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Before you workouteatcleanROCKyourSunday check your spam!

Sun, Jan 1, 2012


Ive emailed 7 of you (six winners plus one because I’m feeling so GRATEFUL this morning. And happy. And excited.) for your address to mail the above pictured treat.

Sans, Star of David carrying case of course : - ) .**

I stole borrowed that from the child for the photo.


**I read in Fast Company mag. that people who do this : - ) are typically a decade older than those who do this : )
I shall forever think of that each time I do this : - )



8 Responses to “Before you workouteatcleanROCKyourSunday check your spam!”

  1. Raelyn says:

    No spam, but I make mine like this too :-) does that mean I’m old?!

  2. Raelyn says:

    Wait like this: : - )

    (I think I need to add spaces to show my nose LOL)

  3. Mary Anne in Kentucky says:

    I was totally fascinated by that, because I’m 58 and I’ve done : ) since I had an internet connection….Does that mean that people near 70 do :-) ?

  4. Lisa says:

    I never add in a nose.

    I’m young at heart I guess : )

  5. MilesMusclesMom says:

    whaaaaaat!!???!!!?? no star of david bag?

    can’t wait to check my email :)

    happy 2012 to you and your family

    much love!!

  6. Tena says:

    I don’t do noses, either :)

    happy new year to you and yours!

  7. Patrick says:

    Fed my kids Spam once as punishment, theyve been angels ever since.

    Happy New Year!

    Moved my blog to>

  8. Alycia says:

    Darn, no email. I was really hoping to win one of these! :) And yes, I do it the other way!

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