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Unapologetically Myself/I am my own superhero.

People often ask me what the philosophy is behind MizFit.

They want to know why I do what I do & what overarching message I’m trying to impart.

Initially this question stumped me.

I knew what my mission statement was, but a “message” eluded me.

Until it didn’t.

I realized what I wish for my readers is no different than what I desire for myself & for my daughter:

To embrace and love whom you already are.

To be wholly comfortable in your own skin.

To recognize that you CAN be your own superhero.

To realize that, by virtue of BEING, you are enough.

To be unapologetically yourselves.

Unapologetically Myself Ladies Tee.

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Unapologetically Myself Coffee Mug.

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And yes.

The TATTOOS are coming…