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Where would you bring me?

Where would you bring me?

Thursday, May 12, 2011


EDITED TO SAY: If you didnt win—you may purchase your own sets RIGHT HERE! I always keep them in my car…   at the ready for a pre-breakfast kitchen workout** Lost my FREAKIN MIND Noticed they were mentioned HERE . I bring em to the gym so I can borrow their weights   but OF [...]

No resolution. No cry.

Sat, Dec 31, 2011


I’ve chatted ad nauseum about how I dont do New Year’s resolutions.

They frazzle me (I dont thrive on self-imposed life pressure).

They cause me to rebel (Im a grownup that way. It’s the same reason why, when Ren Man a trainer shouts EIGHT MORE REPS! I quit after 3…).

They, in my experience, set me up for failure.

I instead choose to think we’re gifted with the chance to make new and ‘better’ choices each morning.

Hell, each MOMENT we encounter a crossroads we’re given the opportunity to choose the path we most want for ourselves.

As a result, tomorrow is just plain ole Sunday around here.

No brand!new!plans!

No this year is going to be different because_____.

Sure, we may take the time to revisit our goals & mission statements (as individuals and as a family), but the revisiting is no more powerful or pivotal than it will be six months from now when we do the same.

I read a quote in a magazine recently which expressed perfectly why tomorrow is no different for me than any other day:*

Everyday is the first day of what’s left of your life.

(powerful stuff huh? the “what’s left” gets this 42.5 year old every time)

So have a happy & healthy today.

Have an exciting &  energetic tomorrow.

And remember: we’re never as far from our resolutions, goals, plans, or creating the life we want than our very.next.choice.

See you in 2012!


I’m the 82%.

Thu, Dec 29, 2011


(statistic from In Style magazine)

This time last year I wrote a post where I posed the question (to you and to me): if we could flash foward to 1.1.12 what would your BIGGEST healthy living accomplishment from the past year have been?

Many of you played along at home chimed in with lofty & creative health living goals you were confident you’d achieve in the next 365 days.

I chimed in as well.

I shared with you *and* I printed it out and hung it on the wall of my office.

The goal I was super-confident I would look back and see Id achieved was this:

I found the ever elusive harmony in my workout life. I discovered how to OM, STRETCH, LIFT & PLAY enough to keep the booty-pain at bay and train for another half-marathon.


I am the 82%.

Here I sit (on my balanceball chair) with a weetad of booty pain and completely sans harmony in my workout life.

I am the 82%

Here I sit pretty much certain Im bailing on this & OM none too happy about it (nor am I OMing as much as Id planned)

I am the 82%

And yes.  Here I sit with all intention to make the *same* goal for the end of 2012 and with all optimism (Im easy that way)  this will be the year I finally achieve it.

I am the 82%.

Now you.

If you glance back at last year’s post (both body & comments) did you chime in? did you achieve what you’d hoped?

If you take a moment to think about where you were this time last year did you achieve what you’d planned/resolved to?

If you are like I am and did notdo you plan to remake the same resolutions?

Are you, too, the 82%?

Please to normalize for me in the comments below…

The personal post: call & response.

Tue, Dec 27, 2011


(…because what’s more personal than a pic of me wearing an adult onesie?)


The past few holidayweeks Ive received more emails asking about my personal life…my day-to-day…than about my workout routine.

(tis the season? it seems people ask more questions about how I hangout during the holidays than how I stay healthy.  come January, however, it’s an entirely different story.)

When we’ve met real life & via email you’ve asked about Ren Man, what he’s like, and why he never guest posts or appears on my blog (he has-but it was a while ago.)

For that reason I wanted to share the two 20 second video clips below.

For that reason and for another very important one: I dont really make New Years resolutions.* 

I prefer to take this time to STOP, PAUSE, and APPRECIATE all I have.  Right now. In this moment. If nothing ever changed.

(translation: there wont be any Top 8934839 Tips to Creating the Perfect New Year’s Resolution posts around here)

The clips below capture every.single.thing. about my life that makes me smile & serve to remind me (after 18 years together) why I married the man I did.

The snippets are from a week or so ago.

Ren Man was on a longass trip to London and the Tornado missed him.

A lot.

She spontaneously picked up an inflatable guitar, demanded I film her (vlogger in the making?) & send the snippet to her dad.

I did.

In minutes my phone buzzed and we had a response.

A VIDEO response.

What made me SMILE was the immediacy of it all.  Id barely hit SEND, shot her vid across the pond and we received the singingsnippet below.

I often tell people Ive met one man in my life who could make me laugh (hard from the belly. repeatedly.) and so I married him.

The clips below capture everything I love and am grateful for this holiday season.

Thank you for indulging me.






*I’m a firm believer in the notion goals are dreams with timelines. Instead of resolving I merely shove timelines up against my goals.

Merry Christmas from Casa MizFit*

Sun, Dec 25, 2011


*Or two of us at least.  As per his yearly tradition Ren Man avoided sitting on Santa’s lap.

I need your .02 (and your words. I know youve gots words…)

Thu, Dec 22, 2011


(you may need to CLICK to enlarge)

We chatted about this over on Facebook and in case we arent connected there I wanted to seek your input here, too.

Im moving forward with the running skirts (again. I know. it was a financial thing last time. you’ll have that.) and am considering the fabric above.

The skirts are cut like the picture below (compression shorts under a ‘wrap’ running skirt. Im looking into offering 2 lengths of skirts):

Id love & appreciate any thoughts you’d want to hurl my way.

  • Are there other words you’d long to see included on the skirt?  ones on there  you love notsomuch?
  • Are you a fan of the word mishmash pattern or do you lean toward a one-word patterned running skirt?
  • Thoughts on contrasting color compression shorts? Or are you a black underneath’er as in the white skirt photo?
  • Any other initial/immediate reaction after glancing at the image above?


Thank you thank you thank you.

Happy Hanukkah!

Tue, Dec 20, 2011


(What all little Jewish boys & girls hope is found beneath the Hanukkah bush)


Tonight is the first night of Hanukkah.

(Which means we’ve been singing this song for over a month already. And dancing to it.  This time of year it trumps even the Bieber in our domicile!)

I’ve talked before about how we celebrate the holiday and SO much more than anything Im thankful this year will be no different.

I wondered with the start of kindergarten if the Tornado would be more “things” & “stuff” focused this year and ask for toys and treats (she has not).

I wondered with the start of kindergarten if the Tornado would be more Christmas aware and focused and feel the tiny tug of wanting to assimilate (she has not).

Since I can’t invite all of you over for my infamous & potentially yucky famous latkes I decided to give you a different treat.

A piece of myself & glimpse into my life as it’s something I do on a regular basis.

This way we can be together in a virtual sense and nudgeprod each other into staying fit on the go during this hectic season.


I tote mine with me everywhere in case I have a free moment.

I highly recommend hanging them ANYWHERE & squeezing in a quick workout.

As in anywhere. As in git that fitness in where you can! Hide from the family!

They rock to lessen the stress of holiday shopping & returns.

No matter where you do em—be sure to refuel afterward. 

I love surprising random strangers with a dont forget the circuit training! treat.

I adore using them as a way to connect & spend time with the NotSoStrangers, too.

I feel as though Ive connected with so many of you since last year and only grown closer to those I already knew.

It’s not a Big!Oprah!Giveaway!, but it’s something Ive made and, if nothing else, motherhood has taught me homemade gifts are always the best.

No admonishments to like me on facebook  (but feel free to tell me why I should have a fanpage. I have no interest in a fanpage).

No you’d better tweet this post 3675 times to be entered to win.

Just comment if you’re interested and Ill include you in the drawing.

And to my Jewish friends a very happy Hanukkah.

Six winners. All are eligible. Winner announced 1.1.12.

My Misfit NYC (part 2)*

Mon, Dec 19, 2011


(Im clinging to the belief there’s no other way to blog from the WordPress Android app. If there is *I* can’t figure it out)

It is BigPicBigPic WordsWordsWords again-but it was such a fun experience and I wanna share.

Friday I woke & immediately made me some hotelroom coffee.

I *love* me some hotelroom coffee.

I set it up the night before (nerd alert) and crawl over & press ON as soon as I open my eyes.


Then, after feeling my bod move in slow motion, I knew I should workout (hence the pic of my gosportid bracelet. I’m a worrywart in that way and guessed correctly Id be the only one in the hotel gym. On the flipside of my Seuss quote? An emergency contact #).

I *needed* to do cardio.

Just a little (though as per pic I sweated plenty for some reason) but enough to give my body what it was screaming for: STRETCH & FOAMROLL.

(How much do I love the hotel had a foamrollerHow much is that an indicator of getting older that I wake up and my bod screams for a foamrolling & not otherstuffs ;-) )

I then donned the thinnest down jacket known to (wo)man kind (and grown up shoes!) & headed out to meet with Shape Magazine.

And got lost.

A lot and again and AGAIN started out in a cab & was unceremoneously dumped, err, lovingly deposited at the wrong spot (!).

Ever the capable misfit I not only found someone to point me in the proper direction I located me a menorah & made said someone snap my picture with it.

(I have many fears but apparently one of them is NOT being thought a tourist. I own it.)

Finally I found Shape Magazine, secured my security sticker, & was on my way.

The offices were precisely what Id imagined (mags everywhere. My vision of heaven though I was far too professional to snag any) & the flaxseed icing on my protein cake was the fact there was a casting happening & I got to glimpse myriad models up close and SHAPEpersonal.

Very cool and they were all exceedingly friendly (well, after I killed em with AustinKindness).

LOVED the woman I met with at Shape.

She spent close to two hours with me talking about YOU.  About bloggers.

Bottom line is, love the mag or skip it as a read, Shape Magazine gets us, Shape Magazine appreciates us, & Shape Magazine sees value in us.

So. Freakin. Refreshing.

Next I was on to Mens Fitness (same floor as Shape which offered even me little opportunity for getting lost).

There I gained lots of insight into the male mind (watch out Ren Man) *and* the male mind as it approaches social media and magazines.

So. Freakin. Interesting.

At this point I was so exceedingly hungry.

I was thisclose to hallucinating.

I had a big case of the sads Id eaten the last of my beef jerky that morning and almost threw myself on the floor and had a TornadoWorthy meltdown in the MF offices.

Quicksnacksadlynotpicturedlater (I’ll never be a food blogger) I was on my way to the Yellowman offices.

On my way in a cab driven by an individual who knew precisely where we were going.

It was a Christmakkah miracle.

Yellowman, after learning my love for them and all things tattoo, invited me to preview upcoming lines.

Good lord I loved me some upcoming lines.

All of it.

Beautiful tattoo prints, new cuts of apparel, & myriad bright and more muted colors.

(yada yada bears repeating I’ve PURCHASED most of my Yellowman. I’m just a tremendous fan of everything from the clothing to the way the brands creator appropriated a slur used against him, made it his own, & named his company said slur)

I channeled the FTC, resisted begging for apparel, happily left with a catalog and spent the cab ride back to my HardToLocateHotel circling my desires.

The rest of the weekend (the above was fridayDAY) was a whirlwind of talking, eating, laughing, picture taking, video shooting and TALKING.

I remembered why I love blogging (interesting opportunities for which I am tremendously grateful/finally meeting in real life ‘friends’ I’ve adored from afar for a while).

I (almost) remembered why I miss the east coast around the holidays (almost).

But yeah.

After 4 nights away I was so ready to git home to the last picture above.

*Am* so ready to git home to the last picture above.

I’m at the gate. My plane is here. And my misfitass is ready to board.

See you on the other side…..

I’m confident this post is jampacked with typos & other accidents of my thumbtyping. Please to forgive.

The big picture (s).

Fri, Dec 16, 2011







I’m quite confident someone with more tech skills than I (yep that’s a shoutout to you Ryan!) could figure out how not to have ginormous photos & how to intersperse text between pics.

Alas I’ve not yet mastered the wordpress Android app. so it’s bigpicbigpic wordwordword.

You’ll have that.


I was MizFitUpAtCrack for the flight yesterday.
It was early even for me.
I was tired.
I was messy.
I was soon obsessed with purplizing the ends of my hair when I spied the photo (above) in my seatmate’s magazine.

(Any hair stylists out there? This is a bad idea, yes? I want. I want.)

Flying to NYC was uneventful.

The cab ride to the hotel was fraught with events.

Suffice it to say I had the pleasure of riding with a cabbie who was experiencing his very first day on the job.

The ride involved a little panic attack (his).

Pulling over, sitting and panicking (again him).

Examining of google maps (me).

Being wholly unable to read a map (him).

Phone calls (me and him. with him pressing his phone to my ear and asking me to speak to someone who did not speak English. Or Fitness).

Tears (him).

Lots of reassuring (me to him).

Eventual tipping (again me to him though it should probably have been the other way around).

I finally made it to the Hilton (shoutout to the *hard* to locate Stone St. Doubletree!), unpacked my newly procured winter garb (photo above) and set out to find me some Kelly Olexa.

And the fitness center.

Not in that order and *not* to workout (as evidenced by the streetclothes photo above).

We headed out into the cold and forraged for food.

And then headed back indoors and forraged for Fitfluential people.

And then ate.


And talked.

A lot.

To be continued.

I promise it gets more exciting…

This is me. Seriously.

Fri, Dec 16, 2011


And 100% why no one wants to room with me on trips like this one.

The Tornado and I love to sing this song as a duet and she insists my shutting up during on singing the “Ive had six cups of coffee so IM REALLY QUITE AWAKE!!!” line.

She has no idea what coffee is—-but she knows mama likes.

Im off to play in NYC…

Pictures & video and otherstuffs to come.


New York New York It’s a misfit’y town…(sing it!)*

Thu, Dec 15, 2011


(that’s me sporting the THINNEST down jacket known to womankind. it’s all Ive gots!)


Today this intrepid (if by ‘intrepid’ you mean thoroughly terrified of cold weather—which I do) Texan is OFF to New York City.

Im excited. 

Im ready.

Im hoping—even though semi-last minute & totally during the hectic holiday season-some of you may wanna come and hang out with me?

Here’s what I know for sure:

  • I get in today & leave Sunday morning. (I may also ‘get in today’ but not be able to ‘get into my hotel till check-in time’ so  I mightcould be wandering about in my thinnest jacket known to womankind. Look for me.)
  • I’d not be going at all were it not for G(eneral) N(utrition) C(enters) deciding to sponsor a FitFluential road trip of sorts.
  • Im going to get a few inside peeks into stuff & places we all love.  Magazines (one of which rhymes with NAPE), a clothing brand I lovelovelove (& which makes me think of the SNL skit LEATHERMAN everytime I say it) and more.
  • There will be MEET-UPS.  Tweet-ups.  Cocktail-ups (clinks her glass filled with Met-Rx and shouts l’chaim!) & breakfast hangouts.  Oh and workouts. I think workouts? (or at least meet-ups where Im clad in workout gear cheering you on…)
  • There will be blogging.  Random, short, probably WONKY picture filled posts as I attempt this chickenbus from my smart-phone.  There will be vlogging.  There will be far too much tweeting and Facebook’ing.

Thats all I know right now except the fact so, so many of you live near on in NYC and I’d love to connect while Im there.

I’ll add info here as I know it (meet up details from breakfasts to dinners to shopping for Ren Man’s holiday gift which Ive totally blown off)…

Are you in NYC and free this weekend?  Wanna come out and play?


*Please to tell me you know the song. I love that musical.