says:

    What an awesome giveaway!

    I tend to avoid 100% cotton for workout clothes, but like a blend just fine. I notice some of the totally hi-tech fabrics wick great but tend to be a get stinkier over time for some reason. But too much cotton & I struggle with shrinkage & dampness.

    And wow, a company that actually solicits feedback about consumers’ product preferences? You don’t run into that very often!

  13. Liz S says:

    Gotta admit - I left cotton behind, years, er, decades ago. I prefer the wicking type of materials for serious workouts - even though cotton continues to rank the highest when it comes to feel. At the end of the day, I am more particular about what goes on my derriere than my torso, but that’s just me.

  14. Donna Bush says:

    My preference is something of the moisture-wicking Under Armor variety for really sweaty workouts; however, that being said, I believe variety is the spice of my fitness life. Exercise can mean a leisurely stroll with the family after dinner or a bike ride up to the farmers’ market on Saturday morning. And for these activities, cotton is a great choice.

    Thanks to Oiselle & Carla for this opportunity!

  15. Roni says:

    The few, and I mean VERY few, REAL workout clothes I own are not cotton. Honestly I have NO idea what they are. I normally where those cheap $5 tanks from Old Navy over a sports bra which I think are all cotton.

  16. Lucinda says:

    I tend to go for technical tops, I find them easier to wear. Except for the smell!

  17. Erica Sara says:

    For working out, I prefer moisture wicking materials. Nothing worse than running a race in drenched cotton clothing. But for everyday, I prefer light cotton, especially in the summer time.

  18. Julia says:

    To be honest, at this point in my exercise/workout endeavors, I wear and buy what is reasonably priced AND (more importantly) what fits. I can’t say I have ever looked at the materials which make up the items I buy.

  19. mousearoo says:

    Well, even though I’m a Canadian I’m not eligible for a tank (BOOOOOOOOO!), I’ll weigh in. I equate this to swimming with the shirts on.

    Think about what it’s like getting out of the pool with a cotton shirt - you drag half of the pool out with you, doubles your body weight and you spend the next ten mins wringing it out.

    Then think about what it’s like getting out of the pool with a tech fabric shirt - soaks up a lot less water, isn’t as heavy and dries pretty easily.

    Which would you want on your body during activity?

    Pretty simple answer.

  20. Carly says:

    Fantastic giveaway!

    It’s strange, while I prefer materials like modal, I’m not opposed to cotton. The feel and texture of the fabric is so much more important to me than the type of fabric itself. Most of the time, my workouts are spent wearing tech shirts, $5 t’s from discount stores and my husband’s old t-shirts. The fit is exceptionally important - I like something that fits tighter across my chest, but looser through the back and lower belly.

  21. BrookeNotOnADiet says:

    I just wear what’s comfortable for me. Which is usually just some gym shorts and a plain cotton tee.

    And every once in awhile I break out my ‘I am my own superhero’ shirt. :D

  22. Skinny Sushi says:

    Generally, I buy what fits and is inexpensive… which means a lot of things that don’t work well. Heavy cotton doesn’t work for me, but I have several cotton or cotton blend tops that do…

  23. Aimee Bartis says:

    I don’t have an aversion to cotton. I mainly look for fit and feel in my workout gear. I’m a sweating machine so I know there’s not much to do but to be wet. I like a cotton/spandex blend.

  24. Kelly Michaud says:

    I used to exercise in cotton, until I borrowed a shirt from a friend and realized what I was missing in wicking fabric! Although I do wear cotton bottoms on occasion, but usually they are wicking type capris.

  25. Beth says:

    I go for what is comfortable, fits well (no tugging and pulling my shirt down during kickboxing!) and don’t usually look at fabric content. I must say though that the TeKGear line at Kohls has provided some of my favorite workout pieces & I can tell the difference in the sweat wicking between those pieces and my regular t shirts.

  26. Joanna Sutter says:

    I am a quality girl when it comes to my workout wear because I wear it 7 days a week. I’m typically a dri-fit kind of girl because I am a sweater and if the tank has a little pocket to stash my iPod, you’ve got a loyal customer for life!

    Thanks for the info and the opportunity to try out new training gear! xo

  27. Ashley @ Nourishing the Soul says:

    To be honest, I don’t really focus too much on fabric content - I have workout gear of all different fabrics and style. I don’t really discriminate, though I do love moisture-wicking material.I think I make most of my apparel decision based on fit.

  28. Debra says:

    I grew up during a time when polyester was everywhere and then was quickly shunned like the little cousin who wet his pants everywhere he went. So I’m not a big fan of polyester and was suprised to see it was the primary fibers of wicking shirts. I also hate the feel of polyester on my skin. Of course in the hot Georgia heat everything melts against the skin and just makes one hotter. Nearly everything I own is a cotton/poly blend or 100%cotton.

  29. Elizabeth says:

    I definitely avoid wearing cotton when running, but every now and then I’ll wear a cotton tank to lift or to class. I think the, um, friction is the issue… :)

  30. Josie says:

    For me right now the only cotton I wear when I run is in my bra. And I can tell you that when I’m done, it’s the most uncomfortable piece on me because it is SOAKED compared to my shirt and shorts.

  31. Shelly says:

    I love cotton - work out in it just about every day.

  32. Stacie says:

    Like a lot of the other commenters, I don’t really focus on the fabric of the clothes that I’m wearing. Maybe I should. Right now all I wear are cotton tshirts when running — but now I’m curious to experience the joy that is non-cotton materials.

  33. Workout mommy says:

    These days ilm all about the organic bamboo. It’s soft and stink free! :)

  34. Janel says:

    My first instinct is to go for workout clothes that are wicking and if there is cotton, I like it to be a blend with another material. But most of all I focus on fit and clothes that don’t lose their shape after a few workouts. Great giveaway!

  35. Jennifer S says:

    I love cotton, but if I’m going to wear it while running it has to be be fitted and non-chafing…

  36. Courtney says:

    I’m a sucker for the non-wicking fabric. It washes up well, and when I’m working out I definitely need to sweat.

    That being said, in a pinch I’ll grab a plain cotton tank or teeshirt if I’m running low on laundry!

  37. Nicole says:

    I prefer running or working out in materials that wick sweat away. I don’t really look at the makeup of the clothes though.

  38. Brynn says:

    yes, I look at the fabric content for sure. After years of skating and working out you learn which fabrics breathe the best.

  39. Gym Belle says:

    I’m usually pretty adamant about not running in anything cotton. I’ll lift in cotton, though. The sweat doesn’t bother me as much when I’m lifting for some reason. I can’t think of anything in my workout closet that’s a blend.

  40. Tara says:

    Miz, can I be totally honest? I don’t know nothin bout nothin when it comes to appropriate clothes for running. I go to my local thrift store and buy whatever $2 t-shirt catches my eye. That’s the extent of my knowledge.

  41. dragonmamma says:

    I usually avoid athletic shirts BECAUSE they’re not all cotton! I LOVE cotton. I always wear 100% cotton t-shirts.

  42. dragonmamma says:

    I usually avoid athletic shirts BECAUSE they’re not cotton. I wear 100% cotton t-shirts.

    The cut of these looks great; not too skimpy.

  43. Tricia says:

    I love cotton! As for working out in it, I buy whatever is on the rack that’s labeled as “running” gear or “aerobic” gear and I buy yoga pants just because I love lounging in them! I don’t read labels unless it’s work clothes as I really hate going to the dry cleaners!

    I do check my labels before washing! Can’t have all those nice clothes shrinking on me!

  44. FatFighterTV says:

    I love and get blends because of the sweat factor - they are just more comfortable. But there are some plain ol’ cotton tees that I will still wear once in awhile when I am going on slower-paced walks… as long as it is not crazy hot outside.

  45. Andrea says:

    Like so many other commenters..I had no clue fabric would make a difference! I work out in whatever t-shirt is clean…or, whichever I find on the floor first. Hey, it’s college :)

  46. Alison says:

    I love to walk/run in sleeveless tanks - I prefer moisture wicking clothes as I live in a hot climate.

  47. Tracey @ I'm Not Superhuman says:

    This is a great giveaway!

    I’m not too picky when it comes to workout clothes. As long as it’s lightweight and somewhat cute I’m game!

  48. Jen, a priorfatgirl says:

    I mimic everyone else in that I really have no clue what fabric feels better. I shop based on price, convenience & comfort.

    Great giveaway, MizFit!

  49. Sam says:

    I like cotton - but I am not a real athlete. :)

  50. heather says:

    I wear cotton tops during MOST of my training runs. I don’t mind it all!

  51. Brandy E. says:

    I don’t look at the content of my workout clothes as much as I consider the weight of the fabric, especially in the summer. I do have a lot of cotton workout clothes, and I will only use 100% cotton running socks.

  52. Lindsey @ SoundEats says:

    Truthfully I’m not always a fan of cotton tops during a workout. I’ll wear them, but if I’m going for a run in the hot Florida sun or if I’m going to hot yoga (where I sweat like a beast!), it’s nice to have something to help wick the sweat away, especially if it dries quickly. :)

    I do love natural fibers though, and most of my non-workout clothes (heck even a portion of them!) are cotton, with some bamboo and modal in the mix. Totally unrelated to workout clothes, but I have bamboo sheets, too. (Softest sheets ever!)

  53. Debbie @comfycozycrazy says:

    I agree with Brandy, I look at the weight first, but I do love me some cotton and bamboo fabrics. So soft and comfy.

  54. Helen DoingA180 says:

    You know, for running I definitely prefer the CoolMax/Wicking/Dry Lite/etc., etc. So much less chafing than when cotton is worn. But for lighter activities, like Yoga, I’ve been digging on the cotton blends for sure!

  55. nora says:

    I do look at the fabric content in my shorts… maybe that’s because my backside sweats more and I think that it won’t show in nylon. However, I never look for tops - I just want to know what will cover the best and keep me from being indecent.

  56. Fitarella says:

    Do you look at fabric content? sometimes, but not always.Usually not.

    If so, and you see natural fibers (cotton, rayon, modal, bamboo), does it make you more or less inclined to buy it? Not really, it depends on what I am buying the clothes for - comfort? wicking? warmth? etc

    Do you make your purchase primarily on the feel and look, or on its performance aspects (fit, technical properties)? Both, depends on the “goal” of the purchase. Yes, mine have “goals” :-)

    Do you have an aversion to cotton? I don’t as long as it doesn’t chaffe when I wear it.

  57. Jessie says:

    Up until now I have bought workout clothes based on their look and price, however the more active I get I think I am going to have to be more selective. I hate sweating and have my clothing stick to me and look all splotchy and wet. Its just gross!

  58. Kerrie Ann Frey says:

    For me, natural fibers are nice, but the sweat/stink factor will trump bamboo any time. I like in the sub tropics of south Louisiana, so unless I want to scare small animals and children, I am super careful about what I choose to run in. I don’t want to be a walking stink bomb. :)

  59. Ben @ Faster Fat Burning says:

    Truthfully, I go with what’s in the drawer when it opens, and that is cotten 99% of the time. The sweat doesn’t bother me.

    (I played football and baseball all the way through college, a little sweat dripping off the hem of my shirt stopped bothering me a long time ago).

    I don’t really care how it looks cause I am in the gym to work. That said, I do have a bamboo shirt, and I like it a lot. So, the moral of the story is, that material doesn’t matter as much to me as location in the drawer…

    How does it get into the drawer from the store? If it fits, I buy it. I never even look at the tag other than to guage the size…

  60. Destination:Athlete says:

    TO begin with - a HUGE thank you for such an awesome giveaway!

    OK, that being said - if a shirt (or shorts, or other gear) is primarily made of cotton, I generally avoid it as it will always feel heavy, wet, and soggy when I wear it to work out (what can I say, I’m a sweat-er!). But if there are other materials involved (such as bamboo) I will consider it.

    The main thing I look at when buying running clothes is the FIT and it’s technical properties. If I’m going to pay good money for it, I want it to wick. I want it to keep me dry. The FEEL is a very close second, as I want it to not be too tight, too loose, too constricting.

    I love technical clothes for running - they’re awesome!

  61. tricia says:

    I avoid 100% cotton for running. I find natural blends are ok for less than 5miles. Longer runs are in synthetic.

  62. Katie from Run Little Legs! says:

    If I am running or doing another tough cardio bit, I wear wicking fiber shirts because I know I am going to sweat A LOT (especially in the summer heat.) But, if I am lifting weights or doing some other lighter workout, I do like to wear cotton tanks because they are so comfortable and I like the extra thickness.

    I don’t look at the fabric content because honestly, I have no idea. I feel the fabric and I look at the marketing properties (CoolMax, wicking away, etc.) I ask the sales people, too, since I tend to stick with shopping in specialty running stores where I can get some really great advice. Peer reviews are important in my athletic clothing decision-making.

  63. Alexa says:

    I always check fabric content, and will only wear dry fit or technical material. I feel like I am suffocating in cotton and the way it does not breath on your skin when you’re sweating.

  64. I look and I avoid cotton, especially in tops. I find they are too hot and heavy and I like the fabrics that wick sweat. And what is modal anyways!? I see it more and more and have a few shirts with it. (Not exercise shirts.) In my non-workout gear I actually prefer the natural fibers.

  65. Tricia says:

    Still haven’t seen my post show up yet Miss Carla! I have to ship off to work, so I’m sending in one more just to be sure! ; )

    I love cotton. Love the feel, it’s comfort. However, I don’t read labels when I shop for any clothing. If it’s labeled for running or aerobics, as long as it fits and I like the style, I buy it. The only time I check labels is before washing! I want to make sure my newly purchased clothing don’t shrink. I also don’t like paying for dry cleaning, so I do check my dressier clothes’ labels!

    Now, where’s my tank top? LOL!

    Have a great day!

  66. Jody - Fit at 52 says:

    Thank you Carla for bringing this to us! WOW and what an amazing company to do this & actually ask for our feedback!

    My answer:

    YES, I so look at fabric content but for ease of cleaning and for how well it wicks the sweat & how well it will wear long term. So yes, performance is very important to me & of course I do like it to look nice too. The fit is very important as well! I do have to say this though, with tough times right now, I do have to consider price too.

    I don’t have an aversion to cotton BUT I want the item & fabric to be some sort of sweat wicking material if it is for my workout. I am a hard core workout person. Lots of cardio & weights!

    Thx to MizFit & Oiselle!

  67. Robin says:

    Dri-fit is it for me — too darn hot and sweaty here in FL for anything else! Cotton t’s end up wet and weighing a ton - blech!

  68. MrsFatass says:

    For years I worked out pretty much in the same kinds of clothes
    I slept in. Now I am finally understanding what good
    Workout clothes are all about, and love quality.
    Love cotton. (And I love that Miz gets to give things away!
    Perfect way for her generous heart to spend a day!)

  69. Carmen says:

    It must be cotton. And I love bamboo blends.

  70. Tonia says:

    If I am being completely honest here, PRICE is the number one thing I look for when picking out running gear. I prefer to have a cotton/poly/spandex blend, but I am not above running in a cotton tee. Usually, if it is on sale I will buy it and if I really like it I will stock up!

  71. Laurel says:

    After getting a super scratchy, way too expensive wicking top, I started paying attention to material. Most of mine now are cotton/polyester blend tanks, but I recently bought a bamboo t-shirt and it’s one of the best things I’ve ever run in. So soft and wicks fantastically!

  72. Tara Burner says:

    I personally love bamboo over cotton, it’s just softer and keeps me dryer. Have other cotton tanks that are okay but to me bamboo rocks, though am looking into few other options now that I”m running more.

  73. chandra says:

    I usually look at the performance aspects of the clothing first and then the feel/type of material. I really like cotton for when I’m in the gym strength training, but not for when I’m running. But now that I really think about it, I don’t often check the type of material… I bet some of my stuff is partially cotton!

  74. angela says:

    I’m not against cotton. I tend to wear it more in the summer though. In the winter with multiple layers the sweat just gets trapped and soaks me in cotton. I wear cotton also quite a bit for other less sweaty workouts like yoga. It’s nice and cool and comfortable.

    I buy based on look, feel, fit AND performance. It’s all important.

  75. Devon says:

    I definitely prefer moisture wicking material in the florid heat and humidity. Come winter, I’ll wear cotton though to stay warm!

  76. Mendie says:

    I just recently started wearing workout clothing and the moisture wicking in them is amazing! I can’t imagine going back to running in normal t-shirts again. I felt like I was going to pass out from the heat!

    I would love to try out another brand, currently I have Daily Mile and Running Chics.

  77. Debra says:

    I like cotton t-shirts for working out at home where it is temp controlled. When we went rafting last month, we were warned against wearing cotton for the reasons you reference in the post. For hiking, I like other fabrics that breath a bit more. Thanks Miz!

  78. Samantha says:

    I don’t typically look at fabric content because I’ve never had an allergic reaction or another reason not to purchase.

    Although I know bamboo materials are soft and natural, and I enjoy dry-fit materials, I don’t typically make my purchasing decision based on these qualities. Sometimes I purchased soley based on price.

    For many years I’ve workout out in cotton tees (typically in winter) and have had no problems. In the summer I like tops that are breathable and stay down when i’m moving around.

    No aversion to cotton. If I found a material in a top that I enjoy and that is also affordable then I would have no reason not to purchase.

  79. angela says:

    I’m not against cotton. I wear it more in the summer for running. In the winter with multiple layers the sweat gets trapped and it’s not a good feeling. I also wear cotton for less sweaty sports like yoga.

    I purchase based on look, feel, fit AND performance. It’s all important.

  80. Amy says:

    I love the sweat wicking fabrics, but I tend to buy what feels comfy. If I’m not comfy, I’m not going to wear it, and I’m CERTAINLY not going to work out in it.

  81. Cassandra says:

    I’m sad that us Canadians can’t participate in the giveaway, but I’ll still give my opinion.

    I prefer any sweat-wicking technical material for warm weather cardio workouts (including running), but a lightweight blended cotton t-shirt on a cooler day seems to work well enough. And for someone who runs nearly every day, it’s always good to have a few less expensive shirts to run in (or my technical ones would wear out from all the washing). I do love the silky feel of some natural materials, like bamboo and rayon, especially on a longer run, and find them a little more comfortable.

  82. Brittney says:

    I’m not a huge fan of cotton during really sweaty workouts (hot yoga, long runs, etc) because it just ends up so drenched. I love it for every day though.

  83. SlackerMama says:

    I guess I look more at the technical aspects (i.e., sweat wicking) than the fabric content per se. But I do tend to like my moisture wicking shirts that have some cotton in them. They feel better to me (and, I think, look better too).

    So, no…not averse to cotton.

  84. Teresa says:

    I buy primarily on the look and feel of the fabric. And I’m a sucker for a pretty color. I love cotton’s softness, but I must admit that I don’t work out as hard as most of you do, and I live in a cooler climate, so it doesn’t bother me at all.

  85. jen (@jeninRL) says:

    I have no aversion to cotton. I just want workout stuff that fits properly - long enough tops & bottoms. Shorts always seem to be too short and shirts never cover my boobies & belly…while both are shrinking they are definitely still there.

    I want to know I am working out so I kind of want to see /feel the sweat bnot a funky fabric.

  86. Jaime says:

    I definitely look at the fabric content before purchasing a running/exercising shirt. The fit is also taken into consideration. I have to be comfortable, and if the shirt causes chafing, it probably won’t be worn for strenuous exercise. I don’t do well with 100% cotton shirts, but I do have some shirts that are made with bamboo.

  87. christieo says:

    My favorite workout shirt is by far one of the technical shirts i got from a race, it’s 100% polyester and it’s a wicking fabric, feels like I am naked literally and I love them. It’s also shaped for a woman and all my womanly contours instead of the big boxy manshirt. my favorite after-workout wear is 100 %cotton and I search for it high and low and make sure it is clean post-workout. if it’s not avail, i have a 50%cotton 40%bamboo/lycra shirt I wear that’s supersoft but i’ve turned to those comfy types for post-workout. i just sweat too much.

  88. Brooke says:

    i wear a little of both, depending on the activity, weather, and other factors like that.

  89. Katdoesdiets says:

    For shorts to run in I generally stay away from cotton. For tops I don’t mind a cotton blend. Maybe even prefer them.

  90. Emily says:

    Wicking is DEFINITELY now a requirement for me. After that, look & feel are important. The overall functionality of the piece is what’s going to get me to buy something - I don’t have anything with cotton in it at the moment, but if it was wicking, I’d be willing to try it!

    I’m definitely one to lounge about in cotton post-workout though!

  91. Kimberly Lee says:

    I live in the heart of South Georgia — where humdity is high nearly year round. As a result, wicking material is a favorite of mine whether work, play…or working out. With that being said, I normal base my purchases on how something “feels”. If the material is heavy in my hand, or gives the impression it would cling then it is a non purchase item. Using those standards, I have tops that are cotton, tops that are lyrca, and tops that are somewhere in the middle.

  92. sarahbb says:

    I honestly have never looked at fabric content, mostly because I tend toward cheap t-shirts that I can toss without feeling too guilty.

    I’m curious now - going to have to start paying attention when I shop.

  93. runblondie26 says:

    I prefer tech fabrics for sure. Just looking at the pictures of Kathrine Switzer banditing in the Boston Marathon in a cotton sweartsuit makes me chafe.

  94. Carmen says:

    I left a comment using my phone, but I can’t find it now. What I said earlier was yes, to cotton, but I prefer the bamboo/cotton blend. It breathes MUCH easier.

  95. Jenna says:

    I do not usually look at fabric content. I look more at fit and design.

  96. Pure2raw twins says:

    Great question…I tend to buy my athletic clothes based on how they feel when I am wearing, so texture, comfort, and fit. Lately I have been loving bamboo based clothes just because they are so comfortable. I have nothing against cotton. As much as I look at price, also feel it is more important to feel good in the clothes, otherwise I would not enjoy wearing it.

  97. Melissa @MelGetsFit says:

    When I was a runner back in high school and college, we only wore cotton. After I got back to working out in my mid- to late-30′s, I discovered tech fabrics and haven’t really worked out in cotton since. It makes such a huge difference. I did get a couple of bamboo shirts recently and those are pretty nice though, so more of those may start finding their way into my workout wardrobe.

    For those who don’t like the “stink” that stays in tech fabrics, I recommend WIN detergent (http://www.windetergent.com/). I discovered it a couple of years ago and I think it definitely helps.

  98. Lesley @ racingitoff.com says:

    I rarely look at fabric content, but I do look for a “DriFit” or “Moisture Wicking” disclaimer. I actually LIKE the feel of cotton. My absolute favorite running shirt is a DriFit Cotton tee from Nike (62% cotton)… because I just like the feel of cotton versus the plastic feel of a technical tee. But I hate the heavy feel of a heavy sweat-soaked shirt too. All about happy balances. I go on feel, look, and fit.

  99. merrymishaps says:

    My running mentors always say “cotton is rotten and should be forgotten.” Yes, I do try to avoid it when it comes to athletic apparel!

    There are definitely exceptions in some of the technical blends (thriv!).

  100. Erin says:

    Yes, I do look at the content of athletic clothing. I do not generally buy cotton for running clothes because it does not wick away moisture and I like performance clothing that will stay dry and not “grow” when it gets wet. I am willing to try out performance garments with a cotton blend or with cotton that is treated or finished to give it performance attributes.

  101. Peggy says:

    I don’t usually look at fabric content when buying athletic wear. I am more inclined to feel the fabric; I want it to be soft against my skin and be thick enough to be durable. I actually prefer natural fibers against my skin, cotton for me is a good thing.

  102. Hannah says:

    I really don’t think twice unless I am working out in the heat. I keep it simple and have a mixture of fabrics that I workout in. I kinda dig my old cotton t-shirts. I can use the bottom to wipe (and absorb!) the sweat from my brow!

  103. Sahara says:

    I use the cheapest thick-ish cotton tanks I can find and invest in a decent bra for underneath.

  104. Dawn says:

    I definitely buy for performance and wicking aspects. I sweat like a pig, and all of the cotton (and cotton/poly 50/50) tees I’ve owned just get soaked and heavy and gross when I run or work out in them. I need something that will wick sweat away from my body and then dry fast in order to really be comfortable. That said, I’m not opposed to natural fibers. I’ve heard good things about bamboo’s performance, but I have yet to try it.

  105. Anita says:

    I don’t usually look at fabric content, but I’m less inclined to buy cotton because it can sometimes be heavy when I work-out. I usually buy based on the fit and look.

  106. Valerie says:

    I like cotton to work out in. I like to be comfortable when i workout. So if it feels comfy then i will buy it.

  107. Erin says:

    I don’t mind cotton, I wear more cotton shirts than technical to work out in. That being said, it’s been pretty hot and humid this summer and I’ve been steering clear of cotton when possible!

  108. Katy says:

    I’m pretty picky about workout gear, especially now that I’m a vegetarian and pay attention to my food…I figure, putting it on my body is as important as putting it in my tummy, no?

    I prefer organic cotton for running or seriously sweaty workouts — I don’t get so worried about wicking, but I am very conscious of how fabric feels on my body once I do start feeling the heat.

    I also chafe easily, so synthetic fabrics make it worse!

  109. Robin says:

    I do look at fabric. I like cotton if it’s super humid and I’ll want to mop up my face (sounds silly haha). I like moisture-wicking fabric for race day.

  110. Tina says:

    I love the way cotton feels but it has to be the right blend in order not to feel heavy and restricting once I work up a sweat. Lookin’ good Miz! :)

  111. Paige (Two Runners And A Brown Dog) says:

    I am definitely in need of an Oiselle running top! I just started coaching cross country, and I like to run with my athletes. We are practicing 3 days a week and attend meets 2 days a week, so I am always in need of more running apparel…and love the quality of Oiselle!

    • Paige (Two Runners And A Brown Dog) says:

      …and I always try to avoid working out in cotton! I like wicking fabric, because I cannot stand to feel the “weight” of sweat on my shirt!

  112. SeattleRunnerGirl says:

    I definitely look at fabric content & avoid cotton, usually - I sweat too much to wear it while running! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  113. Lauren says:

    I prefer natural fabrics, but since I sweat so much when I work out I love the synthetic fabrics to help me stay dry.

  114. Tess says:

    i just started running this year (and am currently training for my first 10k!). initially, i just went with whatever i had on hand, regardless of material choice. as i’ve started to increase my distances, i’ve learned that i really prefer non-cotton material that’s better at wicking away moisture.

    i’m also mildly prejudiced against cotton after taking a textile class in college where we learned that it’s really not that great of a fiber, just a great advertising campaign!

  115. Dawn M. Wellington says:

    I worked at a rafting company in Colorado (back in the day) and I always remember the guides telling the patrons when they wondered what to wear, “Cotton cool. Wool warm.” That always stuck with me. As a runner, I’ve had horrible experiences wearing cotton - especially if I was excessively sweating or if it rained. My shirts seemed to grow and grow and grow or they would stay wet for forever. I’m not against cotton - I like cotton t-shirts and panties, but my dry tops need to stay dry (and cotton doesn’t do the trick).

  116. Ruth says:

    I love natural fabrics. Tend to not dig/be a bit mistrustful of anything “fake”.

    I’m not a competitive/high performance athlete, and I don’t give a flying fig what I look like when exercising, so comfort is #1 on MY list for work out clothes.

  117. JavaChick says:

    Canadian, so not eligible for the the contest but…For general day to day wear, I definitely read fabric content labels and I can’t wear anything polyester - not even a cotton-poly blend. Even if it feels soft to my hands, when I put it on my body I feel all itchy and irritated. And yes, some cottons can be itchy too, so I still have to be careful there. Modal & rayon are usually okay.

    Specifically speaking of workout wear, I have to admit I’m a little less diligent about reading labels and I go with how it feels when I try it on. I definitely have some cotton, but I also have some of the moisture wicking sports wear type. For me, it’s all about how it feels.

  118. Lori says:

    I definitely look at the fabric when buying workout wear but the fit matters also. I do not like working out in cotton. It gets too heavy and too wet. I have found the wicking fabrics make a huge difference!

  119. kalin says:

    there are things where i really really dislike it being all natural (i bought 100% cotton yoga pants and they don’t stay on! eek!) but overall i try to look for things that feel comfy-i have some awesome lightweight tanks i wear that i think are at least mostly cotton, and i love how they feel for workouts

  120. Lisa V. says:

    I buy primarily based on price and if it wicks moisture. I’ll run in cotton t-shirts that I already own, but definitely won’t buy anything new that is cotton. I hate working out when it’s hot, I’d hate it twice as much if I felt dragged down by heavy, sweat soaked clothing!

  121. debby says:

    Hmmm…I’m a natural fibers snob. And relatively new to the world of ‘workout clothes.’ I would always CHOOSE cotton, because of the breathability of natural fibers over man-made fibers. That said, I have never actually tried any of the ‘wicking’ fabrics. Besides that, I have an aversion to sweat, so I probably don’t need a whole lot of wicking. Yay for cotton.

  122. Esther Crawford says:

    I’m not the kind of person who thinks very deeply about the fabric choice. I’m often drawn to the stuff that claims to help absorb sweat but I can’t say I make a lot of purchasing decisions around fabric blends. I’m probably more inclined to buy cotton that says it’s organic or something that sounds earth friendly though - it’s an added incentive.

  123. Aine says:

    Yes, I do look at fabric content. I love natural fabrics, but I perspire quite a bit when I work out… so I am partial to wicking fabrics for workout shirts. (That said, bamboo wicks quite well!) I don’t have an aversion to cotton at all, especially for lighter activity.

    My #1 concern is fit, followed by comfort. I’m a larger woman, and I don’t enjoy shirts that ride up on me.

  124. Jenny says:

    I love cotton! I run in these 100% cotton tank tops that are in no way even related to athletic wear. The capris I run in are by Danskin and are about 95% cotton and 5% spandex. I’ve worn Danskin for years when I studied Ballet. Yes, ballerinas sweat a lot and the cotton was never an issue for me.

    Because I’m a texture person, I have to try on any potential running clothes to check for how they feel against my skin. I don’t really even look at the tags, unless they are socks. I refuse to wear cotton socks when running simply because I got the worst blisters ever when I wore cotton-heavy socks to run in. Still, even most of my socks have at least a bit of cotton in them.

    I also have to feel comfortable in what I’m wearing, so if the top is too tight, I know I won’t wear it. Conversely, if the top is too loose, I won’t wear it either. There is a fit just in the middle, neither tight nor loose, that is my comfort zone for training. And with humidity in the high 80 to 90 percents here in NC, anything too tight can mean lots of chafing. Even with Body Glide!

    Bring on the natural fibers! This runner/ballerina loves them!

  125. Shelley says:

    Fit is #1 for me, though I do find that cotton feels HEAVY on me sometimes. I’m not such a runner yet that I’ve gotten the huge sweat stains from my light cotton tees :) but that’ll come soon. I like dri-fit type shirts but sometimes the fit isn’t as cute as my cotton-blend shirts.

    I guess the bottom line is that up until now my preference has been for fit / style but as I’m starting to run more miles, I’m caring more about the wicking/lightweight nature of performance tops.

    Great question!

  126. tracey says:

    I prefer wicking fabrics because I’m a long distance runner and I can’t imagine running in anything else. Of course, when you run 20 miles nothing can wick away all that sweat, it just makes it slightly less irritating. I’ll wear cotton when I’m doing yoga or Pilates (except when it’s Bikram/hot yoga!) because I like a lot of the yoga style tops out there and they mostly seem to be cotton.

  127. Molly D says:

    For running/workout clothes, I absolutely look at fabric content. I don’t buy anything that’s 100% cotton. I do have a nike shirt that’s ‘dri fit cotton’, which is probably a blend, and I like that.

    Whether the fiber is natural or not doesn’t really make a difference to me. I think my purchase is probably weighted towards technical properites…if something is cute and confortable, but not moisture wicking, I wouldn’t get it. To be fair, though, I sweat WAY more than most people. It can get pretty gross!

  128. Amy says:

    Cotton is rotton! I love tech gear and will go out of my way to purchase wicking workout gear!

    Trust me, it’s worth it even if it’s yoga gear. I wore non-tech gear to bikram yoga and almost died.

  129. Becky says:

    I don’t usually purchase cotton shirts for working out but I will wear wear them to work out in (ones that I’ve gotten from races or just randomly). I think they are easier to wipe the sweat off my face than tech shirts :) I don’t look at the fabric content of shirts I buy, I buy more based on look, feel and fit. I don’t find cotton shorts comfortable for running but really don’t mind cotton shirts at all!

    Thanks for the giveaway!!

  130. Tonyne @ Unlikely Success Story says:

    I absolutely look at fabric content. I like the dry wicking material shirts, especially on longer runs, but cotton is great for working out and short runs.

  131. Rachel says:

    I used to just exercise in regular t-shirts all the time — I finally found some more technical t’s on sale at a local retailer and got a few. They work great! As long as it’s comfortable, I’m happy.

  132. Leslie says:

    It depends on what type of activity I’m doing. I need to wear wicking clothes for running, because otherwise I get chafed. I’m a new fan of bamboo - I have bamboo socks that I totally LOVE.

  133. Amber Shea @Almost Vegan says:

    I think that it’s a little extreme to say “cotton kills,” but it’s definitely unkind to skin, at least to mine. I try to avoid working out in cotton, but it’s hard for me to afford too many technical tees, so I do what I can.

  134. melissa @ the delicate place says:

    i usually avoid cotton unless it’s very thin & loose fitting. i choose wicking fabric for my running tees!

  135. Aastha says:

    Ha! I just go with old cotton t-shirts that are too worn out to wear anywhere else. I have also been known to workout in my bf’s undershirts.

  136. MacKenzie says:

    I don’t have an aversion to cotton. I actually prefer it over the majority of fabrics because it “breathes.” I was born premature and at 33, I still have odd allergies from time to time due to asthma and the like. Cotton, however, has always been my go-to fabric.

    When it comes to purchasing exercise clothing, I want it to look and fit nicely. But only recently have I been buying more fitted work out clothing, shirts and pants that are more tailored. Like many who’ve posted here, I used to wear whatever t-shirt and sweatpants I had in my drawer. Now, with the more fitted options, I definitely feel more comfortable working out and more focused. Whatever I am wearing has to “breathe.”

  137. cait says:

    I agree that I tend to avoid cotton when I’m getting ready for a long run, but after that run: cotton all the way baby! I think its great for crosst raining and definitely for any “cool down” portion of a workout.

  138. Dana says:

    I have to say - I still wear cotton on short runs — I like knowing that I am working and sweating…. I just got asked about it by a friend the other day — and had to tell them…. I have synthetic stuff - I just like it!

  139. Sally Bergesen says:

    Hey, HEY! Just waking up here on the West Coast — and wanted to say a big THANK YOU! to everyone who has weighed in on cotton/natural fibers. As a fabric and apparel nerd, I’m fascinated by it all. OK, I’m off to do a workout, but I’ll be checking back in mid-day, and absorbing all the input. And FYI, your emails are coming through. It’s a good day to giveaway!!!

  140. Fat Daddy says:

    I must say that I shop more for dry-fit than I used to. It’s just more comfortable. But that’s really just for longer days.

    When it comes to workouts I wear a lot more cotton. Because I’m shedding the sweaty clothes as quick as I can anyways once the workout is over. And I can suck it up for an hour.

  141. Suzi says:

    I have to say that I’m more partial to price than anything. I prefere the dri-fit stuff and moisture wicking fabrics compared to cotton. Champions line at Target makes some really nice shirts for only $10 that are moisture wicking. I think a lot of it depends on the weather and such too. Cotton is not the *worst* but if its hot and humid, it will stick to you like glue!

  142. Amy Chamberlain says:

    Love cotton, but not to run in. Period.

  143. Taryn says:

    I find cotton to be the MOST comfortable fabric to wear while working out. Cotton-poly-spandex blends and what have you are okay, but while they might be moisture wicking, I find they make me sweat more… paradoxical, perhaps? Cotton is comfortable, breathable, and above all, inexpensive.

    More or less when I’m shopping for athletic wear, I just look for something that I’m going to want to wear — stylewise and comfortwise. For the most part, that tends to be cotton. The fact that it’s natural is just a bonus!

  144. Ann says:

    I realize after reading this that I don’t generally check fabric content - though after having several of my favorite items shrink in the gym’s laundry service (where they use hot hot water) I became aware of it.

    I definitely prefer cotton in everyday use and lighter workouts (yoga, short runs). I save the performance fabric for super long runs. I don’t like bamboo - the process to get hard bamboo into soft fabric involves a really heavy duty chemical treatment.

    Fit is probably most important to me, both for how it facilitates movement and how it flatters. I love the fit of the race day tank pictured above. Performance comes into play when I’m doing some more intense training. I think another important factor though, is that I prefer ethical companies and especially online, I tend to stick with brands I already know I like or that were recommended to me.

    Thanks Mizfit and Oiselle!

  145. Heidi Dietrich says:

    I have really sensitive skin, so I tend to veer away from cotton or anything that will stay wet when I sweat. Sweat wicking fabrics are my preference!

  146. Ryan @NoMoreBacon says:

    I don’t know that I’m anti-cotton per se, but I do like a fabric that breathes well. I usually buy the the stay dry stuff and have really liked it as I’m a sweat machine.

    This whole giveaway is extremely generous and will not be forgotten next time the Mrs. is shopping for running gear!

    • MizFit says:


      About the giveaway I mean. Tho I am a sweatmachine as well. So I guess, in general, an overall WHAT HE SAID.

  147. Nancy says:

    I prefer soft, good fitting apparrel. I usually go for synthetic to avoid shrinkage and like the fast drying proprieties. I have nothing against bamboo or other natural fibers except the if I see those it usually means it costs more, so I don’t own very many. I think ultimately the style/fit wins, no matter what the fabric is made out of.

  148. Valerie says:

    No cotton for me - especially on the bottom!! :)

  149. Christy says:

    I am not anti-cotton, as a matter of fact I prefer the feel of it until I start sweating, which is A LOT. I think sportswear has come a long way from shiny and ugly and I don’t check fabric content but will find a brand a like and buy it over and over.

  150. Susan Ito says:

    I wear both. Cotton IS comforting but if it’s really hot out I will use the synthetic stuff. But it hasn’t been hot here in EONS. I, like many others, go by FEEL of an item rather than reading a label.

  151. Tristan says:

    I tend to buy athletic clothing based on brand reputation, and continue to buy that brand based on look and feel. I’m open to trying new things, and will continue to buy it if I like it. Generally speaking, I like natural fibers for loose fitting workout attire.

  152. Naeemah says:

    I am soooo new to this running/exercise thing… I have no idea, but looks as though I will be frequenting your site to see all the new ideas! :)

  153. suki says:

    buying workout clothes, i don’t really look at fabric types and what not, but i think if i really got into marathons or running more often, i’d want something that’d keep me cool and not all sweaty and gross. :)

  154. Colleenzo says:

    I prefer something with a bit of stretch, but I have been known to rock an old cotton t-shirt for a lower key workout. I don’t look at fabric, I choose by feel.

  155. Life in Liz's Shoes says:

    I like cotton for my underwear…but for working out I do prefer a blend of ‘smart’ material to wick away the sweat.

  156. Sagan says:

    I don’t go out of my way to choose clothes with natural fibers, but if they ARE made with natural materials, it DOES make me more inclined to buy them. It’s a good marketing strategy!

  157. Melissa - Shrinking Jeans says:

    I honestly don’t mind cotton at all! I love natural fabrics. When choosing workout wear, I go by the fit and the way it makes me feel!

  158. Lindsey says:

    For me it depends on the season. During winter it is thick enough to keep me warm and during summer it becomes heavier and I have to lose it half way through the run, using as a towel rather than a shirt. For the gym, for sure but for a run, the jury is still out.

  159. Suzanne says:

    I used to be a cotton runner, but ever since I tried seamless, moisture wicking products, I cannot go back to cotton. I have crossed over :)

  160. Christina says:

    I def check the tag to see the fabric content. I won’t buy cotton running or biking gear. I do wear cotton to do yoga, walk to the park, and hit the gym. Performance aspects are very important to me.

    Thanks!! :)

  161. Shannon says:

    i don’t buy cotton for workouts, but i just purchased my first bamboo shirt and liked it on a hike in 90degree weather this past weekend. the cost is considerably higher, though, so until i start making the big bucks i don’t know how much i’ll be able to use. i do look at the technical aspects (fabric), albeit not very closely, and then check the fit.

  162. jord says:

    I prefer non-cotton for running, but every so often I will wear it. My socks are always cotton. :)

  163. Candy says:

    I love cotton for lighter workouts like lifting weights or doing yoga because it’s just so dang comfortable!! I almost never check the tags for fabric type because it just doesn’t matter to me.

  164. Karen Whitlock says:

    I purchase items mainly based on how the fabric feels. I probably wouldn’t buy 100% cotton for workout gear, I would be fine with a blend as long as I knew it was somewhat wicking.

  165. M.J. says:

    Yes, I do check fabric content, but I’m more concerned about the texture, fit and performance. Oooo, and seams, too.

    Other natural fibers would make me more likely to buy a cotton+ product.

    I rarely wear cotton to run, but I’m not opposed. In fact, I’ve been poking through my drawers for the “right” cotton running T-shirt with Seattle’s recent heat wave. I would definitely not wear cotton for my run bottoms. My socks are a cotton blend. I wear a cotton hat sometimes.

  166. Monique says:

    Do you look at fabric content? I totally do!
    If so, and you see natural fibers (cotton, rayon, modal, bamboo), does it make you more or less inclined to buy it? I like bamboo, and I do buy cotton on occasion. I don’t own anything with rayon or modal.
    Do you make your purchase primarily on the feel and look, or on its performance aspects (fit, technical properties)? I usually make my purchases based on the look and the fit.
    Do you have an aversion to cotton? I do wear cotton to exercise, but not when I’m going for a really long run or know that I’ll be doing something where I’m really going to sweat hard.

  167. Corey - The Runner's Cookie says:

    I love the feel of cotton for everyday (non sweaty) endeavors, or even for easier workouts. But for a major sweat session, cotton gets so heavy and uncomfortable!

  168. Sasha Tweel says:

    Hey- if I’m wearing clothes AND running, that’s a great thing.

    Actually, I’m pretty sure most of my workout clothes are cotton. I guess I’m not picky that way (or maybe I don’t know the difference!)

  169. Heather says:

    I sweat from simply thinking about a work out, so for me, the most important thing is to be sure that what ever I am wearing is breathable!

    Also I like the look of more fitting clothing when working out. I not only want to be comfy, i really want to look good! Especially bc I like to combine my errands- it’s not uncommon for me to need to hit the grocery store, stop for coffee, sit in a bookstore or go hang out with a friend before or after a workout and I don’t want to be too sloppy or sitting around in a stretched out, icky, baggy tshirt!

  170. Kelly says:

    Do you look at fabric content? -

    Not typically, but I feel the fabric.

    If so, and you see natural fibers (cotton, rayon, modal, bamboo), does it make you more or less inclined to buy it?

    I do like how bamboo feels, but I don’t typically seek it out.

    Do you make your purchase primarily on the feel and look, or on its performance aspects (fit, technical properties)?

    for me, fit and feel are king. I want a technical type material that is smooth against my skin, not too tight, but not too baggy, and when it gets sweaty I don’t want it to get heavy feeling.

    Do you have an aversion to cotton?

    I would never choose to work out in cotton because it gets so wet and heavy when I sweat. I do love cotton for not working out though!

  171. Julie says:

    Do you look at fabric content? Nope, never have!

    If so, and you see natural fibers (cotton, rayon, modal, bamboo), does it make you more or less inclined to buy it?
    I suppose that if I did look, seeing natural fibers would make me more inclined to buy it.

    Do you make your purchase primarily on the feel and look, or on its performance aspects (fit, technical properties)?
    A combination - I usually pick things off the rack based on the feel and look, then choose by looking at the fit and seeing how it feels when I move around.

    Do you have an aversion to cotton?
    I pretty much always wear cotton shirts when I’m working out but I can imagine looking for another fabric if I was going for a really long run or being out in the heat.

  172. Katie says:

    I am way too cheap to buy the fancy workout clothes, so I wear cotton. I know, I know. I used to work in the outdoor industry too. Shame on me!

  173. Elliott says:

    I am a sweaty, sweaty gal. Cotton is therefore an absolute no-go, in my book. Dampness=chaffing. Gah! I always read clothing labels and even if it’s a knock-out looking shirt, if it has natural fibers, it comes out of my shopping cart. Synthetics rule!

  174. charlotte says:

    I usually avoid cotton mostly because it stretches out and gets all cold and icky when my workout is over:( But I’m willing to broaden my horizons - esp. if it has some stretch in with the cotton!

  175. Amanda says:

    I have exercised in cotton before and still do occasionally and don’t mind it. I do look at what clothes are made of but mostly buy for the look. If prices are comparable I will tend toward dri fit clothes mostly!

  176. Jamie says:

    I try to buy (and exercise in) wicking fabrics. I don’t always succeed or make the right choices. I’d love to try Oiselle!

  177. Quix says:

    Depends on the workout. For long hard runs, I like something that doesn’t make me feel like I’m dripping after. Most everything else? It just has to look and fit well. Love the tank, what a great present!!! :)

    I have one oiselle shirt, but it’s too cute so I wear it for daily wear. ;)

    • JenH says:

      I definitely prefer wicking fabrics when I am running, especially on hot days or long distances. However, I find I don’t mind cotton at all when just doing yoga, a workout in the gym, or just bumming around in on the weekend.

  178. Pubsgal says:

    Wow, what a generous giveaway! Thanks, Miz and Sally!

    I used to be a cotton snob, too. But then I received a technical shirt as part of some race swag and became a triathlete, and I was convinced that polyester in athletic gear can be a good thing.

    On race days, definitely no cotton. It would feel awful, slapping on on running tights and tech shirt over a wet bathing suit! (I also took to wearing my tech shirt for running races.) For regular workouts, I don’t wear cotton on the bottom, but I do wear it on the top. (I have only two technical shirts, so I typically wear t-shirts given away at various races.) Purchasing workout-specific shirts is lower priority for me, because I need to invest heavily in good-quality sports bras and replace my shoes every so often. But when I do buy, technical concerns trump feel and look; I consider fit first-I’m a larger athlete, so a lot of companies don’t have things exactly in my size-and then performance second. (Although, given two shirts with good reviews for fit and technical properties, I would likely choose one with natural fibers over one without.) I think if I lived in a more hot & humid environment, though, I would buy more technical tops. I’m in coastal California and often work out at the gym, so extreme weather isn’t a concern.

    That said, for non-workout clothing, I adore cotton! I definitely go for whatever feels nice & soft and looks good on me.

    • Pubsgal says:

      Whoops, meant to say slapping on *cotton* pants and t-shirt over a wet bathing suit! Of course, slapping on anything over wet bathing suit doesn’t feel the greatest, but it’s not the worst thing ever, either.

    • Pubsgal says:

      I also meant to add that after reading all the comments, I’m curious about bamboo now.

  179. Rebecca says:

    I don’t mind running in cotton. But, I just started running about two months ago. Maybe my thoughts will change as my distance goes up.

  180. Kym says:

    I love when I see cotton in products. Synthetic fibers just do not breathe well. Fit definitely matters tho - if it’s clinging up in my armpit so that I can’t raise my arm without having to yank the whole shirt down after, then it’s no good.

  181. birdie says:

    Cotton really doesn’t bother me at short distances…but anything that requires me to be sweating for over an hour calls for at least a blend!

  182. Kelly says:

    Most of what I have is cotton….however I really LOVE how bamboo feels so if I have the choice, I choose bamboo.

  183. Lacey Q says:

    As I get more and more into working out harder and longer I am definately looking away from cotton, and toward more technical fabrics that help wick sweat away. Lately I’ve noticed a huge difference in workout clothes, and have been spending a lot more money to get better clothes that work better for me.

  184. Susan says:

    I tend to go with softer fabrics when I work out, I am not a fan of the really thick cotton. I don’t know my fabrics well, but I usually touch the tank or tee that caught my eye and decide if I could work out in it. I am definitely a fan of the more loose fitting workout shirts/tanks and shorts though!

  185. Kari says:

    I generally use my husband’s hand-me-downs since I’m just beginning. As I buy my own, I go on the feel of the cloth. I *might* read the label, but if it feels like it’ll keep me dry, I’d prefer some natural fibers.

  186. Angela says:

    I don’t usually look at the fabric content when I buy running clothes…When I look for those clothes, I’m looking for things that dry as quickly as possible and won’t make me chafe unnecessarily on my long runs. However, for other activities, like strength training or yoga, I much prefer at least some cotton, and for those activities, I care a lot more about the look of them. Honestly, I usually go by feel of the fabric. I can tell the difference between the cheap-y Target workout tops that are mostly too thick polyester and a really high-end tech shirt with just the right thickness, texture, and fabric mix.

  187. Kelly says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever looked at the fabric content, but I tend to wear multiple layers so I get a bunch of fabrics in. I wear a sports bra, then a tight tank top, then a cotton t-shirt. Weird, but it (mostly) keeps me from sweating through the top shirt and everything feels super secure. I usually buy based on 1) price 2) feel 3) look.

  188. Robyne says:

    I have to agree with Angela. I buy my clothes base on the activity. I also like to buy for feel and quality rather then brand name. I have gotten some great workout pieces from Target, Wal-mart and lately the Gap.
    I usually like to run in dri fit clothing and other workouts in cotton. I like the softness.

  189. Mary says:

    I run in anything and everything, I think brand names are great, but am not totally loyal to just one! I don’t mind cotton at all, all my derby workout clothes/tees were cotton and they are fine! I am more prone to buy something that says bamboo, because it’s soft and I like it! :)

  190. Elisha says:

    I don’t pay much attention. I just buy cheap workout clothes that fit comfortably and look decent. I’m pretty sure most of mine are at least partially cotton, and I don’t mind a bit.

  191. amy says:

    I prefer a cotton T for light workouts but always wear a sports bra underneath. Coverage is important - as is fit. Heavy sweat-inducing activities call for more wicking/ tech fabrics. After a workout, I reach into the same drawer and choose only comfy cotton. It ages well, which cannot be said of tech fabrics.

    Thanks for soliciting opinions, Oiselle - and thanks to you, Miz, for the opportunity to voice them.

  192. merri says:

    No, I don’t look at fabric content on my workout clothes. I buy my workout clothes based on price and comfiness. Most often, I work out in tshirts that I don’t like enough anymore to wear as a regular shirt. OR, I buy the cheap $5-$10 kids tshirts from old navy, and wear those as workout shirts. Sometimes, I buy shirts that are specifically workout shirts, and those I just get if they look cute and are cheap. Mostly, old navy again. I do not have an aversion to cotton. I like cotton, they have nice commercials, I use their cotton balls every day on my eyes and face, and I’m sure many of my clothes, workout and non workout, are cotton, or cottonish. I don’t mind if I get sweat marks on my workout clothes, that’s what they’re for. I’m supposed to look sweaty..i’m exercising! But then again, I work out in a gym, I don’t run outside or anything.

  193. Lisa says:

    I love cotton and other natural fabrics for casual clothing. For workouts I do tend to favor technical fabrics and shy away from cotton. Thanks for asking!

  194. No entry for the race tank (not a racer here, nor a racer’s body *G*), but I did want to jump in to say that I still *love* my Oiselle sports bra I received in a Sally-sponsored giveaway from…was it two years ago? Yikes. It’s still in great shape. So am I. :) :)

  195. Chelsea says:

    I’m at the point where I’ve done enough races that I have enough freebies to only work out in shirts made of “technical” material. When I first started, I only wore cotton t-shirts, and switching to non-cotton rocked my world. However, I’d be open to trying a higher quality cotton top designed for athletic wear.

  196. Mariko says:

    Woot! I love oiselle stuff! I am a runner and though I will wear really old cotton t-shirts on short runs, I stick to technical fabrics for longer runs. It makes such a huge difference!I ALWAYS check the label to see what the fabric contents are.

  197. Shannan says:

    I like poly running-type shorts that aren’t “too short” (like that goes up my butt) but are not too long (like mid-thigh). And I like cotton shirts. I run, I lift weights, I elliptical, I walk - almost always in a cotton T-shirt or tank with my polyester shorts. (pref. with a racing stripe on the side).

  198. Aimee says:

    When I buy workout clothes I’m mainly concerned with how the fit and how they feel. I don’t really look to see what they’re made of, but most are a blend. 100% cotton just gets too hot for me.

  199. 'Drea says:

    I definitely look at fit and I’m a huge fan of wicking fabrics. In general, I’m pretty open-minded as long as the active wear fits well.

  200. Deb says:

    I have a problem with retained odor in clothing - especially man-made fibers (poly- I’m looking at you). So I always seek out natural fibers: cotton and bamboo are my favorites at the moment.

    Of course, I tend to run “hot” and don’t often suffer a chilling effect from soaking my clothing in sweat. I also do not run long distances- so my preference may be different from a LD runner.

  201. Trish @IamSucceeding says:

    I honestly have to say I never thought of it. Maybe because come to think of it I do not really have any athletic gear…me thinks I need to investigate…now.

  202. Heather says:

    I didn’t used to care. And then I got a dry-fit shirt for participating in a triathlon. Now that’s all I buy. Don’t wear cotton socks any more, either.

  203. Erika says:

    It completely depends on what the activity of choice will be…If I’m hitting the gym, I have no problem with cotton, but if I’m outdoors runnning or cycling, I try to avoid it, especially in my socks….I prefer wool because they don’t give me blisters and being in the PNW it is wet alot…so these keep my toes warm and happy :)

  204. Erika says:

    Not sure if my comment went through :(

  205. Gretchen says:

    When I’m shopping for activewear, if it fits well and is a color I don’t dislike, I buy it. Doesn’t matter what fabric unless it feels icky to my hand in the shop. But I’m sized out of so many activewear places (including Oiselle) that I can’t afford to be that picky.

  206. Carolyn says:

    I don’t pay much attention to fabric. I don’t mind cotton, as long as it’s not over-sized. Big t-shirts with loose sleeves tend to allow chafing on me.

  207. Brandon says:

    I’m not a big fan of wearing cotton for exercise. I sweat A LOT, so I prefer something that helps with wicking the moisture away.

  208. Eunice says:

    I don’t necessarily look at fabric content, but I tend to stay away from clothes that is made entirely of cotton. I just don’t like the way it feels when I get sweaty. It also tends to absorb smells more. I’m not opposed to natural fibers, it’s all in the feel of the clothes. Oh, and I hate when you can see sweat spots on clothes. Ack, so unattractive!

    A lot of my clothes is 50/50 and some are totally polyester. When buying clothes, I base my decision on the feel, then the fit, and then the color. :)

  209. Michelle says:

    I always wear performance material. I hate, ugh, working out or sweating in cotton. It just gets soooo heavy. The only problem w/ my performance gear is it STINKS. I mean, bad. Like, I have to throw it away because I can’t get the stink out. So, I would be willing to try other natural fabrics, just not cotton for me. As they say “Cotton is Rotten!!”

  210. Sandy says:

    No cotton!

  211. Alicyn says:

    I prefer cotton free for intense activities like running and heated yoga, but I’m a sucker for anything green so natural fibers are appealing for less sweaty stuff.

  212. Heather says:

    I currently run in old tshirts from college, and I’m looking to move on up to something that doesn’t get so damp!

  213. Gloria says:

    No Cotton!!! I love the dry fit/dry weave technology! I always scope out the clearance racks of local sporting goods stores and outlets to get great deals on my running gear.

  214. Dina says:

    No Cotton! It starts to stink after only a few wears and you just can’t wash the smell out!

  215. Angie Bishop says:

    I like the feel of cotton but do not like how it holds sweat.
    I am really liking bamboo fabric. Very soft and breathes well.

  216. Megan Miles says:

    I really look for fit/function over fabric. I prefer fitted shaped, wicking clothing for runs/cardio, I’m open to cotton blends and such for yoga clothing. I like pockets (for my phone, I’m on call as a midwife 24/7)if that helps as well.

  217. Tami says:

    Do you look at fabric content?
    If so, and you see natural fibers (cotton, rayon, modal, bamboo), does it make you more or less inclined to buy it?
    i have a few natural fiber shirts and i do prefer them over 100% cotton

    Do you make your purchase primarily on the feel and look, or on its performance aspects (fit, technical properties)?
    cost. fit. other properties

    Do you have an aversion to cotton?
    no aversion but it makes me hot sometimes.

  218. JessO says:

    Not cotton!! Prefer dry wicking material

  219. Tracie Hannick says:

    Love soft and light fabrics, esp with natural fibers. Love cotton for everyday clothes but tech fabrics for running and the gym. Like the fabrics that resist smells and feel good, like bamboo. I think we have to care about fit not just looks. Chafing is terrible!!

  220. Shawnie P. says:

    I totally look at fabric content when buying new workout clothes. When I was pregnant I found clothes made from bamboo and have tried to buy that since then. I prefer the natural fibers but it isn’t always easy to find.

    Absolutely, I like a good fit with my clothes. I don’t like to wear to tight due to chaffing or too lose either.

    I am not 100% against cotton but if I do buy clothing it would never be 100% cotton….a blend at the least.

    Basically the softer I can find the better as long as it wicks away or at least dries quickly. I sweat like a man and don’t want to be soaking it up with a cotton shirt.

  221. Jacki says:

    No Cotton!!!

  222. Jennifer M. says:

    NO COTTON!!! Not only does is weight down your clothes when you sweat, and boy does it STINK when you workout hard in it!!!

    I totally look at the fabric content when I am buying work out apparel. And organics do make me more likely to buy … mostly because of the stink issue. Organics and germ fighting fabrics are the BEST.

    Maybe I’m really stinky….but I do care about the fabric and, again, will say NO COTTON! ;-)

  223. Nancy McMahon says:

    I am very new to working out - I started the C25k program in late June. What I have bought so far is the UnderArmour Heat Gear… I realize they are not cotton. If it helps any, I used to wear cotton socks and they made my feet wet. So I guess what I am saying is No Cotton for working out! Thanks for listening and for the opportunity to win.

  224. danielle girten says:

    Since we are in sunny South Florida, I am always looking for light weight, slim fitting, not too baggy material. Mostly like dri-fit. Not ever cotton! Not ever spandex like material either! I want to be comfy! :)

  225. Renada says:

    I definitely look at fabric when buying new workout clothes. I don’t have an aversion to cotton, but for longer runs, I definitely prefer a more technical fiber. Cotton does seem to smell more after a good effort and that’s a big minus.

  226. KC BObrowski says:

    I typically run on Nike Dri FIT…which i now am realizing has cotton.

    Fabric: Dri-FIT 62% cotton/ 34% polyester/ 4% spandex

  227. Brittany says:

    I don’t tend to look at fabric content, but I do want to know that it’s moisture wicking and have a nice, soft feel to it. I don’t like itchy shirts while I run and sweat!

    I would prefer to buy clothes made with natural fibers if they are also moisture wicking.

    When purchasing, I look first to see if it is moisture wicking and then select based on look and feel.

    I definitely do not have an aversion to cotton - I love it!

  228. Danielle says:

    I sweat like a pig so cotton is not my friend for heavy duty workouts.

  229. SuZ says:

    I don’t really look… shame on me, huh?

  230. Suzanne says:

    NO COTTON! I chafe even thinking of it…

  231. sarah says:

    Do you look at fabric content? YES

    If so, and you see natural fibers (cotton, rayon, modal, bamboo), does it make you more or less inclined to buy it? YES

    Do you make your purchase primarily on the feel and look, or on its performance aspects (fit, technical properties)?FEEL and FIT

    Do you have an aversion to cotton? No, but more often than not look for a low% of cotton.

  232. Jennifer Josheff says:

    I look for a combo. I prefer no cotton, but in the summer months I do love that it breaths so well.

  233. Molly Boland says:

    Do you look at fabric content? NO
    If so, and you see natural fibers (cotton, rayon, modal, bamboo), does it make you more or less inclined to buy it?
    Do you make your purchase primarily on the feel and look, or on its performance aspects (fit, technical properties)? Look and feel
    Do you have an aversion to cotton? NO

  234. karen says:

    Hate cotten…itchy and rash making. Love me some coolmax mositure wicking material. Gotta have as many as possible reasons to run and a great top is one fab motivator.

  235. Dion says:

    I run in synthetic materials. I prefer moisture wicking fabrics. I haven’t ran in 100% cotton in a long time. Cotton seems to soak the sweat and get heavy and loose shape. My 2 cents.

  236. Jennifer says:

    I stay away from cotton. I like stuff that I can still wear in cold weather. I like technical material that wicks.

  237. Amanda says:

    No Cotton-wicking is the way to go!

  238. kimberly b says:

    I have to admit as a new runner that I have become somewhat wary of wearing cotton when I run.
    I do check labels, and while I usually like those natural fibers outside of running I’ve found that the heaviness of the clothing is just too much, even if it is a cotton blend. I’ve found that a few other fibers like modal, seem to do much better and really just stay away from cotton.
    I’m not as worried about how it will look while I’m wearing it, though it is always a plus to have something that looks good, but I want something that isn’t going to get soaked and drenched and then chafe.

  239. Megan says:

    I am not a big fan of cotton. I sweat….a lot! And cotton just soaks it up and hangs onto it.

  240. joanne godfrey says:

    no no no to cotton
    needs to be forgotten
    icky sticky when it is hot
    washes clean in the laundry not
    wicking keeps you nice and dry
    no gross smell and easier on the eye
    cotton is a no no
    but tech tanks are a go go!!!

  241. Janice S says:

    I’m actually a cotton girl-for athletic wear, I usually look for a blend. Cotton breathes better for me than some other fabrics, so I usually like at least a little cotton in there!

  242. Darris says:

    I LOVE cotton BUT not to workout in. I prefer to wear a dri-fit fabrics because they absorb the best and are comfortable.

  243. Dede Owens says:

    I generally wear only dri-fit material. It feels great in hot or cold weather, and never gets soaked. I wish exercise bras were the same. There are days, after long runs that you can see a complete bra, written in sweat if I wear cotton. Thus, pretty much dri-fit only, unless nothing is clean. I am pretty picky about lose fitting too. I want things to be loose and comfy, not tight, except the aforementioned bra. Cotton go, dri-fit Yes…

  244. Melissa says:

    I am not a huge fan of cotton. I prefer the technical tops - I feel MUCH more comfortable in them. I get too hot too quickly in cotton and then freeze after my workout.

  245. laura wiltshire says:

    50/50 all the way!!! Cotton feels way too heavy/hot when I’m working out. Even doing yardwork and stuff around the house, I’ve been wearing my running shirts - so much lighter!

  246. Deborah says:

    Personally, I don’t like cotton when I am running. I prefer a totally synthetic, wicking fabric probably made from something ridiculously high tech. Plus they seem to hold up better in the wash.

  247. Debbie Womack says:

    Heat and humidity is too high in NC to even think about running in cotton! I require every shirt I run in to be tech fabric that wicks.

  248. Jean Shen says:

    I don’t look at the type of fabric. I tend to wear a cotton t-shirt anyhow since my work out tanks seem to hike up on me.

  249. Kerrie says:

    Yes, definitely, I look at it!

    If so, and you see natural fibers (cotton, rayon, modal, bamboo), does it make you more or less inclined to buy it?
    Usually less. I hate to feel clammy.

    Do you make your purchase primarily on the feel and look, or on its performance aspects (fit, technical properties)?
    Feel and look, really. I will buy a shirt that’s part cotton for every day workouts. Race day, though- that’s all about performance.

    Do you have an aversion to cotton?
    Not as strong as some; but I run in a variety of weather here in NY so I do prefer synthetics.

  250. Judy Sutton says:

    I definitely look at fabric content and prefer gear without cotton because I know I’ll ulimately be uncomfortable in it during a run. That said, if it feels good and looks cute, I tend to ignore what I just said above.

  251. Suzanne says:

    Do you look at fabric content? I don’t read the lable but I like to “feel” the fabric before buying.

    If so, and you see natural fibers (cotton, rayon, modal, bamboo), does it make you more or less inclined to buy it? Not really.

    Do you make your purchase primarily on the feel and look, or on its performance aspects (fit, technical properties)? No-fit is the most important to me. I need to be comfortable on those long runs!

    Do you have an aversion to cotton? Not a strong one!

  252. Laurie A says:

    Do you look at fabric content? - YES!!

    If so, and you see natural fibers (cotton, rayon, modal, bamboo), does it make you more or less inclined to buy it?

    For workout gear - LESS. For everyday - MORE

    Do you make your purchase primarily on the feel and look, or on its performance aspects (fit, technical properties)?


    Do you have an aversion to cotton?



  253. Melanie says:

    Yes I always look. I prefer technical-type running shirts. I tend to get drenched, sticky and clammy in cotton. Price is most important, followed by how it fits, the fabric content, and lastly how it looks.

  254. Joyce says:

    I really am not fond of running in cotton, at least not when it is hot out or for a very long run. I sweat too much! Though, I don’t really look at fabric content when I buy…I just go for the feel. :)

  255. Chelsea says:

    I’ve shopped for the fancy sweat-wicking stuff this summer, but do prefer a cotton t-shirt in the winter. There’s something that’s so fun about a soaking wet t-shirt after a run in a rainstorm. :)

  256. lucy says:

    cotton is icky!! unless i’m not going on a long run and know i won’t get too hot, then i don’t mind donning that beloved ohsosoft cotton tshirt. the tech shirts are pretty great…and i don’t mind 50/50 blends.

  257. Sue says:

    Yes! It matters very much! I run 50-60 miles per week and would never dream of doing it in cotton. I always always always for a technical fabric. I would consider a mix with a smudge of cotton, but never 100%. I always look at fabric content and would pay more if need be to get the right fabrics. Sue

  258. Jenny says:

    I always look at the fabric material and very rarly run in a cotton shirt. i can’t stand the weight of cotton in the warmer months and it gets too wet in the colder months with sweat creating that chill. i prefer a wicking fabric when my budget can afford it :)

  259. Katie says:

    I really like something with a bit of spandex…I have a larger chest and the flowy type tops make me look huge if they are not form fitted. I do have an ALo’ top that I adore that has bamboo in it. I have always read that cotton is rotten but I have a tank that is poly/cotton spandex that I wear all of the time.

  260. Ann Redman says:

    Wouldn’t dream of running in cotton anymore! Race tshirts are worn for household chores and I love the tech shirts I get.

  261. Alexa says:

    I started running as a complete novice this past fall. Wore cotton because that’s all I had. After I improved a bit and got my but toa few decent races, I started getting dryfit race tees. WOW what a difference. Now I’ve got it all, running pants, visors, hats, underwear and socks too! bye bye cotton!

  262. Pip says:

    100% cotton = no way!!! I sweat far too much for plain cotton to handle. I wear blends and performance t’s though I’m still waiting for the performance part ;)

  263. Stephanie says:

    I will usually buy cotton athletic apparel if it is blended with other fabrics. I am usually kind of picky about whether a fabric is natural or not, but with running gear, I find I’m a bit less picky. I guess having something be light weight or moisture wicking is more important than all natural fibers when it comes to exercise. I look at fit and comfort AND I also look for technical properties. In the end though, it really comes down to price. Shoes, jackets, even running tights, I’m willing to spend more for because they seem to last longer. But for tops I don’t usually splurge. I try to buy the nicest for my price range so that I can get several instead of just one very, very nice one.

  264. Cheryl says:

    No cotton! I always wear performance wear when I work out. I have noticed that even 5Ks are now switching to performance tees for their race shirts. I always felt bad for the runners who thought they had to wear the cotton race shirt during the race, especially in the hot weather!

  265. molly says:

    i can only handle a cotton shirt if i’m doing a short run early in the morning. i hate the sticky feeling that i get if it’s too warm. i love technical shirts - they’re sooo worth it!

  266. Lori McManus says:

    I definitely do not like cotton. I prefer dry-fit tech tees.

  267. Susan says:

    I know it’s not popular to say, but I love running in cotton :) . I love old t-shirts.

  268. Jackie says:

    I prefer no cotton when I’m sweating, but will wear it otherwise. I will sometimes wear cotton in the winter over a tech layer.

  269. Amy Katz says:

    While cotton is nice after running, I do not like cotton in my running clothes. Technical fabrics are the best.

  270. Tara says:

    I didn’t used to care when I only worked out in a gym. Now that I’m running outdoors, I don’t buy anything with cotton in it, and I DO check the labels. I’m attempting to follow the advice of those that have gone before me, assuming that they know better than I do as a newbie.

  271. Becca says:

    To me, cotton is okay for things like walking, maybe hiking, strength training…not jogging, running, biking, etc. If I wore cotton for harder workouts, I’d end up with sweat rashes, and possibly get ill if it was colder out. It’s hard to find non-cotton items in my size and price range, but worth it to search.

  272. Michelle says:

    Dry Fit!! I haven’t bought cotton only in years. Not even for socks!

  273. Maria says:

    try to avoid cotton at all costs…way to cold when you stop, heavy during run
    love breathable, lightweight material (dry-fit type stuff)
    i do look at fabric content
    just bought my first bamboo shirt..not too bad

  274. Erica Richards says:

    NO COTTON! Blah. It feels like you are wearing a turtleneck. It’s heavy and hots in the heat and the sweat. YUCK!!

  275. Aimee (I Tri To Be Me) says:

    I don’t wear any kind of cotton clothing when I work out. If I see something cute and see that it’s cotton, I probably wouldn’t buy it to work out in. I usually look for wicking fabrics b/c I sweat a lot!!

  276. meleea says:

    i have only been running for 5 weeks now and have to say i really do NOT like running in cotton….it sticks and makes me feel way too hot! i am in need of some good running clothes so i can be free of the cotton tee.

  277. Cynthia says:

    I love cotton for casual wear but not for running. It just gets too wet and heavy. I’d wear a cotton tank after a race or a workout - but not during. For workout wear, I stick with technical fabrics entirely.

    With cotton (as casual), it’s all about the feel and look. I like something soft to touch and nicely fitting (not too tight, not too loose).

  278. Frost's mama says:

    No cotton for me! :)

  279. Frost's mama says:

    Nice and cool and cotton free!!!

  280. gretchen says:

    i do look at what my clothes are made of (shirts/tops at least). yes, i stay away from cotton. i go more more dri-fit & wick-away tops. honestly i dont really pay attention to what my shorts are made of. maybe i should! ha! thanks for the top!

  281. APRIL says:


  282. Vicky says:

    Rather not run in cotton. But sometimes is it easier to just throw on a t-shirt. Usually go with what is cheaper than more expensive.

  283. Cynthia says:

    My comment didn’t go through the first time.

    I love cotton for casual wear but not for running and working out. It becomes wet and heavy - very uncomfortable to wear. So, I stick with the technical fabrics- entirely.

    I like cotton before and after. I like that it doesn’t snag, and that’s important when you have children. I look for soft and form-fitting, not too big, not too small.

  284. Kristen says:

    I usually go with how the fabric feels…and end up with the polyester/spandex mix nearly all the time. I like the way it feels, the way it wicks the sweat and also how it hugs the busy just right. Cotton just retains the gross sweat and I hate how chilled I feel when the wind or a/c feels. I will use it as a cover at the beginning of a workout or following a workout, but I won’t wear it to sweat in. ;)

  285. Lisa says:

    When I first began my running career, I didn’t think there was much difference with wearing cotton or tech fabric. BOY was I WRONG!!! Now I’m a “snob”-no cotton for me!!

  286. maggie says:

    For sports like running and hiking, yes, cotton kills. Its the worst, in my opinion. Fine for yoga and low-sweat endeavors tough.

  287. Lynn Salahi says:

    i don’t like cotton, but i like looser and longer length shirts (covering my bum) and tech shirts usually don’t. i end up buying men’s tech shirts… not cute but more comfortable for me!

  288. Allisyn says:

    no cotton and long enough to not ride up.

  289. B Smith says:

    I look at so many things when buying. Fabric. Style. Color! Everything!!!

  290. Jen says:

    Dri-fit tech material all the way. All cotton is quickly soaked in sweat and feel clammy.

    Also, sizing matters! Some of us are SHORT but not size 2 or 4… why do tanks & shirts come to my knees?

  291. kate says:

    I do run in cotton and I like it! whoops! I just got a technical type fabric tank and I do like that too, but cotton is the old standby!

  292. Jen M says:

    As a new runner even I can tell the difference in my runs…no cotton!

  293. Callie Berger says:

    I’m not all that particular, but living in Texas, usually during the summer, I’ll almost always opt for something to wick away my gallons of sweat! But, in the winter (what little we have of it!), whatever’s on top is fine with me!

  294. Amy says:

    No to cotton for exercise - at least hard exercise! I don’t mind it for hiking, as long as there is some poly. mixed with it. Running - no way!

    I would love to try bamboo - I hadn’t had the chance yet. And, I do try to look semi put together when I have running clothes on, but, sometimes, when I know it’s going to be dark out (read 5am), I’m lucky TO have clothes on!

  295. Christine says:

    No cotton!

  296. addy says:

    I sweat - plain and simple. I have to have a fabric that wicks away moisture. Durability is also a major consideration. I am going to work hard and wash those clothes every time! They have to last. The appearance is the least of my concerns. Avoiding neon colors is about all I do. I have tried cotton mixes and am not happy with what I have found so far. Cotton is for lounging - unless you got something better.
    Thanks for asking!

  297. Kristin Long says:

    I do look at the fabric…and NEVER buy cotton tees to work out in!! It’s so hot in Alabama, I have to wear the coolest fabrics possible!! Thanks for the tank Mizfit!!

  298. StephM says:

    Newer runner here - I don’t like cotton for exercise wear, even though I wear it at home for my strength training. I find it to be clingy and stays damp.

  299. cammi99 says:

    I like tech material for wicking esp, but they tend to catch and not look great very quickly. but I also like bamboo. No cotton.

  300. Heidi Brill says:

    I think I’m too late but will reposnd anyway! I hate COTTON! It creates friction and I end up soaked (and eventually cold) at the end of an event. only tech fabric for me!

  301. Silvia Lynch says:

    I like the wick material a LOT! but for the record, I do use cotton undergarments, I like to feel “hugged” during my workouts, and minimize the sweat.

  302. Julianne Hyma says:

    Yes, I definitely look at fabric content! I have fair (and fairly sensitive skin) and stay far, far away from cotton when it comes to choosing workout wear. Of the natural fibers, I can tolerate rayon over cotton (have never tried bamboo)if blended with polyester. So, I guess the short answer is, yes, I am less inclined to buy if the item contains natural fibers. I think that look and feel is just as important as performance aspects, as I can usually tell by touch whether the material will irritate my skin. While I don’t have an aversion to cotton for every day wear, I do tend to steer clear from 100% cotton when it comes to running clothes.

  303. Susan K says:

    I don’t specifically look at the type of material, but I do look for technical type fabrics that say they have moisture wicking properties. Definitely no cotton! I also look for tanks that are long as I’m a tall runner.

  304. Natalie says:

    I check all my running gear for fabric content. Will not run in cotton! I sweat like a boy. Need technical fabric to keep me from looking and feeling like a drowned rat!

  305. Patty says:

    I really did not think about the difference … but have been running in shirts that are not cotton lately … ran in a plain cotton t-shirt the other day and was miserable … so uncomfortable … wet and cold afterwards!

  306. hafgood21 says:

    Nice & cool and it is cotton free ! YEAH!

  307. Carla says:

    I like Cotton but LOVE bamboo for yoga etc. But for sweaty running - performance fabric is a must! No cotton there!

  308. Heather Scheffler says:

    I wear tech clothes that I find on sale (or even at thrift shops!). I sweat too much to wear cotton. It gets wet and interferes with temperature regulation (and comfort!)

  309. melanie says:

    Must have technical tank tops for running. WAY too hot otherwise!!!

  310. joy says:

    i do read fabric content and prefer cotton, i love the way it feels

  311. Kay says:

    I check for feel, then I usually look at the label because I’m either thinking, “Wow, that’s soft…what is it?” or “holy cow, that feels like sandpaper…what is it?” I have only recently gotten into technical tank tops…guess I’m a serious runner now. I have about 3 and have to do laundry regularly to make sure I don’t run in one stinky! :) Thanks so much for this opportunity and I hope it brings you lots of good exposure for your company!

  312. Victoria Stone says:

    I look at style usually above fabric content…can’t stand sleeves so it’s tanks all the way. I guess I should pay more attention to the fabric content…bamboo sounds intriguing.

  313. Renee says:

    I buy based on fabric and comfort. I prefer tanks when running.

  314. Julie says:

    I love tanks. I have no aversion to cotton unless it is insanely hot like it has been in Philadelphia for the entire summer. However, I wear synthetic sports bras under tanks.

  315. Zoe says:

    i also prefer technical tops for running.

  316. Laurel says:

    I will use whatever, but I prefer a dry weave fabric. Cotton just seems to soak up the sweat and stay wet… hence resulting in: Stink, Chills - possibly, Feeling wet your entire workout… it just looks gross! LOL

    I have a couple of “go to” shirts, both of which are the wicking fabric…

  317. Lynette says:

    I always wear dry fit, never cotton. Tanks are a must when running, and it must fit well and move well. I’m larger on top so not only must it perform well, it must fit well, and look good. A girl’s gotta look great doing what she loves!

  318. Lynette says:

    Never cotton. I do check fabric content, style, and fit. I sweat and am larger on top. So, a girl’s gotta feel good and look good doing what she loves to do!

  319. Dawn Imel says:

    I typically run in tech materials, but have run in cotton as long as it is cooler. I just find the other material keeps me drier and causes less chaffing.

  320. Elizabeth S says:

    I will wear cotton if doing less than 5 miles, anything more than that the cotton soaks up my swear and make the material heavy, you can follow the wet trail as I run.

  321. Christy J says:

    I don’t like cotton…it weighs down with sweat and never seems cool…more like wearing a tent, and if you’ve even camped in Texas in July, it’s not a place you want to be.

  322. Kim says:



    No cotton.

  323. Dianne K says:

    I like my cotton blend tanks that have a built in bra for added support. (Poly blends are easy wash and wear, too!) Don’t mind the sweaty feel of cotton - means I worked hard! (but really haven’t tried many other blends of fabrics!)

  324. Carla Turchetti says:

    Cotton is bad — manmade fibers that wick and dry are good!

  325. Iliana Zuniga says:

    Do you look at fabric content?
    I look at the fabric so that I know it wont get bunnies (those annoying little fabric and lint balls that form when you use too much) or that it wont be too clingy yet fitted. I like fabrics that evaporate quickly, that have some sort of anti-reflector and preferibly bold colors

    If so, and you see natural fibers (cotton, rayon, modal, bamboo), does it make you more or less inclined to buy it?
    I dont like natural fibers. they get wet too quickly and take long to dry. I buy syntetic.

    Do you make your purchase primarily on the feel and look, or on its performance aspects (fit, technical properties)?
    Yes, fit, but look mostly. I like athletic yet modern looking gear.
    Do you have an aversion to cotton?yes. I feel it is for old people :(

  326. Misty says:

    Yes, I look at fabric content. I do not like to feel clammy when working out. Have to admit that natural fibers do make me hesitant to buy. I make my purchase based on whether it’s a technical fabric (I don’t go by a specific ratio) and definitely on look.

    When not working out, I love cotton.

  327. Jennifer Schantz says:

    No cotton! Prefer syntehtics. Thanks!

  328. Lucy Farmer says:

    I do not look at fabric content on label….

    i buy based on feel and look

    i do not have an aversion to cotton!

  329. Kate says:

    For shirts, I look at the content, and like at least some cotton (if not 100%). For pants though, I go for wicking materials that hold shape, offer some support, and keep me cool.

  330. Vivian Papp says:

    I hate cotton. I like a nice snug fabric with some stretch and wicking properties. And it’s just as important that it be cute. Maybe more important.

  331. Jess says:

    Dear Miz, why are you so popular?! I finally got home to comment and shirts are all taken up :( Sad.

    Anyway, still want to input my 2cents. I primarily started running in cotton due to lack of other things but since some of my races give away awesome tech shirts, I’ve been using those and GOD can I feel the difference. So much lighter and less irritation :)

    But price is a huge factor. I can workout/lift in cotton no problem. Only running is a big pain in cotton.

  332. Jay says:

    No cotton! Love the dry wicking fabric. Thanks!

  333. Lisa says:

    I definitely prefer shirts w/o cotton, but usually tend to base purchases on the look and feel of the shirt.

  334. TwoDiffSocks says:

    do i look at content- not really since i usually buy a ton of inexpensive workout clothes that usually have a 50/50 blend-gotta love some spandex in workout clothes. if i had/have some natural fibre clothing-i wouldnt notice the difference much UNLESS i loved a certain item & wanted to buy more of the same-i’m a mass item shopper. i buy stuff on sale, fit, performance aka sports bras :)

    i dont have any problems with cotton as long as i dont have to iron my clothes-who has the time these days?

  335. kat says:

    usually like 50/50.
    I like more natural fabrics, although have not had good results from bamboo.
    I like the look and feel of cotton-especially working out. I buy based on a combination of price and quality.

  336. Alison says:

    I NEVER work out in cotton. It’s just too darn hot & humid here in Florida. The cotton never dries out, and I end up feeling nasty and clammy after a run. Super-lightweight wicking fabric can’t be beat.

  337. cathy says:

    Do you look at fabric content?
    yup, but mostly look for words on the manufacturer’s tag that says coolmax or something that infers that there is some kind of moisture wicking.

    If so, and you see natural fibers (cotton, rayon, modal, bamboo), does it make you more or less inclined to buy it?
    Nervous about cotton and rayon (shrinkage!). Never tried bamboo.

    Do you make your purchase primarily on the feel and look, or on its performance aspects (fit, technical properties)?
    a bit of both

    Do you have an aversion to cotton?
    ya, unless it’s a ribbed tank, which I wear a few for short runs.

  338. Kristin says:

    Sweaty cotton always smells up the hamper 10X worse than performance material. :(

  339. Katie says:

    I am an ultrarunner, but I still occasionally wear cotton on my shorter runs. I love the feeling of a well worn cotton t-shirt. I have a couple that are really threadbare and they keep me surprisingly cool and don’t hold a lot of sweat. That said, I would NEVER wear cotton for a marathon or further.

  340. Joy R says:

    I always look at fabric content when purchasing athletic clothes. I am concerned about wearability, washing and how it performs. I probably have a mix of blends and cotton, but love the feel of natural cottons and bamboo for shorter runs (under 6 mi). For me in the summer its all about wicking and in the fall/winter, warmth.

  341. Mary says:

    I love the tech materials over cotton.

  342. s says:

    i like the tech/polyester materials are better for running. cotton does tend to get ‘soggy’.

  343. Katy M says:

    I don’t have an aversion to cotton (other natural fabrics) but I do look for a mix. The tech materials have just gotten so GREAT in the past few years and really keep me cool.

    Thanks for the awesome gift (if it’s still available- fingers crossed!)! :)

  344. nancy says:

    Y’know if you are running for hours (1/2 marathon, training for a marathon etc.), the fabric matters, but cotton does just fine if you are just getting some exercise… I do go mostly by feel and price.

  345. Erika says:

    Just received my tank in the mail today - Woot woot - a huge thank you to you and to Oiselle! Can’t wait to wash and wear it :)

  346. Sherrie says:

    I go for comfort when looking for running clothes.

  347. Kaye Anne says:

    I would not race in cotton. I would wear cotton pre and post race… but not during. I am training for a sub-3 fall marathon. What if I had on cotton and it was sweaty and wet and I ran: 3:00:03 I would have to blame those 4 seconds on the heavy cotton. I would hate to give that kind of blame to such a soft and comfy fabric.


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