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Where would you bring me?

Where would you bring me?

Thursday, May 12, 2011


EDITED TO SAY: If you didnt win—you may purchase your own sets RIGHT HERE! I always keep them in my car…   at the ready for a pre-breakfast kitchen workout** Lost my FREAKIN MIND Noticed they were mentioned HERE . I bring em to the gym so I can borrow their weights   but OF [...]

Exercise keeps me young! I’m 50!

Sat, Jan 14, 2012


I know.

It’s already been everywhere, but just in case you missed it.

It’s verging on offensive but all in good fun.

Please to enjoy our FitFluential spoof of Sh*t Girls Say with a quickfast cameo by the Tornado (here’s some Huffington Post info on the trend, too).

And yeah.

I do laugh so much of what *I* spoof I actually do. 

Hello Chia! Greetings lottsa envelope protein when I travel!

Now that I think about it, I guess it’s also an “allow myself to SPOOF myself…”  video as well.


Breakfast to Bed.

Fri, Jan 13, 2012


Please to enjoy Cat. I love me some Cat. I met me some Cat when I was in NYC. Please to enjoy Cat.


Hi. This is me. I’m Cat and I blog at Breakfast to Bed


This is also me.

Yeah, I know it’s blurry, but it’s a cell phone picture from 2004. For those of you that don’t remember those cameras, it was basically an elf, living inside of a box, with a hammer, chisel, and pastels doing the photography.


As you can (barely) see, I wasn’t healthy. I was the quintessential “smiling on the outside, crying on the inside” type of person. I was the boisterous, funny, friend of everyone. I was the friend everyone wanted. Whatever you needed, I was there. The only problem was, I wasn’t very good to myself.

I would spend hours making elaborate dinners or tutoring friends in Biology or Shakespearean English; and then come home to my husband and make rich, fat filled dishes that we would eat on the sofa. It sounds wonderful, but I was miserable.

I am an actor, so of course I was also eleventeen other jobs, including that as a studio singer. Long hours on my feet singing wore on both my feet, and my lungs. At the end of the day, I felt every breath, every high note, and every footstep. It felt like the entire chain-smoking cast of “Mad Men” lived inside my lungs. I would get home, look at myself in the mirror in the end of the night ashamed, and I just didn’t know what to do.

Over and over again, my husband would tell me that I was beautiful and that he loved me, and that he didn’t care if I was 300 lbs or 110. He was with me for me. I didn’t; I couldn’t understand why he wanted me, I didn’t want myself.

I ended up doing what so many desperate people have done; I had gastric bypass surgery. I found a surgeon who was known for giving you a “quick” surgery date, and the whole process; start to finish, took 5 months. The process is supposed to take over a year and a half.

Something I didn’t know about having a particularly aggressive surgeon is that he would make my stomach pouch only .5 oz. This is half of the size of the normal gastric bypass pouch. That is only one tablespoon of space.

I became violently ill. I didn’t eat anything for weeks and months and had to be given iv nutrients and fluids. The iron in my blood became so low that I required blood transfusions, B12 shots, and eventually-a second surgery.

If I was depressed before; I was practically comatose at that point. I was down 100+ lbs in four months. I couldn’t physically get out of bed for any length of time, until 7 months post-op. My weight loss finally slowed, and that is when I made the change. I read an article (more like an ad) in BackStage Magazine about actors meeting other actors at the gym. It spoke about important contacts that were made, and our collective self-esteems being lifted. (If you don’t know this already, actors are notoriously insecure. Wouldn’t you be if your job was 95% rejection? We are also notoriously vain, hence my blog-all about ME!!)

So I went to the gym. Jiminy Judas, I hated that place. Why on EARTH would you go there voluntarily? People grunted, sweat, stared, huffed, puffed, and blew me over with their perfume. It didn’t take me long to figure out that this little piggy was at the wrong.damn.gym. It only took me THREE more gyms to find one I liked. Apparently, I like quieter gyms with really perky desk people and a juice bar that also serves whisky. Whatever works. (Seriously, my gym served booze. I never drank it, but I liked knowing the option was there.)

I shocked the hell out of myself at this point, because guess what, I effing loved it. I loved the elliptical (not anymore), I loved dance class, I loved lifting weights, following a program, and I ADORED seeing results. I even loved finding healthy alternatives to my previously decadent dishes! Who knew a pound of butter WASN’T necessary in mashed potatoes? Go figure.

Guess what? I know now that my legs are strong, my back is strong, my body is strong. My body is beautiful.(-ish I have a few, regrettable tattoos. Hellllo, 1999) I can make healthy and beautiful food, and make my family healthy and beautiful.

After I had my son, I didn’t want to spend the money on a gym membership anymore. There were too many cute things I wanted him to have. (Hey, he NEEDED that pair of linen overalls with the skull on it!!) I fell into a funk. I didn’t know what to do with myself. I walked, sure, but I wanted ACTION. I wanted my heart to race for something other than almost knocking over freshly pumped breast milk.

Someone I knew told me I’d like running. I told them they must not know me. For some reason, I agreed to go running with them anyway. I didn’t have anything else to do. Well slap my ass and call me Flo-Jo if I didn’t love it. I could run ANYWHERE, ANYTIME. I had to get better shoes, but other than that, you can run in practically anything. (or practically nothing.)

I ran and ran and ran. I ran 26.2 miles. 13.1 miles, and more 5 and 10k’s than I can remember. I was born.to.run. My son was too. He loves running with me more than anything else in the world and I with him. Out of everything I have learned, the most important thing is that I want to pass down this love of health and fitness to my son, and now my baby girl. I never want them to be in the position that I was in. I want them to grow up strong, healthy, and full of confidence.

I want to keep us active and keep our bodies full of energy and good food.

I want others to enjoy a healthy, active, and delicious life as well.

This is my easy and wonderful recipe for grilled pineapple chicken. It can be found here at http://breakfasttobed.com/2011/06/18/pineapple-express/

Thank you so much for reading my story. I really hope you know that EVERYONE has the ability to live the life they dream of.

It’s time for a DETOX.

Wed, Jan 11, 2012


Who’s still in the need of some Post-Holiday Detoxification?

*raises hand*

Join me?

Im spending the next week focusing on small steps toward cleansing my body of residual latke sluggishness & mental slowness associated with too much trashtastic movie viewing.

Detox around here doesnt equal cleanse.

Ren Man & I are focusing on lessening (the processed junk, the proliferation of mindcandy) and increasing (energy levels, our ability to think clearly).

As I did with starting our early morning workout routine (small steps to big change) I’ve broken it all down into MizFitManageable chucks.

This way I hope I can stick with it for the full week I know we can all do this for at least for the next 7 days.

Starting small.

  • Join me in identifying the junk in your life (from beer to Bravo. from donuts to the Duggars).
  • Jot down with me the various ways you could replace the junk in your day. (Or if you wanna start even smaller ADD IN the “good” to what youre already doing!)
  • Commit to one ‘detox’ meal tomorrow (made and eaten at home? made at home & toted to work? regular meal simply sans dessert? it’s all what works for YOU.).
  • Plan and commit to an entire detox day this week (wait. does this make us hardcore?! methinks it could!) & see/journal how it makes you feel.



Please to give me 120 seconds of your time below:



This is definitely “cleanse-lite*” in that we arent consuming quirky shakes or nothing at all in the name of purification.

Which sparked my misfit curiosity:

Have you ever done a hardcore cleanse?  Honestly.Truly. Am I missing out?

Are you willing to join me —-after you get there—- in one FULL ON detox day a week? No alcohol, processed foods or *gasp* caffeine?

Am I wrong in equating the word CLEANSE with, uh, spending lots of time in the bathroom?



*AKA what I know Im willing to do Im 100% about setting myself up for success.

Skinny is beautiful.   Wed, Jan 4, 2012