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It’s National LOVE YOUR BODY Day!

Wed, Oct 20, 2010

MizFit Muzings

Yes we wear these constantly. Yes you may join us.

Today, People, is National Love Your Body Day (or, if you live in our domicile, it’s simply Wednesday. We behave as though every day is NLYBD up in herre).

And yes.

Im here to shout from the proverbial rafters that I DO.

I love my body.

I love, appreciate, & take better care of it now at forty-one than I did at twenty-one.

I love my body because it complied with my demands yesterday even with my crappy back and did a headstand into the lotus position (!)  much to the Tornado’s shock & delight.

I love my body because it’s a house for my spirit, my soul & for all the things which truly matter in life.

I love my body because when I am still and when I listen it provides me all the answers I need.

I love my body because Ive finally realized embracing it and all its imperfections is , for me, the path to living fully & without fear or hesitation.

And, because Im one to crowdsource, I tossed this question out on Twitter:

help a misfit out. Why do you love your body? RIGHT NOW. RIGHT IN THIS MOMENT. RIGHT AS IT IS.

I’m also here to say that Im not naive enough to think, just because it’s a day when we’re commanded to, bodylove is easy & simple as all that.

It took me decades & lots of work to claw my way get to the place I am today.

Lots of babysteps which slowly added up over time.

I also know the tip which helped me the most was to surround myself with people who love and accept themselves for who they are *right now.*

It’s amazing how attitudes like that can be contagious.

Join me today in both the self-love & in the list making.

Why do you love your body today precisely as it is in this moment?

Whats the most powerful tip/suggestion/quote you’ve heard with regards to self-love?

Please to hit us all up in the comments.

One lucky commenter will win an I HEART MYSELF tee as seen in the photo above.  Since this is a MizFit sponsored spreading of the love the entire universe is eligible.

winner announced  10.25.10

** Edited to say: Im aware the tweet screen-shots are tiny, People.  That said, Im so freakin proud (and celebrating the BRAIN my bod houses).  It took this misfit forever to figure out how to screen-shot…

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78 Responses to “It’s National LOVE YOUR BODY Day!”

  1. Jo @JAGSfitnessblog.com says:

    I love my body because it is mine. It gets me where I want to go, it is capable of lifting some serious weights, capable of running for 13 miles and it gave me the greatest gift in the world - my beautiful son.

    I spent so long working against my body, abusing it with either starvation or binge eating and finally, I am treating it with the respect it deserves and it is paying me back with great health and bags of energy.

  2. Karen says:

    In all honestly I am not there yet with the body love.

    Today I will celebrate the fact that when my daughter hugs me she can almost wrap her arms all the way around me.


  3. Bea says:

    LOL at your shout-out to your brain :)
    I am choosing that too.

    I am not sexy-fit but I am very very smart.

    I love my brain.

  4. Myra says:

    I’m learning to love the body my daughter loves. She has always loved my body, curves and all!

  5. Lyndia says:

    May I take off from work today for the holiday?

    I would love to have one of those tees you and the Tornado are wearing (do we win tutu’s as well?! :) ).

    I want one enough to announce that I almost love my legs!

    They are getting less flabby and more muscley the more elliptical I do.

    Love ya Miz!

  6. nan says:

    Honesty time, MizFit.

    I read this post and thought it was a little trite at first.

    Now I sit here trying to find something I love about my body and am coming up empty.

    I guess I needed this post afterall :(

  7. Tina says:

    I love that you say it’s just a normal day because you love your body every day. What a beautiful place to be. It certainly takes work to get there. I love my body way more than I have in years past, but its still a journey and there is still room for improvement.

    Today I will love my body for the baby it is creating. I will try to complain less from here on about how over this pregnancy I feel.

  8. @FitInMyHeart says:

    I can Honestly say that I, too, celebrate THIS DAY ERRY-DAY!!! ;-) I LOVE my Body because IT Loves and PROTECTS me and my CRAZY WAYS!!!! I ask so much of my body DAILY!!!! It NEVER let’s down! I have not been the best nurturer of my Dearest Body, However, ALL that has recently changed!!! With some AWESOME suggestions from Dearest Friend, I have Put my #Foot down and DEMANDED that some changes be made!!! I put MY BODY’S Needs FIRST (and the bodies of my nurses) and ALL the Bodies are THANKING ME;-) I’m OFF to ask my body to do yet another task! (Help me run 2 miles) LOL!
    Love Ya Lots
    Dr. mo

  9. Laurie says:

    congrats on the screen shot.
    there are days when i am more loving of my body than others.
    i was up at 5:48 today and thought, this is Miz’s hour!

  10. Kat says:

    Great post! I love the pic of you two.
    I love my body because it is resilient and it supports me every day.

  11. Caroline Calcote says:

    I love my body, right now in this moment, because it does all that I ask of it. It walks my kids to school every day. Then slogs through group fitness classes at the gym. It is surprising me by actually being able to keep up with the C25K training program (I never thought I could run!). Today is my W5D3 20 minute run. Longest yet. Kinda scared, but so far I have done every run, so I’m trusting that my body can do this!

  12. Evan says:

    Well, I’m not a woman :) but I am man enough to say that I,too, struggle with this.

    I think it is almost as hard these days to be a man with all the pressure to be Men’s Health cover fit.

  13. Kim says:

    Today I love my body because it actually let me do W3D1 of the C25K. I actually ran for 3 minutes…..twice!!! NEVER, NEVER, NEVER thought I’d be able to do it.

    And, I’m also loving my body right now because there is less of it. :)

  14. Helen says:


  15. Kirsten (Results Not Typical Girl) says:

    There’s lots of things that I COULD focus on disliking about my skin suit. But why? I’m totally in on this holiday.

  16. Irene says:

    I love my body because it was a gift and I have learned to listen to what this gift has to say.

  17. Hannah says:

    Thank you, MizFit, for sharing this:

    It took me decades & lots of work to claw my way get to the place I am today.

    Some days I feel like I’ll never get there.
    Today I love my curves because they are me.

  18. Joanna Sutter says:

    I love my body because it is healthy and strong-something I take for granted far too often!

  19. debby says:

    I am working on this now. Especially being content with my aging body. Aging, but strong and capable.

    The line that caught my attention was how you surrounded yourself with others who were content with their bodies. This seems like such a rarity in this world. Where did you find enough people to surround yourself? I think that this is key. It is hard to stay content yourself when you are with people who have the habit of never being content and are always striving for something ‘other.’

  20. Tonyne @ The Unlikely Success Story says:

    I love my body because everyday it proves to me that it can do amazing things that I never thought possible…like run 14 miles. :)

  21. Shelley (@momma_oz) says:

    Loving myself is new to me -sad but true but recently I’ve discovered tha I LOVE every inch of my body just as it is because it tells a story… I can’t wait to see how it turns out but am loving the chapter I’m on!

  22. Susan EB Schwartz says:

    Another wonderful and inspiring post MizFit! Course someone COULD push back, sure you love your body, who wouldn’t!

    But then we realize you worked hard for that body, and that work is ongoing! What a great role model you are for your Tornado.

    Ok, so here goes: I love my body because it is part of who I am, how I move through life, and what I can bring to others and this world.

  23. Tracey @ I'm Not Superhuman says:

    I’m going to be honest, I don’t. It’s kind of been pissing me off a lot these past few months. I’m hoping it makes it up to me really soon.

  24. dragonmamma says:

    I love my body because as soon as I wake up in the morning (well, as soon as I start the coffee pot) I’m able to do my series of morning warm-ups without even thinking about it. Several years ago, that would have been my entire exercise workout and I’d have been exhausted.

  25. Jody - Fit at 52 says:

    I love that pic of you & Tornado every time I see it!!!!

    Great post Carla.. & we all struggle with this self love of our bods… the media fights us & we fight back!

    Why do you love your body today precisely as it is in this moment? Well, me, I just finished an awesome workout & I love it for its strength & the muscles that I have & that at my age, it still is going strong!

    Whats the most powerful tip/suggestion/quote you’ve heard with regards to self-love? Honestly, screw the naysayers & just believe in you. There are plenty of people out there that want to knock you down… listen to your own internal voice & know that you have plenty to offer…

  26. Leah J. Utas says:

    I love my body today because it is not rebelling. I tripped over solid air yesterday and landed on my knees on the sidewalk. Hardly any stiff- and- soreness today. Yay Go body!

  27. Michelle@Eatingjourney says:

    I love that my body is beginning to respond to my kindness to it. It’s been waiting for this day.

  28. Jules - Big Girl Bombshell says:

    I can honestly say here today…I AM NOT in love with my body, HOWEVER I am enjoying getting to know it, what it can do for me, to have an appreciation for it. That said, time to go work those quads…

  29. Erin says:

    I love my body because it took was patient all these years for me to learn to love it! I developed a eating disorder in high school and it took probably 6 years for me to realize how wonderful my body was. So I love it for it’s patients and never giving up on me! :D

  30. Patrick says:

    I love my body because it has been good to me, better than I have been to it. It deserves better from me, and it is now getting the love it deserves.

  31. Kerri O says:

    I love my body right this moment because: even with everything I have put it through my entire life, the fad diets, the starvation, the binging, the junk food, the self-hatred…it still shows up every day, strong, ready to kick butt, ready to embrace this new lifestyle, ready to carry me 26.2 or sweat through an insanity workout…really, that’s pretty wow.

  32. Em says:


    I love my body because, despite the fact it’s fighting itself (stupid Hashimoto’s), it’s getting stronger, and louder about what makes it run better. (Or I’m listening better.)

    At the same time . . . I am thankful that it began fighting itself because I’ve learned more from the journey I’m on about myself and my body.

  33. Ryan @NoMoreBacon says:

    My body is my homeboy. It never quits. Ever.

  34. Sagan says:

    I love my body because even when it’s tired or sore or ill, it is still capable of SO MUCH MORE than we often give ourselves credit for.

    My body loves me. Gotta make sure I love it back and treat it right.

  35. BK says:

    I love my body because it gets me through EVERYTHING despite my off days and not always taking care of it properly!!! I AM WOMAN.. arghhhhhh

  36. Ilana says:

    Can I admit it bothers me that we even need a “national love your body” day because it’s the norm to NOT love your body? And why do we not love our bodies? “Because my calves aren’t as defined as the next girl’s, because I’m not as skinny as I want to be, because I’m not tall enough, because there’s something about the way I LOOK that I would like to change about myself and that is preventing me from being happy and loving my body.” This outrages me. Our natural condition should be LOVING our bodies - your body is a MIRACLE for being able to function and move - you have your brain and your limbs and all your organs and organ systems which function simultaneously to make you live, and that is pretty miraculous, but instead we’re spoonfed drivel from media and magazines that say “Lose five pounds today - one week to a BETTER YOU!” as if being satisfied about our outer appearance automatically makes everything better. It genuinely makes me sad that we have to “learn” to love our bodies as we grow, because we are always bombarded with messages that it’s somehow wrong to just love your body, that you should always be looking for some way to improve it.

    I love my body because it’s imperfect.

  37. melissa @ the delicate place says:

    i really do love my body right now…finally. after so many years of self loathing, i found out the right combo of food/exercise to fuel my energetic lifestyle and mind. the most powerful thing you can do for yourself in terms of self love is to accept who you are and stop comparing to others. you’re unique and undeniably you!

  38. 'Drea says:

    I love my body because it’s like the Energizer Bunny; it just keeps going and going…

  39. Brandon says:

    I love my body because despite all the abuse I’ve done to it in the past, it’s working hard for me now to become the best version of me possible. Everything I’ve thrown its’ way so far, it’s handled like a champ - from my very first days of running, when I could barely go for a minute at a time, to now training for my first marathon.

    It’s always been there for me, and it hasn’t given up on me yet.

  40. LizLivingVegan says:

    Haha I love those shirts! too cute! :)

  41. Geosomin says:

    Today I am celebrating the fact that I am healthy and strong. I have the energy to life the life I want to live.

  42. Bonnie says:

    Because I’m cancerfree.

  43. Callie says:

    My favorite part of this entire post is your daughters face.
    The way her chin juts out as she looks into the camera screams with confidence.
    At 52 I covet that confidence.

  44. Yum Yucky says:

    Forgiving yourself is a part of loving yourself. It took me almost 35 years to learn that one.

  45. Amy says:

    I did my own post here http://findingfitme.blogspot.com/2010/10/love-your-body-day.html


  46. Amy says:

    My “Love my Body” post here http://findingfitme.blogspot.com/2010/10/love-your-body-day.html

    Thanks for the reminder

  47. angela says:

    I love my body today (and every day) for supporting me in all I do. Today I love my body for allowing me to run a mile as fast as I was running them at the beginning of the summer, before taking a break from running. I love that my body loves it when I fuel it with real, healthy foods, and does what I ask of it in response.

    As far as self love? That line about having to love yourself first before others can… that’s powerful stuff to me.

  48. Ava says:

    That is my new goal, Miz.

    Having every day be love my bod day and not having the national holiday register on my radar.

  49. DareToBecome says:

    I love my body because it is constantly forgiving. Regardless of how crappy I treat it, it is constantly reminding me to treat it respectfully, and when I do it responds lovingly.

  50. Cynthia says:

    I love my body because in spite of everything, it keeps on going! It knows I am trying to feed it the best possible foods and keep it moving. I love it because I can still heave a full 33 gallon can of yard debris into the chest high garbage can!

    I love it because I can, with patience and a lot of effort, still dig out roses.

    I love it because it took me to and through my first ever race this year! And I love it because it never, EVER forgets how to swim!

  51. ismay says:

    I love my body because it lets me go out there and see the world. Because it got me to the top of Mt Whitney and many other peaks. Because it learned to run when I asked it to, despite the shin splints I initially inflicted on it. Because it it is healthy and works amazingly well considering how complex it is.

    buzibu at gmail.com

  52. Kate @ Walking in the Rain says:

    I love my body because it is sturdy and dependable. I’ve mistreated it in the past and it is still here for me.

    I <3 you body!

  53. Quix says:

    Today, I love my body because I am having WICKED CRAMPS.

    No, really.

    #1 - not ready to be a momma yet so each month is a nice reminder

    #2 - I have one day per month where I’m in pain and feel tired, bleh, run down, etc. I remember when I used to have EVERY DAY in pain. And EVERY DAY feel that way.

    Thank you body, for reminding me once a month how lucky I am…that I only feel that way once a month!

  54. screwdestiny says:

    You only get one body. Love it. Care for it. Treat it as your most precious possession.

    I love my body because it can do some sweet dance moves. ;)
    I think I’m gonna do a blog post about this, too, telling all the reasons why I love my body. Loved your post! It was great to read all of the reasons that you love your body.

  55. RunToTheFinish says:

    i love my body for all the miles it allows me to run. I love my body for being my tool to explore the world around me. I love my body for all kinds of reasons and some days it’s good to remind myself of that!

  56. Rosey Rebecca says:

    I love my body because it went through surgery on Monday, and I’m feeling OK today. I’m going to love the scar from my surgery, too. :-)

  57. Shelley B says:

    Late to the party, but I want to shout it that I love my legs, which, if you knew my history with my always heavy thighs, you would be shocked to hear. Running has made them STRONG. I honestly can’t stop feeling how firm they are, and I kinda want to stop strangers and show them (but I don’t - I haven’t lost my ENTIRE mind. Yet.). Never in a billion years would I think I’d choose my LEGS as the body part I’m so impressed with. And you know what? I DID THIS. MY HARD WORK. I AM PRETTY AWESOME! :)

  58. Vern says:

    I don’t love my body right now, but I like it better than I did 100 pounds ago! I am still working on having a lovable body, but I do have a lot more self-respect for my self because every day I am taking steps toward being fit and healthy.

  59. Molly says:

    Hang out with shiny happy people. That’s my best tip.

  60. Janell says:

    Why do you love your body today precisely as it is in this moment?

    Because it is still cooperating, breathing, moving and holding my spirit within.

  61. Janell says:

    That photo of you two is amazingly cute.

  62. Kimberly says:

    How about this? I love my body more than I used to? I might even like certain parts? I’m getting there.

  63. juliejulie says:

    I love my body because I don’t think I can do a headstand but it will go along with me if I decide I want to try. It’s willing to try stuff just because I ask it to.

  64. charlotte says:

    It’s that whole “being still” thing again. Argh. Trips me up every time;)

    Right now? I love my body because my fingers can play the piano beautifully:)

  65. Rita @ Fitblogger says:

    Omgoodness, I live in the universe, I’m so excited!!

    Right now, this body is rocking a pair of booties with pom poms and capri yoga pants and looks hot ANYWAY!!

    Maybe when I find something I don’t love about it now, I’ll let you know.

  66. addy says:

    This could be a very long post for me. Love the body - huge scars, colorful tattoos, sore muscles and freakishly long fingernails and all. It is me!!

  67. Josie @thestartingline says:

    I love my body because for the first time in my life, I’m comfortable in it.

  68. Wifey says:

    You’re such a wonderful role model for you daughter … and the rest of us!

    I love my body because it never ceases to amaze me. At 39 its taking me to places I never thought I’d go at 29.

    Winks & Smiles,

  69. FatFighterTV says:

    Love that pic of the two of you! Love my body today because I didn’t do anything klutzy like I do most every single day. At least twice a day.

  70. HCGWillpower says:

    Love my body because it made it through 7 pregnancys and now it is being willing to lose 48.4 pounds of weight. Also because it can still run, dance, and feel so amazing after all it has been put through at a lovely age of 43.

  71. SeattleRunnerGirl says:

    I love my body because it does everything I ask of it. It is strong and beautiful and I hope to live in it for another 60+ years!

    And I am *thisclose* to getting fully into crane pose with this badass body!!

  72. Carla says:

    This post made me feel like crying! It gave me a lot to think about…

  73. Brittany says:

    Great post, It is so important to love ourselves and tell ourselves that we are beautiful, because IT IS TRUE!!!! I totally want to buy a shirt, when the budget allows for it! And maybe in a few months i’ll see you around Austin wearing it :)

  74. Rob Dyess says:

    Great shirts!!

  75. Joy says:

    I am loving that at this moment my back isn’t hurting :-) (incidentally this is also why I am loving my acupuncturist at the moment)


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