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Im *supposed* to be running with Jared (giveaway).

Mon, Sep 20, 2010

cardio, Exercise

(Why yes, that IS both my chagrin-face & what Id have worn to run with Jared.)

Oh people.

It’s much to my chagrin that Im writing this post from the ATX.

Sure I love me some Austin.

Yes I adore me some being with the family time.

But between the (royal) two of us Im pretty damn disappointed to find myself here on this Monday.

Why you ask? (thanks. you always seem to know just when & what to chime in with)

Because Subway, as part of their upcoming Commit to FIT program, offered to fly this blogger to NYC, shower her with information about Subway & fitness, and orchestrated a 1.5 mile run with Jared as part of his training for the NYC marathon.

I had the chance to hang with the Subway team, some bloggers & the aforementioned Jared (! I love me some Jared.) and chat about committing to fitness and the importance of goal setting.

And yet, due to circumstances beyond my MIZcontrol, I was compelled to say no.

(I know. Ill give you a moment to let that sink in.  There was much wailing and whining up in herre as well.  And not just by Ren Man whos addicted to their breakfasts.)

However, as so frequently happens, my mizloss is your readergain.

I may not get the chance to shower in peace without a four year old watching and providing running semi-comedic commentary. seriously when does this stop? to travel to NYC I will get the chance to chat with Jared by telephone.

(oooh & you KNOW it is just now occurring to me—as I type—I should don a headset and chat with Jared while treadmill-running!  Mightcould be the second best thing to actually lolloping along with him in person…)

How is this your gain you ask (see parenthetical aside above. & thanks again)?

You have the opportunity to pick a question for me to ask Jared and, by doing so, you’re entered to win an ipod shuffle & a ten dollar itunes giftcard.

So there you have it, oh faithful readers of mine.

Im bitching and whining again stuck in Austin and the result of that is you mightcould be a winner.

From goal-setting (he’s training for a marathon!) to kid-crusading (Jared & I are all about the kids) to sandwich eating (needs no ‘splaining) please to hit Jared up with your questions below.


Winner announced 10.1.10

FTC: Rumor has it I, too, will receive said shuffle & itunes giftcard. Please to know Im scampering to the mailbox daily in anticipation of it.

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81 Responses to “Im *supposed* to be running with Jared (giveaway).”

  1. JourneyBeyondSurvival says:

    TAJ- how does marathon training effect weight training? Have you experienced any muscle loss?

    Also-don’t mind me asking another question-explain to me the complexities and pathway to working with Subway when you are in fact, TAJ

    Those are half tongue in cheek (that means Miz, you must say them with a slight sarcastic lilt) but also a child-like want to know based in impudence. Thx Miz. I hope it comes TODAY!!!

  2. Nat says:

    I have to share the Jared inspired me when I thought there was no hope for this woman to shed the weight.

    I’d love to ask Jared who inspires him?

  3. Shana says:

    I didn’t know that Jared had a foundation for kids?

    Does he have children?

    Bummer for you Mizzy.

    I’d have love to have seen you and Jared together running, too.

  4. Helen says:

    I’d have gotten to see you if you’d come to run in NYC (that’s where Jared is right?)

    I would love to asks him how many races he ran before he decided MARATHON!!!

  5. Lizzie says:

    That photo up top was the best way to start my Monday.

    I adore you.

    No need to enter me :)

  6. jen (@jeninRL) says:

    I know nothing about Jared or Subway really …I have never eaten at a Subway.

    I had to comment, however, because that pic Miz is the perfect Monday face! I may just have a similar face but that is because I am expected to go to work….oh the horrors!

  7. MrsFatass says:

    Seems to me that one of the biggest diet pitfalls is actually hitting your goal, because then what? So I’d love to know more about how he handles/handled the challenges of maintenance.

    And also? I totally love the photo of you. Totally.

  8. Reen says:

    Oh, bummer! That would have been so cool, to run with Jared. I used to “have lunch with Jared” twice a week. :) The Subway that I used to go to had a big life-size stand-up of him. He was always standing in the exact same spot right next to my table every time we went in! Then one day, I went in and he was gone. :( I was sad.

    My question for Jared, is there one specific thing you would say to someone who needs to lose weight but is not yet ready to admit that their life needs to change?

  9. Lexa says:

    Can you see me giggling?
    I skipped my run this morning in favor of blog reading!

    Now I feel guilty (thanks Miz & Jared!!)….

    I would love to ask Jared how he over comes feelings of guilt when he skips a workout.

    I also would love to ask him if he would have run next to you in that outfit.

  10. Stacie says:

    Huge sad face for you, Miz!!

    My question for Jared would be: Do you find that it’s easier or harder to maintain/train/not go ‘off plan’ because you’re “THE Jared”? Does the pressure of being a national weight-loss figure help or hurt your journey?

  11. Anna says:

    Did you really say that’s your chagrin face?

    I love how you write, MizFit.

    I’d ask Jared if he feels pressure to stay fit and trim now?

  12. Anna says:


    I just read the comments and saw that question was asked.

    Oh well.

  13. Erica says:

    My ipod is seriously SO old- I need to win this! Sorry you couldn’t go :( But glad you still get to do the interview! I would ask Jared what his weight maintenance tip is

  14. Joanna Sutter says:

    I’d like to know Jared’s pre and post marathon eating plans….do they include Subway???

  15. Bea says:

    Canada here so I can’t win.

    I say we have a bake sale to raise funds so you can run with Jared in that tutu.

    My question for Jared would be:

    Would you wear a tutu just to run with our fearless leader?

    Love ya Miz.

  16. Paige @ Two Runners And A Brown Dog says:

    I would like to know if what types of things Jared eats when he’s not having Subway…how difficult it is to reconcile your “real” life eating habits with trying to be loyal to a sponsor.

  17. Lori says:

    So sorry you couldn’t go to NY!!
    I’d like to ask Jared how often he eats Subway now. And how has his eating changed since losing weight and starting to train for a marathon. Obviously he has increased calories but has he increased protein due to weight training? Does he count calories? It has got to be pretty tough being put “in the spotlight” for your weight loss…

  18. Tricia says:

    MizFit - You look like I feel today in said photo above. I’m tired. (four-legged children) did not allow sleep last night - I’m an early morning exerciser. Now, I have to make myself do it when I get home tonight! Bleh.

    Anyway, I would love to ask Jared how he keeps his motivation up since reaching goal. What drives him to continue to work as hard as when he was striving towards that goal?

    This is where I seem to be stalling at right now. I’ve been at goal for a year. I feel myself easing off my intensity and missing a workout here and there. Splurging just a bit more often than I should and I know better! I did so well before!

    Need some insight and maybe even a little extra support!

    Anyway, that’s my question!

  19. Cammy@TippyToeDiet says:

    My questions have already been asked, so I’ll just sit here and feel very, very sorry that you didn’t get to go to NYC. (Pardon me, I need a Kleenex.)

  20. Roxie says:

    What a faceful of sadness, Miz! I’m so sorry you weren’t able to run with Jared.

    My question would be - Did Jared have the negative self-talk habit and how did he overcome it?

  21. Jennifer@ knackfornutrition says:

    I would like to know how Jared feels like the pressure of the media affects his weight loss journey? What kind of pressure does add to his daily routine?

  22. Tracey @ I'm Not Superhuman says:

    This has nothing to do with running or Subway, but I’m sure he has canned answers for most of those. I want to know: Of all the celebrities he’s worked with for the Subway commercials, who was the most fun to work with?

  23. Shelley B says:

    I’d ask Jared if he has any input as to the menu at Subway…like, if he has a favorite herbed bread, would they offer that? Or a sandwich combination - does he tinker with different combos, trying to come up with the best sandwich ever?

  24. angela says:

    I would ask Jared if he’s had any periods of time where he regained some of the weight lost, and how he dealt with getting back on track, and the pressure with being famous for losing weight.

    I’d also ask him if he’d go to Austin and put on a tutu to run with Miz! ;)

  25. SoHelpMeKath says:

    I would like to know if this “conversation” with Jared will be part of the Two Fit Chicks’ podcast! I hope so!!

    I, too, would like to know what his daily diet is like, particularly when he’s not eating Subway.

    I am bored to tears with Subway’s menu…isn’t he?

  26. Christine says:

    I would ask Jared how much he exercises everyday and what his typical meal plan is like to maintain his weight. He’s done a great job and his body appreciates it.

    And I love Austin, musical capital of Tejas, beautiful hill country, can’t beat it besides the whole weird freeways thing ;-)

  27. Shelley says:

    That pic makes me sad to look at!

    I’d like to know which marathon Jared’s training for, and how long he’s been running.

  28. Karen says:

    I didn’t know Jared had a foundation.

    Was he an obese child?

  29. Ren Man says:

    I’d like to ask Jared if he’s ever thought about doing an illustrated children’s book focused on childhood obesity and exercise?

  30. Ruth says:

    Mz. Fit,

    To recap the sentiments of everyone: bummer and cool pic-you look awesome!

    2 questions, actually (pick whichever suits-there’s bound to be repeats):

    1) (I mean no disrespect): How did you cope with your very public weight gain? I have a hard enough time (having yo-yo’d) coping with it in my eensy-weensy private life? How did you keep from feeling defeated, discouraged, maybe even ashamed? (Or maybe you felt none of those things-perhaps I’m projecting.)

    2) Training for marathon and losing weight: how do you balance those 2? Specifically: CARBS-how much, and what kind?

    Thanks Mz. Fit and Jared-you’re both an inspiration.

  31. Jack Sh*t says:

    “Jared, if you shook hands with The Anti-Jared, would it cause an explosion that would rip a hole in the time-space continuum?”

  32. Stacy says:

    Good lord Woman I love your chagrin face & your attitude toward life.

    I’d ask Jared if he is ever tired of being in the public eye?

  33. Helen DoingA180 says:

    Laughing out loud at Jack’s question. No need to enter me as I don’t want to be a greedy giveaway winner and I did just win the book. But wanted to pop in to say I adore the photo. It speaks the thousand words you did not have time to type!

  34. Lauri Rtihcey says:

    Dear Jared, so happy you and Carla have been working together.
    When training for a marathon, do you eat 3 sqare meals a day or 6 smaller ones? Any sugar?
    Thank you.

  35. Ashley @ Nourishing the Soul says:

    Hmmm… my question would be: Do you cross-train during your marathon training? AND What gives you the motivation to keep going and not revert to old habits?

  36. Vee says:

    Love the pic. Would have LOVED seeing you run in that!

    My question for Jared: When he craves his “old comfort food” (whatever that was), what does he do? Does he eat a tiny bit of it, a large portion, something in place of it, exercise, what?

    Thanks! Vee at http://veegettinghealthy.blogspot.com

  37. Katdoesdiets says:

    OHHHHHHHH, I’m so sad with you…huge bummer. Hmmm…I would ask Jared how being a role model to so many affects him and his personal life.

  38. Tia says:

    LOVE the photo & your outfit.

    In an entirely non-kissassing way I would ask you & Jared the same thing:

    Do you feel pressure to be perfect because so many others are watching?

  39. Fitarella says:

    I LOVE this pic, you are SO. FRICKIN. ADORABLE!

    Jared: how are you enjoying the marathon training itself?

  40. Runeatrepeat says:

    Boo, sorry you couldn’t go :(

  41. melissa @ the delicate place says:

    hey jared! what was/is your peak mileage for marathon training?

  42. Eva says:

    Jared, did you know MizFit’s site was down for so long I freaked out? :)

    I’d REALLY ask him about staying focused with life-distractions.

    I can imagine he has a bunch.

  43. cammi99 says:

    I’m always noisy about everyone’s training plan. So my question for Jared would be: what is it, exactly, every little detail: food, distance, days, race day strategy- all of it??

  44. Cellabella says:

    Yay for this giveaway! But I’m so sorry that you’re stuck in Austin, hopefully things will get better soon :)

    My question for Jared would be what does he eat on a normal basis when he’s not eating Subway sandwiches? Does he allow himself to eat what he craves?

  45. Lainie/Fit Fig says:

    Here’s my question for Jared:

    “You, like many other people look great after weight loss, but I think Drew Carey looks freaky. When is thin too thin?”

    (Am I the only one who thinks Drew looked better chubby?)

  46. Allie says:

    LOL @ Lainie.
    Yes Drew looks odd!!

    I’d ask Jared who his biggest supporter is? Biggest detractor?

  47. Allie says:

    Oh and I love how comfortable you are in your own skin MizFit.

    I aspire to that.

  48. Dana says:

    Love the outfit! My question is “what has been the hardest part about maintaining his weight loss for so many years. Is it still a challenge?”

  49. SeattleRunnerGirl says:

    Ahh, Mrs. Fatass totally stole my question, which is this: what is the biggest challenge once you reach your goal weight? Or what’s the best advice you can give to someone about to reach goal, about how to STAY there?

  50. Nicole says:

    In being a francise icon, do you find it hard to constantly be a model of everyone’s expectations? “What, Jared isn’t eating a sandwhich??” Or do you find it overwhelming to be in public and have people seek weight loss advice from you?

  51. Evan says:

    Fellow male here Jared ;)

    Do you enjoy running…or just do it for weight loss maintaining?

  52. Ellen says:

    I am curious about the pressures of fame, too!!

  53. debby says:

    Questions for Jared-did you get ‘stuck’ before you reached your goal weight? Did it make you re-evaluate and change your goal weight?

    And so sorry, Miz, that you did not get to go and play in NYC.

  54. addy says:

    Hey Miz - the mocking semi-commentary stops at pretty much the same time said comedienne leaves for college. Big coincidence huh?
    Please to ask Jared - would he do it differently if he had the opportunity to do it all over again? Would he choose to be more private about his weight loss journey?
    Thanks Miz - sorry about NYC!

  55. JanetM97 says:

    Ok, sorry for your disappointment, but your picture made me lol. You’re so cute. :D

  56. Susan EB Schwartz says:


    I love your honesty and realness when you write! Maybe next time as they say. And you are inspirational even when chagrined!

  57. Katie says:

    I am not trying to offend Jared in any way with this comment but… I would like to know if Jared has any strong feelings about Subway’s bread having high fructose corn syrup in it and the 9-grain bread’s top ingredient being enriched flour? The bread is only brown from caramel coloring. As someone who knows a lot about nutrition and health does he think this should be changed?

  58. charlotte says:

    Oh wow - that is the saddest I think I’ve ever seen you look on here!! Something so sad about a girl in a tutu and veil/tiara with no place to go. I’m so sorry you didn’t get to go to NYC and shower by yourself! (When does it stop? For me, it was when I finally started locking the door. Sadly that isn’t often enough as the little ones still need access.)

  59. Kate says:

    That lovely addition to your head had me wondering, at first, if you and Jared were planning to run the Disney Princess Half-Marathon together. Though he’d have a tough time qualifying I suppose.

    Second, my 7 and 9 year olds girls still run with the shower-commentary. It’s just more sophisticated than before. Clear shower door was a mistake.

    My question for Jared: Do you care about your marathon time, or are you just wanting to finish?

  60. Kimmie says:

    I;m not sure if this has been asked but I would ask Jared if he were an overweight child or if he gain his weight later in life?

  61. Anita says:

    You make me LAUGH MizFit because you can laugh at yourself.

    I don’t have a question for Jared—-may I ask one of you?

    How long did it take you to get to the place where you were so comfortable with who you were that you could poke fun at yourself without fearing others would join in?

    Were you born this way?

    Thank you for all you do for us, Miz.

  62. Patrick says:

    Passing up on a NYC event, that would be hard to do.

    A question for Jared huh, ok, here it goes…
    Other than providing you the method that worked for you to lose weight, what has your relationship with Subway provided you that you could have never dreamed of on that day you first walked in for a sandwish and a healthier you?

  63. karen@fitnessjourney says:

    What a disappointment. I love the whole Jared campaign that Subway does. It’s always nice when a company uses “real” people in their advertising, not just super models and celebrities.

  64. Courtney says:

    What a bummer, Miz! I’d have my chagrin face on, too.

    My question for Jared would be, “Have you found healthy alternatives to foods you would have eaten before finding a healthy lifestyle (with Subway and otherwise)?”

  65. Normal2Natalie says:

    I have to say that I love the Subway kids meals! I love that it is no longer the funny round sandwich but just a smaller regular sandwich where they can choose the wheat bread.

    I want to know Jared’s favorite sub? I would also like to know his favorite “bad” food. We all have one… right?

  66. Jeremy Logsdon says:

    That sucks you can’t go! And much like everyone else, digging the picture. :)

    My question… “Do you feel that YOU would have ever lost the weight without Subway?”

  67. keyalus says:

    Mama needs a new Shuffle!

    Jared, what do you use for fuel during your long runs? I’m assuming it isn’t Subway sandwiches! :)

  68. meeyeehere says:

    I would ask Jared what music does he work out to!I have never had a shuffle or any of that stuff,I would love one.
    [email protected]

  69. Renee says:

    I’d like to know how he maintains his weight loss. What type of diet and exercises does he do?

  70. Natalia says:

    Aw so bummed for you!

    Ask him if he still eats so much Subway and if so does he get tired of it?

  71. truthhole says:

    I would ask him what subway sandwich he dislikes,their has to be one!I hope I win!!! Cool thanks
    [email protected]

  72. Quix says:

    You are adorable when you’re pouty. =)

    I just had subway today! Um, as per a question… what is his favorite subway sandwich? I go for simple…

  73. Liza says:

    I didn’t realize that Jared was committed to helping fight childhood obesity!!!

    Thank you Jared.

  74. Caroline says:

    Now don’t get me wrong, I love me some Subway. My husband worked at one for years and the smell takes me right back to those sweet, sweet months of first falling in love…
    My question for Jared is why, if his promotion of Subway is all about weight loss, is their bread largely made of HFCS which some research has shown, contributes to weight gain? Seems like it’s time to find a new sweetener.

  75. RG says:

    My question for Jared is about low-fat vs low-carb diet methodology. He went on the Subway diet when low-fat was still the rage. Now that people have moved towards low-carb or Zone-ratios, has he thought about helping Subway use less carb-heavy sandwiches, like with sandwich thins or protein in the bread?

  76. Lisette says:

    Oh gosh darn, I had the same question about HFCS…

    Okay here’s another: Has there been anything else that has greatly helped you in losing weight, other than Subway?

    You are truly inspiring :)

  77. Nettie says:

    How interesting that Jared is focusing on childhood obseity.

    I would love to know if he had always been overweight.

  78. Lacey Q says:

    I would like to ask Jared if he ever encounters the issue of being fearful to actually make the goals he sets? I’m facing that right now and can’t get over it.


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